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Rating 2/10

"They stole $10,600 from our church. Never received any merchandise. Now they can't be found anywhere. Anyone have any suggestions?"

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a camera in November, they sent me the wrong camera...even changed the reciept to match the switch but thankfully I still had an old email. They acknowledge the error and asked that return the camera with a promise of shipping the correct model. I have called them over and over for the last 6mths and now feel like I have been lied to the entire time. I have not received my camera or refund for the shipping as promised. I tried to call again this week and their phone number is no longer worker nor is their website. Can anyone offer any help/suggestions for what to do?? I was replacing a camera that was stolen from me and now officially feel I've been ripped off twice."

Rating 10/10

"Shoping at digital depot online.com was a great experence. I was leary at first, because of there advertised low prices. however I decided to take a chance because of the profesional attitude of ther sales staff. I'am sure glad I did. I will be recomending digital depot online to everyone I know."

Rating 2/10

"WORST Business I have EVER dealt with. PLEASE DON'T BUY FROM THEM. They offer low prices on merchandise they DON'T have, then try to get you to buy something for TWICE the amount. They TAKE your money and then CANCEL the order, don't ship it, don't issue a refund. VERY VERY RUDE customer service. Please check their rating with the BBB - they have an "F""

Rating 2/10

"These people are liars and thieves. Beware anything they tell you is untrue. They even use phony names over the phone. The advertised low price is not what you get. Once they have your money customer service does not exist. All you'll get from them is BS. Don't go near these people even with a 10 foot pole."

Rating 4/10

"ordered from digital depot online on december 18th. Its been well over a month since I placed the order and it still hasnt shipped. Any emails I have sent have been ignored. I called them once to see what was going on, sat on hold for an hour before a rude customer service rep answered and told me that the products were coming in from china (what?) and that is why I have to wait. He also told me that the foreign model does not come with a battery or a charger and that I could pay extra to get those. He then told me I could cancel the order (I assume for store credit) so I would have to deal with their more of their lies.
After this, my order was moved to "backorder" and hasnt changed. Id be surprised if the camera ever showed up. Going to try calling so they can try and sell me more garbage or make me upgrade my order. although with their odd hours it makes it difficult.

Im giving them two stars, mostly because I am praying that it will actually come and also for the headache, rude customer service, lack of communication and their general attitude. Will change/write a new review if I actually receive the item and it functions/isnt some cheap knock off.

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Rating 10/10

"was good to deal with and fast service"

Rating 2/10

"RUN… don’t walk… I mean… RUN… away from Digital Depot Online! I have never before written any review about a vendor, positive or negative. That is partly because my experiences have been mostly reasonable, and partly because I don’t have the time. But these guys are so bad, I feel a duty to warn people about them.

I should have known better than to order from a company that lists NO physical address, and has a Pasadena, California telephone number, but claims they are on the East Coast. But, I definitely had a bad feeling about these guys as soon as I gave them my credit card number.

I knew what camera and lens I wanted (a high end Nikon DSLR) and Googled it for the best online price. Digital Depot Online came back as the best price, beating the legitimate sellers by several hundred dollars. When I called them, the slimy upsells began almost immediately. The guy said right out of the gate it was a grey market camera they had advertized, but they could sell me the US version for a couple hundred more. The ad made no mention of it not being a US model. But, this was still cheaper than the other prices, so I went on.

They took my credit card info. As soon they got the card number, he tried to switch me over to a Sigma lens they had on “special” which was “better” than the Nikon lens I called to order, and cost less. I declined and stuck with the original order.

Next, the rep matter-of-factly asked me if I would like to buy a battery and charger for the camera. This was a bit of a surprise since the battery and charger were included everywhere else. It also just so happened they were having a special on batteries and chargers- buy one get another free. Except it was $250 for the battery and charger- the same battery and charger available from everywhere else for $95. So I passed on this as well. The frustration in the guy’s voice was obvious.

Then the rep asked me what kind of shipping I wanted. I replied that I wanted the free shipping, as advertised. He said free shipping took 10 business days, but I could upgrade to 3 day express shipping for $75 more. Again I passed. By now the impatience and frustration in his voice was becoming uncomfortable, almost hostile.

He then informed me that even with the “free shipping” I still would have to pay insurance of 5% on the sales amount – this worked out to almost $150 when he gave me the order total. (The well known seller ships express and insured for $25). I pointed out that on the website, a promotion stated that all orders get a 5% discount, and he replied “Oh, right,” but I got the clear feeling he was not going to bring it up if I hadn’t. Coincidently, this cancelled out the exorbitant insurance fee. This was now $525 in attempted up charges I declined, plus the Sigma lens I declined.

