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Product & services pricing 10.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 10.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 10.00/10
Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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Recommend highly

"Excellent customer service. Just got mine its super quiet and just the way i wanted it.

Helpful Cool


Ultimately Quiet Terrestrial PC

"I had recently purchased a PC built by Aliens; it was a cool towering monstrosity with lights and it really looked like a UFO. Unfortunately the Aliens perceived sound differently than humans, and the fans were so loud it sounded like an alien UFO preparing for sublight travel. After many failed attempts to resolve the issue, an very surprised they would not exchange the faulty alien technology, we returned the ship to its system of origin, and my son pointed me to eCollegePC. Never heard of them... and was hesitant to purchase, so I gave them a call. Mike walked me through the build, made recommendations, and helped build a new and quiet terrestrial PC. The PC was so quiet I could not even tell it was on. No, seriously. This is the best PC I have ever owned hands down. Fast, quiet, pre-built, and zero issues. And save me over a thousand dollars compared to the Alien craft! Thanks Mike and team! "

Helpful Cool


Absolutely Great Service

"First off, I would like to state that I rarely write reviews, but I think the service that I received from Mike went way beyond what I was expecting. Like many others, I shopped around with the usual names, Falcon NorthWest, Origin PC and Puget Systems. All strong companies offering various levels of customization. I also contemplated building my own and went on Newegg to price out the components. It didn't seem cost efficient given the high prices of memory and the GPUs so I went back to prebuilt.
I stumbled on an article that spoke of eCollege and the overwhelming number of positive reviews on their customer service. I contacted Mike with some basic questions, and despite the number of emails and questions, he took his time to answer them patiently. Now, I understand that they want to make a sale, but there was no pressure at all. As some others may have commented, I would get responses sometimes late at night or the weekend. Not sure when he finds the time to sleep. Regardless, I ended up asking if they could order parts that were not listed, an ASUS STRIX 1080 TI, GSkillz RGB memory, Corsair RGB fans etc.. He was very accommodating, provided a fair price for the items, and offered some helpful suggestions along the way. It finally took I think two months before I settled on a configuration that I was happy with. It just arrived this week, there was a slight delay in getting a part in, and it is better than I expected. It was extremely well packaged, the cable management pretty good and worked without any issues. I then thought I may have had a problem with the memory, and shot an email over to Mike. I didn't expect much, figuring the sale was done, but he answered promptly and followed up asking more questions. It was a custom profile that he set up that was disabled.
I would recommend this company without any hesitation to anyone and will definitely be buying from them again. I want to thank Mike for all of his patience and my innumerable questions/emails.

Helpful Cool


Great customer service, great computer!!!

"I can build one myself, but I’m just too busy. I knew everything I wanted in it… but I decided to consider buying one… insert eCollegePC!!! They had every single component I wanted and I literally just picked from the drop down lists and designed the same exact computer I would have built myself!!! I had priced things out, and they were about $350 more than it would have cost me to buy everything on amazon. BUT I get a warranty and AMAZING customer service too!!! It was well worth it and I would highly recommend them to anyone!!!"

Helpful Cool


Excellent computer, purchasing experience and customer service

"I left ratings for eCollege PC on other sites but i think i forgot to leave one here so here goes: I am a graphic artist, so i need my computers to be high quality with good graphics. I am also a gamer, and I need the same thing for my gaming computers. I work on an Apple computer, but the graphics aren't the jam for gaming. Thus I researched pc's for a year before i started looking for a builder. I came to eCollegePC because of their reviews and their pricing. (Good computers are not cheap, no matter what you use them for). I already knew what i wanted, but was at a point when new graphic cards were coming out. Mike answered my questions, he looked over the build i selected and made sure it was a go. Plus they had the new graphics card in stock.

I got my computer about a week later, had a question about the wireless router. I emailed Mike on a Saturday afternoon expecting to hear back on Monday. Mike emailed me back Sunday morning. SUNDAY MORNING! (The issue was user error, not computer related, but Mike helped me with it and solved the problem in 3 minutes). Now find another company that does that for you on a weekend! The computer is truly a thing of beauty. I just wanted a nice sleek square black case, and man is this thing stealthy. It came packed perfectly, an inner and an outer box. The outer box actually had a slash in it, but not the inner one. The computer was pristine, clean, wiring **** and out of the way. It makes very little noise. Update: This computer was purchased in 2016 and is now two years old. I have NEVER had a problem with it. It is still silent, stealthy and most of all very, very fast. You can bet that all of my pcs will now come from eCollegePC.

