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Rating 2/10

Worst Experience Ever

"So first i do the send in service and i get a call 8 days later telling me they cannot use my controller because its for the xbox one s. thats understandable i get that. so i upgrade to a prebuilt. A couple weeks later my controller was still being painted. So i emailed them and got a very sarcastic rude response. another week goes by and my controller still is not ready. i email them again. they tell me that my controller will be shipped at noon on the day i email them. a few more days go by and my controller still didnt ship. they gave me some lame excuse that they had to patch the mod because of an update for infinite warfare. they gave me the option to either leave it and send it or fix the mod. i dont play infinite warfare so i didnt care. yet they still did not send it. finally i got a call a few days later telling me they were sending it finally. i get the controller and its not even what i ordered. i wanted a matte finish but received a gloss one. they told me after i emailed them again that because i got a splatter on it that they had to put a gloss finish over it to stop it from coming off. i wouldnt mind if i was informed prior but nope. they dont care about the customers. so in all i waited over a month to get my controller back and to get the controller i ordered, the controller was NOT what i ordered, and they could not care less that i am unhappy with their product. Terrible service, terrible company, terrible controller. Just buy the mod pack from wal-mart. its better and has all the same features minus the custom controller that they will make wrong anyway."

GamerModz's Avatar

Tampa, FL
Rating 10/10

"We do not utilize this site for any reviews as they charge $199/month to monitor and respond to reviews. Many of the reviews on this site are made by our competitors who have resorted to false advertising to slander the GamerModz brand. If you have any issues with our products, please contact customer service for immediate resolution."

Rating 2/10

"shady place to pay for anything what so ever. its been 20 days still no controller and thats after 3 previous dates that they have told me. really wish I read the reviews before I ordered."

Rating 2/10

"Gamer modz is the ABSOLUTE WORST PLACE TO GET A CUSTOM CONTROLLER! I ordered a PS3 controller chrome red with all clear buttons even sticks when I got it the Bluetooth/wireless connectivity did not work whatsoever I figured it needed to be charged since they say they test them before they ship them I was constantly trying to contact them about this issue their customer service is a complete joke just a lady in the line saying the same thing over and over they never answer the phones at all now my controller is falling apart the shell coming off and now when I shake my controller I hear little bity pieces moving around inside the build and the quality parts they use are all bad it seemed rushed even though my delivery date was wayyyyyyyyy overdue I just ordered a ps4 controller from controller chaos they use real Sony and Microsoft profucts I ordered my controller on 11/24 and received it on 11/29 even through the holiday they even ship it in there own custom controller chaos box which was nice when I called there was no 30-45 minute wait times they answered immediately did exactly what they said do not mess with gamer modz there a complete joke they don't answer phones and they're expensive I honestly think it's just a guy in a back room of his house making these controllers ORDER FROM CONTROLLER CHAOS YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!"

Rating 2/10

"I'm sorry, but my experience with this site has been one big joke. Me and my friend both made a custom controller each in one order. The making of the controller was a little tedious mostly because we both just wanted coloured shell, black ABXY buttons and my friend, and only my friend, wanted to change the color of his home button. After the creation of the controller, it MAKES us choose 2 day shipping, so we think "Screw it, we made it this far, whatever". Fast forward about three weeks, I then get the email that they have finally been shipped, which is insane that it has been "in assembly/testing" for that long. Once it does ship, it does ship rather quickly, and opening the box every thing looks really good. No shipping damage and the controllers look really nice. But then I turn on mine and it has my buddies colour home button! Are you serious? In testing for 3 weeks and no one thought the red button should be on the red controller and not the purple one? Come on guys. I'm going to try later to see if I can just fix it myself, but if it needs to be soldered, I'm screwed. My friend has tried calling with no answer so hes gonna try to email them later. This is just silly considering these were $213.23"

Rating 2/10

"I had made a purchase from GamerModz on July 4th 2014 had no idea it was going to take 3 weeks as I was told in an email later. Then I had emailed them back about the time frame they told me it would be more likely sent out on the 16th-18th where my invoice had said the 22nd-24th and here we are today after numerous emails sent to them and calls made to their automated voice system that says the same thing over and over no response yet. No controller yet either and it is the 28th of July now. Stay far away from this company as their practices are very shady and who waits for almost a month for a custom controller, go on amazon and order one and get it in 2 days under prime. But I will continue to contact them until I either get my controller I paid in full for or get a refund. I never complain about a company but this is absolutely wrong what and how they practice their business and should be illegal or their site should be shut down. In my opinion this is just an example of how to scam people out of there money. Thank you for reading Trevor "

Rating 4/10

"bought a modded controller with all the mods. spent nearly $200 and even purchased the warranty. 6 months later, the controller would not turn on via battery power or usb power. contacted gamermodz regarding warranty repair and have yet to hear back from them!"

