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Product & services pricing 0.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.25/10
Customer service: 1.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.00/10
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Product Was Garbage

"Purchased several outdoor rated expandable accordian style gates. Despite being described as 'heavyweight plastic construction', the gates are super flimsy and the gate's pivot pins began falling out as soon as I removed the first gate from the carton. I doubt they would last more than a few days outside (or in), despite costing $29.99 each.

I contacted customer care to arrange a return and discovered (as I figured) that despite their '100% satisfaction guaranteed return policy', I would need to pay return shipping costs. Unfortunately, even going the cheapest route, this will cost me about $180.

Live and learn, I guess. Avoid 'Whatever Works / Potpourri Group' at all costs.

Helpful Cool


Please do not order online

"My name is Chris from Houston Texas And I order a product online that was over priced but I needed this product so I paid for it I even paid a extra 25 dollars for two day shipping. 4 days gone by nothing delivered no emails or calls I called whatever works and was very nice asking what's taking so long with my order was supposed to receive it days ago. I order Jan 18, 2018 it's Jan 24 now and the costumer service rep told me I would receive my order February 17, 2018. I demanded my refund and only got half of the money back. I would love to sue out of anger but the best revenge is to let others know before they make the big mistake that I did. "

Helpful Cool



"I attempted TWICE to purchase something my father wanted. The first time I received no email confirmation and when I called, they had no record of my order. Luckily, my card hadn't been charged. The second time, I placed an order because my dad really wanted this item, and actually received an email confirmation, but two weeks later, finally had to call about where my item was and customer service told me that their order numbers didn't start with the letter I was giving them. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. They are THE WORST. Now I have to waste my time at my bank disputing the charge. Oh, and no apology for this, just insolence in asking me if I purchased it on the right website. WASTE OF TIME."

Helpful Cool


3 months late

"I order a $30 luggage rack with a $9 shipping fee. It arrived 3 months late! I decided to return and the company refused to cover any of the shipping costs. I thought this was terrible customer service, since the price of delivery and return shipping is almost the price of the item, and it was their mistake in the first place. "

Helpful Cool



"Ordered an integrated binoculars/camera item.
Software for the system was outdated and was actually dangerous to my system when loaded. No updates available either.
I am a computer professional and this is a travesty when a seller purposefully sells items that are unusable.
Product was returned and I received a refund for the item but no shipping costs.

Please note the 'very low cost' of their offerings is because they are trying to sell obsolete or non-functional junk.

Helpful Cool


How do they stay in business?

"Ordered one item. After several weeks got not status. Looked up status on site: backordered. I was not contacted to indicate backorder was OK. Requested how long the backorder would take.
Got not reply. Cancelled order.

Helpful Cool


"I received this catalog in the mail and while browsing through it saw two full pages of sex vibrators and other sex toys. This is totally disgusting and unacceptable in a catalog that features items for garden.home and pest control.
Never,never would I order anything from this company!

Helpful Cool


"If you purchase from their website they will put you on their catalog mailing list through the postal service. I have made 6 attempts to contact them and get off the list and they just keep saying they will look into it or that it takes 2-3 mailings to be removed because they print them in advance. I have been trying since September 2013 to get off their list (18 months). They have now added sex toys to their catalog which is unacceptable to mail to a house with children. Once you are on their list, you won't be able to get off of it!"

Helpful Cool


"Whatever Works is a horrible company. They said it would take 3 to 5 business days and it's been over 4 weeks and I still don't have my order!!! They took so long that I ordered a similar product online from another company and have already received my order from them. WW Customer Service was rude and unhelpful. I will never order from them again! Buy from another company that values their customers."

Helpful Cool


"Bad site, rude customer service. I initially tried ordering just 3 items from WW. The site kept saying that my credit card or order form was filled out wrong. I triple checked everything and tried numerous times and finally gave in by calling the number provided. The lady said that the plants I was trying to order, isn't allowed in Calif. But on the site it said only AZ and HI and I wished it just frickin' told me Calif. doesn't allow it so I can go on with the order. Anyway, now I'm down to 2 items and the lady said I would get an email confirmation in one to 2 days. I never got the email confirmation so I called again 3 days later. Very rude woman this time. She said an email confirmation was mailed, but I checked every folder and trash for it and it wasn't there. She said that's not her problem and to call the site customer service. I asked for the number said she couldn't tell me! Then I asked about my 2 orders and apparently one of the orders was canceled by the seller and no one thought to inform me. I asked why I was not informed or emailed about it and she said it wasn't her problem. I was furious!! These guys should take some serious customer relations training and the site needs a major upgrade. "

Helpful Cool


"My order was placed on November 25 as a Christmas present. I noted clearly that if WW couldn't send it by Christmas, not to bother. On December 22, I sent a note to cancel the order because clearly they wouldn't get it to me on time. No response. On December 30th, I received an email saying that you had shipped it! WTF!

So I called to get a return tag. The first customer service lady was EXTREMELY RUDE when I told her how dissatisfied with WW, saying, "It's not my problem - I only answer the phone". When I told her she was the face of WW to the public, she hung up on me. Now that's the face you want to put out to the world about your company. (WW's second company rep, Susan, btw, was charming and helpful - apologizing for your company's obvious failures).

Slow, inept and rude - Whatever Works doesn't

Helpful Cool


"I attempted to purchase from this store, but never received the item. When I first checked, I was told it was "drop shipped," then a couple of weeks later, I was told "the customer has cancelled the order," which I had not. I was told I'd be transferred to customer service, but after waiting and waiting on hold, I had to hang up. But while I was on-hold, I found another online company (which a good customer rating--I checked this time!) and purches the same item for less. So, I guess all in all, I'm satisfied. But I won't order from this company again."

Helpful Cool


"BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN PURCAHSING FROM THIS COMPANY. Apparently during the order process they ask if you'd like to participate in an offer from another vendor. They say I agreed to this when I made my purchase but I have absolutely no recollection of it.

A month later I began seeing charges from AP9 SHOPPINGESSENTIALS on my Visa statement. The amounts are small enough (8.95, 1.00) that you may not register them at first but eventually you will. I didn't pick up on it for 3 months. I don't even know what the product sold was and I have never received anything in the mail.
When I called AP9 SHOPPINGESSENTIALS to ask who they were and how they ended up with my credit card number. They told me they got it from Whatever Works. Boy was I shocked... it’s very scary to find out that one company can pass your credit card info to another company. This should be against the law. BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL WHEN TRUSTING SOMEONE WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBERS ON-LINE - YOU DON'T KNOW WHO WILL END UP WITH THEM.

AP9 SHOPPINGESSENTIALS agreed to credit 2 of the 3 months of the charges so I was only taken for $10 dollars in total but it would have been much more if I hadn't caught on when I did. I will never again purchase from Whatever Works or any other company who uses such underhanded tactics.

And I still don't know what cost 9.95/month ($120/year).

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