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Product & services pricing 7.69/10
Chance of future purchase: 8.68/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.12/10
Customer service: 8.91/10
Return/Replacement policy: 8.40/10
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Sager NP8372 laptop review

"Fast startup, good resolution, fast loading speeds, good FPS for the games I've used so far/
The only minor thing I'd address is that the processor runs VERY hot very fast depending on the game I play even with the extra cooling platform I have. It doesn't affect gameplay or anything, I know laptop processors do tend to run hot depending on the game either way but I figured I should add this.

Helpful Cool


Satisfied Customer of Xoticpc and Asus Rog GL702VS-RS71

"TL;DR Bought an Asus Rog GL702VS-RS71 with IC Diamond paste and the option of "clean install remove bloatware" and I am happy with my purchase. They actually did remove all the bloatware! That alone is worth a rating star from me.

Longer story: I am a software developer by trade that likes to relax with video games in the evening. I spent several months looking for a gamer laptop that I could also use as a development machine. Specifically I wanted the Nvidia GTX 1070 card, a 17" 120Mhz 1920x1080 IPS monitor, 16Gb ram, and a SSD card with a total machine weight of around 6 lbs. Music is not important to me, so speaker quality was not something I looked for. I also rarely use the laptop keyboard so I also didn't consider typing on the laptop itself. This laptop was the only one I found that matched all of my criteria, although at $1900 (before tax), it's expensive.

The specs on the monitor match my 27" Samsung so I have had no issue with running dual monitors. I use VMWare to keep my Win10 and Linux development environments separate from everything else. The 16Gb ram and SSD give me sufficient space and speed that I hardly notice when I'm operating in a virtual machine.

In reviews that I'd read, some people were concerned with thermal heat and throttling of the cpu due to the 1070 card. I undervolt the cpu by 110mV just because I can, but I haven't had any issue so far with heat or throttling. I do make sure that the laptop always has very good airflow around it.

The one negative? The length of time to receive the computer from time of order. This isn't Dell speed here. I ordered just before Thanksgiving and it shipped 3 weeks later. Regardless, I've been very happy with my laptop so far.

Helpful Cool




Helpful Cool


Xotic PC - Excellent

"I ordered a customized Gigabyte Aero 15x Laptop from Xotic PC. I tried at least 4 other online retailers but nobody had inventory or the willingness to customize the product. I ordered it on the 3rd and received on the 12th (even with having to go through customs). Given the lack of availability of the product i was pleasantly surprised with quick turnaround. I would definitely recommend XOTIC PC."

Helpful Cool


Extremely Pleased

"I purchased a computer about 2 years ago from Xotic PC. I’m still in love with my PC and I can rely on my boy Landon to hook me up with any advice on maintaining up to date versions of software to ensure optimum performance. I’m extemely pleased with my experience from the purchase up until now even 2 years later. Thanks xotic PC and Thank You Landon for all your support."

Helpful Cool


They made good

"We had a problem with the order but in the end they took care of it. Landon was a great guy to work with."

Helpful Cool
xoticpc's Avatar
xoticpc from Xotic PC has responded
Posted Jan-16-2018

“We apologize for the backorder and delay on your item. This customer is working with our Customer Loyalty Manager and has been refunded. Since the order is canceled Affirm with refund the first payment of $157 back to the customer. We very much regret we couldn't complete the order.”


Satisfied Customer

"I had ordered a MSI GP72x Leopard -1214 along with upgrades of ram NVE ssd and a 2 tb HD. Done this on 1-3-2018 received my laptop om 1-9-2018 went through everything and was fine. I would recommend Xoticpc as I had seen they did not overcharge on any of the upgrades along with them burn testing (which too me means they own it) and making sure the configurations were set. Having been a owner of an MSI laptop already and cannot begin to say what the upgrade tasks and costs were you cannot beat them and they are definitely an avenue to choose when purchasing a laptop and having them do the upgrades at reasonable costs might add just try and do the same with HP, Dell or any and see the price sky-rocket. Good job Xoticpc Techs. Thanks a bunch "

Helpful Cool


Good Luck getting your order or a Refund!

