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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.98/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.79/10
Shipping & packaging: 3.00/10
Customer service: 2.41/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.98/10
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They treat long time sellers like Sh**

"I ran out of an item for sale , cancel it because We ran out of stock. Then got negative feedback for running out of stock. Try to get eBay to take off the negative feedback and they wouldn't do it. Why do they give you the option to cancel if you run out of an item? I wish there was another venue Period. Every dog has its day"

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Agree with all the other negative reviews

"Ebay is like 70% scams. I made an account and in todays of making i was suspended with no reason what i violated. Yes, i was new. Was it for not adding paypal account and private information like where i leave my house key? With the only thing to contact support is with a phone number and i tried few emails even though they don't work. College student looking for a computer and this happens. ebay will fully lose my trust and the 500+ facebook friends when i post about the bull.... ebay is. "

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Ebay is just in it to get as much money they can make

"As long as Ebay is getting their money they do not care about their customers or their sellers I purchased a wedding band for my fiancé for our wedding in the listing it described that it was an antique 1920s 20kt 2 carat sapphire ring with to small side sapphire Gemstones on the side I paid $900 plus
$7 shipping for it. When I received my ring I immediately went straight to my jeweler I didn’t even open my package until I seen him because I wanted to make sure that the ring was genuine so I know that I was not getting ripped off ,low and behold he looked at the ring and told me it was pure junk first off it wasn’t even antique second it was not even 20 kt gold it was 18 kt gold then he told me that the stones on the side were chipped And the large stone in the middle was completely cracked all the way across and all the way down he said even the slightest Nick it would completely crack and fall out of ring in pieces upon hearing that news I immediately contacted the seller for a refund the seller told me to send back the ring and once it was received I would get a full refund I sent it then got my refund after I got my refund I told the seller what my jeweler told me and the seller told me that my jeweler was Disgruntled because I bought the ring online which is complete crap because my jeweler is not like that and he even showed me through his telescope what he was talking about I had seen the ring for myself that you cannot see with the human eye as much I should of known when I bought the ring in the listing because you can kind of see the crack in the large stone plus the price was too good to be true that’s why I had taken it to him (my jeweler) in the first place but you never know sometimes you can get a good deal anyways after I had gotten my refund I immediately contacted Ebay to let them know about the listing that the guy did not describe the damage ring but described it as this great piece of jewelry you could own when I messaged the seller about what my jeweler said I told him that he should not list item that he don’t even know what he’s selling items that are not accurate , so I told Ebay that if he’s going to be selling jewelry he needs to put in his listings the damages or flaws that the items have They told me that they would I well it’s six months later and the listing is still on there with the same description when I purchased it that’s why I say Ebay only cares about them making as much money as possible and not even listening to their customers so here’s the link for the listing below so you can see for your self
The listings still there I bought the ring in late August
Description antique 1920s blue sapphire men’s band
On Ebay.com

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"I have been with ebay since 2008.At first they were fantastic. I've purchased everything from baby's nappy to race cars. There customer service as of now 2017/18 is absolutely pathetic. Through know fault of the hired customer service agents. They understand very little English and the greedy lazy eBay executives should introduce up to date training packages for there employees. These discusting fat cats send there company's to third world country's and place the responsibility of customer services onto uneducated. Underpaid non English speaking representatives. It's just not enough to say Oh well that's the way of the world these days. That's just bullshit. PayPal do an amazing job. So to does Amazon. I see in the near future Amazon completly crushing eBay. I will celebrate the day. "

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EBay does not stand behind their customers

"I have made several purchases through eBay and generally have been satisfied.
I recently ordered a six DVD set collectors addition of Downton Abby, from a seller in China (my mistake) and received instead a costume jewelry headband that looks like it’s valued at about a dollar.
After attempting to get a refund, eBay denied the refund because they said I had received some merchandise.
I contacted them again and was told that I had to return the headband and ask for a refund from the seller after another 7 day delay.
When I tried to return the item, I got an edit that said it could not be returned because the case was already opened and resolved. MY case was closed again with a denial of a refund and no chance to send the item back.
EBay does not offer any customer service Or Goodwill efforts to help you retrieve your money through fraudulent sellers.
Not only that, they do not investigate the fraudulent sellers.

