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Product & services pricing 2.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.94/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.43/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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"Their customer service is terrible. Good luck trying to get through to them and when you finally do, they will do nothing to resolve your issue. Something I bought was never delivered. When I contacted their customer service, they told me the shipper said it was delivered and that I would have to contact the shipper, which is ridiculous. I did contact the shipper and they told me they could only release delivery info to the seller of the package, not the receiver. So I'm out my $ and several hours of my time trying to track down my package. "

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Horrible Experience

"I attempted to purchase a pair of Christian Louboutin's for a wedding and for 10 days, my order when unprocessed. When I contacted customer service, the customer service agent hung up on me before I could finish my request for the order cancelation. She was very unprofessional and sounded like she didn't want to do her job in the first place. You truly do get what you pay for and I recommend that if you want to purchase designer shoes, do not use Bluefly or their "marketplace partners". "

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Awful experience of their "FINAL SALE"

"Be careful when you buy any final sale items from Bluefly. I bought a pair of boots that was marked as FINAL SALE. It was advertised as NEW, but when it arrived, it was already worn!! The bottom of the shoes had some dirt and looked being worn several times. The tag was detached, and the box was all nasty. I contacted customer service, and explained that the boots wasn't the same as advertised, but they kept telling me that the item was marked as FINAL, and because of this reason, the item was NON-RETURNABLE! I have never experienced such a horrible service like Bluefly. This was my second purchase from them, and I will NEVER RETURN. "

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Horrendous experience

"I had heard Bluefly was a reputable company, so when I was asked to help a friend find the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend, I found the perfect one on Bluefly for him! He loved it, and I ordered it for him on March 14, 2018. It took one day to verify my billing information and the shipping information (to another friend's house in the same town as my friend) which was expected.

Then the issues began in what became a horrendous saga of drama over what should have been a simple process. I heard nothing from Bluefly for 7 days. On March 21, I called their customer service center for an update. It turns out the ring had been shipped on March 20, and no one had updated the order record. The item arrived on March 22nd. It was the correct ring setting. IT WAS THE WRONG STONE! The center stone was supposed to be a dark blue sapphire. Instead, it was a teal stone. NOT THE SAME STONE as was shown on the website. My friend was extremely upset- this was not the ring for proposing to his girlfriend!

I immediately contacted customer supported and reached Elena, an assistant manager, who took the pictures I sent her and contacted the vendor to resolve the issue immediately. The vendor sent a return label on March 23, and the ring was sent back on March 23.

I had to reach out to Elena and/or the customer service center every single day for an update. They did not reach out to me with updates proactively.

On March 27, I received an update from Elena that the item should arrive that day back to the vendor and she would personally make sure that the right stone was put into the ring and shipped out with expedited shipping within 1-2 days back to my friend.

On March 28, the friend who was the shipping address person (not ME- the PURCHASER) was left a voicemail that the order had been refunded!! I was not notified and had my friend not checked her voicemails for any reasons, we would have had no idea that this had happened. I was not called, emailed, or contacted in any way. NOT WHAT WAS NEEDED! When I contacted Elena to find out what had happened, I was handled by Michael, a customer service representative whose response was to reorder the item. This was on March 29, and Elena would personally make sure it was sent out immediately. However, the price of the ring had now increased from $458.09 to $503.99. There was no way on earth that we were going to pay MORE for a ring that had been WRONG EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. My friend needed the right ring immediately for an out of the country proposal and was legitimately extremely upset, as was I, as the entire ring cost was still on my credit card, and we had no ring to show for all of this hassle.

I will NEVER do business with Bluefly ever again and I strongly discourage anyone from ever working with them. This was completely ridiculous. I ordered a ring. I should have gotten that ring. Easy. That's the entire purpose of the company. No customizing, nothing special, size 7, ring, as pictured on the website.

The vendor somehow got my information and called me by accident on 3/29. I was able to get things sorted out directly with the vendor (THANK GOODNESS) because Bluefly was not going to be able to get this done at all for me.

