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Product & services pricing 2.27/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.13/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.95/10
Customer service: 1.76/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.22/10
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Very disappointed

"I order Minnie game they track it and said it was delivered I ask my mailed lady she said no package ever came got n touch with seller no help got in touch with EBay no help so I guess they took my money an I got no merchandise "

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Sellers, beware of ebay.. Your rights are compromised!

"It took 15 minutes for ebay to review my newly opened case against a buyer and made a decision on their favour. This is how much time they spend to review potential fraudsters. Not to even say that they keep sending automated emails such as "Rest assured, we are here to help you".

I sold an iphone to a buyer who claims that my item had extra faults that were not listed and was being abusive and asking for more money. Upon checking his feedback for others, there are claims that all electronic items he receives are faulty. Even I can understand that he buys and sells iphones and then asks for partial refunds from all sellers, however Ebay representatives won't even try to investigate his account. What are the odds of one individual having so many faulty items arriving to his door?

Getting anything done through Ebay website is hard, either because each chat team is unable to process anything or they just have regimented processes.

Forget about ebay, they are totally disappointing. There are plenty of other platforms where sellers' rights are not totally undermined, such as Depot.

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eBay is terrible to buyers and sellers

"eBay doesn't care about sellers they will still your money at any chance they get. It is geared towards buyers but customer service will not help sellers stiffed by buyers. eBay customer service will yell at you when you try to call for assistance and then **** and moan that there is nothing they can do. If you tell them that their system is screwed up and should be fixed or enhanced to fix issues eBay customer service will tell you to go **** YOURSELF right there on the phone. Don't waste your time on eBay its not worth it, Amazon is way better and their customer service doesn't cuss you out for asking questions to resolve a problem you are having."

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"I have been an Ebay member for over 15 years in EXCELLENT standing, 100% positive review, never an unpaid item. Recently I bid on an item & had the high bid for over a week when I was out bid. I tried to up my max bid and found the Seller had blocked me FOR ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHAT SO EVER! I had never had any dealings with this Seller (stufffromouterspace), nothing. Just blocked me from bidding. I emailed him and politely asked why, this is the response I got:

I'm sorry. I know you haven't every dealt purchased from me before. My problem is that I have sold on ebay for about 7 or so years. When I first started, I made some mistakes, refused to work with the buyers because I felt like they were wrong, and I received a couple neg feedbacks. That was 7 years ago. I then learned from those negative feedbacks and vowed to make my selling pro and strive to never get a neg feedback again. I state in every listing that if there is a problem, to please write to me and I will do whatever I have to in order to fix the problem. I went 6 + years without a negative feedback. And finally this year I received 2 negative feedbacks from people who never even wrote to me to complain or offer me the chance to resolve the matter fairly. So since then, I have become paranoid and tend to look at the feedback history of people that write me. And when I see that person has also left negative feedback for someone without offering a chance to resolve, I began blocking these people. The only negative feedback that I think is fair is when a seller refuses to accept a return.
At any rate, I'm sure that you are a very fair and good person and great customer. This is solely a result of my own frustrations with having been treated unfairly this past 8 months. I hope you can understand and sincerely, I apologize.

However, he never UNBLOCKED ME! And why I should pay the price for his "frustration" is totally unfair! Further, Ebay did NOTHING ABOUT THIS. When I investigated this Sellers feedback, I found he had called another Buyer a "****"! If this is the way Sellers can attack Buyers, then I would tell EVERYONE, AVOID EBAY. I am in the process of canceling my membership over this episode after 15 years. It is NOT WORTH IT! I would tell everyone who would listen, avoid Ebay at all costs. Try Rubylane or Etsy, they also sell antiques and collectibles.

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Letting chinks rip me off

"**** ebay
Get lit on

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good but not always

"If you want to buy in this site, first of all I recomend to read reviews. Each seller in this site has its own raiting, which helps to find reliable stores. But the support in site is not good. Also sometimes they can block accounts without any reason, and
it **** me off. Thats why if you want to buy something do it by paypal, because you can have problems.

In this site you can find stores of famous companies, but the price of goods is not small. I found for me few sellers, in which stores I always make orders, Its reliable and with safety - the main things for buyer.

Some of my reviews:


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Stick with Amazon!!

"12 hours dealing with customer service over $40.00.

Seller fees amount to close to 20% of sales.

Absolute rip off/terrible company.

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Goodbye ebay, you ****

"Sold a NIB pair of $29 reebok princes cut shoes (nurse shoes) in original box with original tissue on Nov, 20th 2017. Shoes were originally purchased from Sears. November 28th, the buyer claims they are not authentic and were not the style they ordered. We had no other shoes for sale or listed.

Item was listed as no returns, buyer likely found a sale on Black Friday. Of course, I should eat the shipping fees both ways so they can save.