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safe bet you will lose money whether you're a seller or buyer

"DO NOT use ebay...I am done with them once and for all. I have been a seller and buyer for a number of years of and on because stupid stuff keeps happening and I am never covered for the lies other people fed to ebay about the situation; I'm usually the honest one. I first had a lady buy some dishes and I thoroughly packed them, when she got them somehow they all ended up broken except a plate and the mugs which she had told me before buying them that she was only interested in the mugs. In the photos she provided she showed a HUGE knife with a good sized handle that she could have used to break these dishes to get a full refund and keep the mugs. I had filed with Fedex for insurance which if you ever deal with that kind of thing it takes at least a month , but she got impatient with me and filed a claim against me requesting all of her money returned when she should have only gotten a partial shipping fee returned and partial refund on the item as she had a plate and 3 or 4 mugs. Ebay sided with her even though I went out of my way to file a claim when she should have done this...her sob story was she had cancer and needed the money, even though I was sitting there facing lyme disease and other health problems that were keeping me in bed. We had a few other similar dealing like this. Now as a buyer I am having issues with them again...I bought saddle corner plates and turns out I can't find the proper hardware to attach them to a new saddle so I contacted the seller and he immediately had ebay open a case against me and they immediately closed the case in his favor not allowing me to respond and give my side of the story. I appeal and I am still waiting on a response, this same seller accepted a return of another plate I bought from him and his lame excuse is he miss read and clicked the wrong thing. I never asked for him to pay return shipping just for my money to be refunded once the item got returned to him. After all is said and done with the mess I have on ebay...I will be boycotting them FOREVER! We have lost a lot of money selling (when we could have donated for free and not lost anything) and from buying with buyers getting away with stuff...I never have any cases rule in my favor as a buyer or seller...please be warned and do not sell or buy from them!"

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Not really happy

"I bought few coats there and none of them were good. Wrong sizes always. Prefer size XL it fits like M.
The app itself kinda not that easy to use. I don’t know how to return my purchases and how to make it fast.
The photos on eBay very unrealistic. When I buy things on other web stores photos there describes products very good, but on eBay they are not truthful. Because of it I always get not something I expected.
And delivery is takes so long sometimes. So, I’m not that happy with eBay

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Worse experience ever

"Never ever recommend to my family or friend."

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"I have purchased a LED bar for my truck on EBAY from SOLDEASY. In the description of the bar it stated that the bar has a 5 yr warranty. It is a OSRAM 52in curved light bar. The original seller does not respond to my requests to do something about the light being defective and EBAY is not holding its seller to a high standard. I tired to reach out to the seller SOLDEASY multiple times. Reached out to EBAY where the customer service representative was less then helpful and refused to reach out to the seller and get to the bottom of this issue. I will be filing complaints with all everyone till something is done about this. I paid for a product that is defective and SOLDEASY AND EBAY FAIL TO HOLD
Estimated delivery: Thu. Feb. 2 - Mon. Feb. 6


Estimated delivery : Thu. Feb. 2 - Mon. Feb. 6
Tracking Number : 1ZE335A70392280011

Shipping service : USPS Priority Mail
Item # : 142179326881
Transaction id : 1362787405004

USER ID tsp1981


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Don’t trust !

"Sold brand new item and buyer return broken , lost mony buyer always right "

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What a Waste

"I began as a Seller and as a Buyer on Ebay, back in the early 2000s. It was a fantastic market arena in the early years. Not now. I just spent 1 1/2 hours intermittently waiting and then speaking to various individuals in the Philippines. These alleged skilled Ebay staff, kept repeating their scripts, reiterating their same questions over and over, sending me to other departments who pulled the same thing. Result, what should have taken no longer than 2 minutes to resolve my two small issues, ending up with me finally having to hang up in no hope for professionalism.

Great Management Ebay-- now in 2018, you are wasting your money paying individuals in Asia to have fun not doing anything for the customers and sellers who are supposed to be your reason for being. Instead, allowing a staff to get pay for play!

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Money Back Guarantee

"Ebay's money back guarantee is a joke. I waited a month for my item to be shipped which I never received. I am still trying to get Ebay to make good on their money back guarantee. I will never use Ebay again. "

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ebay customer service

"Purchased a Dell computer that did not work properly. Seller --griffspackages-- was not responsive. Left negative seller feedback which ebay removed. ebay had no interest in vetting the seller. I could send the computer back. I wanted it fixed since I had spent time loading my own programs and found a local source for 40. Returning and paying shipping for an item that was not as described was NOT a good option with a disreputable seller . ebay rep refused to connect me with a manager"

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Return label ugh

"Case was closed before promised date and no one can explain why. Couldn’t print return label and had to pay for it. Lost $46 and No refund possible. "

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"I just paid $22 to NOT sell my item. The 10% plus fees for selling is bad enough. If I knew they were going to do this, I wouldn't have listed. Needless to say, I won't be using them ever again."

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