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International Transaction Fees

"STAY AWAY FROM THIS VENDOR. I wish I would have read these reviews before I used this company. They did deliver my flowers, it was not the arrangement that I ordered, but they did get them there on the date requested. They my be local but they do their banking overseas. Check your bank statement or credit card statement, there is a International Transaction Fee, all-be-it a small one, mine was $2.59, it is still an undisclosed transaction fee. No where on their website does it state that they bank internationally. When I called the bank, they blamed me for not knowing, and would do nothing to go after the merchant for the undisclosed fees. Stay as far away from this vendor as possible. They will do nothing but rip you off, and our local economy."

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"I wish I would have looked closer at the reviews before using Wesleyberrryflowers. We ordered a Dish Garden (WBF00093) for a funeral and what was sent was a vase of cut flowers. We tried for days to reach someone, either no answer or put on hold only to be disconnected. When someone was finally reached 4 days later (a lady named Molly) , she blamed us for punching in a wrong number when ordering, when the item is selected by clicking on the picture on the web page, not entering a number. I even have a picture of the item we ordered on the order receipt as well and she still says it was our fault! She only offered a $25 credit when we paid much more and the credit card charge has already cleared! This place should not even be in business! I would pick a negative star rating if I could!"

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"They promised delivery to a funeral by a certain time and charged me an express delivery fee. Then they called me when it was too late to go elsewhere and said they would try to get there a day later than they promised. "Try ? "...

Their web advertisement claims "local florist" ... quoted from the web search: "Family Owned, Best Local Florist Order Now "

Right, the customer service group that contacted me to reschedule the delivery for after the viewing was in a different state.

Lies: Boycott this company.

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"Absolutely horrible. WAY to many extra fees that weren't stated in the first pricing. It came out to be double of what I was anticipating to pay, making me extremely angry. As a university student in another country I was taken advantage of and will NEVER recommend this service to anyone. I would rate it 0 stars if possible. Trying to get through to their HR service or even customer service is an absolute nightmare. Awful company and these people should be shut down. "

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"The arrangement I ordered was the Birthday Garden It was to have roses in it (in memory of my mother) and I specifically asked the person on the phone if it would have roses and she said that it definitely would have the yellow ones in addition to the smaller white ones shown in the back. I placed the order on October 12 at 9:25. When the flowers arrived, it didn't have the purple ones because they are out of season. My daughters favorite color is pink - another reason for this bouquet as well as the price being 21.00 before shipping and tax. My final charge was $52.00. The pink flowers were orange, there were some yellow lilies, no roses and the arrangement was very small. I contacted the local florist and they said that when they received the order, all it told them was that they were to send a low compact arrangement. They offered to send us some extra flowers, but since they didn't make the mistake, I felt it needed to be taken care of by Wesley Berry Flowers. The local florist was only paid $30.00 for supplying the flowers and delivering them. The girl at Wesley Berry told me the delivery charge is $14.99 and the extra was tax which is what made my bill so high. I have called their company three times, been on hold for a supervisor over 15 minutes each time. At that point a message comes on to say they can't take the call now but I have to leave a phone number to be called back. It never gives me the option to continue to hold. I am going to dispute this charge and will be contacting their local Better Business Bureau. I went with this company because it said it was family owned but i believe that's just one more untruth."

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"The world is a big place.... that is the only reason I think Wesley Berry gets orders, they are all first time!!!! No one will ever go back to them. They cheat people by over charging, they make promises they can't keep. Take advantage of sympathy situations etc... Please save yourselves a headache and your pocket book and call florist directly in area you want to send flowers. Google florist in ---------area."

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"I ordered Harvest Moon Roses Exquisite size, for my wife on Tuesday. They were delivered on Wednesday, only the size was regular. I sent two emails and called once and had to leave a message. It is now Friday, no response.

Profile picture is the flowers that cost $127.00

Look at all the charges, they are worse than the phone company!

Harvest Moon Roses $113.99
Enclosure Card: $4.99
Vase/Service Fee: $6.99
Next Day Rush Service: $3.99
Savings: -$40.00
Shipping/Service Fee: $15.99
Handling Fee: $1.99
Sales Fee: $19.23
Transaction Total $127.17
Total Savings: $40.00

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"Really zero stars!!! I placed an order for and funeral to be delivered at the hall we rented. When checking on the confirmation I was told my order was lost but had already been charged $167.58. The flowers never came and when I tried to get a refund they only gave me $25 back out of 167.58. They told me to call the police in the firemen because they delivered the flowers a week later to a place way outta town to some random person at a place we no longer even had access to. If you can't deliver in the date ordered a full refund should be offered! ! I would never again order from this company they are thieves"

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"If I could give zero stars, I would! Do not use this florist! I called to place a same day delivery that morning. Was charged and told it would be delivered 4-5 hours after placing order. At 4:45 pm I received a call saying that they were unable to deliver my flowers!!! AT 4:45 pm!!!! I just couldn't believe it. They took my order and gave me no chance to call elsewhere. My mom lost my dad last year and this was there anniversary. Of course flowers tomorrow will not help!!! After calling to speak with manager they gave me the run around and sent me to a answering service located in another country. Do yourself a favor and go to a locally owned and ran business! "

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"I am very dissapointed with this website! Not only did they charge me a fee to deliver on a Sunday which they didn't and now on a Tuesday and delivery has still not taken place. I called customer service and no one returns my calls or has an answer however, they have already charged me!!"

