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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 7.50/10
Chance of future purchase: 8.27/10
Shipping & packaging: 8.67/10
Customer service: 8.84/10
Return/Replacement policy: 8.24/10
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Excellent Customer Service and real care for customers by the company

"I have had a very pleasant experience with the user friendliness of the website. I did not feel any discomfort either in the website or with the chats with the service centre. This website portrays relevant and detailed information and reply quickly if any need arises. They clearly explain and inform about the process and what is going on with your order. I am quite satisfied with the way they care about us, the customers. It is obvious that they are doing their best, and its amazing. they provide a wide variety of payment options and have an excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend. These guys know their stuff and do a hell of a good job "

Helpful Cool


Fantastic Communication, great service

"I had been researching my next computer for weeks and finally decided on a Gigabyte Aero 15. After watching their video reviews and reading testimonials, I bought from Xotic PC. My favorite part of the service was their availability to chat on the website or trade emails at every step of the process. It made it very convenient.

Whenever a new stage in the build was completed and new one began, I received an email telling me what was going on with my build, and updated timelines. From the time I purchased, until it was delivered was just about a week. The extra gifts in the package were a nice touch as well (t-shirt, mouse pad and cooling pad).

One piece of feedback for Xotic, is to allow customers to re-route the packages to a FedEx store. I had a difficult time with FedEx delivering my package when I was available to sign for it, and even had to pay an extra $5 to FedEx to schedule my delivery when I could be home. With packages in the past that I've had to sign for, I've had them hold it at a FedEx location so I could grab it after work. I don't know if there is a reason for not allowing this, but just something to think about.

Anyway, I am very happy with my purchase, and will recommend Xotic PC to any friends and colleagues who ask. Thank you!

Helpful Cool


Quick & Reliable

"I had multiple laptop customizations performed on a brand new laptop. The laptop was completed and at my house in less than 6 days from placing the order. Multiple emails and texts were sent with each step of the process on their end. Plenty of opportunity to chime in about the process if needed from your end.
I have unboxed and turned on. Everything appears to be smooth and as stated on the order. Hoping to stress it a bit when I get some time to play on it. Thanks XOTICPC for the easy order and super fast delivery.

Helpful Cool


Would Purchase From Again - Very Happy Customer

"I am so happy I chose to order from XoticPC! Their site is easy to navigate. Their customer service is excellent. Each time I contacted XoticPC, whether it was through email or live chat, they always got back to me within a timely manner. I ordered a MSI GT62VR from them on September 2 and had it in my hands on September 12. I am happy with my purchase and I like knowing that I have access to their lifetime phone support as well as having the option to send my laptop back to XoticPC if I ever want to upgrade anything. I totally recommend ordering from XoticPC. "

Helpful Cool


Good Luck

"I bought an MSI Titan GT73vr 6RE-017, and it was the worst experience ever. When i first turnt it on, i noticed the recovery partition isnt even there. I spent 2 months fixing problems involving bluescreens and gpu failures. Even when I would turn off the gpu I would still have problems.
Im not done yet. 1 of the speakers gets fuzzy at 80% volume. The touchpad led most times stays on after i turn off the pc until i disconnect power (note most times, so its not an msi thing...). Right out of the box, I found a screw loose near the outside of the right fan and the front bottom of the cover was open.
I would be playing a Blizzard game (either wow, hots, ow or hs) or something old like far cry 3 and out of nowhere the pc would turn off.
The cherry on top is when i mailed them and they replied telling me to find the closest msi company for help.

Update: Xotic recontacted me after my previous post and tried to diagnose the problem, and they concluded with a faulty ram. I sent it to a technician friend and he has repaired it. The problem wasnt faulty ram but rather a misconfiguration of the ssd that xotic placed for me.
Note: Xotic tried hard to assist me through emails and offered me a free piece of ram (but i had to pay shipping).

Helpful Cool



"Xotic PC was an outstanding experience from start to finish. After adding some custom upgrades to the machine I was ordering, I was expecting it to take much longer then it actually did. Total time from ordering to getting and setting up my new computer was 6 days....That awesome.

Thanks Xotic PC. You made a lifetime customer out of me!

