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    Product & services pricing Rating 1.33/10 1.33/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.62/10 1.62/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.37/10 1.37/10
    Customer service: Rating 0.70/10 0.70/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 1.14/10 1.14/10
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Rating 2/10


"eBay is the worst!!! They charge you for everything if you are a seller. And then they charge a surcharge no thanks eBay I will sell on my own!!! Worst ever!!! And don't get me started with payment because that's worse!!!"

Rating 4/10

Shopping online this holiday?

"EBay is a great place to get some awesome deals, you just have to watch your pockets, almost in the same way you do when you are out in the real world.

If you are on eBay, for instance, shopping those amazing deals, be careful of the thieves. You come across a deal that just seems too good to be true, be careful, it just may be. Well how do you know? Are there ways to tell who legitimate sellers are and who are the bottom feeing scum? There are ways.

The best way - Check the buyer’s feedback profile. If they have a lifetime number of feedback ratings that are less than ten, especially zero, do not purchase from this seller. EBay actually helps these thieves get away with their crimes. When the unsuspecting buyer falls for these great sales, they open a resolution dispute. After it's all over, the seller will have already be gone with your money, plus you are not allowed to leave negative feedback for the buyer either. Yes, more than likely you will get your money back, but it takes time, and it is out of eBay's pocket, the thief is free and clear.

Sometimes, these thieves also have a way of high jacking someone's dormant account. You will see something like 500 feedback. My rule is, if the deal is just too good to be true, check a little closer. Go to the seller's feedback page and see the recent feedback ratings left for them. If the feedback is only from a while back ago, nothing recent, I suggest you move along. It's not worth the aggravation.

If the thief is a super-criminal, they may wish to make their eBay career last a bit longer by actually shipping something either to your home, or at least to your mailing zip code. Let's say you order a kitchen aid mixer for about $125. Great deal, yet the seller sends you a letter that was tracked to your home. EBay would take this tracking information and claim that the buyer is the one that is lying. The seller keeps your money and moves on to the next victim. In this case, you are allowed to leave negative feedback which may ward off future potential victims, but your money is gone and also is your good name as eBay has labeled you as the one who is trying to acquire free items from their website.

There are plenty of great deals on eBay, but the crooks are getting smarter, you need to stay ahead of the game, and learn how to sniff out the crap they reek of.


Rating 2/10

Ebay has horrible customer service

"In November of 2017 I put an order on Item 182909205228 and paid it right away via Paypal. Next day ebay removed this item from listing and cancelled the deal. Without any apology to my inconvenience or help to return my money back ebay only told me to contact resolution center to get my money back. I tried to contact ebay on line but there is no access to send messages to them, the only way to reach them is by phone which you need wait at least 10 minutes. I eventually contacted paypal and got my money back by myself. However, my ordeal didn't end. Later, I found the item in my ebay account has been marked unpaid that means I violated rule---committed to buy but failed to pay---which is definitely a negative affect to my credit record. I contacted ebay customer service for clarification but was told although it is a mistake they can't correct it but hide it!

Rating 2/10

BUYER HAVE NO RIGHTS - EBAY will not nelp when a seller tries to cheat you

"I bid on an item from a EBAY seller named "GROUPIES". I won and paid the winning bid and the $13.50 shipping cost they listed. A week later I contacted seller and asked when I would receive the item because it was a xmas gift for a service member overseas. They said that they wanted $10 more for shipping or they would cancel the order. I called EBAY customer service and the representative opened a complaint and said if I did not receive the item by Dec 13 they would take action against the seller. Later that day the seller "GROUPIES" CANCELLED THE ORDER so i called EBAY and got a new representative who after reviewing the case said there was nothing EBAY could do because the seller had said that if I did not send them additional money for shipping they would cancel my order. The EBAY representative said that they have no control over anyone who sells on EBAY. SO TO SUM IT UP THE REPRESENTATIVE SAID THAT IF YOU BUY SOMETHING ON EBAY THE SELLERS DO NOT HAVE TO HONOR THE PRICE OR THE SHIPPING THAT THEY POST IN THERE LISTING AND THEY CAN BLACKMAIL YOU TO GET THEM TO SEND YOUR ITEM THAT YOU PAID FOR."

