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Product & services pricing 3.33/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.83/10
Customer service: 0.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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"Got home and noticed the salesperson left the security plug in the coat I bought. Once I removed the plug I noticed a hole 1/4” in diameter. Although the store was having a mark down on its merchandise, they should have pointed out they were selling defective stuff. I bought two coats and two hats from a Wilsons 25 years ago but they were excellent. I will never go to a Wilson’s again."

Helpful Cool


Will never order from them again

"I ordered a leather jacket and they sent me the wrong jacket and then they tell me I will have to reorder and my money will not be but back on my card for fifteen days when it only took them a second to pull it off my card wtf I'll never order from them again!!!!!"

Helpful Cool


Very disappointed!!!!

"I had ordered a jacket before Christmas 2017, it was going to be a gift. I never got it. It had been delivered somewhere in Virginia, US. and I live in California, US. I called customer service and I was sent an email with a form to get it either reshipped or refunded and I emailed it back. They said it would take about a day or two to get a reply and I never got one. I called them again and they said they could check the emails and only accepted calls. To try sending it again and so I did. Nothing happened. I called again, now the lady that answered me just put me on hold and then told me she found the email with the form I sent and that since they had low inventory, I was going to get a refund and that it takes 10-15 business days to get it on my account. This is ridiculous!! I don’t even now how they have people delivering things to the wrong state and address and their customer service don’t even want to help you and when they do, it’s too late. I am never purchasing anything from this store ever again and I am going to tell everyone that I know, never to buy from this store either!"

Helpful Cool


Give me my money back

"Dealing with Wilson's is a joke when it comes to returns. Mailed back my return because of a size issue. They have had it for 2 weeks and still haven't credited my charge account. Said it would take up to 30 days which is BS. Calling the better business bureau tomorrow. They ****!"

Helpful Cool


Wrong item

"Received wrong item 3days before Xmas. Called customer service that day was told to call next day to have order placed for same/next day shipping was told can't do that after the girl from day before said they would take care of it. So now I am out a Xmas gift. Will not shop them again their mistake they should have made it right."

Helpful Cool


The worst customer service EVER and horrible workmanship!

"I ordered a leather jacket on October 31, 2017. I received it November 8, 2017. The zipper would not work and it was sized wrong. Their size chart said size M for up to 46" chest. I have a 42" chest and it would barely go around me. I returned the jacked on November 9, 2017 via their return instructions. I contacted them about the problem and that I had returned the item. It took almost two weeks to get a reply back from their customer service! They responded that it would be 10 - 15 days AFTER they received the jacket to issue a refund. I contacted them in this time frame and never got another reply. I then filed a dispute with PayPal I did not receive my refund until December 12, 2017. In all fairness, I must say the jacket looked great but I was very, very disappointed in the quality of the customer service and workmanship. I would NEVER, EVER, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOVER order ANYTHING from this company again! I am bewildered that they can remain in business with this conduct. "

Helpful Cool


Please remove 2 day shipping option if you're not going to honor it

"You place your order expecting it to be shipped the next day, select a 2 day shipping, and then nothing. Silence for a few days, you give them a call just to hear that they were too busy with all the orders. How is that my problem? I paid for 2 day shipping for a 2 day delivery starting the next day and not the next week.
Use their website only if you're ok with your order being delivered when they feel like it.

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"The customer service for the online store is about as bad a group as I have ever experienced. I placed an order for an in stock jacket on Sun morning, paid for 2 day shipping figuring it would ship on Monday, Tues at the latest if they were busy, and I would have it by Thurs. Pretty foolish of me. I called them on Wed to see why the order was still in pending and was told the warehouse hadn't picked the order yet, despite me paying for expedited shipping and having the order in on Sun, it wasn't picked at 3PM on Wed. They assured me it would be picked and shipped by Thurs. Lo and behold, Fri morning and it still wasn't shipped. I waited the weekend and called on Monday (8 days after placing the order), it still wasn't shipped, so I asked to cancel the order. I was told they don't process cancellations over the phone, or on their site, and that the agent I was talking to would email the escalation team to request a cancellation. When I informed the agent that an email requesting a cancellation was not acceptable, I got nothing but scripted responses that their policy is to escalate cancellations, and that I cannot speak to a member of that team. I was also informed that they dont send confirmations of cancellations and that it will take several business days to process it. Needless to say I was frustrated. So I resorted to calling my credit card company to explain the situation so they can deny charges from Wilson's Leather. I ignored all the bad reviews and ordered from them figuring it cant be that bad. After over 3 hours and multiple phone calls, I was definitely wrong!"

Helpful Cool


What a shady person, shady store and practices!!!

"Wilson Leather Arundel II 7000 Arundel Mills Cir Spc 438B Hanover, MD 21076

The store manager is extremely rude, very irritable in talking to customers, make up nonexistent stuffs and verbiage accusing customers.  She is a totally discreditable person, unbelievable bad, frankly a disgusting person with pretty and fake face.   Literally can not communicate to a person like that because she repeatedly making up ****... . loud, commanding, lies and lies, accusations and accusations, a rude and shady person. I could not tolerate her nasty attitude and unbelievable lies and lies, which provoked me to use the "f" word in the end.

