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Product & services pricing 7.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 8.61/10
Shipping & packaging: 8.51/10
Customer service: 8.69/10
Return/Replacement policy: 8.26/10
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Good Gaming gears at cheap price!

"The best of the best when it comes to Gaming Hardware. Simple and Clean business"

Helpful Cool


Great Laptop for a Great Price!

"The XOTIC PC laptop from Sager is amazingly fast and very reasonably priced. The customer service team at XOTIC PC was very good, and helped before the purchase and after. "

Helpful Cool


A great experience

"I knew just what I wanted in a laptop and Xotic was able to provide all the little details with the high performance that I needed. But when I got the laptop, it had some problems maintaining a charge. It started malfunctioning right before the warranty expired, and I emailed them a day or two after the problem started, which was a day or two after the warranty expired. Since the problem started a few days earlier, they honored the warranty and I sent off my computer to be fixed. When I got it back it worked for a few days, then the problem started again. They faithfully took the laptop back and tried again. And a third time when the problem persisted again.

The problem is now resolved, and I have never had such excellent customer service. They have been patient and value that my experience is a good one. I would recommend Xotic to anybody looking to purchase a great computer.

Helpful Cool


Gigabyte Areo 15

"I spent a lot of time on the phone up to the purchase of this computer. I was coming from a MAC to a PC and had a lot of questions that needed clarification. I mostly spoke with a guy named Jake who was amazing. I was able to figure out what upgrades I needed and about all the cool offers that they had going on at the time. Additionally, after I received my computer I called on 11/27 as I couldn't get some of features with the function keys and keyboard coloring to work. I spoke to Jake AGAIN and he sent me all the drivers I needed to get me rolling.

The computer has also held up so far to what it was supposed to be able to do though I have only had a few weeks to test it out. The speed is pretty good, the battery life is awesome, and I really like the cool design and green color. Sort of sets me apart. I also like how customization some of the gigabyte drivers allow.

At this point, your probably wondering about the 3 star. Well, one of the free promotions was a free Funko Pop. I really like these collectibles and was excited to get a free one. Unfortunately, it was not appropriately packed and the box was damaged during shipping. I reached out to see what Xotic PC would do. I sent pictures as well and I received an initial response from Barry that he would have check to see if one could be sent and that if I hadn't heard from him in 1-2 days I should reach back out. Two days passed and I reached back out. After another day passed I used the chat feature and received a response at the end of the day. Barry wanted to know if the Pop itself was damaged which it wasn't. I explained that the box was important as these are collectibles. I was informed about 48 hours later (business hours) that since it was a free item that I would need to pay shipping to and from Xotic PC to send my old one back and get a new Pop. We all know that basically I could go buy a new one for that
I realize that this isn't a computer related issue but it speaks a lot to customer service. I purchased a $2,000+ laptop and accessories and part of that order was a Pop. It was damaged due to poor packing (space around the other two boxes crushed it) and the box was damaged. Therefore, part of my order was not satisfactory. Whether free or not should not matter in this case. Therefore, they get a three star as this doesn't leave a great impression at this point.

However, I truly believe that if I have any computer related issues they will be there promptly to help. I also believe there prices and services are fair.

Edit 12/27/17

I was contacted on December 22nd by Xotic PC again as they saw my review and wished to make things right. This is extremely important to note. They did not need to do this. There are plenty reviews for them that mine wouldn't cause a problem nor was mine really a bad rating. They reached out and we quickly came to an agreement to get things 100% good to go. In fact, the offer to make things go smoothly was so good that I called to make sure that it was actually correct and authentic. Jake answered again ( I am convinced that he is the only one that works there on the phones) and he quickly verified and made sure I didn't need any other help. I boosted them to a 4 star rating because this service and experience was "Very Good" but having this issue taken care of 22 days ago would have been "Excellent".

Edit: 12/28/17

Upon seeing my updated review, Xotic PC decided that they were not satisfied with my increment increase to 4 stars (from 3 initially) and agreed that 20 days to attempt to fix an issue was to long. Thus, they offered some free gear as an apology for the time. Therefore, its important to note a few things here: 1. The Xotic PC people that you work with stick with you. My two were Barry and Jake. Jake did all my technical difficulties and Barry did all my customer satisfaction/shipping issue communications. Barry really stepped up to the plate at the end of all this. He reached out to me on several instances with proper professionalism and the understanding that the wait time and issue needed to be addressed. I was able to chat with him on their website and quickly engaged in great dialogue asking about various things and ending very satisfied about the entire situation. The second thing is that if you are willing to work with Xotic PC they are willing to make things work. While not necessarily miracle works they do try their best when treated properly. Barry was going all over his building to get the necessary approvals to make things right with me. It is super important to note that these guys are also human and act human. They are willing to joke and have some fun and I will continue to purchase from them in the future.

I HIGHLY recommend this company for anything computer related as you will not be disappointed with their non-peak (Holiday time is tough for them in terms of responding) time service. They are always friendly and for my computer issues super fast and accurate.

