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Product & services pricing 2.06/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.67/10
Shipping & packaging: 2.36/10
Customer service: 1.32/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.53/10
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eBay is like a garage sale now

"eBay is now like a garage sale with a bad customer service. There are lots of Chinese sellers with the defective product. Items are broken, not as it was told, refurbished or not working properly. eBay is like Craigslist type sales now.
Good luck to all buyers and I am done with eBay.

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SELLERS BEWARE There is no such thing as a no return auction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I listed a brand new lg cellphone on Ebay. Ebay gives the seller the option of a NO RETURN AUCTION. The phone I listed was brand new and still sealed in the box. I clearly stated that the phone was covered under the manufacturers 2 year warranty. If any problems arose the buyer was to contact LG. When the buyer received the phone he stated the phone would not recharged. He said the charging cable was loose and the phone wouldn't charge. I sent him a email giving him direction on recharging new phones and updating the operating system. He refused and opened a dispute with ebay. He said the phone didn't arrive as described. EBAY HAS A 100% BUYER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. I was forced to pay for return shipping and refund his money. When I received the phone back I opened the box, turned the phone on and immediately it showed it was 100% CHARGED!! I then took the phone to the AT&T service station to have the phone checked out. They said the phone was working perfectly and brought to my attention that the charging cable was still sealed in the original bag!! I contacted EBAY to complain. They reversed the outcome and agreed with me. I agreed to refund the money if they cancelled their fees for listing, selling, paypal and usps shipping. I thought this transaction was through. 2 weeks later and I get an email from Ebay recharging me for the fees they agreed to refund.

Don't ever post a valuable item on EBAY. Only post an item that youre willing to lose. Ebay is all about deception. No one in America would post an item and send it through the u.s mail without any assurances or guarantees. You're basically sending someone u don't know a valuable item. They can use it for a couple of days and send it back. If they purchase an item at Walmart or Best Buy. There is a 20% restocking fee. Ebay doesn't allow that. So, I sent the buyer a brand sealed phone and now Im stuck with a used phone. Im going to report this company to the Better Business Bureau and then im going to write a letter to my states Attorney General office to investigate this company deceptive business practices. Giving a false no return option to sellers and at the same time giving a 100% refund policy to buyers is wrong.

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Ebay Customer Service -- Horrendous

"I purchased an item through Ebay for delivery in Mexico and paid extra for Ebay Global Shipping. Invoice from seller shows right address. When it went through Global Shipping the wrong state and wrong postal code was put on the package. Never got it.
Ebay does not care that they made a mistake (will not accept my documentation of their error). "Disputes" must go through their process which is first blame the seller, next blame the buyer. My dispute was "closed" by Ebay and I was told I must now deal with Paypal.
Spoke several times with resolution center "Supervisors" they are not empowered to deal with this. Would not tell me who in Ebay I can speak with about its errors....

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"The biggest dumb **** in the world for using EBAY - 291 ms ago

I have had the most degrading experience with Ebay and Paypal today 08/25/2018. Starting at 10 am today and now it is 9:15pm (almost 12 hours later). First history: 10am called Ebay explained issue with 870.00 dollars in gift cards I had already purchased. Was transferred to Paypal was hung up on before talking to anyone. Called Ebay again, was transferred to Paypal was hung up on again never talked to anyone.

Called Paypal and spoke to supervisor I asked for three way call with Ebay. Spoke with both reps who had no solution. Followed their instructions to use gift cards only to have my bank WRONGFULLY charged resulting in a 35.00 bank fee.
( I want you to understand that during all of this I was put on hold and forced to wait for call backs that had me waiting till 1pm starting at 10 am.) At this point the girls could not even get my cards on my account.

I asked for call back while I tried to do what they could NOT! I finally got all four 200.00 gift cards loaded onto my account by buying smaller items that I DID NOT WANT!!!! After getting the money to show up on my account I waited for a call back as promised..... NOTHING..... So I called back - talked to another SUPPOSED supervisor and was finally contacted by the girl I talked to earlier only to have her DO NOTHING TO RESOLVE ANYTHING!

