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Product & services pricing 2.08/10
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Customer service: 1.25/10
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How has this company allowed their delivery & customer service to get so bad...

"...and how are they still in business? Ordered over $3k of furniture in the middle of May for a new house we were moving into in the end of June. It is past the mid point of July and we still do not have any of our order yet. Been given the run around several times along with sitting on hold for over an hour several times now (one time we were on hold for over 2 hours). Still no furniture nor confirmation on when we will get it. When we try to cancel we get denied on our request since materials were ordered. We could have gone to any other furniture retailer and would have had our items by now. Right now we are over 2 months from the initial order and have no idea when our furniture will be ready or delivered. Bottom line - don't order furniture from West Elm. Just don't. If it is an in store purchase you will be taking home that day - great, but if it is anything you have to order go elsewhere. Right now I have a finished house with an already updated kitchen, painted walls, other items that involved contractors and scheduling, but no furniture. If I had the $3k back already we would have gone elsewhere by now."

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West Elm - 2 (Al Capone Style), Customer - 0

"West Elm - 2 (Al Capone Style), Customer - 0

Nothing short of criminal on part two of West Elm Review. (The first was regarding their inadequacy on scheduling, delivery, and customer service.) Up-to-date, we will be looking at reporting West Elm to the Better Business Bureau after our recent visit to the Phoenix store, realizing we’ve virtually been swindled out of THOUSOUNDS of dollars by West Elm. Here’s the skinny:

• We made a large 16-piece furniture order on July 1st – we were able to put 1/3 of the purchase on our West Elm Credit Card (we signed up for the points), and since we met our maximum on the card, we paid for almost 2/3 on my personal debit card (signing up for Key Rewards also). This is called a “split order,” because we did one large order, under one bulk $250 shipping fee, and split the order between two different cards.

• Come to find out, the part we paid out with my debit card went towards a “gift card” without my knowledge. Let’s clarify this again—I paid by phone, and was buying furniture, not a gift card. The sales associate did NOT notify me that my purchase was transferred to a gift card during this time. His reasoning was to keep the order as one and save a second ($250) shipping fee.

• When we recently went to the store to return some of the chairs we had received on the order, we found out that 2/3 of our order had been purchased through this “gift card,” meaning we cannot get any real refunds. If you’re following this—it means that West Elm locked us into thousands of dollars to THEIR store without our knowledge or consent. Our money is essentially bound to the “gift card” we had no knowledge of purchasing. This is fraudulent.

• Not only did we find out our money was locked into a “gift card”, we also could not do a straight forward exchange on the chairs, our only option to get new chairs was to pay out of pocket again, despite all of the “rewards,” “points,” and event money we should have for an exchange. Here’s the breakdown:

EXCHANGE: West Elm doesn’t do exchanges, they credit the money back on whatever card you use, which takes a few days. In our case, they could not track where the money would actually go—to our West Elm credit card, or this mysterious “gift card” they implemented without consent. Nevertheless, the money we spent is unable to go back into my bank account thus far.

CREDT CARD “POINTS”: We were not completely informed that the “earn $25 for every $250 spent” comes in the form of coupons you receive in the mail. This means that you cannot go to West Elm and use the credit card to track and redeem your points. You have to go through ANOTHER hoop and receive these “reward dollars” in the mail. With our experience, they won’t ever come—trust me.

KEY REWARDS: We signed up for the Key Rewards the first day of July, and almost three weeks later, still no reward points/dollars. The sales associate said, “It can take up to 30-days, and knowing this company, it will take the full 30-days.”

So let’s review: We are unable to get a legitimate debit card/bank refund on the thousands of dollars we spent at West Elm, it is put on a gift card that can only be spent at West Elm. We cannot exchange any items, but have to wait for the funds to go back to either our W.E. credit card or “gift card” (which they are unsure where it will go). We cannot use our Credit Card Reward dollars because we have to look for those in the mail. We cannot use our Key Rewards dollars, because supposedly three-weeks is too soon for them to “kick-in.”

