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Rating 4/10

"I found out that by trusting 1 Way Photo to send me a heck of a deal on a 40-D Canon Digital Camera for ONLY $799.00 with two lens, a tripod, and various other things with FREE shipping meant no battery, and no charger, so they wanted me to buy that for an additional charge. When I refused the operator just said "OK BOSS" I have still not recieved my camera and when I tried calling the store there is an answering machine that says they are closed. Buyer beware,if they really do come through I will gladly write a retraction."

Rating 2/10

"BUYER BEWARE! It appears that the only satisfied customers, and they are few (about 3 out of 142), that have written a review here have purchased only 1 item with success. That is not the case if you order more than 1 item.

katienbud’s comments are right on the money for a typical transaction with 1 Way Photo, It was identical to my experience. I do not agree with the comment made by MV82606. First, ShopCartUSA doesn't even reference 1 Way Photo for the camera body I purchased. Sure 1 Way offers you other things for a "great" price but when you receive them they are junk. On LowPriceDigital, the camera body I bought that references 1 Way Photo says they sell it for $549. With my camera purchase I ordered filters they said were "professional" and sold for $199. When I got them I checked the internet and no one anywhere sold them for more than $35. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that's a rip-off! When I deducted the "other things" I ordered, at true price, they were actually selling me the camera body for almost $1300. That doesn’t sound like $549 to me! I think that's called a rip-off too! I sent everything back! Oh, they tried to offer me another camera so I “wouldn’t lose money with the restocking fee.” I said no and many times. They badger the heck out of you! I thought to myself why would they think I would want to buy anything from them when they have already lied to and cheated me!

Oh, and their restocking fee is mandatory, not like almost all other vendors that only charge it if certain conditions aren't met (not in original packaging, used longer than a certain time, etc.). I rec'd the package one day and returned it the next with everything in tact. They still charged me the restocking fee because they said, "I didn't like it." I told them their return policy states nothing about "not liking" the products constitutes them charging me the restocking fee. Too, it cost me $37 to ship and insure (for over $2000) the package and yet they charged me $175 shipping. Everything about this company is a rip-off! Yes, I lost money returning my purchase, but I purchased, from a very reputable company, the same camera body, same lens, a better flash, chose my own better quality filters and got everything for less money than 1 Way Photo charged me! What's wrong with that picture? I at least now know what I'm getting! It won't be a surprise when the package comes! I really hate losing money, but I'd rather lose money than to purchase garbage from 1 Way Photo for an inflated price. Again, BUYER BEWARE!

Rating 2/10


ORDER #:53260-99767221-WO

A website called 1wayphoto.com IN NEW YORK, 5409 18TH AVE BROOKLYN, NY 11204 1-800-728-9461 ripped us off, and many others.... we have a receipt for our purchase of $1,996.91 but they charged our credit card $2,959.97. That means they over charged us $963.06. We have already filed a complaint with the FBI fraud division, the attorney generals office and other organizations. There are numerous complaints on file in New York BBB about this company. They sent us cheap equipment that we never ordered, and the equipment did not come from Panasonic, its some cheap knock off brand. We only paid for a camera some high end, high quality accessories, but that is NOT what we received. We want our money back $963.06. We want our $963.06 back, I did research online by typing in fraud and 1wayphoto.com, I read an amazing amount of complaints using the same bait and switch scam on several other customers. So I am not the first, but we want our money back. Times are too hard to loose money off of a scam. We only wanted the camera. They seemed shady when we had to "verify" our credit card security number with a phone call. Most companies can do this from the shopping cart online, thats the purpose of the code so you DONT have to verify the code over the phone. When I talked to Michael he tried to sell me 2 other high priced cameras. I told him no thank you and that we were only calling to verify our credit card. He seemed a bit rude after that point. We paid $147.92 for 1 day delivery and when I got the box it had our camera plus extra items that I never ordered, and the items we did order was not in the box. They tried to trick us into buy extra equipment and accessories and we declined and then they tried to make us feel bad for making the purchase that we did by talking bad about the camera we had just purchased from them, they said that they could sell us another camera that was better, I was firm about the sell because that is a camera that we wanted and was recommended by a friend. The Panasonic AG-DVX100b, all we wanted was the camera. They sent us a receipt for our purchase of $1,996.91 and they sent another email stating we had to verify our credit card. $1,996.91 was all that we had $2,000.00 was the limit that we had on our card, they over charged us by $963.06!!!!!! We ordered a so called Platinum Package Qty:1 $749.99 and there are several items missing from the package.... and the parts that came with the camera are the cheapest parts you can buy. Something you could buy at a grocery store vs a high end camera store. We not only want our money back but we want to prevent others from falling pray to this scam!!!!!

