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Poor customer service and shady return policy

"We returned unopened merchandise in original package and double boxed. Customer service assesed a penalty for damaged product and refused to provide proof of damage."

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Terrible Customer Service

"Just like the other reviews, this place has the worst customer service. They will gladly take your money but that's it then you are history to them. How do you grow a business like this or even stay in business? My recommendation is to find another company to buy from. This one is awful. "

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Doesnt care about customer

"Refuses to refund money when they CANCELLED my order with no notification. Have to go as far as get NEW debit card and dispute their transaction. Ridiculous customer service, acted as though my order for RADIATORS is fraudulent... THEN WONT RELEASE MY $4000. Certainly havent offered to help my cold family, or pay interest on the money they are holding. When i called their customer service they actually tried to get me to pay them again.... CROOKS. Look elsewhere"

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Worst customer service EVER!!!

"Stay away from these people...this company is a JOKE...but the joke will be on you if you deal with them at all..."

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Cancelled order due to procedural error by Ecomfort.

"I ordered two temperature gauges through the web. PaPal was chosen to provide payment. Ecomfort has a procedure to follow to meet the PayPal requirement for payment. When Ecomfort failed to follow the procedure PayPal wouldn't approve the transaction. Ecomfort cancelled my order and stated that if I still wanted the products, I had to send them a check in advance. PayPal said that they would still approve the transaction if Ecomfort would contact them. It's unbelievable that Ecomfort has no regard for customer service and would prefer to put the burden on their customer. I suggest going elsewhere. There are other retailers out there who truly understand what customer service is."

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Don't get sucked in their cesspool of crappy service.

"The quick story.
Ordered 2 a/c units on a Wednesday. 5 days later no email confirmation. On hold 25 minutes. Told 1 unit on back order and will send email confirmation.
Email said the order could be split because of back order, but jump through the call customer service hoop again now to request split order delivery.
Another 15 minute hold. Could not find the email. Would not split the order because the other unit was damaged. Right......They only have 1 in stock and it's damaged? Pretty sure they did not want to pay 2 freight charges to Utah.
I was transferred to sales from customer service to cancel the order. Another 15 minutes on hold. I hung up and called customer service. After another wait I was informed the order was canceled. I had not told anyone. I could have waited for years for my canceled order. What the heck??

They lost a new account that supplies a/c units to apartments and rental homes.
Do business with a company that will document your sale and let you know of a back order issue. This company is very poorly staffed and unorganized.

eComfort, thanks for wasting a very valuable week as our renters in 104* heat were depending on your 4 day delivery as advertised.
My score is minus 5 stars.

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BAD Costumer Service

"I ordered a furnace, coil and outdoor unit via phone .They shipped me wrong coil horizontal flow instead of upflow to match the furnace since time was of the essence I went ahead ordered another coil ( correct coil paid for 2 coils). I returned the wrong coil however when I inquired about my credit their customer service personnel said charged me $227.22 shipping for a $372.40 item return fee.That's right $227.22 to ship a coil not a furnace a damn coil.... Customer service said that the cost sorry.I would not recommend using them at all and would never use them for any service again EVER. "

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lack of information sharing

"They have some good prices and designed a boiler system for my house and sold me parts.... problem is that my house is a simple layout and they refused to share the design, just sent a like of parts out.
so my boiler installer had to start over and design from scratch and he couldn't figure out how to use (or didn't need with his design) several parts, so we had to pay to ship them back. And buy more parts of our own.
Soo, i would say, don't waste your time or money. but local.

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Epic Service & Great Products!!!! Not a single complaint!!!!

"Ordered two LG PTAC units with thermostats, wall sleeves & grills on 10-31-16. I didn't open the boxes until roughly two weeks after we received them. Upon opening the box there was hidden damage to the wall sleeves inside so I contacted eComfort expecting to have to pay for replacements, but to my surprise, they replaced them for me free of charge. I love doing business with companies who treat me as a customer the same way I treat the customers in my business. eComfort has definitely earned my loyalty!
Yes, I know there are some really terrible online reviews for eComfort in the past, but based on my experience, they must have really, really cleaned up their act a lot since those were posted. My experience was definitely pleasant!!!