Helpful Cool


Will Never buy a computer any where else (well--unless it's a MAC)

"In Dec 2017 I began shopping for a custom built PC for a pc based higher end video editing system. I came across eCollegePC and began having conversations with Mike. At the time (as many people know) the prices for higher end GPUs more than doubled in many instances. I began conversations with mike about system build, needs prices, insights, recommendations, etc etc etc...I began the process in Dec---with his advice he said if I wasn't in a rush to wait and see if the GPU would come down in price over the follow few months...which it did not. About me---I would call myself a High maintenance customer. Service and responsiveness is a must, balanced with price. From the first email I sent, I exchanged OVER 50 emails back and forth with Mike. In what universe any where do you get that type of responsiveness, support and patience. He didn't push me in any direction---I asked for feedback on the computer case from a build ability and look and he immediately gave me his preference for a build and future expandability and that looks nice. I was in conversation (if you can call it that) i essentially priced the same computer online--for the service I got i'm willing to pay a few hundred dollars more...but when i shared what other systems quotes were he matched the quotes AND they even helped configure and build my system to be built by the specifications recommended for DaVinci Resolve. They installed the free version for me. No pressure sales NO BS just wants to get it right, at least for me, and worth every penny I paid i have no doubt whatsoever that they will take care of me if anything goes sideways on me with my system. The final price was about what I would have paid if I wanted to build it myself, they put it together, did the burn in and test before shipping, shipping was included in the cost of the purchase AND I get their 3 year warranty. On their website read what they say in the "why buy from us?" link... it's all 100% accurate and true to the word. Maybe you have contacts from other computer buyers...you will not make a mistake buying from this company. Mike will take care of you. "

Helpful Cool


Great experience all around

"I was in search of a gaming PC and I got caught up by some flashy adds on facebook from another company. I must say it was a bad experience. One of the other disgruntled customers turned me on to eCollegePC, and man am I glad he did. This was a night and day experience. The sales team was very responsive and they delivered an excellent product in the time frame they promise. This is a whole lot more than I can say for the other guys. These guys have my business again when I need another PC. If you are on the fence get off and go with the awesome team at eCollegePC you won't regret it."

Helpful Cool


Good Prices, and excellent ordering support

"Our high end server died after seven years and we need a new one. eCollegePC and Dell were the last two companies in the running for our contract.
In the end eCollegePC offered not only a cheaper price but more processing power, and more hardware for less. More so that Dell didn't even sell the latests Intel CPU which eCollegePC already had on hand. The entire process till shipping was was amazing with Mike who kept us informed and emailed all the queries we kept sending before ordering. The company even went the extra mile to install Ubuntu and blacklist a list we send as we do very high end complex processing thus we have to blacklist a lot of drivers in Ubuntu so Ubuntu does not will kill our high end GPU's with using Cuda. The company even held the computer back till they got Cuda installed for us in Ubuntu as it a pain to install. In all an amazing experience backed by a complete three year warranty including shipping and returning the server.

Sadly Dell use to be what eCollegePC is today. Instead Dell has outsourced all the onsite people in Texas to an Indian company who does not understand that Dell doesn't even offer the same products as eCollegePC thus how can you price match (I am Indian). I kept getting emails from Dell to let us price match!

Helpful Cool


Excellent buying experience from eCollege

"The PC I ordered from eCollege worked great for a couple of days; then it began refusing to start….as though it was unplugged. eCollege agreed to take it back and check it out. They found nothing wrong but replaced the PSU anyway and returned it. Still had the problem. After working with their tech support, I discovered my USB keyboard was causing the issue, not the PC. They went beyond the call of duty to make a happy customer. I give them 5 stars."

Helpful Cool


Awesome service

"After losing my pc due to a power surge a while back I decided I want to have another built. I researched many online companies but it seemed most of the custom systems were aimed at gamers. I’m not a gamer but do 3D renderings and editing as a hobby.

