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    Product & services pricing Rating 5.83/10 5.83/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 4.17/10 4.17/10
    Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

Property damage, delivery damage, warranty issues, defective merchandise, etc.

"Terrible company.

We have spent almost $27k in 10 years and won't spend another dime here. We have had numerous complaints in the last four years, including correctly honoring warranties, defective merhandise, custom furniture ordered incorrectly, delivery damage, property damage during a carpeting installation, etc. Complaints have needed to be filed with the Attorney General of Nebraska and the BBB of Omaha against NFM and Berkshire Hathaway.


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Rating 2/10

Excellent selection.....horrible customer relations

"My first foray into a NFM. I was delighted to see the selection of photography equipment! Pro lenses as well as advanced consumer bodies. SO, I inform the "sales" person the lens I wish to purchase. I also inform him I'm tax exempt. He lets me know he has no clue how to handle that, so he looks for help. He was told to get on the phone. After that conversation he leads me to the finance dept. Apparently that department sets up tax exempt status accounts. After standing in line, the lady behind the computer throws a stack of paperwork at me, and informs me to fill all of it out, "FAX" it back, and give them a week to 10 days to process!
I inform her, that her forms look like a credit application, and I'm not looking for credit. After getting to the bottom of this episode, we're told we have to go to customer service! Now keep in mind, this place is so big, it gives new meaning to big box store. Customer service is back where I came from, near the photography equipment!
Now I look for an uber to get me to customer service. Once there, after standing in line, I inform the lady behind this computer that I simply need to set up tax exempt status for my purchase. Of course! She's never done that before, SO she needs help. The "help" lady asks me if I'm a reseller. So again, I explain how photography business works, and show my tax certificate. She states that unless I'm a reseller, she doesn't know how to set up the account. (REALLY!) I have a damn tax exempt status card from Best Buy, and Office Depot!!!!!!!
She says she's sorry, but "our systems aren't set up for that type of tax exempt category". (having spent 35 years in sales, I could read the script back to her from her forehead! She struggled getting the words out of her mouth!)
And what's even worse is the look I got from the first lady at Finance, and a very similar sour pus look from this lady! So I can't help myself and let her know that I can't think of a single professional photographer that would pay tax on equipment, AND that they have quite a bit of "professional" equipment to sell! So of course in disgust I leave. I didn't raise my voice or make a scene in any way. That's not my style. My style is to smile, walk out, and NEVER go back. I'm that consumer that retailers are afraid of in that once we're treated that way, there is NOTHING they can do to get my business back. Ever.
SO NFM is attempting to super size big box stores. Big box stores are well known for sales people lacking knowledge of many of their products (except many of the Best Buy stores I've frequented. Their training shows!) And NFM has had to hire so many to man such a monstrous retail store that they've obviously had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for "retail" staff, and they're main training seems to put ill informed staff on the floor, giving little training, except of course how to ask for the "help" staff.

Rating 10/10

Cyberpower PC

"I was looking for a gamer computer at Nebraska furniture in Texas. Where i met a sales agent named Gloria she was an out standing person she listen to what i was looking for when she showed me the CYBERPOWER PC and a couple of others. I compared the products and chose the CYBERPOWER . I have only had the unit for a couple of days now and i am very pleased with the performance of this product I would recommend this product. "

Rating 2/10

Good luck getting your deliveries

"They give you a two hour window, but when they don't show up or call, they say "we can't control our drivers". They tell you they'll give you a call "30 minutes to one hour before delivery". When they don't, customer service will tell you "we can't control our drivers". So basically, plan on spending all day at home on delivery day. The drivers are allowed to show up whenever they want. This isn't an isolated incident either. This has now happened to me twice. "