"First off understand I have ordered 2 Computers from XoticPC the First was in 2008 service was slow but I ordered a very high end rig that ran me 4,600.00 USD. It has lasted me almost 10 years, I decided it was time to get a new system, So I ordered a new Rig with only 3 Upgrades, Ram, HDD, and Office 2016. Easy, I could have parted it out and done it myself but I had ordered from Xotic before and decided to us them again. I placed my order on the 9th of Dec, Paid in full and funds were deducted by the 11th of Dec. On the 13th of Dec I did an on line chat with a sales rep by the handle of Emily to ask why my order was still in phase one of six and what was the estimated time for me to receive the system. She told me 7 to 9 Business days plus 3 days for ground shipping once funding had been processed. I pointed out they had already charged my card and I had paid. So working on the outside 13 days from my order date and taking out the Christmas Holiday I should have received my order by the 29th of December. (I didn't) not only that it had not left Phase one. After a series of failed live chats and emails I finally got ahold of an Eric on Jan 8th 2018 who told me that there was already an inquiry into my order and he couldn't find out why it was being held up till that was updated. on the 9th of Jan 2018 I got ahold of Emily again who told me it was held up because they did not have any copies of Office 2016... This is a Medialess program, its just downloaded. At first I told her to just drop that off my order, she told me it would be 1 to 2 days to change the order and then it would be processed. I then confirmed that the "processing" would be another 7 to 9 Business days and 3 days shipping. Which means I wouldn't see the system before the 26th of Jan 2018. I canceled my order, and I will NEVER do business with XoticPC again. I just found the same system and parts on their competitors site and added it to my cart with a 2 day delivery. (Waiting on my refund) Since 2008 Xotic PC Customer service has tanked, I will no longer be recommending them.


A Mr. Landon reached out to me and wanted to try and "make it right" after I posted this review. Here is his first comment on this review

" Let me begin by saying that the process and development of this order does warrant your review."

After several emails I stated My requirement would be 2 items, One a guaranteed delivery date of the 18th of Jan 2018 (next Thursday / one week later) and at no additional cost to me they upgrade the ram to the 64GB (4x16GB) G.SKILL Ripjaws DDR4 3000MHz I already had ordered the 32GB of the same. This is a 350$ Increase in cost they would take on, That on the whole original order as it stood and I would be happy.

Mr. Landon stated "I will be upfront and let you know that the RAM upgrade would not be possible. However, I would be happy to check in with the current config and an ETA" Mr. Landon followed up with an offer of a stock system shipped that day, (Why would I spend this kind of money and go to xotic for a stock system?) I can get that from ExcaliburPC or Amazon and cheaper.

So no guarantee it would arrive on my deadline and no reason to take another risk.

I am now waiting on my refund to place the 2 day order for base system and parts from another vendor and assemble it my self.

:::::Update 14 Jan 2018:::::

It has been 5 days since I canceled my order and I still do not have a refund. I used a Credit card and have already started making payments on a system I do not have.

Bonus Points they deleted this same review off of their facebook page and their forums, way to stay transparent.

::::Update 16 Jan 2018:::

Still have yet to get my refund 7 days after canceling my order. Mr. Landon wants to try and Price match their competitor and emailed me a request to list part and price so they can try and match it. I don't have time for this, I need my refund so I can purchase a computer.

::::Update 17 Jan 2018::::

Mr. Landon is persistent in attempting to get me to purchase a system. Yet I still have not received my Refund. I am out of time and will now have to travel with out a Computer.

::::Update 6 Feb 2018:::

I received my Refund on the 20th of Jan 2018 10 days after I canceled my order. IF you choose to do business with Xotic PC do so at your own risk. They are not transparent in their delivery and build process, they have a serious lack of communication till the customer walks away, and they take a long time to process refunds. I have now done Business with them twice and they have failed 50% of the time. As the saying goes Caveat Emptor "Let the buyer beware"!!!

Helpful Cool


Cancelled original order, replacement had incorrect configuration

"Cancelled original order, replacement had incorrect configuration

This company doesn't do a good job with custom machines, and they are absolutely terrible if any change ever occurs to your order. They do not appear to have an automated inventory system, which seems rather odd.

They cancelled my first order, a Thanksgiving special, indicating they were out of stock. Unfortunately, they notified me a full six days later, so I missed all the Black Friday specials. Note that payment had already been made.

I was contacted my a CSR who said if I bought a different computer, they would comp me with a backpack, some upgrades and rush shipping. So I did.

I received none of those things. The machine arrived several weeks later and was the wrong configuration. I contacted Xotic about it and they blamed me for not following their instructions to send an email to a different department. I provided the email that had been sent and was told, "Well, it's already shipped, so we can't do anything about it."

I contacted them one final time and was told that maybe I would get a free game. That was not provided -- they just sent a link to a game coaching site, which I have no need for.

Only buy if you have a standard order, and by no means make any changes to it or allow them to change it. If they are out of stock, just get your money refunded.

I will not be buying again. If this is the service on a $2,000 laptop, I'd hate to see what they do at the lower prices.

I will go back to another vendor -- the extra cost is worth it.

Helpful Cool


Terrible Experience

"In short, I have placed 3 orders because of configuration issues while building the machine on their website across 6 weeks. I have been told even though I am spending rearly $5000 all they can do is take away all the cyber sale promotions going on from thanskgiving to christmas, since they ran out due to complications out of my control, and rush build to my order. I am still waiting to see some of Xotic's "excellent customer service" or "dedication to excellence" but so far I have had headaches and lost all the promotions that got me excited to finally buy after watching your site on and off for 3 years.