Overall, this is the WORSE experience I have ever had in purchasing anything, and the issues don’t’ seem to stop. We hope that no other customer has to go through this kind of experience at this corporate store again. I did have West Elm’s social media representative reach out and offer to be a point person, I have sent her an updated email, and will see if there is any resolve to this fraudulent issue. At this point, we will be sending back our order and starting again with a reputable local furniture company. Their furniture is awfully pretty, but it’s not worth the time and energy I have spent trying not to get screwed at every turn. My solid advice: turn away from this store and run.

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"After get our 4th defective table (extension didn’t line up with rest of table ) 5 months after original order we were told they wouldn’t even try to replace the last one. The absolute worse customer service and product quality I have ever experienced. "

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A nightmare of a place...

"This is a completely awful company to deal with, if you need a delivery in new york. Of course new york city comes with its unique set of rules, about building hours and insurance requirements. They will promise to work with you on this, take your money and then completely ignore all of your building rules. I was particularly lucky- they double billed me for shipping, and now they wont work with me on a delivery day. So now I am owed money AND my furniture. I smell a credit card dispute brewing..."

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Horrible customer service

"Ordered a bed, that took 10-12 weeks to get. When it was delivered, parts were missing. After multiple phone calls and RUDE customer service and scheduling personal I was told that they did not order the bed correctly initially and that they would have to order replacement parts that would take another 8-12 weeks to get. After explaining that I was as a result having to sleep on my mattress on the floor I was told that there was no way that they could rush order the remaining parts of the bed and that I would just have to wait. One customer service representative said that she would be okay sleeping on the floor and laughed. After one week I called to make sure that the missing items had been ordered and was told that they had not been, however they would order them at that time. Three weeks later I called for an update again and was told that the items had arrived to their warehouse and that I would receive a call soon to schedule a delivery. One week later with no call, I once again called west elm. I was put on hold for over 9 min with the first representative while she looked into why I had not yet been called, until I was hung up on. All in all, West Elm has officially lost my business. If I could give no stars I would "

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Customer Service is awful

"We wanted to buy a piece of furniture and were told it we could not try it in any of the stores (not stocked) and that whatever we purchased was non-refundable. Immediately risky to the customer. There was no discussion about what can be done to help us as customers. At one point, the conversation went in the direction of us presenting a business case to the in-store manager. I was surprised and retaliated by saying that customers shouldn't have to present business cases as to why they want to buy furniture. Everything is met with "sorry we can't do that", and you are left feeling helpless and confused. I had to keep repeating that we want to buy furniture from you, please make it easy for us. There is zero customer service here and absolutely zero regard for customer retention of any sort. The products are nice though. "

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Table Finish Flaking - Instant run around

"Currently on the phone for an hour as I type this. The finish of my $675 kitchen table is flaking off. It is 14 moths old and I have heard every excuse from their customer service. I cleaned it wrong, that's normal ware and tear, did you leave it outside, you need to have Furniture Medic inspect it for $150 before we can agree if its a quality issue, emailing pictures rejected. Still on hold.

Flaking at 14 months is indicative of poor workmanship. The finish coating is not adhered to the wood and did not soak into the work at all as apparent by the wood's pure raw color. This is common when the wood is dusty when finish is applied. The finish sticks to the dust not the wood. Still on hold as I type this.


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Poor Quality at High Prices

"I just received an 'online only' item (mid-century leaning desk) that cost $800. The item is stylish, however it is poor quality. For this price and looking at the online photos I expected more solid materials and a stronger finish. In fact, the leg of the desk was dented and the stain and varnish chipped, making it apparent how thin the finish is. This is the second piece of furniture I've bought from West Elm. The first was a dining table I bought about 6 years ago which also had a very poor finish that chipped easily and revealed how thin the surface finish is. I suppose I should have known better this time around. Since it's 'non-returnable' I am attempting to exchange it for an undamaged one, but will no longer shop at this store."

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Delivery Nightmare & Cheap Materials

"Where to start...I ordered a couch and bed frame. In terms of delivery, the gist is that the delivery was late and even after having scheduled delivery (and me taking a day off work) I received a call the day of that delivery needed to be rescheduled. More importantly when the bed was delivered it was missing a piece that now 2 months later still has not been delivered.