Rating 2/10

Good to bad

"I have been buying from Ebay for over 3 years,they were good at 1st if a problem like items arived broken or not at all i would get a refund,but the last year it seems like more and more issues,more calls to customer service that are people from a different country and do not comprehend what your talking about and thats after you have been on hold forever,past around to different people,discconected and then have to go through whole thing again. So here is my list of DO NOT BUYS FROM EBAY. Electronics because when they arrive and dont work you are lucky to get a partial refund and then stuck with something to throw in trash. Clothes cuz if they dont fit you usually have to pay shipping to return even if you order a size 12 but fits like a size two. Recently i have ordered a coat from Great Britain, I was very skeptical of this of ordering anything from out of the country but I thought well I'll try it the coat looks great and if it comes to Big I can give it to my husband but that being the problem if it comes? eBay has a global Shipping called pinty boughs I have found out afterwards now trying to track package it came close to my house in the same state within 2 hours away from me and then was shipped back to another state and now no one can find it. I live in the mountains so it's hard for me to go to town to shop so that's why I use eBay but I think now we'll just use Amazon, I spend more time on the phone more time going back and forth to my post office box looking for packages I could drive to town which I'm trying to avoid in the first place because it's two hours away. So if you have nothing better to do than to be on hold with eBay all day or look at tracking figure out where your packages went bicker with sellars over faulty merchendise eBay is for you I on the other hand don't have a lot of time so it's looking like eBay is no longer for me. Oh 1 more issue i forgot,if seller uses Fed Ex Express and you live in a very rual or mountain area you will end up getting in your car and have to go look for your package because it won't come to your house or to your PO box. That one cost me a half a day looking for package, I found it at the next Town's post office they said it was dumped by FedEx Express with other packages on their front door before they open."

Rating 2/10

Sellers not protected

"Ebay does not protect its sellers. Buyer can return unreturnable items damaging it in order to get away with returning it. I shipped a brand new unused item still in its original packaging and buyer tore and stained it claiming I shipped it that way which is false. Then ebay charged me $170 for it and I have a useless item. They also promised me they would pay for the item to refund the customer and later recanted that offer after I took the item back which I did not want to do to begin with. Well ebay news flash....I already filed a chargeback with Pay pal and my bank and if I have to I will open a small claims case against you in court and file a complaint with the BBB against you. This is such BS. There are tons of complaints from sellers who have experienced the same nonsense. Well ebay keep it up.....you will lose all your sellers to your competition....you just lost me after over 20 yrs. "

Rating 2/10

Information not protected.

"Somehow Ebay changed the nickname on my account as well as the shipping address. I didnt see the shipping address change until I'd made two purchases. They went to the wrong address. It was an address I had absolutely no connection with and the nickname is not something I would ever do. Ebay continued to say it wasnt their fault and they couldnt do anything about it. The constantly pushed it off and refused to help. I spent hours on the phone with them. One order I wound up paying more in shipping and the other just got sent back to the seller. I am so tired of companies who teach their customer service to not listen to what is being said but just read disclaimers from a screen and Ebay clearly is one of these. I'm concerned as to where my information actually went but they are no help."

Rating 2/10

Ebay Bonus Bucks

"Terrible. I bought an item and was supposed to get 10% ebay buck and got 1%. Spent an hour on the phone with them and bottom line is that they won't change. It really wasn't about the money but the principal. I was supposed to get $4.80 and got $0.48. Not a big deal but they do not own up to their mistakes! VERY POOR

Rating 2/10

Ebay is the worse company to vdeal with

"Ebay is terrible !! I purchased at least 16 items over months apart, Out of the 16 items purchased, I only received 2 , That’s correct ,2 ! One one came from China ! I promise you this is 100% truth, the people there are total Idiots. I order from Amazon and the product arrives on time every time . Then I would call the idiots at Ebay and a few of them told me to straighten it out with post office , really ? I have the correct address on my profile, I’m not going no where, you idiots mailed it out to a different state or whatever you go to the post office. Anyway I can go on and on about these idiots but I won’t, it aggravates me, they’re all idiots at Ebay, you will never get a call from corporate HQ cause they don’t care. Anyway they ****, stay away!