I went to the store on 9/22/17 evening around 8pm because I bought a luggage for $130.68, a week later I took the whole bag untouched as that have been sitting in my car trunk the whole duration to the store, I only got $124.01 back.  The store manager was able to locate the store receipts from the store receipts filing system and that clearly show a shortage of $6.67 difference in dollar.  but she refused to return the $6.67 back because she said I signed the receipt and that I supposed to have checked and know the dollar amount that I signed for.  So I got cheated by Wilson Leather Store for the $6.67 dollars.  I demand the $6.67 dollar back, but they refused. 

Helpful Cool


Two Cancelled Orders...Horrible Customer Service

"I had such a great experience at the Wilson's Leather store at our outlet mall, but when I found out they had closed permanently, I knew I had to resort to ordering online. I initially placed an order on 8/31/17. I didn't receive a confirmation email after my order was placed, but hours later, I received an email stating it has been "cancelled due to address and payment accuracy concerns". I double checked my order details to make sure I didn't make a mistake and everything was correct and accurate. I called them the next day to express my concerns and to try and to replace my order at the same price (the initial order used a time-sensitive discount code), but I was told they would forward my concern with the "payment processing department" and that I should wait for a call back first to find out what the problem was. A week passed and I didn't receive a call so I decided to call them back to at least try and replace my order as the item is for an upcoming trip. As they were trying to tell me again to wait for a call from the payment processing department, I interrupted and told them that it's been days and I hadn't yet received a call, so I would just like to replace my order. She verified my info, replaced my order at the same price, and told me I should be receiving a confirmation email shorty. Surprise...NO CONFIRMATION EMAIL! And what else? An email the next day stating my order had been "cancelled due to address and payment accuracy concerns" AGAIN. I called them back again, extremely upset, to yet again express my concerns. At first, she couldn't even understand what the problem was and instructed me to clear the cookies from my browser and replace my order in a few hours. After explaining to her again, I was placed on hold, only to be told that I would have to wait for another call back, this time from their supervisor. I became extremely frustrated and demanded to speak to a supervisor right then and there. She told me there were no supervisors available at the moment, but that she would heighten the urgency of the matter. Now I'm waiting for their promised call back. I don't even know if I want to replace my order anymore...this has been such a horrible experience so far!"

Helpful Cool


Worst Custome Service Ever for On Line Orders and Cannot Cancel

"Website offers 2day delivery at added cost if order is processed by 12noon Eastern. I placed order at 8am central and paid extra for delivery in 2 days, which was in order to have delivered when I was home. At 9 I had not received a =n order confirmation so went on line chat, no help, so asked to cancel, cant cancel an the only way to make it happen is if the warehouse pushed the order. Gave up and called. Same story, no help, could not tell me why the order was on hold and could not cancel. Asked for supervisor, but she said no supervisors available. (this is at 10 am on a weekday) Gave up. At 12:05 received order confirmation and assumed they had for shipment that day. NOT. No ship info, so called at4 am before work the following day, low and behold someone answered.... Same bad service, no help and order still had not shipped. Made it seem like it was my fault they missed the cutoff. Never again."

Helpful Cool


Tried to Buy $1000 on line and order "canceled"

"Placed order for $1000 of leather jackets on line. Next day received notice that unable to process, needed to verify address and reenter. Reviewed all info and was correct. Order was pending with credit card company so that info correct. Called and nice lady unable to tell me what problem, told her I wanted jackets. Assured they would contact within 48 hours, no response. Sent email to customer service restating same issues, they indicate they will contact in 72 hours, no response. But they did send me an email asking that I review products!! They are essentially a scam organization that advertises significant discounts and never delivers products."

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever, I will never order any products from this company online ever again.

"I was looking to buy leather jackets and though I could just order online and try them, and send it back. I've done this with a lot of other companies with no issues. Before ordering I called asking about the return policy and was told that they would send me a shipping label for returns and $6 would be subtracted from the refund amount. I went ahead and ordered and ended up having to return both jackets. I look for the label and all I found is a simple address label not from a shipping company, just a sticker with my address and the return address written to attach to the box. The directions say the customer needs to pay the return shipment. At USPS I had to pay ~$25 for the shipment as I included tracking and insurance. When I didn't hear back from Wilson leather on the return in 2 weeks (they had received the box one week before), I called and they explained they were having some transitions with the warehouse, and that is why it was taking so long. When I told them about the return label they said that was not right and someone would call me right away to get that fixed. After one week that I called, I had not received my money back or a call in regards to the shipping. I called again, this time I was upset and voiced my opinions, and said I was going to call Paypal next to get my money back. 24 hours later the money was back in my account minus the ~$25 in taxes I had paid. So I called them one more time, and explained everything again, they say I will get my taxes back and maybe they will be able to do something about the mail fees but I am not holding my breath. Also everything I've had to call, I've waited 10-20 mins to some terrible 1 sec of music, 1 sec of static. I will never ever purchase anything from this company again."

Helpful Cool


Refused to fix their own mistake!

"Worst customer service, sent me the wrong product and then refused to pay for shipping when I returned it. "

Helpful Cool


Unethical and disrespectful company.

"I wouldn't give this company a dime. Gave their employees a 2 week notice before they will inevitably shut their doors on Christmas Eve this year. This wasn't even because their lease was up, but because they were gready and wanted their lease lowered by the outlet mall that Wilson's will soon be out of. Due to the mall not lowering their lease, Wilson's bought out of their lease and left their employees hanging. Any employer willing to do that to the lives of the very people that put their best foot forward for the company, should be left unemployed themselves. Will never receive business from myself or my family."

Helpful Cool

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