Now more details. I have been trying to get a laptop for 6 weeks now and submitted my third buy order(you can transfer funds from previous order). The first one after calling and emailing at least once a week for 3 weeks finally said the computer could not be build the way I had it on their site and those options shouldnt have been there, ok fine everyone makes mistakes. I configured the second computer with Travis from XoticPC who confirmed there should not be any configuration issues with this one. After calling and sending emails almost everyday from 11/30/2017 to 12/21/2017 to make sure I could get this before Christmas I was told by Jake that MSI sent XoticPC the wrong configurations and they would have to fix this. I wondered how many people were affected by this. I figured since I am spending between $4000 and $5000 they would work with me a little since I was now having to configure my third system. After talking everyday from 12/27/2017 to 1/5/2017 they were going to include rush building($50) and diamond thermal compound($35) on my order, I was told initially. Since Sager is the only company that Xotic works with that can have multiple NVMe SSDs I had to go with one of their systems and since Xotic doesnt build those in their factory they then said they couldnt even do the diamond thermal compound. Upon placing my third order I was told that none of the Thanksgiving sales promotions I selected would be available and they are only willing to rush build my machine after all this. I have been as patient and willing to work with Xotic as I can possibly be but this has just about ruined my holidays because of how much money and stress all this has been and if there are any more issues I will definitely be taking my money elsewhere because its obvious they dont want it. Too bad because I have 3 people in my family that would like to get high end computers and a couple of friends that were thinking about getting new machines similar to mine.

Invoice Numbers and dates
100048273, 11/24/2017
100048573, 11/27/2017
100050595, 1/4/2018


2 days after posting this I was contacted by the sales manager I have been working with in regards to this review. While they still could not offer anything else in compensation for everything going, they were finally about to push my order through their financial department, give me a supplement payment to make up the different that my third machine cost, and rush build my computer which came to me 3 or 4 days after the last payment was submitted. I also appreciate the free 2 day shipping. I have been using it for 3 days and after updating all the drivers it seems to be working great. So far there are no build issues and my computer was build and shipped the way it was configured on their site. If you are willing to be patient and try to work with XoticPC and their prices are much lower then I would recommend them. However, for such a high dollar system as mine I feel like I shouldn't have had to stress and push so much so because of that I still can not recommend XoticPC without telling others my story so they can decide if its worth the stress or not.

Helpful Cool
xoticpc's Avatar
xoticpc from Xotic PC has responded
Posted Jan-10-2018

“We very much regret the issues you have experienced with us and want to ensure you we are addressing these issues and hope to come to a complete resolution you can be happy with. Our Customer Loyalty Manager has been in contact and we very much thank you for you business and the chance to make it right with you.”



"I have been doing research on gaming laptops for awhile I decide I wanted a msi. Then I ran across exoticpc and found out they build it to what you want they give you options on what to put in it and they build for you. The customer service is the best they kept me informed all the way thru the build. They even kept track of the tracking and kept me informed you don’t hear or see that any more I will definitely buy again and refer my friends and family. I love my MSI laptop"

Helpful Cool


Absolutely Phenomenal!

"So I wanted a laptop with a few slight variations from what I could normally find it with: better SSD, HDD, more ram, but nothing too extreme. I stumbled on XOTIC with the exact laptop I wanted. Not only did I get exactly what I desired (and a bit more in the personalization department) but the service and timing was beyond recognition. I even had a snag where apparently one part of my design wasn't possible, and was immediately connected to a real person who emailed me and requested a refund while being incredibly professional and supportive (Thanks Landon Y!). Shipping was great, condition so far is perfect, I will certainly be back!"

Helpful Cool


Very good customer service

"I particularly enjoyed the consistent updates - from product fulfillment to delivery - everything could be tracked with ease so you are never left guessing as with a lot of other companies. XOTIC obviously has their automation software on point. Also, had a question pre-sale and received a response the next day. I feel like if there was ever any issue it would be resolved quickly."

Helpful Cool


Always an excellent buying experience

"This is the second laptop I have bought from Xotic PC. I never experienced a single issue with the first laptop. I bought my new computer from them primarily because they have the most comprehensive burn-in process of any seller out there. So, you have to worry about having a part go bad soon after you unbox it. I am actually typing this review on the laptop I just bought from them. I literally turned it on as soon as I unboxed it, and I was up in running in about a minute. You can be sure that I'll be buying all of my computers from Xotic."

Helpful Cool


Laptop purchase

"I ordered a new Asus laptop to replace an older unit. The ordering process was easy and they kept me informed by email of progress. I would purchase from them again. They kept me informed of the process and laptop was delivered on time. "

Helpful Cool

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