She would call back again! I called after NO CALL! After talking to someone ??? I was told that to access my EBAY GIFT CARDS I WOULD HAVE TO CONNECT MY PAY PAL TO MY BANK IN ORDER TO USE MY EBAY GIFT CARDS What jackass implemented a dumb **** policy like this?

I DO NOT WANT TO BE STRONG ARMED INTO USING MY EBAY GIFT CARDS THROUGH PAYPAL what kind of imbecile sells me a gift card with an EBAY name on it only to tell me I can't use it except through a completely different company than the one who sold it to me (MORONS wouldn't you say?)

SO I finally called GLOBAL SECURITY AT THE EBAY CORPORATE LEVEL because EBAY is to CHICKEN to field their own calls (By the way, the global security number I called was presented to me as an EBAY number.) The guy at the security office told me I would be contacted later after taking down some brief information. 12 hours later TWELVE HOURS LATER AND NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

SO this whole '**** hole show' got me nothing but a $35.00 bank fee and over twenty dollars of items I DO NOT WANT! This whole escapade cost me over fifty dollors and I have NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT!!!! Least of all the item I wanted in the first place.......... OH MY GOD HELP ME OMG OMG!..........
I included the invoice number off of one of the items I DID NOT WANT as I still have not been able to use my $858.00 dollars in Ebay gift cards I bought.

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"I see alot of negative with E Bay but I have nothing but great service. I have bought since 2009 and I have had the best sellers on this face of the earth. Super fast shipping and always a great product...."

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Ebay Executive Offices Are The Real Scam Artist!

"Point Blank Ebay Scams Seller's More Than They Scam Buyer's. Facts!!!!!

Hello All,

I have been scammed by Ebay Corporate Offices!! They are the Real Scam Artist! They Lie and Will Not be Accountable for ANYTHING!

Here are Real Contact Numbers in Real Time!

Have fun Community!

Jessica- 408-376-7420
Unknown but she answers- 408-376-7404
The number the American Customer Service Rep Called From-866-540-3229

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Liars - Dishonest business

"I got an Ebay coupon that offers $15 off that expires on 12/31/2018. The next day when I checked back now they say that same coupon expires on 7/13/2018. Confused by the difference, I called customer service on July 12th and was assured that I can get it extended by calling back within 3 days from the expiration date (July 14th-July 16th). However, on July 14th, when I called back, they said there's nothing they can do since the coupon expired. They blamed system glitch (for the difference in coupon expiry date) and corporate policy (expired coupons cannot be used). So apparently they lied to customers from a system perspective and a human being one! They offered no apology nor any other compensation for the incident."

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terrible customer service

"I wanted help on a minor question. After searching the site carefully I found the help section didn't address my question and there was no way to email them. I had to call or have them call me; either way it was supposed to be a 45 minute wait. It was closer to an hour.

Then the first person I talked to couldn't answer my question; she transferred me to another employee. That was another 5 minute wait. She couldn't answer my question either. All either employee did was recite "policy," which I already knew. I asked for an email address and was put on hold. After 10 minutes the employee came back and tried to give me a physical address. I explained again that I wanted an email address. The employee insisted that I had to write a physical letter.

I flat out asked "Is there no way to contact anyone by email?" She said "no." Whether that's true or not, I don't know, but if there is an email address it's sure hard to find.

After this experience I'd give eBay a zero star rating if possible.

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eBay is willing to do nothing to protect buyers

"I stupidly purchased an item from ebay. I immediately (within 1 minute) canceled the order and left this behind as eBay brag its "1 hour cancel policy". Three days later, I received an email said the item was shipped out, which the tracking number does exist. I contacted eBay immediately and they said the only thing they can do is to contact the seller on my behalf. The result is I need to pay the return shipping and wait dozens of days to get my money back. Truly do not why such horrible business can last all these years. "

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Who runs this horrible company