Rating 2/10

Bad communication

"After purchasing a large sectional sofa, I paid via phone as this was a gift for my daughter, the saleslady told me furniture would be delivered9/15. My daughter's fiancee took a day off of work without pay.. Guess what no furniture. After repeated calls , finally getting a hold of someone in customer service. First, they couldn't even locate the order, then stated it was never set up for delivery. I also requested for full in home delivery at the time of purchase. Never received my promised email sales of purchase. Date for delivery was then set for two weeks later.Some one finally confirmed the delivery but said it was a drop in the driveway.. WTF.. I had specifically said in home full delivery. In order to make that happen it would have been another month out. Do you think I want a person with cancer carrying a large sectional up a flight of stairs.. They wouldn't. Help correct there mistakes. And to this day I haven't received my sales invoice. I would never again spend a 1000 dollars or 1 dollar in there store."

Rating 2/10

Presidential Seating Boss Urban Guest Chair In Black

"First time I tried to buy this chair the employee wanted to charge me $100.00 for delivery. What a scam. I happen to go on their website when they had a sale. I took the chance which I regret because now it sits in the box unassemble, all in pieces. I was assure that it would be put together and taken upstairs. Not True. So disappointed. Nebraska Furniture Mart seems to be going downhill.


Rating 2/10

Uncomfortable, poor quality

"Do not buy at Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony, Texas. What they are selling there is just very poor quality. We bought a brand new power love seat. It was very uncomfortable. Our backs and butts hurt after sitting for just a half hour. Sitting on the floor was better than the love seat. Every time I got home from work and saw the love seat, it made me mad. Every time we had to sit on the love seat, we ended up in pain. Also, after two weeks of use I noticed that it started looking worst than the ones they are selling in the store, the ones that everybody sits on every day for long periods of time to test. It looked old, extremely wrinkled, really old. I was shocked. I told my husband, how could it be possible that this sofa has just two weeks of use and looks so old? Can you imagine what is going to be like in a month or two? We ended up returning it. The bad part is that we lost $194.82 (delivery, taxes, pick up, taxes). I know, Nebraska representative, don't reply and say that delivery and pick up are not refundable Everybody knows that. This is not the big issue. The big issue here is the horrible quality of your products. By the way, we paid more than $1,200 for the love seat. We WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING AT NEBRASKA AND BE SURE TO SPREAD THE WORD, SO NO ONE HAS TO LOSE MONEY LIKE US. At least, we acted promptly. Otherwise the lost of money was going to be more because the way the love seat was deteriorating and the damage it was doing to our body, I am sure it was going to end up in the dumpster. Also, it could possibly cost us a lot of money in doctor's visits. The love seat was affecting our body."

Rating 2/10

"It took me two phone calls to finally get the online price to match the advertised price. So, any unsuspecting online customer would have paid almost $34 more by buying online. Then I ordered the furniture and when I hit submit, I realized it hadn't given me the coupon discount. It took me 3 times to even get the order to work and when it did, it eliminated the coupon prices. I wrote and told them to either correct the prices or cancel the order. They wrote back and told me that the phone numbers I gave did not match their records. The only thing I can figure is they have an old home phone number but when I sign into my account online the phone numbers are correct. They would not change the prices or cancel my order because they said I didn't give them the right phone number. This is ludicrous! They didn't care about that when I placed the order. Why would someone else want to cancel my order? I even sent them the original receipt that I got from them online. I would never recommend anyone do business with this untrustworthy company. They have the big percentage of the furniture market in KC and they sure act like it. I told them I would not accept delivery of the furniture, so they lost a sale over some stupid snafu. Funny isn't it, that they don't make you verify anything to place an order and use their credit card but when it comes to cancelling, they want it verified. So unprofessional! They use bully tactics."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased 2 desks for the office and a chair back in Aug 6th and to date (Sept 24th). I have not received them. They have good furniture but it does no good if you cant have it. I won't bore with details other than to say after 5 hours on customer no service we have learned that our chair is lost and we may get it in Oct. and that on desks are on a "Special" truck which apparently means that it takes a week to drive 20 minutes because they were suppose to be here on Monday. Now that it is Thursday, I have been sitting on the floor working waiting for furniture that cant seem to get here. We are on the phone with them again trying to get it, which has been a daily routine with them. So I am warning everyone if you want to have the furniture do not purchase from Nebraska Furniture Mart. "

