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Rating 2/10

Used to work for this company

"I used to work for this company. The employees do the best they can, but management/ownership are crooks. The owner, trying to skip out on paying property taxes, lives upstairs in a loft in the same facility that rebuilds batteries. They were busted by the FBI and Postal Inspection service in 2007-2008 for printing counterfeit postage on RMA and shipping labels. The batteries they use are not LG, Samsung, or Sony, but rather cheap no-name Chinese junk that doesn't work half the time. In fact, most batteries that make it out the door don't work properly, as they don't have laptops to test most of these batteries with. Moreover, they are good at losing batteries sent in. Also, prior to disassembly of a new battery, they have an X-ray machine to look inside, so they don't cut the PCB or into the cells. Well, this machine is NOT shielded. So every time it's used, anyone nearby is being exposed to dangerous radiation, without any warnings on the machine or by management. I'd be surprised if they are still in business, as their phone number doesn't work."

Rating 2/10

Crooks!!! Stole my rare/expensive battery!

"I sent a discontinued HP battery in to be refilled. I got a confirmation email two weeks later that it had been received. After 2 more months, I had received nothing and heard nothing. I sent an email, and got a response that said "Sorry, we are waiting on your replacement cells". Another month went by, and I had not received or heard anything, so I sent another email. I received a response that said "We're sorry, we have been working on your refill and we can't get the cells to hold a charge, we are not going to be able to refill your battery. We will send it back." Months went by, I never received anything, and never received replies to my further emails. These batteries are going for hundreds of dollars online, and obviously they stole my battery case for refill and sold it to someone else."

Rating 2/10

"100% scam, beware. No batteries was ever shipped, no order number provided, fake emails were coming to my address only. Thanks to PayPal I got full refund. Batteries never arrived (even ebattery sad they shipped out. Two months passed - nothing!
Save your time and money, don't buy.

Rating 2/10

"After several days with no mailing label appearing in my email for a battery rebuild that I ordered, I checked here and read numerous bad reviews essentially stating the same thing and even worse events. I also don't like the idea that the site is under several different domain names and the company is actually in Canada although they say they're in California.

Although my credit card wasn't charged, I sent them an email to cancel my order. The email was bounced back because their inbox was full. No one is answering their emails. I suspect they may be out of business. I decided to take my business to BrilliantStore.com where I got my last batteries. I was hoping to save a few bucks.

Rating 2/10

"This company should be put out of business! I ordered a refilled battery on Sept 7 2012. They emailed a USPS lable to a center in Canada (They are supposed to be a U.S. Company or so it seems). I put the battery to be refilled in a box and sent it off. 3 weeks later I emailed for an update with no response. 5 weeks went by and I emailed again and this time got a response saying that their lead tech is working on it and it should be done shortly. Since that time I have emailed 4 more times and no one answers back. My battery, which is a rare and expensive one and needed for someone to refill it since they dont make them anymore is now gone. My guess is that they scam people by doing this and getting the people to send them the used batts, they refill them and then sell them for full pop through another company name on Ebay or through their website. I'm out $80.00 and a battery that costs $259.00 as well! I would suggest to anyone looking to get a battery replace or refilled to keep on looking for a place other than this since dealing with this guys is going to cost you a lot of money and a lot of time and in the end, you have less than you started with all the way around!"

Rating 2/10

"1st order for Thinkpd in 2008 - good experience. 2nd order-different TPad--battery never charged fully & gave out 9 mos later. Filed warranty request on 7/30/12--no response. Today, 8/7, called warranty #, Toll Free: 800-983-5008 ---it's A SCAM-I got automated call to sell me grocery coupons & phone service--NOTHING about warranty service--when I refused to "press 1", after being ordered to press it several times for this bogus service, the automated call hung up on me. I called every # on their website--can't reach anyone--not even in sales. Cannot reach them at all, even during their business hrs. My conclusion--they're out of business or don't honor their warranties. I WILL NOT TRADE W/THEM AGAIN. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!"

