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Rating 2/10

"I am completely dissatisfied with my transaction with mygofer. I ordered an Xbox bundle at a good price after not being able to find it anywhere else, for my kids for Christmas and was super excited about my find. I then received an email stating that in order for them to put it through, I had to call their customer service # with a code to confirm the order. I thought this was strange but I followed through anyway, and was also glad that I didn't pass the email off as a confirmation of order email. That was on 12/2/14 and today on 12/9 I received an email that they're sorry but are unable to fulfill my order as the item isn't available. (I thought it was an email telling me that the item has shipped as the subject line only read "important changes to your order"). But they sure took my money out right away. At the very least, this should have been marked out of stock before I had the chance to put the order through. I will never use this site again as confidence in the fulfillment of my order and accuracy is very important. This company is lacking some very important details in their customer service operations."

Rating 2/10

"I would have to agree with many of the other reviews, do not waste your time. I Tried 3 times to get the right merchandise but I either did not receive it or it was just wrong (wrong oil received). Customer service was pleasant but could not help. I even had them call the store that was going to ship the merchandise to make sure it was right and they still messed it up"

Rating 2/10

"This is the worst company ever. Shipped me the wrong item, customer service is HORRIBLE just HORRIBLE. Everything is a hassle, no refund yet and no communication about when they will pick up the wrong item. Huge waste of time to deal with all this crap. 100% their fault and they are unwilling to do anything to make it right. NEVER AGAIN."

No Avatar

Baton Rouge
Rating 2/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"Wow, such "wonderful" reviews for this company here. Doesn't surprise me one bit. I'll preface this by saying that they REPLIED to ALL of my emails BEFORE the sale! Then after the sale, they vanished! I'll just put the email below that I have been sending them for weeks now:
Hello. Well this has been one jinxed snake-bit experience from the beginning.

First, I couldn't order for days because the links to create a new account were bad. That was finally fixed, and I was finally able to order, only to never receive any order confirmation email.

Then about 1-2 days later, I get an email from you saying there was "a problem with the order" and no explanation given. So I emailed asking what the problem was, never got any reply, then I got an email the next day saying the order had shipped!

The tablet arrived Friday, and to my total shock, it was shipped in a padded mailer! Yes, a fragile piece of equipment shipped in a PADDED MAILER. Ok, hopefully no problem there.

I open it up, and I get my next shock; (I already have one of these tablets, an F-10HD tablet), and what you shipped is completely different from the F-10HD that I have!

First I noticed it was much thinner and lighter, then I notice it doesn't have a full-size USB port on it as my F-10HD does! Ok, I guess I can live with that (being "ball 'n chained" to adapters for USB use) if there's nothing else wrong with it. I turn it over and see it does indeed have "F-10HD" on it, but it's a sticker (that apparently someone added to a totally different tablet). ?

Next I noticed the screen protector is scratched, and it has air bubbles all over it! Ok, I (disgruntledly) guess I can live with that if there's nothing else wrong with it since it's......."just" a screen protector.

I then turn it on, and when it boots I am shocked again at what I see: The screen is totally washed-out; my current F-10HD has THE most incredible viewing angle, a TRUE 180° viewing angle! This screen has a viewing angle of (and I'm NOT exaggerating) of about 5°! FIVE degrees! You barely move it left or right, or up or down, and it turns to nearly monochrome with the contrast dropping off a cliff! Obviously, (**IF** this is an F-10HD), some microcephalic thought it would be a "great idea" to stop using IPS or TFT screens, and instead, use some PoS screen. It's so bad, you lay it on a desk in front of you and you can no longer make out what's on then screen! Ok, now it's getting serious and I'm not sure if I can live with that even if there's nothing else wrong with it. Because that seriously and drastically restricts the use of a tablet. But let's just say for the moment that I could live with that, and that every time I used it I would just have to hold the tablet directly in front of me not moving it.

Then I check out the hardware. Here's the real killer: The hardware is completely different and NOT AS YOU DESCRIBED ON THE WEBPAGE! My initial thoughts before and when ordering this is that since this one has JB 4.1 on it (and mine and the rest of the F-10HD's have ICS 4.0.3), 'obviously Linsay must of also upgraded the CPU to 2ghz'. Well, not only does it NOT have 4gb storage as you claim--it has LESS THAN 2gb! About 1.4gb TOTAL internal storage! But if that wasn't bad enough, to my ultimate horror, the CPU is HALF of what you said it was, it's only 1ghz! Not "2ghz", but ONE ghz!! That is 50% SLOWER than the one I have!! It is a MAXIMUM of only 1008mhz! HALF of what you said it was!

