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Product & services pricing 1.25/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 6.50/10
Customer service: 3.33/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.67/10
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Ads, ads and more ads!!!

"Paid over $30.00 to have one hardcover trade book made. When I received it, the first 8 pages were ADS!!! The book was almost destroyed in the process of removing the ads from the book. I am so incredibly angry that I paid for a premium service to only be screwed over with marketing and ads thrown in. This was supposed to be a love story written to the girl I have been in love with for the past 18 years. Blurb ****!! "

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Based on Reviews I've read Before, I was pleasantly Surprised

"Based on reviews I've read before my purchase, I was expecting my package to be lost in the mail with no refunds or explanations, or, if it did come, a low quality book with poor photo-copied pages. I am happy to say I was PLEASANTLY surprised! My books came within a week of ordering it, with high quality pages and a glossy cover. Can't wait for the next purchase!"

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No phone support

"I like blurb but am very frustrated that they got rid of phone support. You are SOL if you have a question. Email contact response time is hours and hours. "

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Very happy with the final product.

"I felt like there were plenty of options with the templates provided. The format was relatively simple to use. I did have trouble with the software required as an interface with the Blurb products. The software crashed as photos were uploaded - I learned to save the project at every step because I had to force quit and restart so frequently.
I also felt that a fair price would have ben 15%-20% less than what I paid in the end.
However, that said, I was thrilled with the final product. Other than one page being slightly out of alignment, the photos were crisp, the text was in the correct format and the end result was a beautiful book.
This was a gift and it was quite a hit.

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Disappointing change of software

"New software tricky to use and book quality disappointing. Avoid"

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Initially hesitant, pleasantly surprised

"I created a Mother's Day photo book for my mom and waited until the last minute to read the reviews on Blurb. I was honestly hesitant to finalize my order after reading some less-than-positive reviews but was going to use a 40% off offer making my order about $32 (including shipping and tax) so I thought "what the heck". I am thrilled with the final result. It took some time to ship, but it's beautiful, well bound, and exactly what I ordered. Well worth the $$ spent. I would highly recommend Blurb."

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Bad quality print and e-book

"I ordered a few photobooks, printed on the ProLine Pearl Photo paper, and the print quality was far from acceptable. Image artifacts like bending in several images that printed fine with other professional printers.
The pdf e-book quality was even worse and charging for it an impertinence.
After 2 years of using blurb I cancelled my last order because there's no quality improvement on their side.

Helpful Cool


Good Luck I Guress

"I'm a re-seller of of Role Playing Games that my company produces. I've used Blurb for about 9 months and I've gotten the same quality and consistency with each order I make. In face the number 1 things the bookstore looks at when I ask them to carry my game is the quality of the book. And they all tell me the book looks outstanding.

My order even got lost once with 6 books in it and Blurb replaced all 6 books for me.

I agree they lack 100% in customer service. They offer little to know help in technical knowledge. I've had to contact the producers of my Book Software to figure out how to get certain things to work right with Blurb because Blurb expects you to be an expert in the book making process as well.

I'm giving them 4/5 start because the end product was worth the hassle they put me through. And my customers are happy with the quality of the books as well. But maybe I'm a repeat customer dropping hundreds of repeat dollars a month into their company.

But Blub, start taking care of your customer service better!! No excuse for this lacking!!

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If you're looking for consistent, best quality avoid Blurb

"My family's previous two books printed by Blurb were fine. I found their design software easy to use. However, my last book (consisting of almost all photos) had half the photos printed too dark. When I asked for a partial refund or reprinting, I was told that the results were within "printing tolerances" and that they wouldn't honor my request. I even wrote the CEO, but never heard back. I'm a photographer and I had well-prepped all my photos. Now I'm pursuing a remedy with my credit card company. Blurb needs to guarantee its work. These books are expensive and I expect consistent, quality results. Apparently they use various printers around the U.S. and the quality varies from printer to printer. I will not use Blurb again and I'll advise the rest of my family and others to avoid using them as well. Blurb can do better, both with printing quality and with customer satisfaction. "

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Horrendous Customer Service. Blamed me for their mistakes.

"I ordered 2 photobooks totaling over $300. I received them and they were cut short on some of the pages (not due to me, within the BookWright software there were NO Alerts, and No Fixes recommended. Also with program it all looked fine) .. Received and some pages had a decent amount of text cut off on one side. Called customer service, they eventually blamed me, I took screenshots to prove it wasn't me, they gave me coupon code to re-order, but it was a hassle and all they did was blame me. I still wont know the end result until I get the new, re-printed books. Any further issues and I will just cancel the charge on my credit card. I would NEVER deal with them again."

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Terrible customer service

"Things go wrong sometimes, but good luck getting the help you need with Blurb. I had some books printed, bad bad quality, streaks, wrong color, you name it. It took me two emails, two phone calls, hours listening to their jazzy tune to talk to a human--he said he can't do anything but to escalate it to higher powers--then, an email saying I ought to pay full amount to get it reprinted, as a favor. Sorry Blurb, I will use you never again!"

Helpful Cool


Customer Zero Support

"Blurb has no interest in genuinely addressing customer problems. I've tried emailing but each email is transferred to someone else. There's never a clear line of communication and no problem resolution. In the end, the process is so convuluted, it is simply easier to give up, which is perhaps what they want. And trying to ring to get satisfaction is equally impossible. Each time I've tried, I've been simply put on hold for betweeen 40 minutes to an hour before the call drops. I am not sure that there even is a real person to answer these calls. So to put it simply, don't waste your time or money. The final product is not worth it and there's no redress if something's wrong."

Helpful Cool


One big disaster! Avoid like the plague!

"I agree with the previous comments that it is the worst service I have ever met. My book was printed with a lot of errors, with big stains extending throughout the pages.
They do not reply on emails. No chances to contact them by phone - permanently engaged or "out of hours". If you are lucky to get your book printed out without any errors - you are lucky. But if you have any concerns you have to forget about any support or service.
Never again, Blurb!!

Helpful Cool


"I have never under gone a worse customer service experience with any established company than with Blurb. I should not have to wait two days for an email response. I should not have to repeat simple questions in these emails. I should not be hung up on when I'm on hold, waiting for a customer service representitive. I should not have to call their office in San Francisco, randomly dial employee extensions, and have someone from finance personally get up and tell someone from Customer Service to communicate with me. I should not have to do that three times in the span of 24 hours. No company in their right mind should make any customer go through this. At least the employees (especially the finance department) seemed friendly and that blurb is giving me a shipping fee refund for one out of the four late packages this month. I am deeply sorry Blurb, but the customer service (with the influence of poor holiday turn-around times) deems an overall score of 1/5 stars, 1/10 points and a very dissapointed customer. Communication is key, and Blurb does not communicate when things do not go as planned."

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"Just received my "premium" magazine and the print quality is terrible. I am a photographer and spent extra money for the premium in order for my images to look as they should. Instead, it looks like color xerox pages bound together. I absolutely do not recommend this service for photographers. "

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