" In 5 years of buying and selling on eBay, I've had several experiences that all ended not in my favor. I've shipped items to post office boxes supplied by the buyers, then had them file complaints that they never received the items. eBay has removed money from my account to pay these buyers. eBay consistently tries to improve the BS portion of their service, I looked at a cheap pocket knife 3 months ago. I never watched it, or looked at it more than once. Every time that pocket knife changes price or sells, I still get notified. But, my site hasn't provided a view counter, of people that have looked at my items for sale. The reason sellers need view counters, is that they can judge if they are getting peoples interest in their merchandise. If you are not getting good views, you can adjust your heading. And this may bring more people to your site. All in all, eBay doesn't deserve a 1.2 rating, and needs to replace it's top management with college graduates, and lower it's outrageous fees. Willie"

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"I have almost 900 100% positive reviews as both a seller and buyer which is why I am appalled that Ebay closed my store down. In March I started a home addition and so a lot of my Ebay items were boxed up, but because EBay still takes your fee even if you have your store on vacation mode, I decided to keep it open. In total, from March, I had 4 items that I could not locate because of this and so I had to end the transaction, but all the while maintaining my 100% customer review. At the same time, I was able to sell items successfully although the past few months business has been slow. In the meantime, Ebay has no problem taking my money while I shop frequently. Go figure. I have called EBay twice and one rep said to try back in a couple of years while the second rep said indefinitely. I cannot believe the coldness in which this is being done as I have hundreds of listings, spent countless hours taking photos, researching and writing descriptions for each item, ALL FOR NOTHING. Ironically, I am about to unpack all of my EBay items that were active listings and now I am not allowed to sell them. I will NEVER purchase from Ebay again, They will not get one cent from me."

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Ebay is intolerant and discriminatory toward it's sellers

"Ebay is intolerant and discriminatory toward it's sellers based upon the type of merchandise that they are selling. If you are in the firearms industry, selling accessories for example you are bullied by ebay with periods of suspensions which affect your business. Ebay claims that they are doing this to protect the community, but if fact has no concern for the community by allowing other vendors to sell **** to anyone including a child that happens to have a cell phone and an ebay account. Now, how is selling explicit **** to our children good for the community? Ebay is just another one of those anti American establishments that do not support the constitution and has no regards for the civil rights of those who chose to exercise their constitutional rights. Ebay needs to be exposed for what they really are, intolerant to the right but embracing stupidity and ignorance to the left."

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Extremely poor customer service

"I have currently been on hold for over 30 minutes with customer service regarding an item I've paid for and never received. The site makes it extremely difficult to even get the customer service number, instead trying to divert one to self help topics, yet here I am on hold for over 33 minutes and no end in sight"

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"I ordered three cartons of cigarettes, paid $43.20. Three weeks kater I get three packs from the seller. Come on Ebay, you should be monitoring these sellers. Now I am out forty three dollars and have no cigarettes. And your return policies kinda stink. You contact the seller and give them three business days to contact me. You tell me to contact paypal about the money being returned to me because they handle that. WTH kind of scam are you playing? I am to say the least very unhappy with alk this b.s."

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ebay took $335 from my acct for refund BEFORE i get my item back.

"ebay charged took $335 from my credit card through paypal to refund to the buyer before I received returned item. i sold and sent Louis Vuitton purse, the packaged was held at post office and when the buyer went to pick it up the package was already had a big hold according to the buyer. the buyer said there wasn't Louis Vuitton i sent her. the buyer open return request case, the ebay decided to do favor to the buyer and took $335 from my credit card through paypal before i even get a chance to received my item back and check. the return tracking number showing the package had address problem and on the way back to the buyer, and ebay already took money from my acct to refund to the buyer. I'm not even sure if the buyer sent me my Louis Vuitton purse or something else since buyer claim there was different brand in the box which is a lie. i called ebay over four times, but ebay wouldn't even reopen case or appeal. i don't even have my item back and i lost money. $335 might not a big amount, but it's not only about money, it's about ebay acted unfairly. i called my credit card company and they can't even dipute the charge because ebay charged me as "fee". i called paypal, and i was told to contact local police department for this issue. i have tracking number and screen shots of messages and emails from ebay. ebay shouldn't take money out of my credit card before i received right return item."

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