1wayphoto is actually lensesnmore (see this post) which specializes in bait and switch. Read the horror stories about 1 Way Photo (www.1wayphoto) on reseller ratings here. Per the New York Better Business Bureau:


Additional Business Names:

1 Way Photo

J & V, Inc

Jack Silver Photo


5409 18th Avenue

Brooklyn , NY 11204

View Location Map

Phone Number:

(800) 728-9461

Additional Phone Numbers:

(718) 236-3207



Complaints filed with the BBB indicate that 1WayPhoto employs bait and switch tactics in order to sell extra merchandise or higher priced merchandise to customers. Consumers report that after they place an order on-line they confirm their order over the phone and that while confirming the firm offers lenses, chargers, and warranties to “upgrade” their orders. When consumers decline to purchase the extra products, they are told the item they wanted is on backorder even though the website maintains that the item is in stock. Consumers who do complete their purchases allege that they are grossly over-charged for their orders. They are sent an incomplete invoice without an itemized list of charges making it impossible to know what exactly they are being charged for.

Rating 2/10

"I should have checked here first. I got the call confirming my order which was okay. Adam then tried to sell me a UV filter. I needed one so - okay. He then tried to get me to buy a better memory card. I told him I didn't need one because I had one. He told me mine wouldn't work. I really could use a new one so I told him that I'd take one. I should be good right? Wrong I got the battery presentation. Something about a twenty minute battery. BS. I told him nicely that I didn't care and that there was no way I would buy anything more than what I had ordered. He told me my camera would never work and that I was making a foolish purchase. He then said I would be getting the japanese model and I would never be able to read the manual or charge the batteries because it was a japanese plug. He yelled at me for about two more minutes so I told him to cancel the order. He again yelled telling me I could not order from the company for thirty days and then hung up on me. I would never ever buy from this company nor should you. I'd rather pay a couple hundred dollars more to get what I orginally ordered and nothing else. "

Rating 2/10

"AVOID THIS COMPANY. I placed an order with these jerks, and everything seemed good. Then, I get a call from their 'customer service' to confirm the order and he immediately starts in with selling add-ons. I'm OK with that because I figure that's who they make money since their prices seem so good.

Then he drops the bomb on me: "Oh, this camera doesn't really work since it doesn't come with batteries and the INTERFACE AND MANUALS are all in JAPANESE. I can upgrade you to the ENGLISH version for ..." This is classic bait and switch, and after some argument with the rep, I canceled the entire order.

I called back and asked to speak to a manager or supervisor. I get transfered to the "head supervisor". It quickly becomes apparent that he is well aware that they are engaging in unethical (and potentially illegal) practices, and he really doesn't care. "We don't force you to shop here, so there really isn't anything we could do that would be illegal.", is what he tells me.

I'm not shopping there. I recommend that no one does.

Rating 4/10

"I put in an order for the D80 beginner package for $479 and received an email to "call and confirm" The salesman began to add accessories I didn't even ask for. He said the battery and charger were not included and to buy the 2 hour or 5 hour battery ($149), 3 yr ($149) or 5 yr warranty ($299), high speed memory 1 gb ($69)or 2gb ($99). He was going to thrown in a "VR" and UV lens for free. He said the battery that was included was only good for 10 minutes and the 512 memory card that was supposed to be included in the pacakage was "no good". The price went from $479 to $927!!!! I was trying to wheel and deal and I was able to get the package down to $829. I honestly thought this was typically of salesman to sale you extras. I would of bought the package if he would gave it to me under $800 but he said no way. So I told him to cancel my order. I was just straight out confused anyways I didnt want to purchase the accessories if I didnt need them. I received an email cancellation. I also thought it was odd that they have no physical address on their website. I must of visited their site 50x this past weekend contemplating whether I should order the camera.
Well I did end up ordering the beginner package $479 with just the battery $149 online the next day. I called them because I wanted to edit my order. I found the battery cheaper elsewhere ($23). And this time I spoke with John. And of course the price went up again, same tactics. I put a hold on the order I didnt give them my right security code anyways. By the way these salemen sound like they hate their job.
I'm happy to read these reviews and know I made the right choice. I ended up buying the D60 package at Sams Club $674!!! yea...

Rating 2/10

"Do not Buy from these guys they are big scam, I bought a 18-200VR lenses at advertise price 539.00 then the guy sold me the starter package which is advertise price of 589.99 and I ended paying 784.97, the up sale was to buy the VR-II for extra 50.00 and a filter kit which they call it "professional filter kit" this is BOWER 72mm which you can buy for less then 30.00 dollars also they charge me shipping insurance for 45.00, so I pay 194.98 extra.
I should bought this from AMAZON.COM

Rating 2/10

"Got a call on my cell phone from Richard (spoke like he probably didn’t get past middle school) at 1WayPhoto today after I ordered a Canon XSi at a price that I knew was too good to be true. He asked for the security code of my credit card. I thought that was strange as most honorable sites have this included in their order form. I gave him the code and he told me that he saw I didn’t order the battery. I told him it comes with a battery and I have batteries so I don’t need one. He went into high pressure mode and insisted I purchase a battery. Exasperated I asked him “if I don’t buy a battery, will you still sell me the camera?” and he wouldn’t answer me, he deflected the question back to “I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t get a 5 hour battery from us”.
I told him to cancel the order. He then started getting personal telling me that it not his fault I’m having a bad day. I told him, “dude, you are making me have a bad day” and hung up.
Do NOT do business with this company if you have any reservations about shady selling. Richard sounded like he was selling the camera’s out of his car trunk .


