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Rating 2/10

"Buyherephoto is a SCAM. Don't buy from them. I waited for an order for two weeks. They claim that their American Express terminal was down. Insisted on my giving them another bank card. They low prices are for imports. Very confrontational staff. "

Rating 2/10

"I was calling to inquire on Nikon D7000 that I saw on the website for $529 body only no battery included. I called first to inquire whether they have it in stock , because I came across all these websites on Google shopping or Yahoo shopping advertising great prices, but all are scammers. They either dont have it in stock, but still advertise (thank God I did not order it online and put in my info!), or they tell you that it does not have that that and that.

Here is a list of scamming websites that I called.


Called and was told that advertised product is not for US customers. I can purchase a US model for 1200.
I started asking him questions
What qualify me for a US customer?
If I call from a non us phone number do I qualify for a product?
Why they advertise in Us product that is not for sale in us?
They guy could not answer any of these questions and simply hang up on me.

www.digitaldepotonline.com called was on hold for 20 minutes
no one ever picked up.

was on hold for 10 minutes
no one ever picked up

advertised product not in stock but it is online

advertised product not in stock but it is online


Rating 2/10

"I was web searching for a particular video camera and came across buyherephoto.com and thought the price was great and ordered online. I waited for a response to my online order through an e-mail and only recieved and order number at time of purchase. I later called in and was directed to a Sales Rep (who will remain nameless) and immediately asked for the 3 digits on my Debit Card and then told that the video camera I wanted was a 'student camera with a cheap plastic lens, and there was a much better model for use' and directed to another Sony model that I did not want at a much higher price.

I was a bit upset because I new the model I desired was high quality and with great Glass lens. It wasn't until the next day that when I called back to inquire of the status of the order that I was told my choice of camera was 'back ordered and asked why I did not want his selected choice of camera'.

I gave him my reasons and asked why he didn't tell me the video camera I wanted wasn't in stock and then told him to cancel the order'.

After all of this, I googled this company and asked 'is buyherephoto.com a legitimate compny?' and was shocked by the responses of previous potential customers and I immediately called my bank to close my debit card and not accept any payment request from this company.

One last thing, Does it appear that BuyHerePhoto.com, FirstClassCamera.com, VersaDeals.com, and GetOnDigital.com are run by the same company??? There web sites are so much alike.

I can only say "if it sounds to good to be true, it is". BEWARE!!

Rating 2/10

"This place is a SCAM! I ordered a lens and was sent the WRONG lens with no info on an invoice! No emailed invoice either! When I told Logan he made a mistake, he argued with me and even SWORE! he told me there was a 184.99 "restocking" fee and that I had to send that as a MONEY ORDER. If I didn't send the money order with the "returned" lens they would refuse the package!! AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS! I should have checked with online reviews!! He tried to SCAM me!!"

Rating 2/10

"Horrible company! Never order anything from this company. It might be possible your credit card will be hacked."

Rating 2/10

"Horrible company. I put in an order way back in Aug. 2011 until today they still have not fulfill the order. I knew the price was too good. I've called them at least 3 times in different occasions to check if they finally have the camera in stock. For every time I called they tell me we should have it in 4 to 6 week. It's been 6 months and I still don't have a camera. Thank god the credit card they have on file is expired."

Rating 2/10

"Awful experience. bait and switch. ordered canon 60d, and they called to tell me that it was a grey market item, and didn't include a battery or charger, and that it would take 4 to 6 weeks for the camera to be sent from malasia. Then they tried to upsell me for an extra $600. I asked to speak to a manager, and they first told me they didn't have a manager, then they connected me with someone named Timmy Matoon. He refused to fulfill the order (which I had a confirmation for). Complete ripoff scammers! DON'T BUY FROM THEM!!!"

Rating 2/10

The price was so good on an expensive nikon lens but the other bad reviews made me hesitate to order online. I figured if they were in NY that I could go there in person to get a good deal seeing it for myself. So I called them and asked where they were located and they said in the NY area but would not provide an address. I told them I wanted to come in and pay cash. They denied me, telling me they don't accept cash and they do not give out their address. I said "who doesn't accept cash"... then he fumbled to say they were wholesalers.... Hmmm wholesalers with a retail website?? I came right out and told the guy he had bad reviews online and I would only buy in person, his answer was "well we are still in business so I don't know what your talking about.
Save yourself, this is really one of those it's to good to be true situations.

Rating 2/10

"BuyHerePhoto.com is apparently the worst company (if you can ever call it a company) I've ever met for the last 18 years (since I came to this country). Simply stay away from it.

I placed an order of a Canon 430EX II Speedlite TTL Shoe-Mount Flash (listed as $184) from BuyHerePhoto.com this morning. As I had never heard about this company before, I was kind of suspicious of the low price. But the company’s website looked good, so I went ahead to place the order anyway.

Later I received an email asking me to call back to confirm the order. After I called back, the guy on the phone was joking around (as if he was finally able to catch a big "fish") on stuff not related to my order. I met this type of traps a few times before (in the photography business), but none of them was as ridiculous as this one.

I immediately realized that this was a trap, so I went straight to the question, “Is the item in stock?. Not to my surprise, the answer was not. I simply asked the guy to cancel my order. Then, the guy started threatening me with a random series of cancellation fees ($400, $500, $250, …). I firmly told him that I knew this type of traps and he would not get a single penny from my credit card.

In the end, I had to call my credit card company to make sure that there was no charge from this company. And, to prevent the company from charge me anything later, I was advised to change my account number.