I asked him for an order number, but he said an automatic email would be generated in a few minutes with that information. Two days later, still no email or order number.

So I called back, and the same guy said there must have been a glitch. He reentered the order again. This time the email came- except the 5% discount was gone and the invoice did not specify the camera was a US model. So again I called. After a long wait on hold, the guy confirmed the first email was a mistake, and now offered to sell me the charger and battery (without the free extra) at the “reduced price” of $150. (remember, it is a $95 item). I finally agreed to this and he sent me a new email.

But the real kicker- They NEVER shipped the camera!!! I guess without their up charges there was not enough profit in it for them. But they had promptly charged my credit card. And they charged the higher amount without the discount. After several tries on Digital Depot Online‘s “customer service” line (a blatant misnomer), I could never reach a live person. A month later, I disputed the charge. The card company was great and reversed the charge.

I then bought the same camera from a real online seller and had it in 3 days. But, in the end, I was not able to use the camera for the Holidays as I had planned, and had to go through a lot of hassle and stress to make sure I didn’t get screwed by these guys.

Save yourself the headache and stay away from Digital Depot Online. I suspect they will be doing business under a different name with a different phone number once their reputation catches up with them.

UPDATE: After Digital Depot Online was charged back by my credit card company, they billed the charge AGAIN a month later without authorization. Apparently they retained my card information and used it again without permission. The credit card company said this was a fraudulent activity and had to close my account and reissue it with a new number. Be careful before you trust them with your card information.


Rating 2/10

Back in July of 2011, I ordered a Nikon D3000 kit for $350 online which was about $150 less than what I was seeing anywhere else.
They called me the next day to say they needed to varify the order. They said that I needed a memory card for the camera and quoted me prices that I now know are outragous(like $89 for a 2 gig SD - you can get a 16 GB class 10 sd through ebay for like $12). I was stupid so I ordered the expensive card. I called them back like 5 minutes later after I had checked ebay and they said I could not cancel the order but they would upgrade me to a USA kit with a 1 year warranty at no charge, I did not know any better at the time so I agreed.
When I received the kit it was missing the tripod and some other items that were supposed to come with it. Also the camera arrived in a plain white box which I knew enough to know that certainly a genuine USA model would come in the Nikon packaging that I had seen online while shopping around.Also the very expensive memory card did not even work in the camera. I called them back to address this of course. I was told that the kit changed because I was upgrading to the USA camera?!?! So I actually was getting less because I upgraded. I asked if I could send the memory card back and get the original kit I wanted for the $350 with the additonal stuff I was missing.
They told me the original one I wanted was an import from Japan and that everything on it would be written in Japanese(I even specifically asked if that meant there would be nothing in english on the controls or menus etc.. and they said yes). At that point I was getting upset because that was not indicated anywhere in the listing info for the original camera I ordered ALSO it was an absolute lie! Nikon inlcludes in their cameras an option to choose language preference even in their import models. I told the person I was talking to that I did not want to handle it this way, but if they did not make this right I was going to dispute this on my credit card. He cuts me off mid sentence and says, and I quote, "I am not gonna have you bust my balls over the $25 I am going to make on this camera. I was just going to send you the extra stuff, but if you are gonna be a jerk about it and you don't like what you got; send it back and pay the restocking fee. I don't care." UNREAL. The restocking fee at this point would have been $50 which I definitely did not want to lose to these guys after this service and treatment. They finally said that I could send back the complete package and that they would then call me to go over my exchange options. Of course I never heard back from them.
Even though I had the package shipped with tracking they still claimed they didn't have it for about a month and a half. I was getting worried that I was going to end up empty handed for $500. I finally got them to admit that they had gotten the camera back and to agree to an exchange. I told them I wanted to exchange it for a Nikon 18-105 VR II DX lens that they had listed for about $300.
They told me that lens is actually for a 35mm camera and would not work on dslr-ABSOLUTE LIE!!! THere is NO Nikon VR lens that will not work on a dslr-NONE. He told me what he could do for me was send me the 18-105 lens for dslr that was listed for $699 and give me the holiday discount rate making it $500 for an even exchange. I jumped on it because I just did not want to end up empty handed. It of course came in the same plain white box-not the true Nikon packaging it should have. I discovered also that the MOST I found this lens for on other sites $300 and today I could buy it new with actual USA warranty from somewhere else for $239. So after all this I ended up with a $239 lens for $500,a lot of headaches, and being personally insulted and LIED to.
There were at least three specific lies they perptuated:
1. The import model that they would not exchange for would not have been in a foreign language. THere are what are known as GRAY market cameras that are imports. THey are exactly like the ones that are considered USA; but just don't carry the one year Nikon warranty and are all customizable to language option.