I am ordering from them again today without a single hesitation.


Helpful Cool


Damaged goods with no sense of urgency to correct the problem.

"During 90 degree heat, our A/C was out. I thought ecomfort had good prices on units, so I ordered one from them. When it arrived and my HVAC guy opened the package, it was dented so badly that the coils were already damaged. He couldn't install it. When I called ecomfort to let them know, they said to email the pictures of the damaged unit. Once I did that, I didn't hear anything back except an automated email saying that would get back to me in 24-72 hours. 4 days later, I had to contact them because I still had not heard anything. I was passed off to another person within the company so that she could handle it for me. She said that she would send me an email with a return slip for the driver to pick back up the unit. I had to call her again because she didn't send it within a couple hours. She laughed and said that the work day was crazy for her. I explained to her that I was in dire need of this unit because it was 90 degrees outside on a daily basis. She said that a return would take 10 days to credit back to my card if that's the way I wanted this fixed. I had no choice but to tell her to order a new unit to be sent again after the driver picked up the damaged one. That option might mean 3-5 days to get another unit. When she sent the paper, she said that she would have R&L contact me with a window of when they would pick it up the next day. When 3pm the next day came, I had to contact R&L because I never received this window of time. They said that they made a mistake by not calling and the driver could meet me right now. I had to leave work unexpectedly to make sure this got taken care of quickly. After he came and got the damaged unit, I emailed ecomfort to see if they received it and if a new one would be sent out. She said that she processed the return and they would issue one. She thanked me for "being a trooper".

There has been nothing offered to compensate me for the time and frustration of dealing with the damaged product that ecomfort had sent me. At this point, I still don't have an A/C unit.

Helpful Cool


"I purchased a Schluter Kerdi-Line drain from the company. When I received the package it was missing parts and was damaged! The package was a return. Not to mention, that the packaging was damaged when I received it.
It was missing the rubber grommet and the waterproof member was detached from the drain, and the foam was broken. Also there were no instructions!
Ecomfort.com was not willing to send me a new package or refund my money, after going back and forth with phone calls and email with images of what I got. They told me that they don’t send out broken packages and that it was new.
So all in all I lose $300.00 because ecomfort.com did not want to take responsibility for their actions!!

Helpful Cool


"Once a minor issue with a back-ordered item was resolved I received my water heater and associated accessories very quickly. They were nicely fixed to a pallet and reached me in perfect condition.

Resolving the back-order issue required a call to helpful staff who even waived shipping costs.

I'll be buying here again as my house building project progresses.

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"eComfort does not stand behind what they sell. Bought a mini-split Mitsubishi heat pump and both units leaked upon installation. They will only honor getting replacement parts which I am responsible for labor. Labor is expensive and it seems to be worth it to just buy another system from someone else. Please do not do business with eComfort. Save yourself the headache."

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"The “company” eComfort has got to be one of the worst vendors I have ever dealt with in my lifetime. On 2/17/14 before I even placed my order for the humidifier I called to find out if I placed the order that day when I would expect the shipment on my dock, I was informed that the item was not in stock at eComfort’s location but in stock with their vendor and that I would receive my order by 2/28/14. It is 3/5/14 today and I have now had the run around with multiple sales reps telling me over the phone and via email that they are contacting their vendor to find out shipment to their dock and give me a better estimated time of delivery to my dock. Not one single rep has given me specific details of the shipment and for some reason they can’t get their vendor to answer any of their inquiries. Also, no one can give me a confirmed ship date or delivery day at all even with me offering to pay for expedited shipping; all I’ve been told is that I might possibly see my item ‘on or around 3/17/14’. That’s not good enough, 30 days after I placed the order? Are you kidding me! Yet the item is in stock?…I do noSoniat believe that. I’m wondering why their vendor is so difficult to get ahold of if this item was in stock.

I have placed multiple support desk tickets and when I view them online the status on them is ‘closed’ which confuses me because my issue is not resolved at all! I made a phone call this morning and spoke with a rep named Sonia and she apologized for the problems and she specifically said ‘I am going to call the vendor right now and get an update for you and call you back in 10 minutes”…it’s the late afternoon now and I haven’t heard back from anyone with eComfort.

