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Product & services pricing 0.63/10
Chance of future purchase: 3.33/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.63/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Terrible company - stay away

"I ordered a rug for $129. Paid $32 for shipping. When I received it I was shocked at how different the colors looked than they did in their catalog. I returned it, having to pay $21 to ship it back. So that's $53 in shipping cost for a $129 item. I called the company and the lady on the phone said, does it have flowers on it. I said yes. Are they orange? I said yes but saturation is very poor compared to picture in catalog. She said, rather rudely that it's their policy that if customers are not happy with their purchase they have to pay for shipping both ways.

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No directions

"I ordered a kitchen island with stools first I received an accent chair when I finally received the island there was no directios this has been one of the most agrivating I just read reviews if I’d known about the reviews I never would have ordered on line purchase plus it’s saturday I have to wait until Monday to talk to anyone"

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horrible customer service

"They are very quick to take you money but very slow returning it if there is a problem. I returned item due to the color not being the same as pictured. I had a very hard time getting ahold of them, I got different answers from every person and took forever to credit my card. I will not deal with them again. "

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Horrible products and horrible customer service!!!!! Don't even deserve 1 star

"I ordered 4 items. Received the items which were horribly made from China all had a funky smell. I returned all items. Received an email that in 5 business days they would refund my money for which I paid in full not realizing I wouldn't like the items. After 2 weeks I had to call customer service and ask what was going on. I was finally told after being transferred around that a check will come in 3 to 4 wks. I am being charged $40 some dollars for the shipping and was told the charge was because nothing was wrong with the items. So I will hold my breath and see if a check truly comes. Do not buy from this company. There are plenty of reputable retailers that do not treat their customers this way!!!!!!! Be warned!!!!!! In this world customer service is everything!!!!!"

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Product was fine, but not customer service

"We ordered two glass door cabinets to house my teapot collection in one and my son's Lego collection in the other. The cabinets were delivered safely and in a timely manner and are beautiful! I also ordered a very nice, high quality, winter coat. However, I became quite ill with a hospital stay then my son had an operation. A lot of my bills slipped through the cracks for a period, and Countrydoor was one of them. Tonight they called my house and I graciously answered the phone and was very courteous to the young man on the other end of the phone and paid my bill in full. A robot would have been nicer to talk to than this young man. I realize when you spend all day in collections, it wears on you. But when you hear a happy, kind voice who wants to pay their bill in full readily, he should be happy he got me! I did not have a problem with the company itself, just this young man! Parents, please teach your children manners and people skills!

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"Country Door gave me great sevice very helpful knew information i brought in book i "

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Terrible customer service.

"Customer service people make credits and returns as difficult as possible. I lost a $160 credit because they refused to ship to my new address...."

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Predators is a good description

"Cheap, cheap products! Bought a $40 item then found it in my local dollar store for $10!!!!! Shipping is OUTRAGEOUS!!!!


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"Here is my experience:

On 9/28/2016 I ordered the cutest little fall decoration (pumpkin solar car and trailer set) for $52.44. What I received was a red bird for $16.99. When I called "customer service" the "lady" explained that they sent me the wrong item and they were all sold out of what I had originally ordered. She then explained that they would be sending me a return label and in a few WEEKS I would be receiving my refund. I finally on 10/17/16 received $42.49 (why not the FULL AMOUNT) that's a DAMN good question!!

TOTAL SCAM & the BBB is going to get an ear full from me!

I guarantee it was a BS restocking fee - for the WRONG ITEM.

WHY am I being charged one red cent for THEIR MISTAKE???

Learn from my MISTAKE and DO NOT ORDER from this BS company!!

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predatory lending

"Don't buy from these predators.They first of all are sister companys with montgomery wards,swiss colony.and many others.When they give you credit they will only give you 100$ to start but each company will do same.That creates many shipping costs many late fees many taxes and just numerous costs to you instead of ine payment through all these sister companies.I purchased 48$ worth of a product from country door and they charge me 10$ monthly late fees.Ive payed 30$ on my acct and still owe 50$??Also is your other acct is late with any of there sister companys tthey will harrase you about them when you call country door??Stay away from country door swiss colony montgomery wards etc they are predatory lenders and for people trying to rebuild your credit they are the worst people to deal with.On top of it there merchandise is low quality and your getting screwed either way.Please tell every one about my review.If you start with them you will be sorry .Im trying to warn anyone before they get into a predicament with this scam if a companys!!Beware stay away....."

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Bad Bad BAD business

"I ordered couple of cushions for my rocking chair. First of all, the order was delivered after 3 weeks. Their was no communication of any sort about when to expect what. Second, what I received was bad quality and I didn't like the material at all. I returned the item immediately. Guess what? I'd to pay $17 from MY POCKET for shipping the product that I DON'T like and is bad quality. Third, when I was issued a refund, it was $9 less. Guess what? The company deducted $9 for shipping the product to my house.

In conclusion, I bought nothing and paid close to $25 for wasting my time by talking to customer care (no care for sure) and received nothing.

This is 2016. If they want to sell something ONLINE, have good and up to date business standards. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER IN ONLINE SHOPPING.

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"Terrible, disorganized company. I received a pair of gloves from my mother for Christmas. Yet I somehow received a bill. When confronted, they claimed my mother made a fradulent claim. I had to deal with the most insulting, condescending people on the phone ever. I will never buy from this company and I will not recommend this company to anyone."

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"We ordered a doll house that doubles as a writing desk, a great idea for our 3-year-old granddaughter. Although we paid $50 for shipping, it took more than two weeks to receive, partly because the package was shifted from FedEx to the local post office, with little communication between them (or us). When we opened the box, the front door of the house was damaged. For a $200 item, it should be better designed: the door hinges are made of flimsy wooden dowels, weaker than a toothpick.

Aside from these problems, the item itself arrived in good shape, and when we called Country Door, a gracious lady named Jenny agreed to have a replacement part shipped overnight. It arrived in one piece just in time to assemble and wrap the present for our granddaughter's birthday. She was delighted with the dollhouse and has been playing with it every day.

We give the dollhouse manufacturer mixed grades for a basically good product marred by a manufacturing flaw. We give Country Door (especially Jenny) our highest gratitude for resolving our problem with courtesy, efficiency, and speed.

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"I ordered a queen size chenille bedspread w/ matching shams.
The order came in a timely manner. However, the size was not big enough for a regular size bed. I called CS because I did not feel I should have to pay for return postage since it was Country Doors problem. CS said I had to measure the spread before she could help me. I had already packaged it up to return. Was not going to open it up to measure it. I will never shop at Country Door again. Both Customer service and the product are of very poor quality.

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