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Product & services pricing 0.83/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.67/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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False Promises

"Needed to return unused recessed
Ridiculous and I will vow never ever to buy from this company again.

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Got screwed by Y lighting

"I ordered three Sonneman lights from Y lighting. I just went to install them and one of them was missing a set screw. I asked Y lighting for a replacement and they told me that they would get me a quote since it had been more than 72 hours since they were delivered. In this age where customer focus is going to determine who succeeds and who fails, don't waste your time and energy with Y lighting."

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Can I give negative stars?

"The most incompetent group I’ve ever dealt with. Ordered three light fixtures from them in November 2017. All three of them had issues. Dealing with customer service to get those issues fixed has been an absolute nightmare. It’s mid-April and it will be at least another month until everything is resolved. They charge for every little thing and don’t work with the manufacturers well. For one of the fixtures I went directly to the manufacturer who said ylighting is being ridiculous. They were able to work directly with me and got the problem fixed immediately. The other two I’ve been trudging along dealing with one customer service agent after another being told different stories each time. I hang up the phone with them thinking everything has been resolved just to find out a week or two later that nothing in fact had been resolved or done and I have to call back in to get the whole process started again. I will never use them again. Wish I would have read reviews before purchasing from them. There’s plenty of other companies that sell the items I wanted and I’m sure would be way less hassle to work with. "

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Horrible shopping experience.We received the wrong item.A nightmare to return

"The Sales Rep ordered twice a wrong item.We warned her about the mistake but there was no way of her understanding us
the box arrived damaged so we are responsible of buying a new box and paying shipping
Never Again

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Received product

"I initially thought my item was damaged but it ended up being adhesive that I was able to remove myself."

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Super **** customer service.

"I cancelled my order the same day I ordered it, they then billed me, and I have not gotten me my money back after 3 emails, 2 calls and 6 weeks later. Bogus."

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Horrible experience

"I ordered a light in December 2017. The first light they sent was the wrong item. I returned that one and was told the correct light would be shipped out at the end of January. I reached out in early February and was told they didn't have an updated ship date. This went on for a month, with them repeatedly telling me they couldn't give me a ship date estimate. Last week they said the only thing to do is cancel the order. They offered my a $50 voucher and a refund. I called a few days ago to find out when I will receive my refund, and they didn't have an answer. I also asked when I would receive my $50 voucher and they told me there was no record of this offer so they won't be able to honor that. At this point, I don't want the voucher and will never ever use them again."

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72 hour return policy - beware!

"Ordered an $800 lamp and it came within 10 days and I love it.
Ordered a $300 standing lamp and it came a few days later while I was away. My dog walker brought the package into the house. When I opened it on my return (4 days later), the built in dinner did not work, so I repacked it and contacted customer service for how to return it. My response from 'Joe C' was that if you don't return a defective product within 72 hours of receipt, they have no responsibility.
I've checked with the Better Business Bureau in California, who refuse to rate them based on complaints. Social media is full of complaints.
I'm havcing a hard time finding the name of the owner or BOD to further complain, but I will now contact the State Attorney General to put in a complaint.
Do NOT purchase from this e-company. Their return policy is unrealistic and unacceptable to people who don't stay home full time.
Buyer beware. David Vass - vasvit@earthlink.net

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Internal customer service problems really a problem at Ylighting.

"Know body can get it right at Ylighting. We ordered expensve Legrand Adome outlets, and they were shipped with the wrong face plates. Two months later, Yes two months I called and called and was promised by Nitin Nimgaonkar & Utisha W. that they shipped to our job site the correct faceplates. Never happened ! Then they said we shipped them to our work office in Miami. Not a chance that was true. Finally Jaxon Ramsel rescued us, and all is now fine. He promised us the next order would be better, not to sure if we would try them again, but never know. "

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Customer service? What customer service?

"I purchased two pendant fixtures from Y Lighting in June, both arrived with manufacturers defects. Response from customer service was literally non existent but after a few months two replacement fixtures arrived. After trying 5 times to get UPS to take the deficient fixtures back to Y Lighting, I finally gave up when they advised that I simply throw them out. Fast forward a month and I receive an invoice from UPS for the shipping, which I refused to pay. For two months I sent the invoices back to Y Lighting requesting they deal with this and have it paid. Two months later I receive a demand notice from a collections agency for the un-resolved shipping payment. When I forwarded that to Y Lighting I received a non delivery notice on the email as the representative I had been dealing with was no longer there. Phoning them is useless, no one answers.

Foolishly, after a couple of months of no additional invoices from UPS, I believed this issue was resolved. I then ordered three small pendants from Y Lighting. I received them this week. However, I received two fixtures, not three. After contacting Y Lighting, again, I was told someone from customer service would contact me. Don't believe a word these people say and do not order ANYTHING from this company.

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Don't use your credit card

"I have multiple transactions with YLighting and they had been fine. After the last one, I started getting unknown charges on my credit card, after the second one for $819, I shut the card down. I'm still in the dispute process. Good luck speaking to a human at YLighting.

Run - find another supplier, DO NOT use your credit card.

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They stole from me

I am a trade who has worked with many different companies and I have experienced the worst possible customer service from this company. At this point they have stolen money from me and I cannot get the same person on the phone twice to discuss it. I had two damaged light fixtures (one was a replacement) and my client decided to return both of them because he no longer trusted that they were quality. I was assured that we would get our money back, but we shipped both fixtures back and they are saying that they never received them. I was on the phone with a rep who sent me the return shipping for both fixtures. I told him that they had the same number and asked if it would be an issue and he told me it would not.

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This company does not care about it's customers

"I purchased 4 fans with optional LED lights. One of the fans was missing the light in the box. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to obtain the missing light. Occasionally, I actually get through with their phone jail but most of the time I am forced to leave a message and they never call back. Same could be said of returning emails. If you can, buy products that they offer elsewhere!"

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Long delays, sullen insulting staff.

"Missing parts. Nasty YLighting response. No follow up. No basic manners or decency. I have ordered a number of things from YLighting. Not again. They seem not to have found out that they are EASILY replaceable. They don't call back. They don't respond to emails. They don't apologize in any sincere way."

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Do not buy from them.

"I bought 2 Pablo table lamps from YLighting in May 2017. One of them was defective. It flickered when the switch was not even turned on. After many emails with 3 different persons, they said they would send me a replacement. The replacement came, but it was not a lamp, but a cord. So I took it to a lamp repair shop and had the cord replaced for $55.00. I sent them proof of my payment and asked to be reimbursed. I have not heard from them!"

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