2. The camera that they claimed was a genuine USA model was absolutley not. True genuine nikon and most gray imports come in true Nikon packing with carbon copy warranty registration cards. This had neither. It had to be a refurb or something.

3. They claimed that the Nikon VR lens was a 35mm lens that would not work on a dslr-absolutely untrue in every way!

4. I also believe that they never would have admitted to receiving the camera back if I had not had it tracked and confirmed delivered.

FOLLOW UP-this is the second time I have had to post this review because after the 1st post I was contacted by the company.
I spoke to Andrew a couple of weeks ago after posting this. He contacted me an seemed genuinely interested in resolving this report. He asked me what he could do to earn a five star report. I told besides everything else, I mostly felt like I was misguided on the lens and ended up paying $500 for at most a $300 dollar lens. He said that what he would do is give me a $200 credit on my credit card if I would change my review to a 5 star rating. I agreed because at that point I would have been satisfied and felt like my issue had been rectified. He said that it would take at least 48 hours to post to my account. So I wait and check every day, I even give it a full week and nothing. Andrew had given me his extension and told me to call him if it didn't go through so I called on Jan 14th. 2013. They said Andrew was unavailable but looked up my account. They said that they saw where the credit was posted to my account but it could take 60 to I-forget-how-many-hours to hit my acount. They said that it should hit by Thursday the 17th. Of course it didn't. I checked today on the 21st, still nothing; so I called again. Andrew still unavailable.
Andrew had told me he was a man of his word because I was relunctant to change my review before I got the credit. At this point I feel like I have been taken for a fool again by this company.


Judysu's Avatar

New York, NY
Rating 10/10

"Person who I am talking on phone which is name Greag, after all problem I had with he take care of and understand us. If you have problem looking for him he will nice and help you to take care of issue. He is acceptable."

Rating 10/10

"Very helpful and friendly. I will look to them for my next purchase."

Rating 10/10

"after a..chat w/ greg, the owner of www.digitaldepotonline.com, about the d7000 i ordered last 11/26/2012, which i still have not received(01/02/2013).he explained that import models will take 6-8.weeks..so he upgraded me to the USA model and promise to have in 5-10 business day. so i am looking forward to what we..discussed on the phone.."

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Rating 2/10

"I am astounded that this company is still in business. There has to be some way to stop them from operating this way and scamming people out of money.
My 17 year old son ordered a camera on Cyber Monday, a Nikon D600 that was advertised as a Cyber Monday special at almost 400 off. This kid saved money from working all summer to buy this camera.
Less than 12 hours later, a "customer service" rep from Digital Depot called him to ask if he really wanted to buy the camera that was manufactured for use in Japan. Now mind you, I'm the one who found the camera on the website and I read through all the specifications and did not see any note that it was for Japanese use. So we canceled the order and were informed that the entire purchase price would be refunded. The camera WAS NEVER SHIPPED. It never left Digital Depot's possession.
10 days later, the money still has not been refunded so I call. The rep tells me the money is showing as being refunded and to call if it does not show up in the bank within 7 days. 7 days go by, no money, so I call again. By this time, I'm beyond upset. I call, and some extremely rude guy tells me refunds take up to 30 days and if we don't see it by December 26th to call because on their end, the money shows as refunded.
During this entire time, there is never even a pending refund showing on the online statement.
By the 21st, I'm ready to drive to California or New York or Arizona or whatever place this company truly does business from. Yes, they have three locations, one for the online store, one for the physical store, and their digital domain is registered in Arizona by an LLC. This is what research will teach you. I call, and I get this guy who says his name is "Scott". I very calmly explain to him the situation and tell him I would like an explanation as to why we haven't received a refund. He tells me he will put me in touch with a billing supervisor and then puts me on hold for over 30 minutes. I hang up, call back, and punch in the number for the billing department myself on the IVRS system. Guess who answers..."Scott", who now says his name is "Tom". I tell him I would like to speak to billing. He asks why. I tell him why. He says, well I'm showing here that the money has been refunded. I say yes, thats what they told me the last three times I called and we haven't received a refund. He says well, it could be wrong but you'll need to speak to billing about that and puts me on hold, again, for more than 30 minutes. I hang up, call back, and punch in 0 for the operator thinking I'll get someone of an administrative capacity. Guess who answers... Mr Scott Tom. I say, do you answer every line the company has. He says excuse me. I repeat myself, to which he says, you expect help with your issue and then you call and talk to people like that. You don't deserve any help with your refund.
This place is a scam. I have since filed a dispute with the bank, a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in two states and the attorney general's office in three states. Additionally, if I do not receive a refund in the next 10 days I will be pursuing legal action against them for fraud.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! Want to know how much my son is out? 1699.00. And he's 17. And needs this camera for his college program.

