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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 1.25/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.50/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
Customer service: 5.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.50/10
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not impressed

"the box that my product came in looked like it was about to fall apart. the delivery date had changed three times. "

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"I think it's wrong that they said 50% off then when you go to pay it's 25% off I called customer service and they told me that things change prices change and there's nothing they can do about it even if it's in your cart and you're checking out they can still change their price while you're still shopping in a matter of 15 minutes while I was still shopping they did this to me I will never shop with them again and I think everybody needs to really check their prices before they hit that paid button"

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Worst Customer Service In History

"The worst customer service in history. Three of my Zumiez.com orders were damaged ranging from having a large white paint stain to a obviously used pair of Nike sneakers. This is probably the fifth time I received damaged items. I called customer service and the Zumiez staff were hostile and condescending. I asked for a replacement but as usual they were the last ones in stock. These items were great deals and hard to get and they act like its nothing. I waited and hoped for weeks to receive them. I later hand wrote and emailed letters to the CEO and director but of course they were ignored. I called and left messages too. Afterwards I was contacted by a customer service manager Megan Miles who did nothing to resolve the issues and completely overlooked the rude service of the original customer service representatives. She felt it was more important to berate me about how many times I contacted customer service over the years and to suspend my accounts. I wouldn't need to contact customer service if Zumiez actually provided the service and product that i paid for. All I wanted was a fair and reasonable discount to purchase new items similar to my original damaged orders, its not like I'm asking for Zumiez to give me free stuff. So if you really have to shop here, don't get your hopes up and do not expect customer service of meeting and definitely not exceeding your expectations. I now understand all the hate against Zumiez."

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Zumiez isnt about the skate its about the profit :(

"Zumiez has some dope shirts but when i received them the clothes were bad quality and dirty one shirts logo was tearing up WTF I paid $200 for 4 of these **** shirts. Even in store there shirts are dirty and need to be washed. Did these shirts come out of a **** cow in an under ground lab then tossed in a dirty warehouse. Its like buying supreme shirts for $5 because there fake. Never buy from these people they only want profit. Trust me dont risk your money theres plenty of great clothing out there. try salty crew they have amazing storys in the description of there products, about surfing and fishing, PEOPLE LIKE SALTY CREW CLOTHING CARE ABOUT CUSTOMERS."

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Bad Shipping and Horrible Tracking

"Zumiez has got my exact taste in clothing all over which is why i decided to order from them. I live in Cyprus so it was ideal for some Odd Future (and other brands i like that you cant get out here) and wasn't really too shocked at the 25 dollar shipping fee as it is going half way across the world.

We ordered 11 Items which came to a total cost of just over $500, including tax and shipping fee, on the 15th of December. The confirmation didn't come through till the 18th, same month, and did its thing. Bear in mind that it says 5-10 days for shipping worldwide. on the 26th of December it stated that it all was delivered to Corona, California, which confused me as it is the 2nd of January now and the tracking does not go any further than that. Once i checked UPS it says that the package has been delivered to Corona and that's that. I then emailed the store Today as they did not inform us of the packages whereabouts thus far and the store can not help till tomorrow. i Know it has only been a few weeks but they never kept us filled in on the whereabouts of the items nor have they given us any more information from the 26th and took us till now to try and look for where it could be.

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Cashier had me and my two young children escorted out by security

"I was Christmas shopping bought a 60$ diamond for my 12 year old son. When I sat down to wrap presents I noticed they did not remove the security tag. I went back today to ask them to remove it. The girl working was visiting with male friends as I approached the counter. She told me that without my recite the could not remove anything, and that I probably stole it. I was highly offended. I dnt steal!! I am a nurse and have always worked very hard for everything we have. The cashiers make friends were laughing at her rude comments. They were all teenagers and escalated the situation with the disregard for how the customer (me) felt. My son was very sad. I was angry and told her that her drug use probably contributed to overlooking the tag..she immediately called security and had me escorted out of the mall with my kids. No apology, no resolution, no options. So I guess I will be purshasing a magnet..and watching a YouTube video on how to remove it!! I have spent thousands of dollars in Zumiez over the years! "

Helpful Cool


Service was a joke.

