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Unprofessional and unreliable

"I placed an order online and got the biggest runaround.

Impossible to talk to them. After 15 minutes on hold they cut you off.

If you are lucky to speak to them they are full of it just hot air excuses.

Finally, decided to go to a retail store and got a competitor's product at similar price.

Helpful Cool


Excellent (If you like to receive BROKEN dishes!)

"I would recommend that you find a different reseller. For whatever reason, this reseller has some serious issues in their Shipping department. I'm not sure why, but they do not seem to understand that when packing and shipping fragile items, such as Corningware, Corelle, etc. that it is a very, very bad idea to stack them one upon another without any type of barrier (bubble wrap, paper, anything...) between the items. This company stacks glass on top of glass. The result? Broken, shattered, destroyed, mutilated items received by customers, which results in a lot of effort by a lot of people that is 100% avoidable.

After all shipments (including replacement items) were received, I have received nine items. Six of the nine items were received shattered into small pieces during shipping. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that you can't pack fragile items stacked on top of each other without separating them with separate wrapping material.

Here are the details:
I placed an order for three items. All three were shattered into small pieces upon arrival. I tried to call the company. They were closed due to weather. I tried to email them. Their response? We'll contact you in three to five days.

I finally received a response from the company. No apologies from them. They promised to replace the shipment. After several days, I received an email with a tracking number. When I checked the tracking number, I noticed that they shipped it to my billing address, not the address I had received the original order.

I emailed them to let them know that they had shipped to the wrong address. I received a reply that "Under the circumstances..." they could only ship to the address they originally shipped to. I responded that this was the problem, they were shipping to a different address. They replied that they had shipped to the same address, which they provided in the email. After several more back and forth emails - and getting no where with this - I sent a screenshot from the UPS website showing the city didn't even match were they said they were shipping it to. They finally caught on that they had shipped the replacement order to the wrong address.

Several days later, I received a new tracking number. This one seemed to show the correct address. Yay? Not quite.

The first replacement order arrived - sent to the wrong address. Sort of good news - Two were not shattered, but one was a goner. At least one more shipment was on it's way.

A few days later, the second replacement order arrived. I knew as soon as I picked up the box that this was not good. I could hear the broken pieces in the box. All I needed was one more to complete my original order of three dishes. Fortunately, one did manage to survive, but not in perfect condition. It feels a little rough on the edges after traveling in the box with broken shards of Corningware. I would complain, but I'm just done with this ridiculous company and their lousy business.

So, lesson learned: This company has a very serious issue in their shipping department. They do not know now to pack fragile items for shipment. If I were a stockholder of this company, I'd be selling ALL of my shares - STAT!!!

As for their Customer Service department: They need to learn to apologize for the inconvenience their customers are experiencing. I would feel bad for them for dealing with these issues, but they don't seem like the smartest bunch of people.

I will never purchase from this company again. I felt it necessary to inform others that poor business practices are rampant with this company. Perhaps they would spend less time crafting all of those emails and more time learning how to ship actual orders.

Helpful Cool


Horrible Experience!! Still don't have my dishes.

"I received an online coupon so i went ahead and ordered the big set of Winter White dishes - the 76 piece set that they list for $199. The email also said I would have free shipping. I still had to pay $8 shipping for some reason - I guess because the box is so heavy. The big heavy box arrived in about a week. I took all my old dishes out of the cabinet and took them to the church thrift store. I opened my new box and started putting them into the dishwasher to get ready to use them. The serving pieces were winter white but when I opened the boxes of the place settings they were white with a black stripe or black stripes with black boxes. They are really ugly. I called and waited and waited and waited and could not get a person on the line just a message about unusual wait times. So I emailed them about the order being wrong. It took them 5 days to answer my email and ask for photos. I emailed them photos attached the way they said and waited another 5 days and they emailed and said they couldn't open the photos. I tried to call again and waited and waited and waited with the same "heavy call volume message." I am 3 weeks into this and no dishes I can use because I am afraid if I use these wrong ones they want take them back. I don't know if it will ever get resolved. This is ridiculous and I don't even want the dishes anymore.
I order from Amazon and other retailers online all the time and I have never had an experience this awful.

Helpful Cool

zeta's Avatar
Top Reviewer!

"Ordered Jul 24 2014, shipped on the same date.
Delivered Jul 28 2014

I even used a coupon that probably was an error and the item shipped without any problems.

Helpful Cool


"I tell to add an item to my order and now I see my order has been cancelled.
Why was it not initimated to me that deals would no longer be applied to me even if I ordered earlier.

This is ridiculous and I want my order "00313901" to be processed with original cost i had paid earlier..
I had simply told to add item# 1112847 of 16pc glassware

I want my order to be processed with previous deal and want it processed right away.

This is ridiculous.
Why didn't nobody inform me that the discount or sale would no longer be available to you.
I had high hopes with "shopworldkitchen" besides trying amazon all this while.
I am never gona shop from you guys and inform the same to others.