Now I CANNOT live with that! Even if I would be willing to "put up with" all the other issues it has...(the jacked screen protector, the unusable display, etc.), the fact that the CPU is HALF, HALF the speed of what you claimed and said it was on the webpage, and the storage amount is LESS THAN HALF of what you claimed, that unfortunately is the deal-breaker.

Further information retrieval shows that the tablet doesn't even have a serial number! And additionally, the model # is shown as "-" (that's just a hyphen or a dash) or just a blank area!

Obviously I haven't got a clue what's going on here. I don't know if you're selling "counterfeit" knock-off tablets by choice, or unknowingly, or, even if Linsay is the one responsible for this (such as mislabeling tablets) or if someone at MyGofer is doing it. I really don't care. The bottom-line is, and the fact-of-the-matter is; this tablet is NOT what I ordered. It is NOT what is described on the webpage. That's the extent of my concern and all that matters to me.

Please arrange to either have this tablet picked up, or send me a return label, and I expect a FULL refund with no BS, or I'll be contacting my credit card company. I trust it will not come to that.

Thank you.

Obviously I had to contact my credit card company.


Rating 2/10

"BEWARE OF PLACING ORDERS WITH THIS WEBSITE. I placed an order with this website and never received the item I paid for. They screwed up the shipping address and sent me someone else's order. During the process of trying to get the order I paid for, I was made to feel like I was a lying hardened criminal. After talking to 4 people, I was able to get my money back. Customer Service was very bad. I would think twice before ordering from this website."

Rating 2/10

"I order from them today and they cancelled my order. Talked to customer service and they said their verification department cancelled it. They said they should have contacted me. I didn't get contacted either by email or phone call. I cannot reorder the item since it is out of stock and the promotion ends today. Very poor customer experience. Will never shop there again."

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Rating 2/10

"I'm reading all these negative reviews and laughing because it's oh so familiar. This company is a scam. I had 2 orders that took over 1 mo each to be credited to my account. Everytime I spoke w/a rep they said it was credited but clearly on my statement it was not. Long story short, I did put a complaint in with the BBB and they finally gave me the credits. DO NOT use this company unless you want to spend a few mos of your life frustrated and irritated by them. They suck!!"

Rating 2/10

"Very dishonest and sneaky company. If you talk to their representatives, they will all give you a different story. I have proof that they did myself and others the same way. Please use extreme caution when using this company. They obviously dont communicate with each other, but the lies and different answers to questions made me stay away. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY WITH YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT."

Rating 2/10

"I actually think this company is a front for another company that steals money from people. DO NOT USE MYGOFER EVER! I ordered a plant in late March, they charged my account THAT DAY, never shipped it. I called 5 times to find out that it's in some "3rd party's" hands and they have no control of the shipping. Meanwhile, I found the same plant for less than half the price at Lowes, so after calling several times and finally speaking to a manager who gave me the run-around, I ordered a refund late April. That was a month ago... Never received the refund. THIS IS A SCAM.
I guess it's my fault. I saw all the other bad reviews and just ignored them because I thought this company worked directly with Sears and KMART... apparently they are some 3rd party company after trying to cancel an order they put through to Sears... (although one of their employees answered the phone "Thank you for calling Sears"... oops). What is this company???

Rating 2/10

"Do NOT do business with this company! I ordered a portable Basketball system from them, they charged my credit card and shipped out the item. Problem is, I didn't get a basketball system, they sent me a patio umbrella! So I called to straighten the issue out and was told they would immediately send out the basketball system and send me a return label for the umbrella. 2 days later, I still had not been emailed the return label, so I called again. This time they told me that they could not send out the basketball system until they received the umbrella back and recharged my credit card! I explained that my card had already been charged and they said it didn't matter. I then asked to cancel my order and was told that I could expect a refund in 2-3 business days. I received the return label the next day and in that email it stated I would not receive a refund until they received the umbrella back! So I am now out my money ($120) for almost a month, and never received my product. Other places may cost a little extra, but it would be worth it. This company is horrible!!"

