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Rating 2/10

2 weeks no delivery. I called them 5 times & e-mailed.

"2 weeks no delivery. I called them 5 times & e-mailed. They refund money after 15 days BUT It was a gift for my son. He was looking nailbox everyday. Where is my order??? Don't trust woot.com "

Rating 2/10

Woot advertised 4 pallets of good, shipped 3 of them.

"I bid for 4 pallets of good on b-stock. They sent 3 pallets. I have opened a dispute. B-stock did not solve the problem.
Pallets were full of junk.
I lost almost 2/3 of my investment.
Keep away.

Rating 2/10

I echo all the negative reviews

"Who would have thought (am I that naive?) that Amazon, who owns Woot! - and which is headquartered n=just 10 minutes from my home in Carrollton, Texas; would be selling on eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here is the text of what I sent eBay in the last few minutes. I know you need no further explanation from me.
I have received this item in the last hour and expect a refund of the difference between the price I paid and the real price from Walmart - $345.44, so net refund of $112.43. The box is damaged. Two legs' paint is chipped. The table glass has scratches. YOU did not disclose that this item was produced exclusively for, sold at, and shipped by Wal-Mart - coming in the original Mainstays Wal-Mart box. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Braddock-Heights-4-Piece-Patio-Conversation-Set-Seats-4/10574359. Please immediate issue the refund I calculated above, or I shall open a dispute case with eBay and PayPal; provide the appropriate feedback on eBay; and send the item back to you at your expense. The limitation here is five photos, so I will provide the other photos to eBay Customer Service.
You have one business day after receipt to comply. Thank you.

Rating 8/10

i like them!

"I've always had a great experience with Woot. If I'm unsure of the product I always check the community posts and they are always very helpful. Since it's just a "until we sell out" site if there is any problem they will just refund you the price, which is fine with me!"

Rating 2/10

Broken Products and Broken Promises

"I bought a refurbished Fitbit that was a Christmas present from Woot which was dead on arrival. I immediately contacted Woot and they sent me to a third-party warranty fulfillment center. I did not buy from a third-party. I bought from Woot.

I submitted a claim with the warranty fulfillment center and more than a week later I have not heard anything from them. I contacted Woot and they offered me a partial refund or I could return it for a refund. I told them that I wanted a replacement. They told me they didn't have any. I showed them a link to their parent company where they are for sale. They said that they could not do that. In other words, they had the ability to solve the problem and they chose not to.

Woot attempts self-depreciating humor in all its marketing materials, but it falls flat when it is actually true. Their customers really are suckers. Their products really are bad. They really do refuse to do their customers right.

Rating 2/10

B-Stock junk - don't be lured by the prices

"I hereby swear to NEVER buy from them again. Several years ago when they started you could find great stuff for 1/3 the price. In the past 5 years, and more-so lately, its just slightly discounted B-Stock junk.

They should be sued for claims of "refurbished". Their idea of "it works" seems to be a cursory once-over and a return policy (that BTW, doesn-t pay return postage).

Sometimes I just don't have the energy to return something, so I "Eat it". Like the DOA Roku-3 that I discovered "B-STOCK" label on. Like the solar lanterns that are so cheap looking I'd be embarrassed to mount. Like the robotic vacuum I'm now getting up the energy to return after reading how awful the reviews are (Woot-Offs don't give you time to research).


Rating 2/10


"I bought a TV through Woot, something I was saving up for and was surprised for find such a great price for. I ordered it, it was shipped, and it arrived at my home 3 days after ordering it. So much excitement, I opened it and set it up immediately. All my excitement was dashed as soon as I plugged it in - the LED was shattered, leaving a black screen with a giant rainbow spiderweb across it.
I too pictures (just in case) and immediately initiated a customer service ticket. The replied telling me it was no longer in stock, but when I went to the website, lo-and-behold there it was, saying it was in stock! I thought maybe they were mistaken somehow, so I emailed back with the link to the page with my TV on it and asked why it was still on the site if it was no longer in stock.
I got a response saying "That isn't us, it's one of our sellers. We don't have access to them. We have initiated a return for you with a full refund upon receipt of the damaged item."
Total and complete bullshit. No where on the page for that item does it say that it is not fulfilled by Woot, it is identical to the page I purchased my (broken) TV from. What they hell do they expect me to do, re-purchase the item I already paid for while waiting up to a month for a refund?
Conclusion: I was a first-time customer of Woot with this order - I am now a last-time customer.