Helpful Cool


Xotic PC - Great Service, Beautiful Product

"I ordered an Xotic PC G6 Viper with a GTX 1080ti, i7 7700k processor and many other great features. During the waiting process, I changed several things and realized that I did not opt in to several freebies (such as RGB lighting). Even though they already had my order and I had already supplied my card info, they went above and beyond to make sure that it turned out exactly as I wanted it. They gave me the RGB lighting for free, as well as some other freebies (tshirt, mousepad, mortar mouse). They even upgraded my graphics card the day i requested it. All in all, it took about 25 days to be built, shipped, and arrive. It would have been even shorter, but the shipping/packing machine malfunctioned adding a few days to my wait time. Throughout the process, they even have a progress meter telling you which phase your unit is in (inventory gathering, build, paint, ship, etc). Overall, I am very happy with how it came out. When it arrived to me, it was neatly packaged in such a way that Xotic pc used bags filled with foam that hardened to match the form of my pc. My experience was wonderful with every person I talked to (especially Jake M. who went above and beyond for me several times). The PC turned out beautifully and I will definitely order from Xotic again in the future! Great Service and a beautiful product all in one package!!!"

Helpful Cool


Great experience

"I ordered a new Sager NP8157 from Xotic PC on August 8, 2017. In less than a week, I had it in hand. I received great communication all along the way. I also had a couple of opportunities to use their online chat service and had answers very quickly via that avenue as well. I don't think you can go wrong with this company."

Helpful Cool



"Xotic Pc has given me the best computer reseller/modification service I could ask for. It was my first time custom ordering a laptop and adding modifications and it was very important for me to make sure I was getting the best brand for work ( 3D modeling, vfx/compositing, Photoshop, and rendering + animation ! ). Prior to seeing all the brands they worked with I had only heard of Asus as the top gaming and mobile workstation brand. I must have called Xotic Pc over 10 times asking for their personal opinions on which laptop and brand would be the best for the work that I do, that also has a rgb keyboard, AND as a female, which laptop isn't going to be too heavy and break my back with all of the power I'm attempting to pack into it. They answered all my questions multiple times and I went with getting a customized Aorus laptop. The shipping and service was fast and reliable - I had email notifications and some text notifications letting me know the status of my order each step along the way. I would definitely recommend Xotic Pc for any future laptop/desktop modifications and custom orders - they were great ! Thanks to the whole team at Xotic Pc and Emily specifically for answering many of my questi"

Helpful Cool


Excellent Customer Service

"I ordered the MSI PE62VR. Initially, there were issues ordering the laptop as I was trying to order with paypal. I was told that my shipping address and billing address must be the same if I want to use paypal. Similarly, I was told the same for credit card. However, the loyalty manager reached out to me and clarified that my addresses do not need to be the same if I were to use a credit card. After placing my order on 8/04, I finally received my laptop about 2 weeks later. Pretty quick considering that they do a burn in test and added thermal paste for me. The laptop is working great, though the screen is subpar but that's an MSI issue."

Helpful Cool


Excellent Customer Service! Amazing Product! Just one small thing...

"I want to start off by saying I am very happy with XOTIC PC. Their customer support is fantastic! It is very easy to contact someone, and every time I have talked to someone, they have been personable, patient, and I have always left the conversation entirely satisfied. I just received my new computer, as far as I can tell so far, the build quality is superb.

That being said, the 1 star detraction requires elaboration.

I originally ordered an Aorus x7 v6. I chose not opt for a rush build, figuring I could be patient about it. 2 agonizing weeks later, I found out the order is delayed due to my memory components. OK, thats fine, I asked for that. 4 Days after that however, I find out my order had been canceled because apparently Aorus discontinued the x7 v6 model... Obviously, I was disappointed and very frustrated, thinking "why did I wait 4 days if the actual computer was discontinued in the first place" (I realize now the orders were probably put in at the same time, they may have just heard about the memory delay before the discontinuation, but hey, I was frustrated).
But XOTIC PC took care of me! They told me if I wanted to make a new order with them, they would give me free rush build, and a free thermal compound upgrade, not a huge deal but thats worth a good $100 so, right on. I decided to splurge, put the money into the x7 v7 model. The process was fairly easy, I just put the order in, then emailed one of the sales reps saying I wanted replace the order, and it ended up costing about 400 more. Naturally I am going into this nervous, thinking there is going to be another delay, the rush build will be meaningless, they're going to forget the compound, etc... So I'm contacting them constantly nitpicking about the upgrades and asking for updates. Every time, regardless of how annoying I may have gotten, the sales and customer support team there did phenomenally. I just got my new Aorus x7 v7 and it is a gorgeous, beast of a machine!