I noticed that noone from Digital Depot ever addresses the negative comments on here. We'll see if they address this one, because by now they've received my name and telephone number enough to know who I am. And if they call, I will tape everything they say so people can hear how they treat customers.
We've done nothing wrong. They have.

*************************************** Just a quick update
Barely three hours after posting this review, I received an email from Digital Depot asking me to call a supervisor, Andrew, at an extension provided in the email.
I called and he started off the conversation by telling me that he understood I had placed a dispute with our bank and that this would mean the bank has conditionally credited our account with the purchase price.
I informed him that this was not the case, that the response from the bank was that it would take them up to 10 days to process our dispute before even sending it to Digital Depot for a response. He argued back and forth with me for a few minutes and then suddenly says well, we've received your dispute and its been approved so you will be seeing the refund to your account shortly. He then broaches the subject of my "negative review" on Reseller Ratings. Basically, he wanted me to remove my comments here. I told him I would not as I felt that my review was the absolute truth and reflects the quality and character of the company.
From there, the conversation went down hill. He then started threatening me with collections against my 17 year old son for a supposed 20% restocking fee for an item that was never even shipped. Then he tells me if I don't remove the review they will refuse the dispute and it will take up to 90 more days for the review and that we might never be refunded the money.
At one point he says "if you filed a dispute" and I'm like, wait a minute, you just said you received the dispute but now you're using the term if, which is it, did you receive the dispute or not. He just fumbled his way through my question so after I hung up with him we drove to the bank to find out exactly what was going on. The bank hadn't even processed the dispute and it was not sent to Digital Depot, so he flat out lied to me. We also canceled the credit card and ordered a new one for fear they will try to post other charges to it in an attempt to gain the "20% restocking fee".
An hour later I get an email from Digital Depot telling me that they are going to send us to collections for the “20% restocking fee” and basically any other fees they can drum up to absorb the cost of refunding us the 1699.00. [I posted the text of the email here but had to take it down, sorry.]

I have provided a copy of the order, I sent a copy of the bank statement where the money was debited out and also copies of the emails I received from Digital Depot to [I am not allowed to put the name of the company here]. I also emailed Digital Depot to let them know I was providing this information and that we could still resolve this in a positive fashion if they would simply refund the money.

No response. And I don't expect one. My review will stay, because I do not want to see anyone else have to suffer through this kind of treatment from a company.

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Rating 10/10

"I ordered a Sony RX-100 camera from DigitalDepotOnline and was later offered a buy-one-get-two deal on a high-capacity battery plus a charger kit. I accepted when I realized all these are considered accessories by Sony. All in all, I think I got a good deal for the uses I have planned for this camera."

Rating 2/10

"How can so many of these reviews start the same way? It makes no sense. There is no way so many of us are being called after ordering because of credit card issues and placing wrong product orders. This company is a classic bait and switch seller. Do not order from them. I ordered on a Sunday. They are closed on Sunday but I recieved a phone call that day from Peter. He explained that there was a typo on my credit card info and it couldn't be processed. He started asking questions about my order and why I was getting this lens. I explained why and he asked "Did you know you are ordering the wrong lens?" I said that I wasn't because this lens was recommended to me. He wanted to know who would recommend it because they are wrong. He said I orderd a 35 mm lens. I asked him to cancel my order then because that is not what I need. He said we can't because it was already being processed. Really? You just called me for more info to process it so that was a lie. I asked him to at least hold it because I was in my car and needed to see what he was talking about. I went home and verified my order on their site. I had indeed orderded the correct lens. He called me back the next morning on Christmas Eve. Some people on here are saying this is good customer service. This is creepy service. He left a message saying he can only hold for 24 hours. I had two other people look at my order to verify that I was indeed ordering the correct lens. When he called back again to ask what I wanted to do. I asked him to explain what was wrong with my order. He said it was a 35 mm lens. I said no it's not. That is not what I ordered. I explained that I checked my account on their site and the lens I ordered is the correct lens for my camera. He said Well what do you want me to do then? I said to send me what I ordered. He said Okay then you want me to send you the 35 mm lens. I said no, I want the lens I ordered. He said the only lens that's 388.00 is the 35 mm. I hadn't even brought up price to him. That was totally random. I said just please cancel my order. He said okay, you want me to charge you a 20% cancellation fee. I said No, I'll contact me credit card company. He said you gotta do what you gotta do and mumbled something. I said Excuse me? He hung up on me. Unreal. "

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