Rating 2/10

Worst company on earth

"Every negative review is correct. eBay gives option of no returns but makes you accept returns. They steal your money if you have it in PayPal. If someone buys something and then falls off the face if he earth and never pays. It’s my issue. But I can’t leave negative feedback for people who don’t pay. (Totally makes sense). If you give someone your phone number you automatically pay a final value fee, even if the item does not sell. Even if you don’t know that was a “violation”. Even for car stuff and cars which it says you can list your phone number on their own website. If you have an issue a non US person will always tell you there’s nothing they can do. They are one of the most ruthless companies I’ve ever dealt with and useless for customer service. They lie, cheat, and steal. What a combination. Keep up the good work eBay. If there’s anything I can hope it’s that Craigslist, LetGo, or an other company that does this kind of stuff keeps taking market share away from you and you become a bank with all your monetary transactions you do. Then real banks like Goldman, JP can crush you. You’ve been hacked and tons of peoples information has been compromised and you’ve done nothing about it. No one ever was compensated for your lack of security on customers most precious personal information. eBay I just want to thank you for being the worst. It’s a great example to everyone on what not to do. "

Rating 2/10

Don't sell unless you want to get ripped off

"Sold a doll worth 160 for 80. Buyer repeatedly asked if it was black and I told her (challengerassociate) it's tan, but white. When she got it she said the box came crushed and dress stained. Told her it has insurance, take to post office for money. She refused. She filed a claim, I spoke with Ebay who reviewed the messages and said I had to go to the post office. Post office regulations say the receiver has to take in the box. They found for her and when I received the doll back she had lied her **** off. I pulled all listings. Another lady wanted more pictures of a doll box, sent them, pointed out imperfections, after she got it she said she wasn't told (have messages to the contrary) and guess what, they found for her too. You can't reach anybody via chat or email, when you call you get a foreigner who doesn't know their **** from a hole in the ground. I switched to letgo.com "

Rating 2/10

ebay tolerates fraudulent sellers

"I bought a Windows 7 activation key from a seller which was supposed to be harvested from computers that were taken out of service. The key worked great for several months then stopped working when I received the Windows Not Genuine message from Microsoft. Since the transaction was past ebay's time limit, they do not give buyers any way to complain to them. The reason the key quit working was obvious fraud by the seller -- he sold the key another time."

Rating 2/10

New to EBay but the honeymoon is over.

"Since I started using EBay I hàve run into two fraudulent sellers, one item that would not accept payment even though I won auction. One item that shows delivered yet never arrived. But the best part was when a customer service agent threatened to find for the seller and deny my claim for not agreeing to jump through hoops for them. Now I have had some good buys but for the hassle I think I will stick with Amazon."

Rating 2/10

Robotic custimer service

"I closed my account today. I had enough. Sold a phone, buyer purchased shipping and priduct got stuck as intransit. Buyer then opened case against me, evay refunded him and kept my seller fee. So, now im out a phone, out a sale and had to pay fees to EBAY. How is this fair? Its not and this is why Ebay is going under and Amazon will take all the customers. Amazon treats me like a human being! "

Rating 2/10

Ebay only protects their own interest

"Sold an item on Ebay specifically with a no return no exchange policy. Buyer decides to change his mind. Ebay steps in and decides to let the buyer get a refund. I abide and return the item. So this should have been a no sale and I should not get a final value fee. But nope Ebay decides to be greedy and still charges me a final value fee. That's how greedy Ebay is. I will cease selling on Ebay and will discourage other friends, relatives and acquaintances to do the same. "

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