Computer technology has jumped ahead so much since I had my last pc. I read the ratings here and on other sides on the best online pc builders and was impressed by ecollegepc and went with them. There website is very user friendly when picking what you want on side your pc. I had a better choice of components, cases, etc than some of the other places I looked,

The value was excellent I could get exactly the pc I wanted for less then anywhere else.

When I received my pc everything inside looked clean the cable routing was outstanding with ultimate cooling in mind. Some places cable routing run over components, block airflow and are sloppy not so with a ecollegepc pc.

The sales staff and support is top notch Mike answered ever question and concerns in a timely manner. When my pc was completely Mike let me know and when it would be shipped. They really take great care in shipping your pc there were no dings, dents or loose components when I received mine.

If you want value, quality and great customer service then go with ecollegepc you won’t be disappointed!!!

Thanks ecollegepc!!!

Helpful Cool


If I ever buy a prebuilt again it will be from these guys

"Gorgeous build, awesome customer service, fast shipping, what more could I ask for? Can't emphasize enough how good they are! "

Helpful Cool


eCollegePC: What a Buying Experience Should Be

"In summary, building and buying a PC from eCollegePC exemplifies the very highest quality standards in the marketplace. If you're serious about buying a custom configured PC and want; great service, straight-forward configuration, competitive pricing, and a killer system you'll be happy with, look no further. Highlights of my experience include:

* Easy, uncomplicated selection of the components I needed on the website.
* Professional, thoughtful guidance (by phone) on putting together the final build (no up-sell - just facts and experienced opinions).
* Performance. Quality, on-time build and shipping. What was promised, happened.
* Rapid, considered and clear communication. WYSIWYG invoicing.
* Well packed, high quality plug n play system with ZERO bloatware or "fluff". All component manuals and spare parts included.

No matter your skill level, working with Mike and his team at eCollegePC will be one of the best technology buying experiences you can have. I base this recommendation on 30 years of experience buying systems, both for personal use and volume office use. I will be recommending eCollegePC to all my friends/clients, and will look to them for my next purchase(s).

I have absolutely no service or upgrade needs at the moment, but should that occur, I have 100% confidence that the eCollegePC team will take care of me; professionally, fairly and promptly.

Helpful Cool


What Dell used to be a long time ago .....

"I tried another online, larger, custom computer assembler that had a lot of very good reviews, but about 10% bad reviews. I ended up being one of the 10% with missing and DOA components. Seller didn't check it before shipping.

So I found eCollegePC, with a small minority of bad reviews. Mike gave me a good price, shipped in about a week, delivered it to my office (other required home address), and the computer is functioning perfectly. Mike was very easy to deal with - a couple of emails, online payment, then the custom computer shows up. Assembly was orderly with cables neatly tucked away. i suggest you avoid any other seller with disproportionate 1 star reviews no matter what. Some custom computer manufacturers "graduate" to bulk/boring mass market systems, like Dell did. eCollegePC seems still geared for the custom/enthusiast buyer seeking high performance; if that's who you are, they are worth a look.

Helpful Cool


Just built the pc i was dreaming of!

"Really love it! everything is well cabled and very neatly organized. lots of room for growth and all the parts are good, name brands. I was able to save money by opting out of parts that I already had, something that doesn't seem to be an option on the other pc building websites I checked out. From the purchase date it took less than a week to arrive. I accidentally entered the wrong address to ship the pc to and customer service figured it out quick and painless. I am pretty hella happy with my purchase! "

Helpful Cool


I've been buying from eCollegePC for a long time.

"They sell good parts, give great service but, most important of all, their advice is truthful and they aren't trying to make big bucks from each sale.
I am upgrading a PC that I originally bought from them 7 years ago. In the interim I've updated all the drives, power supply and installed a high end video card. I'm a photographer and the big files from new cameras were just slowing me down and so I went back to eCollegePC for advice and a quote.
I repeated his suggestions in a thread in an online community and the general consensus was that the price was eminently fair and it was an excellent upgrade for my purpose.
There was one last incident that proved their worth. I asked if my existing power supply was adequate and, even knowing he could have sold me an upgrade, Mike told me that mine was fine.
Top notch place.

Helpful Cool

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