Oh and it turns out: rush build? TOTALLY WORTH IT! I definitely recommend shelling out the $50 for the Rush Build. Received my order just 8 days after its purchase.

Helpful Cool


Cancelled Order; Disappointed.

"*UPDATE- I wanted to update this and let everyone know that Matthew, the Loyalty Manager, has called and reached out to me to apologize for the issues that I experienced. He seems like a nice guy. They admit that they had some inventory gathering issues, due to personnel changes, however were correcting this. Future orders should be right on schedule. I do understand this, and things happen, I just want to make sure everyone knows what did happen, the good and the bad.

I was very hopeful when I started my experience with this company. The options were great. The prices were great. The website was actually usable unlike some other computer building sites.
I was even more pleasantly surprised when I started using their online chat support. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Travis, Emily, and everyone else were great.
The problem started with my laptop order when I was still in Phase 1 (Inventory Gathering) after 14 Days of the order being placed and paid for. Mind you, the website said that it will ship between 7 and 9 business days. It had been 10 and I was still in Phase 1 of 5 phases...... (I know what work goes in to building a custom PC, so I know it takes time, however 2 weeks to gather inventory that is advertised on your website is absurd. On top of that, putting it together, installing windows, optimizing, calibrating, and overclocking, and then testing. I knew it was going to take another week at least before it was even shipped.)
So I decided to go with another company who can quickly acquire the goods needed for my build. I cancelled my order with them with a representative, who was also pleasant (Landon I believe), on 8/5. My Order status was changed during the day 8/7/17. Now another issue, I have not received my refund yet, and it has been 6 days, we are on the 5th business day since the order status changed.
I do not know about anyone reading this, however I am an eCommerce Marketplace Manager. If I had a department, or an employee, who was causing delays and slow turnaround time for anything in my business, there would be serious issues and change. eCommerce demands speed, quick turnaround, and perfect accuracy. I am not sure why it was taking so long to acquire parts, or why the refund process is absurdly long. I also know that I ordered a similar laptop from another company on 8/6/2017 and it will be here 8/14/2017. I have my tracking already.
I am disappointed because the support team at the very least was phenomenal. I have to get another laptop for my wife since hers is failing. I was going to get mine from Xotic now, then get hers in a few weeks...... Unless something significantly changes with this company, I will not be visiting their site again for my computer needs.

Helpful Cool


Outstanding Product and Service

"I recently received my higher-end MSI PC from XOTIC and am pleased with both the computer and the service provided by XOTIC. Selecting my specific build was straight forward on the XOTIC website and I was able to specify exactly what I wanted. While I waited for delivery, XOTIC provided frequent updates on the build process so I knew how it was progressing. When I received the computer (which was sooner than originally expected), I found it robustly packaged and well protected from damage. All setup was completed by XOTIC and they fully tested the machine to ensure that it performed as expected. All in all, this was a great buying experience. I will not hesitate to buy my next computer from XOTIC."

Helpful Cool


Great customer service!

"I've brought from Xotic PC before, so when it came time to get a new laptop, they were my first stop. Excellent customer service (thanks Emily M) with informative staff who give you objective answers -- no hard selling. Xotic PC price-matched another seller, too. After-sale support is also strong. Can't recommend them enough."

Helpful Cool


Responsive Customer Service

"I recently ordered a gaming laptop from Xotic. It was built and shipped quickly, and I received it earlier than the original estimate. The laptop itself seems very solidly built.

I did have some frustration over the fact that when it first arrived, the laptop had repeated issues connecting to the internet and staying online. I thought the network card itself was bad, and had initially posted an annoyed review here.

Xotic saw the review, and reached out to me immediately to try and help. They had a top tier tech placed on the issue, who was willing to do a remote session to help diagnose the issue. Ultimately an older driver seems to have been the fix.

Appreciate the help, Matthew and Barry. Both were very responsive and professional when dealing with a frustrated customer, which is never easy - thank you.

Helpful Cool

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