Then on 4/4, I finally got my refund back on my credit card.... for the incorrect amount based on what I paid Bluefly for the ring in the first place!!! WHAT???!!! We'll see how long it takes for something this "difficult" to get resolved.... at least the ring got sorted out by the vendor. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company as I will never deal with Bluefly’s customer service department again. Bluefly's customer service was reprehensible at best and atrocious at worst. Do not trust this company to handle anything with accuracy or efficiency. In today’s world, there are other options. I urge you to seek other companies and save yourself the time and headache.

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horrible service

"I wish I could give them 0 star. I placed an order with 12 items and then I returned within 14 days of delivery 10 out of the 12 items. Then I started seeing multiple refunds going through my credit card account without seeing a separate notification email from the company instructing what items were being refunded, not to say any detailed invoice about the items returned. It turned out the company didn't calculate the refund amount correctly and deducted the shipping costs 10 times while they should have only deducted it once. I reached out to the customer service representative once and asked for the details about the returns. All I got is an email with an incorrect total amount without any further details. I called again later and this time an extremely rude representative (his name is Michael), who didn't let me finish what I was complaining about and hung out on me. I called back and reached to the very first representative I talked to last time (his name is Jamal) and he also hung up abruptly without giving me a proper response. I called the corporate office number and no one at the front desk picked up the phone. I actually reached out to the CEO on linkedin and I'm curious what will happen next. But anyway, this is the worst ever online shopping experience I have ever had and I do not want to deal with them any more in the future. And I'd like to let the world know that the most concerning part is you are dealing with a merchant who doesn't know who to foot the bills/do the maths."

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Extremely bad service/very disappointed/will never use them again! What a shame!

"I've been trying to order a pair a shoes for about a month now and costumer service had told me my credit card address didn't match my postal address. After calling my bank and verifying the information... I was right.
I emailed again...this being the 3rd time to let them know nothing was wrong, they then tell me they actually do not post to a PO BOX...this information could have been nice to know prior to the last details at the checkout.
I then tried to repurchase the shoes and they have been sold!
This site is not professional and who ever is overseeing it needs to step up and overlook all of these finer details!

Hope this review helps!

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Worst Customer service and inventory EVER

"I want to rant a minute and I'm doing it here because well I don't know where else to do it.
Bluefly has a LOT of Dooney's for sale. I know because I went looking for a Small Cambridge Purple Satchel or shopper.
Flashback beginning Feb. I had one scouted & reserved with a lady on Ebay for me specifically to buy on my payday. On that day just before scheduled listing was to occur, I lost power. When it came back on 3 days later, I learn that I had missed it and the bag was sold to someone else. I was crushed. But I went looking for it and the only other place I found it was on Bluefly but at a much steeper price but I was willing to pay so, I bought it.
I waited 7 full days to see it was shipped but nothing. Today after much waiting on hold, being hung up on and calling back and emailing, I finally reached their customer service department who told me they were sorry that order had been cancelled because of an "inventory error". No one bothered to tell me this. I got no notification from them at all and the bag is still listed for sale on their site as are I'm sure are many other bags that they don't actually have. What bothers me is that if I hadn't gone to the trouble to find the answers myself they would have just let me hang until I rotted in my grave. My money was **** in the sale until today and was released to me but the point is ... be aware that Bluefly is operating much like ILD and that their inventory doesn't always reflect what the website says is available and they are damned near impossible to get a hold of.
I heard a few stories about ILD having more orders then inventory .... just be aware. If you order isn't processing to shipped this could be happening to you. They offered me $15 off my next purchase as a consolation prize but I'll never order from them again. End Rant Carry On.

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Authentic sunglasses, great price. Didn't have to check on their customer service, though.

"I was worried after I read the reviews here, but I made a gut choice and tried it. I ordered Dior sunglasses (collection S2015) for USD250, which is far better than I ever expected, the original price ranging two years ago from USD650-800. I got them today - an authentic, Italian, Safilo made product in the matching brand boxes, incl. the brand cleaning cloth and instructions.

I believe you guys their customer sevice **** and I am happy I don't have to return the item. But my simple experience with just getting what I wanted for the right price is excellent. And honestly, I don't usually write reviews online.

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Shop at Nordstrom instead.

