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Product & services pricing 7.69/10
Chance of future purchase: 8.68/10
Shipping & packaging: 9.12/10
Customer service: 8.91/10
Return/Replacement policy: 8.40/10
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Very lousy n bad experiences with Asus Zephyrus M GM501GS-XS74

"I can't believe I have to return my first Windows based laptop. I never returned any pc I purchased before and this is truly the 1st time i have to do that. The next day after I received it. I already had to call up Xotic PC for tech support. The videos can never be shown on Youtube/FaceBook and even recorded online videos wouldn't work. They did help to download the dirver and i thought everything would be fine. Little did I know afterwards, more issues popped up. Wifi would drop for no reasons n I'm very sure my internet connect is all good because my old MacBook air still works flawlessly. Videos buffering would happen all the time and it takes 5-7 minutes before it will play again. After that, I started contacting Asus tech support and their employees n services really ****. They advised Xotic PC did not install the softwares/firmwares correctly. We did a re-installation. After that, the problems still exist for another week. I ended up going back to Xotic again to do so many firmwares update. I almost had to call for tech support every other day. There were a least 10-12 firmwares to be updated. I guess I spent at least more than 25 hours during the first 3 weeks on tech support from both parties. IT'S SUPER AMAZING! I questioned Xotic PC sales rep n complained if it's really the problems from Asus or its internal production team and quality control?
When after all the softwares issues are resolved, another huge obstacle happened arose. My Ninja Trader Brokerage firm that uses the Teamviewer for remote assistance cannot establish any connections at all no matter how tedious we checked n tested. It's like spending 3 hours averagely on a daily basis for another whole week n Xotic PC also tried to help without any successes. I was really sick n tired of this and feeling VERY VERY FRUSTRATED. Too many unknown variables and nobody has the solutions/answers to it and did't have all that time to trace where the issue originated and I always had to schedule tech support online with Ninja Trader in the morning first. This whole situation has wasted me lots lots of precious time.
However, I'm willing to give it a second chance with Xotic PC all due to the sales/tech/customer service like Eric/Landon/Emily were very helpful. This is the major reason. I do advise the management to have serious quality control at bay. I had a friend who did desktop PC customization before ( and yes, that was my first desktop customization) we never ran into so many major issues like this. When installations are done properly, there shouldn't be too many issues occurred. I do advise the management to have serious quality control at bay.

Helpful Cool


MSI GP73 leopard -014

"This is my 2nd MSI laptop from Xotic PC in 6 years. Competitive pricing, great options to select from. I use mine a lot for photography so I love that I could get the screen calibrated. The 17 inch screen is awesome. Stock sound works good for what gaming I do. WOW and EQ settings are maxed and it runs like a champ. Flight sims run perfectly. This is my first SSD and it boots up RIGHT NOW! I've had this a month now and love it, so far so good. I'll get the hinge fixed on my 6yr old one and clean it out and have a great backup for vacation trips cuz it still runs admirably for a 6yr old laptop. Thanks Xotic PC, you guys rock! "

Helpful Cool


Sager NP8954 (CLEVO P955ER)

"The 8954 is a slim and powerful laptop. I ordered mine with 500Gb SSD, 2TB SSHD, and 32Gb of Ram. An easy desktop replacement with enough hardware for gaming, office applications, and lighter than many other models on XoticPC. I have used XoticPC in the past, and this time I was upgrading and looking to replace my old SAGER NP8268-S (CLEVO P150SM-A) laptop. My previous experiences with XoticPC were great. Owning the 8268 which is still working I knew I was getting a great product and support from XoticPC again.

During the time I have used and owned it the 8954 is a excellent laptop. While gaming or using the laptop to watch movies the laptop does heat up, but as many experienced pc gamers know, it is recommended to get a notebook cooler if this is a concern for you. Performance is great. I was able to run Sniper Elite 4, Train Simulator, and StarCraft 2 all in Ultra graphics settings. My son played Garry's Mod and Shadow of Mordor on this laptop with no issues. MS Office applications and networking performance is also great on laptop. I did not opt for getting additional services to overclock it. In my opinion it's not needed as any game available will be excellent on this machine at this time.