Rating 2/10

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

"I have no idea when Amazon took over, but I can only assume that Amazon has turned this site into complete garbage in an effort to eliminate competition? I understand that does not really make sense since they would be making money from WOOT, but I think they just bought it to eliminate them. I say this because Woot used to be MAGICAL! I started using them in 2008 at the recommendation of one of my professors and fell in love! Sometime about a year to a year and a half ago, I placed an order and it was DENIED. Well now, surely it was just a mistake!..... so I thought. A month later, denied again. WTH! I call up W00T, they blamed my bank (Huntington). I called the bank and they blamed woot. OKAY SCREW IT, I'll use one of my credit cards. 1st one denied 2nd one denied (Chase and Capital One) I call W00T backup and they again blame the banks!! I call both the banks, NOPE definitely not on their end. Now this is the part that royally irks me, I loved woot SO FREAKING MUCH I GOT A THIRD CREDIT CARD JUST TO TRY AND MAKE IT TAKE MY ORDERS........ DENIED!!!!!!! First purchase EVER with that card and it was denied. I went into my shipping/billing info. I tried using full words for roads instead of abbreviations, I used extended zip codes, I tried every which way under the damn sun to get WOOT to take my damn order to no avail. I decided to go to their forums and see if anyone there would have more information. I apparently made a dire mistake of accusing the cult of woot not having their s&&t together and received the wrath of their followers... WHATEVER I STILL DID NOT GIVE UP! I went to my actual bank (not the credit card issuers) and I explained the situation in person to a Manager... YES, I LOVED WOOT SO MUCH I ASKED FOR A F&&&&&G MANGER AT MY BANK. She sat down and watched me type in my information on their to make sure I did it absolutely correctly because there was no reason for my card to be denied. Still denied. She then asked me what I did to make W00T so mad because she said without a doubt it was 100 percent on their end. I got her to put that in writing. I scanned this letter and emailed it to W00T and BEGGED THEM TO TAKE MY DAMN MONEY. Just as another reviewer stated, I got a backhanded sarcastic reply that basically said me and my bank were idiots.

To recap. I called 4 different banks about this issue, I obtained another line of credit, I went INTO a bank and asked for a manager to sort this out, and I obtained a notarized flipping document. I did all of this even after being verbally accosted by users, admins, and customer service of WOOT. I did all of this because I loved W00t, it was my freaking homepage. They still told me to go **** on a big fat throbbing veiny one.

I'm legitimately sad about this. 8 years a customer and I bent over backwards to try and get them to take my money on some **** I didn't really even need, just wanted. I guess my money is no good there anymore.

So, if you want to give W00T a shot, go ahead. If they deny your payment method save yourself the time and trouble and just move on, I wish I had.


Rating 2/10

Never never never (Important things three times) go to this site again

"I bought a "Refurbished" and "Microsoft certified" Dell workstation from Woot. In my whole life I have bought a lot of refurbished desktop/laptop/cellphone for myself/family/or just for resale. This is the worst! It is a totally used/broken crap. It looks even older than my old desktop which has been used for more than 2 years. The fan sounds crazily noisy! It cannot restart by itself, which makes it no better than a brick cause when you try to upgrade the system it has to restart several times to finish the job, but it can't!!!
For such a crap when you try to return it you have to pay 15% restock fee and shipping and it already caused me 2 weeks night time. #@%*^*$%@!$&(#^@!&*(
Stay away from such a crap!