After 2 days I get a reply that my order has been cancelled.

Now I cannot even get the same deal.

I simply wanted to add a 16piece glassware to my order and this is what I get..


I had informed all my friends and relatives that shop world kitchen had a good deal, but now I surely take my words back and suggest this to nobody.

Amazon customer service is way better

Helpful Cool


"Ordered dinnerware sets, one came damaged. This was due to poor packaging and no labeling on the package that tells the carrier - it should be handled with care.
I have tried to call worldkitchen several times, and each time I call their customer service line, I get the automated message that due to high call volume, my expected wait time is more than 20 minutes. Do they every answer people's call?
I have written several emails, and it takes them days to respond.
I need my set as I am travelling soon, and they do not seem to care about that.
Furthermore, I needed a replacement of the entire set vs. just sending me the broken pieces. Is that too much to ask? Why should I be bothered to open the box, figure out which pieces are broken, and repack the box for me to take?
I believe they should do what is convenient for me, not what's convenient for them.
This is my first time purchasing from WorldKitchen and I can assure you, it will be the last as well.
I do a great deal of purchases online, but this is by far the worst.

Helpful Cool


"World Kitchen now controls Corning, Pyrex, Revere and that family of brands. They were sold until late 1990's as LIFETIME Warranty. Do not expect World Kitchen to stand behind these products, they review every claim and find a reason to deny it. Now these products are carrying 25 year warranty but it is totally worthless because the company does not honor them. Buy these products with the intention of them being throw aways."

Helpful Cool


"We lose tops to things all the time, in the same way that we end up with mismatched pairs of socks. So this time we needed four blue plastic covers of different sizes for Pyrex dishes.

It took quite an Internet search to find everything I needed at a price that wasn't almost as much as the cost of buying both dish and cover. But at World Kitchen they cost a fraction of what they would have even on Amazon.com, even though I get free shipping from Amazon.

I had no problem whatsoever with delivery or quality. I just hope I can remember their name next time I lose some more covers.

Helpful Cool


"Bad business. I ordered a few Corelle bowls and plates during Black Friday 2014 but only the bowls was shipped. In the packing slip, they put "Back ordered". When I checked back to my account online, it still showing "Being processed". I emailed them twice but no one answered me. I then called them, suddenly they said that my order was cancelled! I don't know how their business still alive with such a bad practice like that. I asked a woman who named herself Stephanie to connect me to the Manager, she said that he was not available and got my number to call back. However, they NEVER called and even though on that day I sent the 3rd email through their website, no one answered. What an impolite store!"

Helpful Cool


"I placed 2 orders. 1st shipment came in in a very poorly packed condition with 2 broken pieces and 4 cups missing. Called their customer service and they replaced broken and missing items.
2nd order shipment came with one item back order and 2 items broken. Called yesterday for broken items and Jesmina said she will send replacement. Back order shipment came in today with wrong item; instead of CORNINGWARE® StoveTopT PYROCERAM® Just White 3L Casserole it is a small printed bowl. What a joke. Very disappointed with their shipping department.
5/24/13 received replacement items under shipment # 0016952482 in broken condition. What a waste of time.

Helpful Cool


"Called today to have a frying pan warrantied only to find out they are a rip off and wont warranty it. Its a Revere Ware and I paid good money for a quality product only to find its a rip off. Do not buy anything from them they will only take your money and laugh at you."

Helpful Cool


"I placed an order for Pyrex dishes that I had wanted 5 singles. Their pricing was great. Like half or less then Amazon or Target. I seemed to pick up from reviewers that shipping was slow-but no biggie as they weren't needed stat. They had a $1 upgrade for air shipping , so cheap enough so I went for it. Ordered Saturday night, shipped Monday- received like 2500 miles away on Tuesday. 5) 3 cup rectangular dishes w/ covers, freight, tax and awe for $23.74. Thank you WK!"

Helpful Cool


"I've purchased twice this year from World Kitchen, first a set of Corelle luncheon plates and standard bowls, then 2 months later a few replacement saucers after I broke one from my original set, unfortunately they no longer make it in my set's blue color so I settled for the same pattern in black. I paid via Paypal and quickly received email confirmation receipts for each, but no other correspondence. Both orders came well-packed with no breakage, arrived in a reasonable amount of time, and one came with a coupon for their brick-n-mortar store (it's bit of a drive so I haven't bothered yet, but it was a good coupon). "

Helpful Cool


"Placed an order using an advertised promo code on their website. Order got cancelled except for one item in that order without me being notified. Promo code is still valid today and they still have the same items in stock! To further the joke, I call them, and their away message for Thanksgiving weekend is using the dates from 2011. What a joke."

Helpful Cool


"World Kitchen is the best website for kitchen stuffs. Prices are really low and even have sale sometimes. Shipping cost and time is reasonable. Never encounter any problems and always very satisfied with the item I received. I keep visiting this website for sale and always happy with their services. This is my 4th time to bought corelle plates and pyrex here in this website."

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