"Ordered 4 rings that were shipped from 3 vendors. After weather delays I checked delivery status online. One shipment was marked "exception"--that is undeliverable. I called Bluefly and was told to call USPS. I said that the reason I ship online is to avoid this sort of thing, and I shop online and receive deliveries ALL THE TIME, with no problems. The rep I spoke with said that he would contact the seller and update me the following day. (I did call USPS, but there was a 30-minute wait on hold to speak with a rep, so I hung up). Anyway, the first Bluefly rep did not follow up with me (and the other 2 deliveries have not arrived either), so I called today and spoke with another rep. He was also unhelpful even though I told him that USPS said that the mailing label may have been illegible, hence no delivery. This rep told me that one of the other shipments has been returned to sender (no reason why), and so what I am left with is 1 returned shipment, 1 somewhere in limbo, and 1 that still has not been delivered. What followed was a frustrating conversation in which the rep could offer no satisfaction, including an estimated date for my refund, and no chance to talk with a manager because she had gone for the day. The rep even intimated that requesting to speak with a manager at 5 PM on a Friday was unreasonable. I told him that my delayed (second) call to them resulted from giving THEM the benefit of the doubt: I'd waited for the first rep to keep his word and call me with an update. When he failed to do so, I called back--yes, later in the day (at about 4:40 PM). What a racket! I gave Bluefly (not their sellers) money for jewelry and received, for all intents and purposes, tracking numbers instead. They have a tracking number for the return of 1 item, but they will not issue an immediate refund for it. (Goes against their policies.) Another item is in limbo somewhere and Bluefly says it has to wait to hear from the seller about next steps. And a third item may or may not be delivered this evening. Neither rep was particularly helpful (one was dishonest or sloppy), and no manager was present to speak with me. Do NOT shop at Bluefly! Whatever products or discounts are offered will not be worth the irritation should something go wrong. You can get your designer clothes and accessories, and your fine or costume jewelry from Nordstrom online. You can get your shoes from Zappos, and you can get anything through Amazon. I have NEVER had such frustrating interaction with a vendor, nor have I ever experienced such a complete failure to take responsibility for business practices or for ensuring customer satisfaction. Last but certainly not least. Bluefly leaves its customer service representatives poorly equipped to manage customer dissatisfaction in tangible ways, in effect putting them in the line of fire. This is not a quirky or anomalous event. I shop online a great deal and have no issues. Ever. This is a(nother) example of Bluefly's execrable business practices. I will actively discourage my shopping buddies never to use Bluefly. "

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Worst online shopping experience ever!!

"I should have read everybody's responses before shopping, but I have never had an online shopping like this before. They have a nice website but are totally undependable. I ordered two jackets from them and received only one. The quality of the item was unacceptable and it was too big despite being the size I normally order. I immediately shipped the jacket back by Fedex. I never got a refund on my account. The second jacket was never received. When I emailed to ask about this problem, their reply to my November 15 inquiry was that they received my return but take 5 to 10 business days for the credit to post. I should have received a refund by December 1. It is now 15 days later and no refund has appeared on my account. I wonder how many other people don't even keep track of their credit card purchases and are unwittingly duped.. Don't patronize this store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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"Horrible! Customer Service promised a credit and didn't issue one. Aftet several emails back and forth, and 40 minutes on the 3rd phone call, they admitted their mistake but refused to issue the credit. They cheated me. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY."

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"Listen to the reviews people. This is a horrible place to buy from. Extremely lazy and bad customer service. It appears they drop ship a lot of the stuff. Very difficult to deal with when something comes up. I.e. Exchange, returns..."

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Horrible Place, Never place an order

"Horrible place, cancelled my order 2 weeks later, "

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Terrible refund process

"Despite 10 days passing since a return was delivered and signed by Bluefly, got no email confirming the return was processing. Emailed customer service and heard back the next day stating they processed a refund that day. Took an email from me to process a refund. The response also stated that it will take 5-10 business days for the refund to post to my credit card. Been 10 business days and still don't see a credit. They are prompt in immediately billing your card when an order is placed. Terrible service. Will not shop with them again. "

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"Bluefly is a TOTAL SCAM...Their returns are a JOKE. I am still waiting for $1,300 in refunds and I can not get anybody on the phone who is willing to discuss or solve my problem.

The problem stems from Bluefly's inability to manage their vendors who handle shipping and returns on their behalf. I have been promised a full refund on my items, but weeks later, I am still waiting. Nobody replies to an email with a solution.



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