Overall - the price and quality are great. The graphics and performance are excellent, and you will be happy with this laptop.

Helpful Cool


Gigabyte Aero 15W v8-BK4 - Fantastic!

"I was expecting a lot, and it's even better than I had hoped for.

lot of the reviews mentioned fan noise and keyboard and possible wek points but I actually love the keyboard and the fan noise isn't bad at all.

Take my advice - get a good NVME drive - you won't regret it.


Helpful Cool


Great customer service

"Just received my aero 15x yesterday everything looks great. All the modifications, including having windows on my new hardrive, have been made.
Screen looks good, no backlight bleed.
Keyboard seems fine too no chattering for now. Great store and customer service

Helpful Cool


Xotic PC Aero 15x amazing laptop epic service

"I purchased an Aero 15x the full 4K Edition from Xotic PC and received fast shipping and very knowledgeable staff. Landon over at Xotic PC was able to find out every issue with the current drivers installed and provided tech support via email to me and assisted solving all issues for me. I now am very familiar with Gigabytes software and how to properly update all drivers/bios/firmware etc.

The laptop Aero 15X is a beast I mean anything I throw at it never stalls or stutters performs like a champ. I really confide in Gigabyte/Aorus products. They have not let me down yet. I am very pleased with their products as a whole. I will continue to be a well satisfied customer for years to come. This is my second Gigabyte laptop. Previous model was the Aorus X7 DT V7 and that was a great laptop as well. The Aero 15x 4K edition is by far the best laptop I have ever owned. I mostly use it for productivity video editing but some gaming on the side it does everything I need it to. No complaints after appropriate drivers/bios were installed. It's all smooth sailing from here thanks Gigabyte :)

Helpful Cool


BUYER BEWARE - Don't waste your money

"Haha so about a year and some months ago I got myself my first gaming laptop from Xotic PC. Saved up for ages, family and SO pitched in, designed the concept of my dream computer, $2500 painful but worth it to get that perfect computer.
Finally gets to me. Immediately notice some problems.
Security software I paid 40 bucks for? Haha it's just a free version they installed and took 40 bucks for. Whatever. Should have read the fine print. (But yeah if you're still considering them after this, don't spring for any additional software, just buy your own).
More concerning, about 50 percent of the time I boot it, the screen won't turn on - grey or black or blue. Gotta hard reboot it for it to restart.
I'm still excited about an actual gaming computer so I ignore it; it's an extra step that i sometimes have to take.
Then the bluescreens start. Literally within a week. "But they have a good customer support team, they'll help me!" Naive me thinks. I reach out, ask them about it. After a long email string later and running some diagnostics, they say it's an issue with the touch pad driver.
Easy fix.
Except it doesn't fix anything.
I get in contact with them again, we keep messing around with drivers. Nothing. So finally they tell me, eh just do a clean install. Here's the instructions.
Side note: during this clean install, I find out that the "genius" that built my computer installed the freaking OS on the 400 mb backup drive instead of the 1 terabyte drive. Good job. No wonder I was running out of space.
Do the clean install, swapping the drives in the process.
Still doesn't fix it. The bluescreens continue.
At this point, I'm past the month cutoff for return with refunds. So I'm stuck with this thing unless I can sell it off. (by the way check out Xotic PC's marketplace. Look at all the "barely used, bought this for 2500, will take 1000" posts. Honestly considering the same thing, it's the only thing that could redeem this POS computer).
I think I've seen 5 or 6 different stop codes; driver stop codes mostly but some more concerning ones. After consulting with a friend of mine who also builds computers (wish I'd have met him a little earlier .-. ), seems the computer's power supply is also not enough to support the graphics card. So if I want this thing to function properly I need to spend even more on it to fix that.

My old $700 dell worked better than this. Come on guys.

Don't repeat my mistakes. If you do decide to try your luck and buy from them, test that computer to its limits in that first month and if there's ANY issues just return it. Save your money.