So, I called again and spoke with someone else and of course she promised me the same crap about putting ‘urgent’ on my ticket and finding out what is going on then I asked her to transfer me to Sonia…I was hung up on. I was called back by Sonia and told that their vendor wasn’t cooperating and the manufacturer (Carel) states we won’t see our item until 4/4/14. I appreciate Sonia’s help. But this is absolutely ridiculous! I called again the week of 3/24/14 to get confirmation that we would in fact receive it on 4/4/14; I never got a call back. I called again on 4/7/14 and spoke with Bianca (because we still haven’t received the item) and she informed me I would receive a phone call back and I did not. Therefore, I had to call back again. I was then informed that the manufacturer gave a new lead, another 2 weeks until we will see this item. I was never contacted by David, a manager with eComfort.

I called again on Monday 4/21/14 to confirm delivery for this week and Jawwad informed me he would find out from their vendor and give me a call back. I never received a call back. So, I called back and was told they were still waiting to hear back from their vendor, I never heard back from anyone at eComfort on 4/21/14. I called eComfort the morning of 4/22/14 and spoke with Sonia, she told me she couldn’t see a status update in their system and that she would have to get with their purchasing manager to find out status.

What I don’t understand is why this isn’t being treated as a priority, if it was being treated as a priority there would be updates in their system and they would be more aggressive with their vendor. Sonia informed me I will hear back from her within 1.5 hours from the time I spoke with her, she stated she was making it a priority. About 7 hours later I still hadn’t received a phone call back. I called in the afternoon and spoke with Bianca, she promised the same – calling the vendor and making it a priority. I called again on 4/23/14 and was told the same story from Megan. However, this version consisted of their vendor claiming that the manager had left for the day and a note was being left on that person’s desk to call eComfort ASAP regarding this order.

I received a phone call from Megan on 4/24/14 in the morning informing me that their vendor, Temperature Equipment Corporation, gave her a ship date of 5/12/14. I contacted Debbie at Carel and she informed me the order was placed by TEC on 4/14/14 and that this item is built per order (that also reinforces the false advertising by eComfort when their site states that item is ‘in stock ready to ship, 3-4 days’), she forwarded me to Michael at TEC. Michael informed me that they have not received phone calls for status updates on that order. Michael needed the PO to be able to look up our order so I called eComfort and Megan informed me it is against their policy to give that type of information out so I told her Michael with TEC will be contacting her directly to get the PO number. She asked if there was anything she could do and I explained that they haven’t done anything for us, just given us the run around and cost our company over $1.5 million in revenue on a project we could not start on because we have not received the humidifier.

Megan then replied that TEC lost the PO and that is why it was not submitted until 4/14/14, and she got a bad attitude with me, interrupted me and talked over me many times in that short phone call. I relayed all of this information to Michael and he is contacting eComfort. We canceled our order with eComfort, obviously.

In retrospect I should have asked for eComfort’s vendor and contacted TEC directly, back in March.

Not once did anyone, rep or supervisor from eComfort, contact our company to apologize or do anything at all to patch up this situation, or offer a discount, or use a different vendor, or an alternative product, nothing!

How can eComfort ’s website and personnel state that the item is ‘in stock and ready to ship, 3-4 days’ when that is so obviously not the truth, especially since the item is not stocked anywhere, it is built per order. I definitely do not recommend eComfort to any consumer.

-nicole chappelle

Helpful Cool


"First off I want to say that it took a couple weeks for them to ship but overall I did not have any real issues with purchasing. BE CAREFUL because their website content may be inaccurate when it comes to warranty details. Also I did not realize that my Fujitsu units warranty would not be recognized by Fujitsu directly because I had purchased through ecomfort.com until after I bought it. This may be true of other brands as well... do your research.

Unfortunately the unit I bought did have a premature failure and by the time I got around to getting it fixed it was technically a few months out of warranty. Initially ecomfort refused to honor any warranty replacement but after a few emails and phone calls they eventually did the right thing and sent me a new part. Overall my experience with them was pretty decent.

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