Messaged the buyer numerous times and never got a response. Even uploaded the original receipt. Ebay has been holding my funds since Nov 28th, 2017. I contact Ebay on January 2, 2018 in regard to my held funds that should have been returned on Dec. 28th 2017 since the item was never returned, Ebay proceeds to start a new case against me for the buyer on January 2, 2018 and issues a shipping voucher at my expense due to my call. I then questioned who authorized it and got no response. I was passed around and pretty much got told tough luck.

Ebay has now extended the return window long past the 30-day window. I'm still without the shoes, my fees, my money is still being held and they pulled more cash to return ship the item.

I then tried to close my account but cannot close until they finish stealing more money. Will be cancelling Ebay ASAP. Ebay has too many issues that don't appear at Amazon..

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Shipping is crazy

"The only time I use Ebay any longer is when I need electronic parts from China which I can no longer get from Radio Shack. Otherwise, I purchase from Amazon which I receive in about three days. Shipping from EBay resellers is a carp shoot and almost always takes much too long to receive."

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Buyes account got suspended and lost money for apparently no reason


I have used ebay to buy an used GPU. I paid in full amount instantly with valid credit card and my money got exchanged to usd.

The seller cancelled the order after two days of payment. He said he shipped the item but he did not.
My payment refund became pending for 5 days.
The money is being refunded in usd and not my credit card for some reason. So I lost about $65 to exchange it back to japanese yen. (Order amount is $950) 
Moreover ebay suspended my account saying your actions pose threats to the community.
All I did since registering is ordering this used gpu. And I used my legitimate credit card through my paypal which I have for about 10 years now.
I tried to resolve the problem or at least understand why my account is suspended without any result. Ebay support simply told me to look for other auction websites.

Ebay says it protects buyers but what happened here is
1. I lost my time because my money got stuck on pending for 5 days
2. I lost money because my money got exchanged to usd and not refunded back to my credit card.
3. Was not allowed to make fair feedback for the seller. Apparently the seller caused big annoyance to me and he lied that the item is shipped already so a bad feed back should be fair. But I could not post feed back due to account suspension. Apparently the seller ran away with his actions.
4. I had the frustration of going into all of this hassle for no understandable reason.

I linked to screenshots that prove all of this horrible experience.

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Ordered item, was sent to wrong address and returned to Sender. EBay refuses to refund my money.

"Do not ever buy from eBay their money back guarantee is a farce, they do not protect their buyers I ordered an item that was delivered to the wrong address and returned to the sender and they refused to refund my money. There's no protection for any customers when you order. Bye bye eBay"

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Ebay is quickly dying

"Ebay powers that be please understand that your days are numbered. I have purchased 6 items over the last 40 days and only one gave immediate positive feedback. I, as the buyer chose the seller from thousands of others, they did not choose me. YOUR sellers don't give positive feedback until the buyer gives it first. This cries out to me that there are way too many sellers with something to hide. Amazon is going to crush you, Sam's club, Target, ETC. Those companies are trusted. Ebay is slowly becoming a company that cannot be trusted by consumers. Con men swindlers are becoming the norm on Ebay. It is time that Ebay gives the positive feedback so corrupt sellers can't hold buyers hostage. You can revoke my account any time. There are way mor choices out there for US to choose.
It was nice knowing you.

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EBay is a scam. Do not buy or sell. Go to amazon or offer up.

"There seems to be no guarantess or any assurances with this site. Policies are not clear. They charge over 10% for each item you sell. You have to pay for the label to sell. Basically you pay for everything and your responsible for everything and hopefully the buyer doesn't say you broke it when they really did because now you gotta pay for some more things. Dont do it. Its not worth the hassle. Your better off selling on Facebook or offer up. I even called and was hanged up on and when I finally got through to somebody they clearly did not care about my concerns and told me we'll send an email and hopefully the buyer replies if not there's nothing we can do... That's eBay for you. Buyer got away with my product and money without my approval. "

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eBay's Appalling "Buyer Protection Guarantee"

"I paid for an item that was instantly cancelled due to the sellers description being completely inaccurate.

I requested a refund immediately after my payment and the seller requested I paid 1/4 of the payment due to my cancellation, which is completely ridiculous as it was the sellers fault for misrepresenting the item.

eBay did not refund my item and after explaining my situation 6 times to 6 different representatives, nobody was able to help me.

The seller hasn't sent the item nor the refund and I'm left with nothing and eBay nor PayPal have helped my situation, despite their collective 20% share on this scam!

Please avoid this company at all costs. This isn't the first time something like this has happened.

Their Buyers Protection Guarantee is an absolute joke.

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Not what it use to be

"Bargains are harder to find now, the fees for selling is high. Mostly cheap china made wares. Use to be much better. Stores that offer free shipping is great. Can usually find anything you're looking for. Shipping times internationally can be long. Customer service has always been great though."

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