"I went into Zumiez to buy a pair of shoes for my younger brother. I had checked many different stores in the mall and Zumiez was the only store that had them. First problem, finding an actual employee. They dress just like the kids that shop there and act like it too. There is no way to tell who's who unless they actually come over and ask if you need assistance, which is rare in my experience. The only employee who was working was a young lady behind the counter. You could truly tell she was the glue holding that joke of a store together. So I find the shoe I was looking for and amazingly find an employee. I asked her that I need this particular shoe in a 9 1/2, she repeated the size and seemed like she knew what she was doing. She came back out of the back which a shoe box and quickly handed it to me as I said thankyou and she sped off. I'm not going to Lie, it was odd. While I'm standing in line, a very long line, I over hear the poor employee behind the counter asking for help to bust the line down. Nobody knew how to run the register. My time in line I was able to count 8 employees in this particular Zumiez and you are telling me none of them were trained on how to use a register? I highly doubt that. They were talking to their friends, ignoring paying customers, and basically trying to camouflage themselves to hide from their JOB! While still standing in line I decided to open the shoe box and Exam the shoes I am about to purchase. One shoe was the display shoe because it was the correct size and the only one they had in stock, (according to the girl who helped me). I open the box and check the size of the shoe, it's a 11. I quickly check the size on the box and it's an 10. You have to be joking me. Either this girl is blind or she didn't even look at what she was grabbing. I must of been interupting her social hour, how dare I! A paying customer, three days before Christmas expect good service. At this point I was done. I placed the shoes on a nearby shelf and just left. I have never liked Zumiez. I don't care if it's a skateshop or a computer store I want proper service. I feel like they randomly walked the store found the best deadbeats they could and gave them a job. They clearly don't care about their employment or their customers and that's a shame. Now I don't believe this review will be read by anyone who can take the time to maybe revise their training procedures or even their interviews, because it's pathetic. I truly hope that one employee who I truly wish I would of got her name, finds better employement. She is absolutely wasted in such a sorry excuse for a store. This store is located In chesterfield towne center in Midlothian, VA. I employer anyone who thinks about shopping at this location to just stay away! Save yourself the stupidity of the employees and the struggle that comes with dealing with them. If by some miracle this lengthy review reaches someone who can fix this problem, please promote this girl. Like I said I didn't get her name but she was Blonde and had black glasses on. She is wasted in that store. "

Helpful Cool


Amazing fast shipping!!!!

"I ordered last min gift for my niece and it was shipped to me within 2 days during the Christmas rush.. the hat was exactly the way it showed in the pic.. I was very impressed and I also had free shipping... thanks zumiez "

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Security tags

"I’ve ordered two years in a row for Christmas. Every time I get a package the stupid security tag is still on it. If I wanted to have to take an extra trip to the mall I would just buy in store. Please use extra caution when packaging. "

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Worst Return Policy in the Industry!!!

"Purchased a pair of Vans for my son which cost $70! Within 15 days of purchase, the glue that holds the rubber edging to the upper material separated. Clearly an mfg. defect. Zumiez would not take them back! Whaaaaaa! and the staff were super condescending.

I am reaching out to my network and asking if any of them have direct investments into this company (NASDAQ: ZUMZ) to pull their money ASAP!

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It didn't let return the item.

"I want to return the shoes and she said you couldn't,because they look use. I've never use them I was going to but didn't match my outfit."

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Terrible shipping and delivering.

"I've ordered from zumiez for the first time and its horrible. I ordered on August 26th, received shipment confirmation the 28th, now it is September 6th and still no package. I am blaming the store because i always order from pacsun and it comes in 2-3 days. In fact, i ordered items from zumiez and pacsun on the same day! Now look, my item from pacsun arrived, item from zumiez is no where to be found (:"

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"I ordered a backpack, and it took 11 days (after the shipment date) for the package to get to me. I live in the US so I don't know why it took so long."

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lol idk why everyone gives zumiez ****

"when i went to the zumiez in aventura mall, the employees were super nice and helpful. i really dont know why everyone talks crap about it. the products were a little cramped on the racks tho. but overall a great store."

Helpful Cool


Defective garment

"I ordered two obey hoodies, one comes with an incorrect care label, mailed to them and they replied it is a misprint on the manufacturers end. Alright! I requested to refund or exchange and they told me I have to ship back under my cost????????? Since I'm living in Hong Kong and they are unable to provide shipping labels to international address. This is so ridiculous. I paid $$ to buy a defective garment, now it is no choice I have to accept it. I would never ever purchase at Zumiez again, thanks for giving me such an unforgettable experience!

P.S. The customer service are really ****, specially MIKYNLEE, the rudest people ever...

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