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a mattress set from Nebraska Furniture Mart on 07/22/15. The salesperson who sold me the mattress believed the mattress to be a "perfect fit" for my needs as I suffer from bulging discs, torn discs, and arthritis. He also informed me I needed to purchase a $150 mattress protector otherwise the store would not take the mattress back on exchange due to possible stains. I declined the offer for them to take more money from me as I felt it was a sales ploy and truly, it is. He told me this is necessary to make sure the mattress didn't get "stains" on it. Well my question to them is how do you know the customer even uses the mattress protector? Too, I already have a very expensive mattress protector. I asked a customer service agent today, 07/28/15 about this and she said well, "All we can do is trust the customer will put it on." So how does this guarantee anything? That statement there told me it was exactly as I thought, that it is indeed a sales tactic used to get the customer to spend more money. Too, the salesman told me when the mattress is returned, it is sprayed with loads of chemicals (most likely toxic) so it can be re-sold as used. That in itself doesn't seem very safe to me. I'm extremely disappointed with this company and will never ever purchase another product from them. They are in no way concerned or have care for the customer who is spending money at their stores keeping them in business. the only thing I was offered after the customer service rep spoke to a manager, which was so ridiculous btw, was that I could bring it back and exchange but I would have to pay a 25% "restocking" fee. Please do not purchase a mattress set from this store. They will screw you over!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Special ordered living room set (only special because I chose the fabric from their selections) in May for mid-June delivery. Every other week they tell me it's another 2 weeks out. Refuse full refund claiming I owe a 25% restocking fee. The did not comply with the terms of the sale agreement, not me. They should pay me 25% for the inconvenience. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE NOT CURRENTLY IN STOCK IN THEIR WAREHOUSE. They will screw you over with no recourse. Except they may find themselves in small claims court over this one as it was a VERY expensive set of furniture."

Rating 2/10

"Worst experience ever! Bought an oven on 5/1 for 5/8 delivery. Delayed they said till the 15th, then no call from them. Canceled the order and on the 21st they call to say they have it. Rebought it again and they load it in the truck and it's not only the wrong model, but a non-functioning store display sent to them from KitchenAid for in store display only. Told KitchenAid corp about it and they were livid. Will never go to this store again...they sell items they cannot deliver on and will just use the "delay excuse" over and over. Been reading other nightmare stories about this place all over the web. Be warned."

Rating 2/10

"0.0001/5! They WITHDREW money out of my account after my balance was paid in FULL!!I am Livid at this store. .I purchased furniture from this store, and after I paid it off in full, they have been pulling money from one of my banking accounts for 5 months! They pulled $315.00 from My account! I called to get my refund and they said at first they were going to leave it on my account for credit! ABSOLUTELY not.They said I needed to have blocked them from my bank on my end when it was paid off! I said absolutely not, and they are refunding me my money finally.Horrible horrible experience. Total crooks."

Rating 2/10

"Worst shopping experience in my life. First, had to order through the phone because of shopping cart errors. A week after the order was confirmed, I get a phone call to notify me they are out of stock and will change to a different product. I wait 2 months and they tell me they will have to delay the shipping UNTIL NEXT YEAR. They had the audacity to try to charge me a 15% cancellation fee for not waiting 6 months for my order? Communication was poor and unprofessional. Avoid this company at all costs!"

Rating 2/10

"Bought two Ashley loveseats with center console. After 15 months one side of one loveseat started peeling. I called customer care; and all they said was that they go by the manufacturers warranty and that they would consider peeling leather after one year as ;normal wear and tear and could not help!! I had only ask them for advice as to how to repair the area at my own expense. I wonder if a car company would have that attitude with their leather seats? NFM should rename the departmetn as customer care-less. NFM sells junk and does not stand behind their sales."

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