So, simply stay away from BuyHerePhoto.com.

My experience clearly indicates that some of the very positive comments (on NextTag) on this company are very suspicious. Be aware!


Rating 2/10

"This is the biggest RIP OFF COMPANY you could ever imagine. DO NOT CALL THEM. I wanted a $7,800 Canon Camcorder and they bait and switched me with a $4,000 Sony. They Charged me $8,000. Threw in some extras to take care of me but what a rip. Didn't throw in $4,000 worth of extras. DO NOT BUY HERE - DO NOT CALL THEM.
THEY WILL BURN YOU. Order from B and H or Cameraworld but not these looser rip off con artists.

Rating 2/10

I was about to order my Canon 7D with an advertised price of $939 when apparently this was the international version with plastic body and no charger...They do sell the US model but for $1699! This is a huge price difference which you would not realize until they call you to tell you that you have purchased the international version. They do not provide an address and were not helpful when I suggested they add (international version) in their description. Bad business!

Rating 2/10

"I just narrowly espaced being a victim of this horrible company. Thank goodness I caught it in time.

I had ordered online from buyherephonto.com a Canon speedlite 430 EX II to replace my OLD OLD OLD 420EX. Their price was amazing...over $100 less than everyone else.

I was contacted by phone the next day "to verify my purchase"...I gave the salesman my 3 digit bankcard code, and he immediately began rudely trash-talking my choice of flash. He tried to get me buy a Vivitar unit instead, and had the nerve to tell me that the 430 EX II would NOT work with my EOS xsi (which is BS) becasue of some specification that I had never heard of. I said, "Are you telling me that these 2 canon products are incompatible?" He replied, "well I didnt say THAT...it's just that this other product is the right one for you." I stood my ground and he moved on to another sales topic...Rechargeable batteries...and went on to tell me that if I spend $59 on batteries I can get a free charger. "No thanks...I haven't had much luck with rechargeable batteries." He then proceeded to tell me that standard Duracell and Energizer batteries will harm my flash! I told him that I would be sure to refer to the manual when the unit arrived and go with Canon's manufacturer's reccomendation. He was angry and hung up. 5 days later (today) I see that the bank draft has not gone thru yet. (I have an event to shoot in 3 weeks and need this item to arrive, and I need to try it out prior.) So I tried to call, but they are closed.

Something told me to check review sites on this "company"...and when I saw the 100% bad reviews and horror stories, I called my bank immediately. I spoke to the fraud department and read some of the information from the other customers. My bank told me that the safest thing to do was to shut down the bankcard number and order a new ATM card NOW before they have a chance to touch my account. So that's what I did. Looks like I am off to Best Buy with a handful of cash to get what I need.

I also checked mellodigital.com, as they had a low price too...same type of reviews there. BEWARE everyone!!!!

Bottom line is: Name band stuff is gonna cost namebrand dollars. No way round it.

Rating 2/10


Site should be called "buy here pigeons.com"

Thank God for this site, Reseller Ratings, after discovering we were ripped off, we got our bank involved immediately.

We had ordered one of the Nikon Camera kits. Assuming the reviews they post on their website lent credibility, we placed our order over the phone. They never sent an invoice confirming our purchase as promised, just a shipping notice. Once we got their package and found out it was jun, we also discovered our bank card was hit for and extra $1000 dollars. MAJOR BAIT AND SWITCH. CROOKS!

Our bank immediately started a fraud investigation and returned our funds. When we tried to get a return authorization... after 5 days... the owner "Joey" was furious as we would not be willing to exchange if for something "better"... BTW, he claims he runs a $500M biz and yet answers customer service complaints? Really?

Check it out, they list a Sigma 70-300mm VR lens for $1400. Every other site sells this Chinese knock-off for $200. The scam is when you call to complain about getting the wrong product, they inform you that they "upgraded" the Nikon lens you ordered and then send you a page on their website showing the Sigma at $1400. What they forget is that the internet reveals all other companies sell the same lens for $200.

IF you already bought, get ready to talk to "Joey the owner". He will amaze you with his relentless effort to change your mind to return the items. He will threaten, bribe, threaten, intimidate, and finally cuss you out, when you stay firm on getting instructions to return his junk. But GET YOUR BANK INVOLVED FIRST.

Rating 2/10

"I Wished I Would Of Found This Review Site Before I Ordered From These Scammers, Everything I Have Read On The Peoples Reviews Are True... I Ordered A Lens The 13th Of Dec And Like Everyone Else I Called And It Is Backed Ordered And Then They Try And Sell You Something That Is More Money. The Lens Was Going To Be A Christmas Gift, Now Merry Christmas And Nothing..SO To The People Out There That Want To Order Anything Form (buyherephoto.com.) Never Never Never Buy From This Site... It Should Be Takin Off The Web Forever."

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT BUY FROM THESE JERKS!!!! My wife ordered a camera on a Sunday and paid with an AMEX. The next day a man called from the site and told her they do not accept AMEX...first of all why would that be an option on the website if your site does not take AMEX??? So my wife gives him our visa card info...he then begins to try to upsell her with a "better" camera package. He started rattling off a bunch of lens specs and other info faster than she could follow. She asked the guy to slow down and he was very rude. She then asked if she could put the order on hold until she could research some of the data he was giving her. He became extremely rude and started actually yelling at her! She told him she wanted to just cancel her order and he said fine but he was still going to charge her a 7% cancellation fee!!!WTF?? We called Visa immediately and had the card cancelled. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with these jackals! I wish we had read these reviews prior to getting involved. BUYER BEWARE"

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