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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 5.36/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.58/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.67/10
Customer service: 0.19/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.42/10
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Outrageous Shipping Rate Increase

"I have been buying from Monoprice for many years. Shipping used to be at 25-40% of my orders. Recently, it has increased to over 100% of my order, ie an increase of over 150%! I thought this was an system error and can be fixed easily. Contacted their customer service and they confirmed that the rate is correct and there is nothing they can do. It does not make sense to pay over 100% shipping cost. Good bye, Monoprice!"

Helpful Cool


poor customer service

"I had a problem with my purchase and sent an email to customer service. I never got a response. After the second try I called. They can't help with the problem you must contact the manufacturer. Wish I had read reviews before purchasing from them."

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About the same as all the other one star reviews.

"Like many others, I used to be a big fan. Monoprice has totally gone downhill.
I ordered 7 cables and got 4. Zero response on trying to get my order fixed.
Tried repeatedly to check out with PayPal to no avail. Now I know why, PayPal would make them pay up.
I finally succeeded in checking out with Amazon. Glad I never gave them a credit card.

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Would give 0 if possible

"Support does not exist. They send the "We got your email" message, and never respond. Live chat instantly closes and you get a report of "Created ticket but you were offline".

Products are not capable of their advertised functions. Inquiries about such are ignored.

I have left reviews on products, thus far only 1 stars, and they do not allow them to be publicly viewed. If you see single digit 1 stars on a product, assume there's 50-100 more that monoprice is hiding from you.

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0 stars if I could

"Customer service is non-existent. They do not care about their customers. I ordered a product and a week has gone by and they haven't shipped it. Try to get an answer was told "I emailed the warehouse and they didn't email me back", so what does that mean. I don't get my product. Wait times when calling are 15+ minutes. It's behind the shipping time. Product should have arrived yesterday. Kitzia who answers the phone just doesn't care or have any regard. Horrible. Don't do business with them."

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Defective product. Return service not as promised.

"3D printer was defective on receipt. Over 4 days after obtaining RMA number I am still waiting for Monoprice to contact me about the return. I am hoping that I will be able to get a replacement or refund."

Helpful Cool


Done with expensive Smartpost Shipping lousy service and poor turn times

"I don't have any problems with the products from Monoprice. Quality has been fine. Prices however, are not as good as the site leads you to believe. There is shipping cost on everything, only a few promoted prices ever have free shipping. Second, once you are on their email list, you will be bombarded, practically daily with promotions, only occasionally are any relevant. Then, the promotions that are relevant usually have hidden strings so you end up not getting the discount promoted, after you have already paid. Cancelling and order, forget it. There are no people there, only machines. There is a restocking cost on returns and you pay shipping. Don't even get me started on them using Smartpost. An insidious practice that typically adds a week to any shipment. It works this way, they deliver it to Fedex hubs in major cities, then, after at least a day, usually 3-4 it is delivered by your postman. You still pay regular shipping, only now they have added extra handling to the shipment. Another practice is breaking up an order into multiple shipment, again creating potential for more errors and lost shipments. Right now I am dealing with that. UPS says it delivered one out of 3 packages in current shipment. Now I have to deal with UPS (don't get me started on them because that is a whole book) to try and track the package and find out what the driver did with it, an excruciating process that takes hours and seldom yields results, but I digress, this review is about Monoprice. At this point I think my only choice is to contest the charges with my credit card company, another task that isn't any fun either. I don't want to but am very frustrated. We are now exploring a company called Deep Surplus and other vendors as an alternative, Amazon, in my opinion is not that good for our types of products and I really don't like using the marketplace because of too many wildcards. Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware. This company has gone downhill consistently over the past several years and it is continuing, unabated. "

Helpful Cool


Horrible return process

"Ordered gaming monitor (Monoprice is the actual brand of monitor as well) that was supposed to have the ability to pull up an onscreen reticle/target for first person shooters. Did not work. Emailed support and they said it was a firmware issue and they would need to send me a second. I also use this to work from home so I couldn't be without a monitor so they said all they could do was have me order a second monitor and then I could return the first. Get second monitor, still doesn't work. At this time I suggest that they have a widespread issue with the firmware and that perhaps they should investigate the issue. They insist their is no widespread problem and ask me to return the second monitor and they will send me a third. Get the third and still doesn't work. They finally acknowledge that this is an issue and it's not available when using a PS4 even though the monitor is marketed aggressively as being compatible with PS4 and the manual makes no mention of it. Now have been waiting a month and several emails to get return shipping labels for the 2 monitors I have still that don't work.

Don't do business with them at all. Horrid customer service. They currently have $1K of my money for non-working monitors that they have admitted don't work as described and marketed.

P.S. bought a monitor at BestBuy that does can pull up onscreen reticle/target with my PS4 without issue so it can be done.