Helpful Cool


Wrong laptop and screwing over the customer

" I requested a PHONE CALL because Jake has already lied to me twice about this order before it shipped! I ordered SKU: K7848 and you sent me SKU K9816 I can tell the difference because there is no pop out fan where the cd drive is there is no Subwoofer like the one I ordered and most of all you cannot change the colors of the keyboard like you can on the one I ordered. I get you guys dont want to help me even though I spent the money. Im supposed to send back said laptop and continue to pay on financing on something that I dont even get to own! so again I say I appreciate the PHONE CALL I requested and thank you for the amazing customer service and compassion! Landon never did want to work with me just wanted me to return it to fix his mistake"

Helpful Cool


Very smooth shopping experience

"As its title, this is an excellent experience. For the first time I feel so happy the information on the website is a little bit confused I think because of the dark color but overall it is fantastic."

Helpful Cool


the best customer service i've ever experienced

"I've had my Sager laptop for about 7 months now, which is plenty of time to put it through its paces. The machine performs beautifully, and although a small defect with the hinge and the chassis necessitated shipping my laptop back to the manufacturer for repairs, the Xotic PC customer service agent who helped me through the RMA process was hands-down the most patient representative I've ever had the pleasure to work with! Kudos for answering my ten million questions!

After my laptop was returned to me, I ran into some unexpected issues related to Windows 10. I thought Xotic PC would tell me to direct my queries to Microsoft, but the same rep was willing to help me straighten out my Windows issues, too!

Seriously, it is the best customer service I've ever experienced, and I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with them. I really can't thank them enough for going above and beyond to help me not once, but twice! I'll definitely be going back to them next time I'm in the market for another laptop!

Helpful Cool


Most Kick A$$ Laptop Ever

"I am a very impatient person. So going the custom route was an experience for me. I had to wait a while, so I recommend patience, it was totally worth it. I got a Sager/Clevo custom build with the GTX 1070, and souped it up with 1 TB of RAM, 4.0 ghz and 4 TB storage space. I also laid out for a custom paint job, Royal blue with green highlights. I had some early issues with the RAM having moved during delivery. So I learned how to fix that thanks to tech support. I was a little frazzled given the circumstances but Xotic made me comfortable, helped me, and educated me. I recommend getting one of the souped up gaming PCs. I am not much of a gamer but this thing is super great for all my work"

Helpful Cool


Good customer service, excellent product

"I was looking for a supplier that still customized laptops because none of the default configurations fit my needs and I didn't want to fix it after buying I decided to order with XoticPC. Other then the rough start with the international order (if you do not accept Paypal payments for international orders do not make it an option in the checkout process), everything went perfectly. I was updated regularly, communication was clear and quick. Their preferred delivery partner FedEx arranged the import flawlessly and the package arrived without any issues. I would definitely recommend XoticPC even for international buyers."

Helpful Cool


Great Service

"I had great help with my RMA for a fan replacement. They were responsive and great help on getting me the fans. Only reason I am dropping the star is on the original order they screwed up on the main ssd. Paid extra for a large nvme and got the standard build one. If you do custom purchase check your specs when the machine received. "

Helpful Cool


Fantastic Experience!

"When I started looking for a new gaming laptop a friend said "You are getting it from XoticPC right?". So I checked out the web site and discovered the excellent comparison engine and the number of customizations available and decided to get it from them. Travis in Customer Service was able to answer all of my pre-sales questions as well as helping me out with a few questions after I received the laptop. The shipping was fast and the service was excellent. I would definitely do business with XoticPC again."

Helpful Cool


Amazing quality builds, Fash shipping

"What a wonderful experience this was! I had a "Custom" build laptop that was built and shipped to my house within a week! I was extremely surprised to turn on the laptop with 95% of the garbage add ons from Windows 10 already gone and the computer was totally optimized for performance. Extremely satisfied and would recommend this company to any gamer!"

Helpful Cool


They made it right and I am happy

"I travel every week for work and needed a light, but powerful gaming laptop (my prior generation was just barely underpowered for VR at home). I thought about getting a stock model on newegg and then upgrading the components myself, but I would always worry that I missed something. Plus, who has time for that?

Initially the product shipped without working USB ports which was a disappointment because of the premium price tag. But XPC was very responsive, paid for the return round trip and fixed it (loose cable) and shipped it back out the SAME DAY they got it.

I chose XPC because they are US-based and they stand behind their work. I ultimately, was not disappointed.

Helpful Cool


Excellent Company

"After reviewing all of the online builders of custom laptops, I chose Xotic as they had the most diverse selection of components and options. I'm glad i did, I selected a MSI GE62 Apache Pro-008 with every option wanted. I was kept update as it was being assembled and tested, and finally when it was shipped. I chose Custom Formed & Injected Foam Premium White Glove Packaging. When received it and was more than satisfied with the processional way it had been shipped and glad I had chosen this option. The laptop has been working for several months with no problems and I would not hesitate to recommend Xotic, and when I need to upgrade will take advantage of the free upgrades."

Helpful Cool


Excellent Customer Service

"I had a bit of a rocky start with my experience in purchasing my laptop. The rep who took care of me did an excellent job of patching things and getting my laptop to me fast the thing is a piece of art and an excellent build will definitely go back to them for future upgrades and builds! "

Helpful Cool

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