Helpful Cool
xoticpc's Avatar
xoticpc from Xotic PC has responded
Posted Aug-03-2018

“Thank you for your business and providing us with the correct order number. We regret that you have had troubles with your machine and the troubleshooting hasn't helped. We pride ourselves on our customer service and build quality and when we fall short we do everything we can to make it right. Someone from our Customer Loyalty department will be reaching out to come up with a solution. Thank you.”


Fantastic Customer Service

"I wanted to buy a laptop for my sister as a present. Since I was traveling I needed expedite and Emily and everyone else I talked to was very friendly and diligent. I was able to get my computer on time (order on Monday and had it by Friday in Boston). So kudos for the great customer service. I don't have any comments about the computer as it was a present and my sister is the one using it (and probably too early for her to review - since she just got it). "

Helpful Cool


bought a SAGER NP9175 (CLEVO P775TM-G) laptop

"GREAT LAPTOP for gaming, works EXTREMELY perfect on PUBG and CSGO with high FPS, gona try different games later... amazing customer service and experience, Emily.M@xoticpc.com was my online chat assistant and he did very well in serving me!"

Helpful Cool


good laptop, glitch on the site....

"bought a new asus laptop when building it i selected the default 500 gb m.2 ssd along with a 128 m.2 and the default 1 tb sshd
when i got the laptop the 500 gb m.2 was missing after several calls i found out it was a glitch on the site. it its advertised with something it should come with it... other then getting screwed out of a ssd the laptop is great so far

Helpful Cool


Gigabyte Aero 15X purchase - Excellent

"Amazing laptop, smooth and powerful, CPU and GPU temp don't usually go much over 80 Celsius during gaming with the cooling pad. Had no issues with the laptop whatsoever. It's lightweight and powerful - just what I need as a student.

I was presented with a clear roadmap and regular status updates up to the delivery stage by Xotic PC. Very prompt and clear overall.

Helpful Cool



"Fast and super service for a quality product"

Helpful Cool


Communication was severly lacking on a $6500 laptop and SSD was not installed.

"This is my 3rd computer from XoticPC. All of them are awesome gaming laptops including my recent purchase of a new MSI i9 1080 Titan. Which is phenomenal!

Communication along the way was very difficult. The pre-order was delayed...no one told me until I called them (I gave them 2 weeks after their website said it was available). The "build status" under your account management was not accurate. Which led to too many live chat sessions. Also, if you live chat after hours they really can't tell you much about your orders. They told me I would be contacted the next day...which they did not.

What surprised me the most was that one of the SSD drives was not partitioned at all. In fact, I initially thought they forgot the 3rd drive but I am familiar with Windows enough to set it up. You would think a $6500 laptop would get white glove treatment...but not so. Very disappointed and a very different experience from my earlier purchases several years ago. Most likely I will shop elsewhere.

Helpful Cool
xoticpc's Avatar
xoticpc from Xotic PC has responded
Posted Aug-03-2018

“Hello, and thank you for your repeated business. We apologize for the confusion around your pre-order as well as the SSD drive not being partitioned. We pride ourself on our build quality and regret that we made a mistake. I am confident we can make this right with you to earn and keep your business. Someone from our Customer Loyalty department will be reaching out to make this right. Thank you.”



"It was my first time dealing with XOTIC PC. I am very pleased with how my order was handled. They even updated me as my order went through each step of the custom build down to the shipping of my order. Customer service was great and they answered all the questions I had before I made my purchase (Thank you, Emily). They have gained a loyal customer here...Keep up the good work!"

Helpful Cool


Clevo N850EP

"Good Pricing for their services as well as some pretty awesome customization options, i was getting a computer for school that needed to run some pretty heavy applications, service staff always responded within 24 hours for email and if you use their chat service on the site its all in real time. In my experience the employees i dealt with over the phone, email, and online chat service were either very knowledgeable, or were willing to find the information for me about certain product. If i need another laptop or if anything goes wrong with my current one, I at least have some faith in the tech support."

Helpful Cool

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