Rating 10/10

"Okay, I ordered it and it took 30 days to finally start shipping. BTW: my dad bought it. So it started shipping about 20 minutes ago and I AM HAPPY SO VERY HAPPYI NIOFNWFIBNUIADBD!~!~~1!!!~~!!! Sorry guys I'm soooooo happpyy!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"This place sucks!!!! Almost a month went by and still no controller..I end up canceling my order and getting a refund...never again,don't waist your time or money in GamerModz.com!!!! Not worth it .."

Rating 4/10

"Dear GamerModz.com,

I sent you an email today and ran across this site and now I am little concerned about your ability to fulfill my son's controller order. I decided to also contact you via this website because I see that you have responded to some reviews here. I appreciate when companies answer reviews, especially poor reviews. According to your posts you had a significant increase in sales due to the Xmas season and the MTV referrals. I have owned several of my own businesses and I can totally understand "growing pains" when you have an unexpected influx in sales.

I would appreciate some feedback on the delay of my sons controller. He has been very patiently waiting for the controller he ordered on 12-25. His Est. Ship Date has changed on numerous occasions. Could you please provide and accurate shipping date?

If you cannot provide an accurate shipping date at this time, please respond with what he can honestly expect as a real completion date for his controller. If it's going to be a few more days... or another 30 days... please let us know. This way he can make a decision if he wants to continue with the order.

Again, I understand growing pains, but I think most people on here just want an honest, realistic answer. An honest answer, even if it is one that most people don't want to here, is still better than not addressing the issue. I will be more than happy to give a positive review, provided I can get a timely response and honest answer.


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Rating 2/10

"******ZERO RATING******** customer service is horrible!! before i ordered a controller i spoke with a guy that said he was the owner of the company and that if i ordered a controller it would ship in 10-14 days at the latest..... wrong!! here it is 16 days later and i check my order status and it said estimated shipping dat Jan 24th, 2014! what the hell???? now when i try and call there is no answer and its just some answering machine repeating the same "due to holiday" BS message!! i didnt get on this site and read all the horrible complaints until after i ordered my controller.... shame on me!! i just hope that i didnt get taken as a fool and that i get my controller and it works.... cross my fingers! also just so everyone knows i have sent several emails and NO reply back from the lying answering machine message!! DONT TRUST THIS COMPANY THEY ARE FULL OF SHIT AND THEY LIE TO GET YOU TO ORDER!!! THEY BETTER HOPE I GET MY CONTROLLER AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG OR I WILL TAKE LEGAL ACTION!!!! if anyone has helpful answers to my problem please contact me at striparado50@yahoo.com "

Rating 10/10

"I'm sorry to hear so many people have had issues with GamerModz. I understand the complaints about customer service as they do indeed have a pointless phone number and can be slow to respond.

When I received my controller it worked great for about 4 days but then stopped working properly. I e-mailed customer service and it did take them 11 days to reply, (which in all honesty is far too long).

Once Carlos from customer service replied to me though, everything went very well. He initially tried to help me with my problem but when that was unsuccessful, he promptly sent me a brand new controller. The entire procedure was completely painless and very professional.

I truly hope everyone who is having issues can get them resolved as easily as I did. I also urge Gamer Modz to vastly improve the time it takes to get back to their customers as it is the one weak link in their service. The controller itself was extremely easy to program worked very well.

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT TRUST this site. If I could give zero stars to post a review, I would, My son customized an Xbox 360 controller and we ordered it on Saturday 12/21. The site says 6-10 business days to process before shipping so I did not expect it to arrive before the new year.

Excluding the holidays, there have been 15 business days since we placed the order. It is now January 14. Three weeks after Christmas and my kid still has no gift, or even any idea when or if it will arrive (and he is asking me every day if I have gotten an answer).

The web site only says that the order is "in process" and its estimated shipping date calculator "spins" eternally.

I have called their customer service number. No one answers, it just repeatedly cycles a voice mail message recommending that you email them and promising a response to emails by the end of the next business day. Nope. Nothing. I have sent several emails with no response. I paid $185 for vaporware.

Higher orders around the holidays are not an excuse. Viable businesses plan for such events. I am so sick and tired of businesses blaming their blatant failures on unexpected "success."