Rating 2/10

"I sent a laptop battery in on 7/11/11 to be refilled and it worked just fine when I got it back until about 6 months later when I noticed that it would not hold a charge over 67%.

I contacted batteryrefill.com and, after some email troubleshooting, was told to send it back for warranty repair. batteryrefill.com received the battery on 3/19/12. On 4/17/12 I inquired about the status of my battery and got a response the next day asking for a week to find the problem.

On 5/18/12 I sent another email inquiry and was advised that the battery now only held 35% - 45% and batteryrefill.com requested another week or two to repair it or give me a partial refund.

On 6/8/12 I offered to send them another battery I had so they could use the charging circuit out of it if needed. This is the response I got.

"We can try, but it's not a guarantee Jeff. If you wish, you can ship us the battery with the circuit and our techs can try that out, but let our techs see if they can get the capacity to reach 100% before we go through that route. We'll keep you posted with an update within a good week. Thanks for your time and have a great day!"

I'm not sure just how long a "good week" is, but I still haven't heard from them with any update. So on 7/7/12 I sent a request for my battery, along with a refund, to be sent me. The email was read on 7/9/12 and as of today, 7/23/12, I do not have my battery, refund, or a response from batteryrefill.com.

Oh yeah. Don't bother calling them. Every time I tried I only got a message to call back during business hours even though it was during their published business hours.

Rating 2/10

"They suck, bad.

Sent in my battery for their refill service. Received Email saying they got the battery. 1 month later, still nothing. Emailed. They said "we never received your battery" (!!!!). I forwarded them their own email saying they did. They said "sorry, we lost your battery for a month". I had to send them THEIR OWN email to prove they got my battery. Maybe they should put me on payroll since I do their work for them.

Within another month, I receive my battery back. The battery was advertised to be 6600 MAH, but after following all of their instructions, I can only get 4500 MAH out of it, which is less than 75% of what they promised me. It is also less than the original which was 6000 MAH. Either way, although usable it sucks.

Their return policy is a joke. I would have to send them back my battery, at which point they would take out the cells, and give me the old ones back, presumably. I might as well just suck it up and use it as it is, or just throw it in the proverbial trash (recycle, that is, since this is a hazardous waste).

They lie about their turnaround time. They advertise two weeks but it will not be less than a month. They are likely to lose your battery. If you get lucky, they may find it again after you have to prove to them that they got it. They lie about their advertised capacities. You are unlikely to get what they promise. You will be stuck with the sucky product in the end.

In short, a very incompetent company.

Rating 10/10

"I tried their service and I am very happy with the result. Most importantly, I saved over $800! I can't spend over $1800 for new pair of batteries and I can't give-up my Segway either. So, I decided to try their service. The battery works great so far.

I was concerned about reviews here, so I called their 800# before placing an order and someone actually answered phone. They knew what they were talking about and they also knew about the reviews here. Well, basically what they said is that no news is good news. I kinda understand there are always some strange people everywhere and people don't spend their time to write good reviews if things done/worked as expected. Anyways, it is really really bad economy and it's no joke. I am happy to save some serious $$$.

Rating 2/10

"This is a very bad company. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY! (also known as Batteryrebuild.com)

Three things I will 100% guarantee if you order here.

1. They will charge your credit card immediately after your order regardless if they are able to fix your batter or not.

2. They will open your battery with a screw driver and put it back together with crazy glue (you will see the cracked open and glue marks if you do get it back.)

3. They will not help or answer phone calls if you have any type of problems with your order. Did you notice how they dont have a support email on their site, only a sales one? Now try calling in for help also.

I placed an order a few weeks ago and all these things happened. Then after doing some research I learned that many other people were having the same problems.
I sent my T20 IBM battery in, they charged my card immediately. Then when I got the battery, I found that it was cracked open and glued back together such that it was almost impossible to put it in the laptop.
Then, after having this problem, I was trying to find a support email to ask if they could fix this and there was none. After trying to call them for like 2 days they did not answer the phone or call back!