On the materials side so far the bed has held up, but the couch... A couple days in I was sitting on the couch, went to adjust myself be leaning on the arm of the couch and my elbow went through the arm (I weigh 165lbs). It is clearly made with some kind of recycled cardboard. A few weeks later I noticed the top of the sofa back had also collapsed. And finally the legs on the chaise have begun to buckle. All in all, the couch is clearly made with cheap materials with no consideration to durability.

We have bought other non-furniture items from west elm which we have enjoyed without issue. I would be very skeptical of their furniture.

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"Placed a $3,500 order late at night on 1/15/18, read reviews on line, panicked and cancelled the entire the next day at 9am, later that day I get shipping information! To sumarize, I have 3 different emails form three different West Elm supervisors stating the order was cancelled, I have probably spent over 15 hours on the phone on this matter, after all this, I just received an invoice in the mail, when I called them again, they tell me that the furniture was delivered !!! Unbelievable, it is a nightmare, by far the worst customer experience of my life, the worst part is that I am being treathtend with late fees for a furniture that I have never received. Do yourself a favor, read the reviews, they are all true and stay away from this company. "

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West Elm is the worst company. Every interaction is a nightmare.

"I recently moved in to a new house and ordered white a bit of furniture from West Elm. If you use the West Elm credit card you can earn West Elm rewards dollars to spend later so that is what I did. The furniture takes a very long time to arrive. It is nearly impossible to return items. (Be prepared for multiple phone calls that last over an hour each) The shipping company never arrives to pick up returns. And when you use your rewards dollars they never actually get applied until you call the credit card company. EVERY TIME! I would have furnished my whole house from West Elm but I can't deal with the frustration."

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Worst customer service

"Terrible customer service! I was incorrectly charged for my order and had to wait over the phone for over an hour to get assistance. The order was still wrong when I received it and when processing my return it was a nightmare! Management was horrible and the overall experience was the worst. I will not be shopping with them in the future."

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Bookcase arrive quick and in perfect conditon

"I purchased a final clearance Sohm bookcase at the end of Nov 17 2017 It said delivery was 2-4 weeks. Within a couple of days I had an email saying it was ready for delivery. I called and set a delivery date for Dec 5. I did not have a long phone hold time like others said but I did call early in the AM on a weekday when I felt I was most likely to get the regular full time staff (vs Christmas help). A couple of days before delivery I got a call with a 2 hour window for delivery. On delivery day they called me and said they were running early--I was home and glad to have them show up ASAP before it started to rain. 2 men delivered it and set it up. They even leveled the feet so the unit was perfect and took the trash. The bookcase is super well made and I love the unique look. I did have to pay $200 for delivery as it was not available for pickup at my local store. I did find that annoying. I am completely happy"

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Bad customer service

"Associates at the Avalon location in Alpharetta, GA are unwilling to help you. Would prefer if you don’t ask questions and avoid you like the plague until you get to the checking counter."

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Almost two months of waiting & still no items!

"I ordered a headboard & bed frame from West Elm in early November. After my purchase, I realized the shipping was going to take longer than expected & we would have moved to a new address prior to the shipment even being proceseed. I called right away & had the shipping address changed on my order. After spending over 2.5 HOURS on the phone in one single day, I was assured everything was taken care of. It wasn’t. I received a call from the shipping company that my items were ready for delivery to my old address. I spoke with the shipping company & they assured me my shipping address had been updated. I reached out via phone again on numerous occasions (always with huge wait times), received two specific personal emails for Customer Service reps, one of which literally wrote to me, “I cannot help you anymore. Only the shipping company can help you now.” That is unacceptable to me. Again, I spoke with more representatives of both West Elm & the third party shipping company after again receiving notice that my items were again ready for delivery to my old address. It is now almost 2 months after I ordered this and I have no idea where my things are. We ordered a mattress from Macy’s and it’s being delivered 2 days later (even with the holiday rush). West Elm Customer Service is abhorrent, incompetent and frankly, despicable. I’ve reached out via twitter, received a generic response and still nothing. No one has contacted me or assisted me in any way in weeks. I’ve asked that my entire order & shipping be canceled if they cannot deliver and again, no response. This is unreal! Someone needs to look into their bogus business practices. (Side note: While complaining about this situation, i found that my best friend (across the country) also ordered furniture from west elm & is basically going through the same ordeal-bogus promises of free shipping, no estimated delivery date, etc. Unreal.)"

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