Rating 2/10

"There are a lot of bugs in the websites processing of payments. I put in a $25 gift card, which was processed and credited towards my purchase. However, then after inputing an AMEX Promotional Card with a $10 balance it showed my order as complete, even though I still owed a little over $6 at that point. My order than showed as "Gathering Your Items" as if it was being processed. However within 5 minutes I received an e-mail advising me my order needed attention, which I knew it would. However after returning to the site it still showed processing. So I got onto their on-line chat for over 20 minutes and was told they could not charge the balance to my credit card for me and that I had to cancel my order and then resubmit it. Unfortunately, after 40 minutes on the phone with one service representative and two supervisors telling me I was being shipped my items and actually would end up with a 52 cent credit, I got another e-mail telling me my order was canceled. I thought, OK, now I can just use my credit and resubmit the order, but, of course, NO CREDIT FOR THE GIFT CARD ON MY ACCOUNT. I have sent 2 e-mails since then trying to straighten the situation out, but unfortunately, I seem to be stuck in automatic response limbo, and just get a standard e-mail with no relationship to my actual queries. I am still trying to clear this up with a real person and expect to have another hour or two into before this is resolved to my satisfaction. Since I have been buying, without problems, items on-line for over ten years, I must say that this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced at this point. I recommend avoiding mygofer for the indefinate future, they still have a lot of bugs in their system to work out."

No Avatar

Rating 8/10

"Home Delivery is the bomb. I shopped this store after seeing a coupon for paper towels. I stocked up and bought a bunch of other grocery items. Spent over $150 but saved about $50 from coupons. The delivery charge was under $7. So not a bad deal. Only complaint was that some stuff were out of stock after I placed the order."

Rating 2/10

"Do not, under any circumstances, do business with this website. I signed up for this site specifically to leave feedback for mygofer, and I'm the kind of guy that buys everything from toilet paper to cereal online.
I ordered two cameras on July 2. On July 5, my paypal account was charged. On July 6, they still had not shipped, so I chatted with a rep. She said it would have to go to the "research team" and would take 3 days to get back to me. 5 MINUTES after I closed the chat window, I received an email saying my order was cancelled. They took too many orders on the cameras (they were crazy cheap) and couldn't fulfill them all. Ok fine, I thought. BUT WHY WAS I CHARGED BEFORE IT SHIPPED?! I emailed them an angry letter demanding a refund, and their reply was that "it wasn't showing I was charged on their end". I filed a claim with Paypal to get the funds back. Then they sent me an email for 25 mygofer bucks to use on the site. Yea right. Now, it is July 12 and still no refund! That's a lot of money to withdraw and not give back...

for details on others that shared my experience, see this thread: http://slickdeals.net/forums/showthread.php?p=40877184&posted=1


Rating 2/10

"This store is incapable of handling credit card numbers, customer returns, and customer service!!! My experience with this Website is the same with the reviewer below, only worse.


I placed an order for a TV that was (after reviewing the specs) not an HDTV. I immediately called, and asked MyGofer to cancel the order. I was told that it was impossible to cancel the order. The order was 5 minutes old. Something was not right here. I asked them not to waste both of our time shipping an order that would be refused. They again stated that it was impossible. As a precaution, I called my bank and refuted the charges. Happily, I never had to refuse an unwanted item. MyGofer did the right thing, and the item was never shipped. The charge was reversed within 3 business days. Hooray!

It wasn't till a month later that MyGofer struck again.

Approximately one month after placing my order, MyGofer attempted to re-ship and re-charge me for the TV, plus more. They generously tacked on an additional "enrollment" fee for their "ShipVantage" free shipping. **** They had now raided my bank account for triple the agreed amount while providing no service whatsoever.**** I quickly placed a call to MyGofer customer service. I explained that the first order was cancelled, I did not want them to re-ship the TV, and that I didn't understand why I was being charged for a "free shipping" service I had never received. Surprisingly, the customer rep was very familiar with reversing the fraudulent charges. It seemed as though, this card number abuse is a common practice at their office. As a precaution, I had to contact my banking institution assist me in resolving the charges.

That should have ended it. It wasn't for another month until my bank account information was leaked, and my bank account was hit by a bevy of fraudulent charges. Everything from unwanted re-curring subscription services, to lude online dating services, etc..

In the end, MyGofer forced me to be re-issued a new CC#.


Rating 2/10

"This is an awful website to do business with. I called them to cancel an order that was made 10 minutes earlier. The agent told me she did the necessary notes to cancel the order. I never received a follow up on the cancellation. I called back a second time the same day to be told the first agent was "wrong" and they were sorry but it was impossible to cancel the order. They already charged my credit card and the only way to get my money back was to go a kmart and return the product once it arrived. It should be noted the product had still not shipped as of my second phone call.

I have never had an experience with a place in my life where an order could not be canceled if they were contacted right away. In addition I have never had a company post a charge on my CC before the item has shipped. The normal practice is to put a hold on a Credit Card before shipment and post the charge after shipment. This is an awful company to deal with and I would not recommend them even if the price is good. It is not worth dealing with their complete lack of customer service.

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