Im very sorry if you had to find this all out the hard way. I just had to write a comment because I lost money and my battery sticks out when I put it in now! I wish I had found these reviews earlier.


Rating 2/10

"I originally sent my two Segway NiMh batteries to Battery Refill on 02-04-10 and I paid them $724 (via PayPal)on 03-01-10. I received my "refreshed" batteries on 03-11-10. I installed them and they seemed to work OK. When you ride a Segway, you never see the front of the Segway. I only ride the Segway on sidewalks and go about 1 mile a day. The unit has never been abused. On 07-08-10, a neighbor (standing in front of the Segway) noticed the cover on the front battery was "hanging down". It may have been hanging down for weeks, and weeks, without me knowing about the matter. I had not used the machine because I was on vacation for 4 weeks. I called Battery Refill and they told me to re-glue the cover to see if that would work.....It did not.They did not glue the batteries properly. I shipped the batteries back to them on 08-04-10 and they received them on 08-10-10. They did not ship them to me until 09-17-10 and I received them on 09-24-10. I sent several inquiry emails checking on the status. I finally received them on 09-23-10. I charged, and discharged, them three times (as instructed) and they worked good for one day. After several attempts to charge them, I took the Segway, with batteries attached, to a Segway dealer...30 miles away. He discovered one of the newly "refreshed" batteries was defective. He said the batteries "rattled" when shaken, and that should not happen. He said the "cells" were not installed properly. I purchased two new batteries from the dealer so I could ride after months and months. Battery Refill now says my 30 day money back guarantee has been voided and they refuse to reimburse me. The original "refills" were defective and the second refill only lasted one day. They have been slow to respond on the batteries' status and slow in answering emails. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Save your money and deal with a reputable company or buy new ones."

Rating 2/10

"I sent a laptop battery to this co. It came back and would not charge, called several times, and it was RMAd. Waited a month for the battery to be reworked. Again the same problem, charge up to 4% only. Automatic emails from the company. To top it off they will not return your money for defective work unless you send them the battery back.
Very very slimy company. Stay away

Rating 2/10

"Worthless warranty--avoid these crooks like the plague! Some people seem to have had a decent experience with them, but most have not. Count me as one of those who have not. The battery took many weeks to be refilled, and when it arrived it began to have problems holding a charge. It charged more than when I sent it in, but nowhere near what these people claimed it would. Now it's been 11 months, and the battery lasts under 30 minutes. I've tried to contact them many times, but they don't reply. I feel like such a sucker for trying to save a few bucks, when I could read all the complaints and should have heeded their advice. Do yourself a favor; go with a reputable company with a legitimate warranty. I just now ordered a new battery from my laptop manufacturer, and although it cost quite a bit more than refilling it, at least I know the company will stand behind their products and their warranty."

Rating 10/10

"The first time I had them repair my battery it only held a 48% charge at best. Then I sent it back and they said that they had to replace the board inside and had to wait on a board from overseas. Now the battery does not work at all and they will not give me an RMA to send it back to see what is still wrong. I paid 95.00 plus shipping and could have bought a new one for 89.00. I am sorry that I ever tried this at this point. It might be better to avoid these refillers from Ontario Ca.They told me that it must have gotten damaged in shipping which is not there fault. I did not see any damage when I looked at the battery and split the case and everything looked all right too. It must be their cheapy replacement board that has problems."

Rating 2/10

"I sent in two Anton Bauer batteries to be re-celled April of 2009 I got them back a few weeks later but one of them was not holding a charge so I sent one anton bauer battery back December of 2009 and as of this date nothing I have called numerous times and I get the same song and dance"we are waiting for our overseas distributor" well I have been waiting a long time and have realized I will never get my battery back, batteryrefill is nothing but a joke and all they do is rip people off.


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