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" I order the Wasabi X360S Solderless Drive Emulator; Dec 02 2011. I emailed them once towards the end of January asking about it and they assured me it would be shipped out soon as they were expecting a shipment on January 29. I emailed them two more times after that and have not got any response. I am done with this company and will never order anything from them again!! And I do believe "Paul" is probably overwhelmed after reading all the other stories here."

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"I pre-ordered a wasabi 360s in september 2011 but the shipment ETA keeps on delaying until unknown. After 5 months+ there is still no information and multiple emails asking for refund have been ignored. I have sent a final email to ask for refund after which if no refund is given, i will be engaging legal action to recover my money."

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"I pre-ordered the wasabi360S in september.
Everytime I enquired they said I got nothing to worry about and that I just need to wait a bit longer.
In January I had enough of the waiting and requested a refund.
They are refusing to give me a refund and they are ignoring me, there telephone number on the website is wrong. So Please be very carefull they stole my money :(

I reported them on this site
I think the more people report them here the better, maybe they will close them down

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"Please do not buy from this site they are now officially thieves"

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"I am having a terrible experience with this company. First they sold me a DMS4 EZI Pro SE Solderless that had a defective BIOS clip. Yes, that was over a year ago and I didn't open the package until last week. The point is that they have no record of my order number 100001942 when it was under Pegasus Global Holding Limited. That's unacceptable, and that should not be the customer's problem to maintain records when a company is sold. Then they're telling me they don't do refunds after I told them I am not after a refund. I want a replacement BIOS clip. That's all that I'm after. These people do not read their emails to understand what the customer wants! Please take time to read guys! I'm not asking for much.

Also, where is the live chat their blog speaks of?

(Look for "Mod-Chip.com Today" near the bottom of their main blog page: http://blog.mod-chip.com)


UPDATE: I just got ANOTHER response where Paul is saying they don't offer refunds. I had to use all caps and exclamation points on my response, because this guy just doesn't get that I'm not after a refund, but a spare part. I have no idea where he got that I was after a refund. The guy just can't read I guess. Their customer service is worse than bad, it's atrocious.


UPDATE 2: I went back and forth two more times with this guy and he still says 'no returns and no refunds' after I told him I never wanted a return or a refund, but a replacement for a defective BIOS clip, and if I have to pay for it, I will. Paul is just clueless and he needs to get another job where he doesn't have to pay attention to pesky details from customers who are willing to pay for something they shouldn't have to because the part was defective. I have never dealt with anyone so completely dense in my life.

Last, the phone number in south Florida (1-239-220-5432) is no longer in service, so I guess the only option is dealing with this thick-headed imbecile Paul through email who just doesn't get it and takes several days to reply back only to tell you 'sorry' no matter how much you try to explain what you need and that you're willing to PAY for it even though it's for a replacement for something Pegasus sold that was defective. TOTAL DUNCE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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"I just want to thanks all the support, cooperation and availability during all the purchasing process. All the best. PG"

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"Why didn't I get any shipment E-Mail, i payed 158 dollars and i am so worried, please answer me, my order id # is 111017123220
please answer me and don't just ignore me

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"i have pre-ordered the x360key and to my disappointment they discontinue all pre-orders just because the item is delayed again i have sent emails and have had no luck getting a response all i wanted to no is how to get my money back but it is not in the FAQ page and it,s not an option when i click on my order that says order dispute you can get a refund or the wasabi as a replacement.... ok but how do i do this?"

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"Very good experience, customer support was truly awesome and helpful! I give 5 stars overall."

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"I have emailed several times and could not get a response to my question. All I wanted to know is if they had a tracking number for my order. Thanks to mod-chip.com for getting back to me and letting me know what was going on. Although you say that its in your FAQ it does not mention anything about tracking information or not. On the site it states:

Global DHL:
Global DHL orders have an estimated 5 - 7 business day waiting period.
Some deliveries may be subject to longer or shorter waiting periods depending on delivery location.

This causes confusion because it does not say if you give a tracking number or not. I did find buried on your site in the shipping policy about this. You should really put this info on the FAQ or somewhere more visible. You cannot expect everyone to dig through your site to find this.

Helpful Cool


"I wish I would have read before buying from them. I ordered a AceKard 2i for my DSi XL, and received a normal AceKard 2, needless to say it doesn't work with my DSi XL. This isn't my first time using AceKard. When I tried to contact the company all I received was a voicemail box. I needed the card before I left for vacation, and now there isn't much point because even if they comply and send me the right product I won't be able to receive it in time to use it. Don't waste your money, check acekard.com for a recommeneded reseller list."

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"amazing fast answering from this company and very polite. i had a problem with a product and they where helping me out without any doubts.

recommend this shop to others AA++.

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"It's nice that the package finaly arrived it took nine days. a little bit longer than I would have assumed but I'm still pretty happy that I finaly got it."

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"so im sorry i posted such a negative review earlier i was just upset about recieving a faulty product. i am very appreciative to this comapny for sending me a replacement even though the quality of my camera is so poor so im going to have to make some changes to my ratings as i now truly think this company is legitimate and trying their best to keep customers happy even if it takes a little while to get things sorted :)"

Helpful Cool


"i recently bought a defective product from this company however they are now sending me another one without me having to pay to ship the bad product back. I am very satisfied with the customer service that I have received in this matter and will continue to use this company for future purchases."

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