I paid this $#*! through Amazon Payment using my Amazon account. This is why I fall into this trap -- I give too much trust to Amazon! This $#*! company actually belongs to Amazon! Can you imagine that??? One would expect at least it should "try" to act like Amazon, right? It acts totally the other way-- it is Amazon's flushing toilet!

Rating 2/10

Woot Does NOT Deliver (What you buy)

"I made a multi item purchase on Woot and did not receive one of the items I purchased. Instead they sent me an item I did not order and could not use. I contacted Woot and they sent me a prepaid return label and I sent the wrong item back. A week later, they sent me the same wrong item again. I again complained and again they sent me a prepaid return label. I sent the item back and have proof they got it through the parcel tracking number but Woot refuses to refund my purchase price for the non sent item and refuses to send the item I actually purchased. I filed a Paypal complaint but Woot said I never returned the item even though I provided them and Paypal with the tracking number."

Rating 10/10

One Deal, One Day, One Happy Customer!

"Woot is excellent. We purchased some shoes for my daughter but we ordered the wrong size. I reached out to Woot on a Sunday afternoon and they had everything complete by 8pm! Outstanding!"

Rating 2/10

Buyer beware

"Having bought items for a number of years,you would think that I am a satisfied customer. As always,research on items to purchase pays off.Woot is often higher than local stores.Many items are rebuilt and do not last.The kicker was a set of lights that did not work at all. They offered 25% back. The 75% loss accounts for my total savings over the years. STAY AWAY FROM WOOT."

Rating 2/10

Whee! "Woot" give zero if I couldsy (Woot-speak)

"Do not use them, they are horrendous. Woot sells junk that barely works and will not take it back once you have opened the box. You can't write a review of the items on the site. I bought a Lenovo laptop that has bootup issues, problems with passwords to get into the computer at all, and lag. It's barely usable.

Years ago, I ordered two of something by accident. I tried to cancel, could not. I contacted customer service immediately and was told I could not cancel--unbelievable. I had forgotten about that, til just now when I tried to return the faulty laptop.

Nothing could be more irritating than their sarcastic message--this is real:

"So, here's the thing: we don't accept returns unless we made an actual mistake with the order. Please refer to our FAQ regarding our return policy. But be warned: if you DID already open the box, the item's now yours to keep. Maybe consider it a surprise gift for your mother-in-law?"

Their passive-aggressive cutesy language adds insult to injury. Yeah, I could "gift" the computer to a plastic-starved child who lives in the forest. I should have read the rules, but I had asked someone who uses Woot and he said you can return things. I naively believed him. Since Amazon owns it I never would have thought they had a policy one would expect from a snake- oil salesman. Will never WOOT again. You can't even delete your own account, you have to ask them to do it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS

Rating 2/10

Would give negative stars if I could!

"The short story is I ordered something from Woot which was later denied. Woot customer services said, "we highly recommend using Amazon Payments to complete your transaction." I informed them that I did use Amazon Payments. They then responded, "we highly recommend using Amazon Payments to complete your transaction." I informed them, once again, that I did use that method to which they responded, "We are terribly sorry, but unfortunately, our records do show this order as being denied." then they suggested it was my banks fault and they will send my concerns to the appropriate feedback.
There is no customer service at Woot. All you get are form responses cut and pasted from an obvious script. No admission of fault or any attempt to rectify problems.

Rating 2/10

I would give less than one star if I could. Not the same Woot.com anymore.

"VERY poor customer service, something ironic since its owner Amazon has great service. The customer service are one of the most mechanical ones I have experienced and I shop a great deal online. Woot has officially lost me as a customer ( I'm sure it doesn't hurt them) and do rethink your buys at Woot.
The sale also hasn't been great since they sold off to Amazon, feels like a site to clear stocks they can't clear on Amazon at a tiny puny discount these days.

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