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after thousands spent, lots of failed cables and 0 customer service

"i was once a fan of this site. i first purchased a cheap pair of earbuds from them around 2012. i was pleasantly surprised and subsequently started buying all kinds of stuff from them. while i'll admit, their guitars are okay, their cables are absolutely horrendous in quality. they have high failure rates and the construction quality is poor at best. avoid this site. buy from reputable manufacturers."

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monoprice: products that have the opposite of every advertised feature

"I made the mistake of buying a 3d printer from Monoprice because it supposedly was ready to print out of the box, had excellent customer service, and had great reviews. How wrong I was. How very wrong. Sure it printed at mediocre quality for about a month. Then the heater burned out. I did some research and found out that the wires for the heater were TWIST-TIED to the plate and were melting and breaking. However, I did not replace it manually, because any manual repairs voided the supposed warranty. Turns out I should have just replaced the wire. I filed a customer support message and the screen told me that my message would be responded to by the next business day. Two weeks later, I finally got a response, simply asking for
information that was not asked for on the form. A month later of back and fourth emailing, the idiot on my issue finally let me ship it for repairs. It took a month, but they finally managed to replace the wire. Then, four weeks after I got it back, it began to fall apart. The extruder gear stopped moving halfway through the print. The bed could not heat up fully. The z-gantry would get "stuck" moving due to poor oiling. Two months later and the issue still has not been resolved. Please, do yourself and the economy a favor and DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM MONOPRICE EVER AGAIN. PS: Don't even bother writing a review on the website. If it is negative, it will be censored.

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Why have a customer service department at all?

"They don’t stand behind their listings. I purchased an item that was not as pictured and they would not refund the shipping. No matter how hard I explained to them that you can’t send someone a different item and not take responsibility for it, they just would apologize and say they don’t refund shipping....until I told them I will be filing a report with the Better Business Bureau. Then all of a sudden I get to speak to a supervisor. But guess, what? She says the same thing. Do business with a reputable retailer who actually understands consumer law in this country."

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"On March 8th, 2018, I placed an order for a graphics tablet via Monoprice's website. Despite Monoprice's website confirming that I had made their shipping cut off for the day upon purchsase (2 day shipping, guaranteed on or before March 12th, 2018), Monoprice failed to ship the item until March 11th, 2018 (they only created a shipping label on March 8th). The total shipping cost was $18.83.

I attempted to contact Monoprice to resolve this issue and Monoprice refused to refund the $18.83 shipping cost. Upset that their shipping cut off time was misrepresented and that I could have made a similar purchase elsewhere, I requested to return the item. Monoprice stated that they would place a stop order on the shipment and that it would not be delivered to me.

On March 15th, 2018, the package still arrived on my doorstep; I was not home to refuse the package and I am now stuck with this product after Monoprice misrepresented their shipping guarantee and state they would cancel shipping.

They get to deal with an Attorney General consumer complaint now. Hope it was worth the $18.83, Monoprice. :)

Helpful Cool


Possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced

"Worst customer service ever? Submitted a support request 3/5, followed-up 3/15 having heard nothing, did not hear from anyone at Monoprice until 3/30. 3 weeks after submitting the original request I bought replacement parts from another vendor, Monoprice is unwilling to entertain any option but a full refund. Moral of the story? Order your import stuff straight from the source, it will cost you less and Monoprice won't support you anyway."

Helpful (1) Cool


No customer support

"Bought a Monitor from them and it arrived DOA. Tried to contact their customer support multiple times. Absolutely no response. I have bought a lot of things from them in the past for my company, but no more. They have gone from a pretty good company to borderline crooked."

Helpful Cool


Cannot Cancel Order Prior To Processing

"Interestingly I placed an order for a Samsung 850 EVO SSD on a late Friday and the system said, after payment, to ship by Tuesday. Once knowing that and the fact that Samsung now offers an 860 EVO the next morning, their system said "In Progress" not boxed or shipped yet would not allow to cancel the order or change it. Monday, status still the same so I called and their recording said "Once an online order is placed, it cannot be cancelled". They do not answer their phones, they have a telephone system making you the operator pressing numbers for this or that dept.

They didn't stock the 860 either once checking so for two fair reasons, there was no point in them going to the shelf pulling the part and boxing it for shipment as they had plenty of time to stop the order.

This is NOT the norm with online sellers such as Newegg, Amazon, B&Hphoto, Adorama etc. All of them offer an order change or cancellation prior to shipping at some point. Not only that, if there is a shipping fee on a Monoprice order, they are the only ones who put sales tax on the shipping costs. Apparently that has something to do with how they run their accounting system, not how the state taxes "shipping" which no one else in CA does.

after reading the other reviews, it seems Monoprice has made some poor changes in their operations since they began online sales. for those reasons, maybe this is why they aren't as popular as they used to be. Sometimes, putting some of the costs into the sales price and offering usual and customary sales tax on only the purchase, fair times to cancel or change an order etc. can offer much for the public without nickel and dime'n the customer with STRICT unusual practices.

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