"very impressed! , after seeing all these bad reviews i was very leary about making such a big purchase with onewayphoto, but i spoke to my credit card company before and told them the amount i was going to spend with them. So i placed an order for a canon zoom lens and got it within 3 days with the free ground shipping. I will recommend to all my friends and family. "

Rating 10/10

"this site is unbelievable all they do is put on the bad ratings for people that have no life and just wanna make everybody annoyed .

I saw these reviews and I decided to check It out for my self , I had such a great experiance , they shipped me what I order and nothing else , no hard upsell at all , I'm saving so much money what the big deal if the ask u of u wanna by a battery or a meomry card for these types of savings u should thank them .
Come on people get a life , and this site fails to mention the 8 thousand positive reviews on other seach engines such as shopcartusa and lowprice digital , people they want you to be scared this how this site makes money from people like u .

Rating 2/10

"Absolutely horrified by the company. Ordered Canon 5D body, grip holder and lens and got email to call to verbally confirm for security purposes.When I called they told me I had ordered the Japanese model (later checked website and saw that it was, however it was in very small print in a very obscure location that I had a hard time finding even as I was looking for it). So I upgraded to the American model. Was told the lens would not fit the body, so I switched lenses to the one the salesman suggested. Battery Grip was still ok. Had it 3 day shipped. My order was sent to the wrong state. When I called they said UPS had made a mistake and order was sent to correct address after all. Hadn't received a week after I originally ordered so called again. Was told UPS had not messed up, compnay just sent it to the wrong place and it was now on its way to correct address. When it arrived, it did not have the correct lens (later found out they had replaced the one I ordered because it wouldn't fit my lens, even though the salesman had said it would and reccommended it) or battery grip (both cheap knock offs). Called and was hung up on when I asked them to explain what was going on (I hadn't even raised my voice yet). Obviously angry with the next call, every name brand Canon lens seemed to be out of stock. I returned eveything since they hadn't sent me what I had ordered and was charged a 15% restocking fee plus they kept the shipping and handling even though they hadn't sent it in the allotted time."

Rating 2/10

"I, too, was taken by this store. I placed an order on-line and was asked to "call and confirm" the order. When doing so, I was told that the camera lens I order would not work with the SLR camera I own. I am new to photography and trusted him. I told him the type of camera I owned and he said he had an "acceptable, comparable" replacement. I agreed only to find out that there was more than $100 difference and then they charged me $30 for shipping insurance. I received an email invoice in about an hour, I called back to cancel because the lens that was substituted WAS NOTHING like the one I originally ordered. I was informed that it already had shipped and that there was nothing he could do about it...I had only let about 2 hours pass before calling to cancel and they were adamant that the order shipped and in a very rude, condescending manner said to me "Be sure to call your salesman and thank him when you love what he sent you because only good things come from here". More than once he told me that I will enjoy my product when I told him it would be returned, he ended the conversation by again saying that I would "enjoy" my purchase. I have called and emailed several times without response. I contacted my credit card too, who told me that the payment hadn't even posted yet. I know full well that the package HAD NOT yet shipped when they said it had. I wish I had known of this site before ordering...BEWARE!!!! As you can see from their reviews, nothing positive comes from this company. I will dispute all charges with my credit card company and will do everything in my power to see these scammers come down....I refused to accept the delivery and it was returned to them. After another contact with them, I was able to get all of my money refunded thankfully. I learned my lesson. I will definitely use a company with better ratings in the future."

Rating 2/10

"Bait and switched just like EVERYONE else!! Was told my sale could not be cancelled or exchanged even though it hadn't shipped yet at the time. The story gets much worse but I'm too ticked to go on about it!!! Don't be fooled by the "good deal"!! Stay away!! If you read these reviews and still purchase from these thieves you are an idiot that deserves to get burned just like the rest of us!!!!!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"These guys are beyond the pale. I received the same treatment after ordering a Canon 40D package at $569. While calling back to "verbally confirm" the order, I was told that camera had a "disposable" battery so I would definitely need a $100 or $150 battery. Told him I'd never heard of such a thing as a disposable SLR battery and asked for a part#. After a few minutes of his BS, I asked for a cancellation which he promptly agreed to. Unfortunately I had given up my card confirmation number before this happened. Hope to God they don't send me some crap - I don't want anything to do with this firm."

Rating 2/10

"Fraud - BEWARE! Obnoxious sales proceedures. Great price on camera then add-ons at 5X Retail. When I said I did not want the battery (that comes with the camera from Nikon)then I was told that the camera was a Japanese Market model so all of the writing and manuals would be in Japanese. Rude, unethical and painful to deal with."

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