+ Read user comments

Rating 2/10

"The worst Customer service every, seems like a fake big company, no one ever answers the phone, and getting a reply messages takes three or four sent messages. Horrible quality products both controllers sent to me took 25 days to receive and both were broke, still cant get any reply from them. Actual copy of emails I am still sending them below.
To Whom it may Concern:

This is the third time I am sending the message below in this email, which includes one time through the Message box on your site.

To add to the issues, after only 4 hours of gaming the left thumb stick on the custom build controller no longer returns to center by itself, most of the time, it sticks in the direction you push it. Waiting 25 days to receive a product paid for and advertised to be delivered by Christmas when ordered, and receiving an email in response stating that MTV named Gamermodz the Top ten gifts for Christmas 2013 and now your build date is longer then you advertised when purchased was bad enough. It is totally unacceptable to then send out controllers not working properly made from inferior parts that brake in under 4 hours of use, and once again I am on my third correspondence to you without any reply.
All attempts to contact you, both about this issue and with the prior issue of not receiving the paid for ordered controllers before Christmas and lack of response from customer service, have been documented, all messages left since before Christmas have also been documented for legal purposes if needed.


I finally received the controllers yesterday, the 6th day of January. I ordered this on the 12th day of December from Gamermodz because of two reasons; the first is Gamermodz was supposed to have a good reputation for quality, and the second was being a reputable company (assuming this meant built and delivered on time advertised). I chose to place the order because you advertised up to a 10 day build time and with express 2 day shipping I added, it would be here before the 25th of December.

As you know it did not come before Christmas, on Christmas, or anytime during my sons Christmas vacation. I called leaving three messages prior to Christmas, then again the day after Christmas followed by emails, and not one response until I finally went on to the Gamermodz website and sent a message through the website.
The reply I revived was as follows:
My apologies for the delay in your order.

Our current build time is about 14 business days due to the Christmas Holiday and MTV listing GamerModz as one of the Top Ten Gaming Gifts of 2013.

Based on an order date of 12/12, your order will ship out this week.

Thank you for your patience.

You advertised a product when being ordered and paid for, that it will be built and shipped in time for Christmas, and then after children are disappointed you send an email saying that your new build date is 14 days, but you refuse to respond before Christmas to let consumers know so they could look at other options if necessary. Obviously this was not just an order that was placed without the importance of a deadline.

I did receive your second email returning the coast of the express shipping, and with an added 10% discount which shows you do care about customer relations.

Now I have finally received the long awaited controllers and find out that both have issues. The Zombie build controller has an issue with sprinting, (left click joystick). at time it will make the character sprint, other times it not, and if sprinting to a location, taking cover and then attempting to sprint again, it usually makes the character walk. We tried this on both black ops II, and Ghost, and have the same issue. The left click works only approximate 50% of the time. This is not what I expected from a high end mod controller coasting 100 dollars.

The custom build modded controller also has issues, but the actual mod with the features it gives is a nice piece of work, It is very simple to switch from one mode to the next on the fly, it gives a great amount of control in allowing the user how to set up different firing parameters and can easily switch in and out of certain features during game play. That being said..

The second issue was with the custom built controller. Two issues, the first is the left thumb stick control binds when sprinting and turning it is not a smooth movement from left to right, or right to left while running forward. The second, was the bottom blue trim piece was loose and popped out on one side. I checked the screws on the bottom of the controller, and the one on the bottom left side was not tightened down properly, I fixed this issue myself but there is still the non smooth motion issue with the left thumb stick (or is this normal for your builds, I cant see it being normal when the right thumb stick does not have the same issue)

To me this is not a quality controller when it does not even operate as well as 50 dollar store bought xbox 360 controller from xbox. I also did not expect to receive a controller that hasn't even been checked to see if all the screws where tightened so pieces do not start coming apart after an hour of use. I am sure this is not the quality of product MTV would be endorsing.

Please inform me what I need to do to get this situation fixed, and I am absolutely not willing to wait another 3 weeks let alone 14 days.


You have my contact info listed on my order info Invoice # 900006213 for Order # 900017390

Rating 2/10

"Horrible company. Took them 3 weeks to mod my ps4 remote and sent it back to me broken!! I sent them a brand new never opened ps4 remote and when I got it back the L2 function is broke and doesn't work. I can't get them on the phone, can't leave a message, and they don't respond to emails!! Stay away from them. They have an "F" rating from BBB. Wish i would've checked that out before I ordered!"

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