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"This florist delivery service is a total scam… Run by people who are extremely rude, who put you on terminal hold for customer service and eventually you are cut off, and who give you an extremely hard time when you request credit back even though they admit the flowers were never delivered. Two days after I ordered 'same day delivery' (I even received an email on day of order that they were 'in the delivery truck about to be delivered) I realized the flowers did not arrive. I spent over an hour on the phone attempting to find an answer..yet my credit card was already charged! Had I not called I would have been charged even though they were never delivered. Do not make the mistake of using this florist which seems to be run out of the back room of some shack in another state!! Customer service is not in their vocabulary not is integrity in their business plan. Seems they hope you will not follow through and ask for a credit when your flowers are not delivered. I,too, had to give it one star as no lower option available. If you have issues with credit card charges you should consider going to your credit card company and dispute charges."

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"Ordered flowers at 9pm the night (7/30) before I needed them delivered, was ok paying the $9.99 service charge and $2.99 rush charge to get them delivered next day because I realized I was in a pinch however I logged on to my bank account the next day to see that I had also been charge a $2.99 Tribute Tree Fund charge I DID NOT agree to when placing my order. I called customer service immediately to figure out why and was refunded, was a simple mistake they said no problem. While I was on the phone I decided to ask about the status of my delivery, I was informed that the flower shop didn't receive my order until 1pm (which was odd because it was 12:50 at the time) and that my order would not be delivered until Saturday. Saturday wasn't acceptable for 2 reasons, they were being delivered to a school and I paid a rush charge to have them delivered on 7/31 (Friday) the day of my MIL's birthday. When I told the customer service agent who said she was a supervisor that I just wanted to cancel the order and be refunded in full she told me I would have to pay a 33% cancelation fee and I would not be refunded the full amount, their policy. I don't see how this is my fault, you cannot guarantee delivery in time, you charge me an amount not authorized then I am penalized for trying to be your customer. I went on and on with customer service for over 55 minutes about me being penalized for their mistake and they refused to back down stating that there was nothing they could do, their policy. Now had I wanted to cancel for no reason just because I can understand being penalized but because they made the mistakes no I'm sorry. I will be fighting the charges with my bank. "

Helpful Cool


"How can they show 5 stars on their Google search listing and have such horrible service!! I wish I would have read the reviews first...I just went by the star rating. Horrid! Absolutely NO customer service.When I called because they had not the delivered the flowers I had ordered, I discovered that it was NOT the local florist I was led to believe. It is a boiler room somewhere taking orders for florists. Evidently the florist in the town I had wanted, did not have the flowers for the arrangement. I was told that they would upgrade me for the error and send 2 dz. red roses in two days. I said, absolute NOT - I didn't want roses (which are less costly than what I had ordered!! (And yes, they also did not give me the flowers shown on the website and made me pay more for what I had asked for.) Then I was put on hold again and then wanted to deliver them today. Again, I said NO - I want to cancel the order. She said it would take awhile cause she had 5 papers to fill out to do so??????? I was on hold for no less than 25 minutes!! She said it would be refunded by tonight from my credit card. If they do not refund the full amount, you can be sure I will take it up with the credit card company who usually will side with the customer - at least American Express does. NEVER AGAIN!"

Helpful Cool


"Never delt with a total a SCAM before. Do yourself a favor & Find Another Florest. I live out of town and wanted to find a local florest close to my friend. Ordered flowers for $34.99 which was an upgrade from their special. And yes I know this is not a lot of money for flowers but I just wanted a little vase of flowers. When setting up the delivery for next day the order person said "oh thats ok we will just deliver them today instead of tomorrow". My bill was $60 for $35 worth of flowers. Where was my head? At that point I should have said cancell this order. I'm sure Same day was a Premium Delivery & i didn't need that.

In less than 10 minutes I called to cancell this order. Wanted to select something else & change delivery date. I was told no per their policy, flowers can not be cancelled or changed. Service person tried to tell me the order was already in and they were in the process of making the arrangement. That would surely be an amazing feet!

Asked for a Supervisor. I was on the phone a total of 40 min. waiting for a supervisor. Disconnected twice. Then told none was available & put into a voice mail. You guessed it, no one ever called back.

Wish I would have read the other reviews before placing this order.

The service company taking the orders for Wesley Berry Flowers certainly isn't reputable. If other flowests are using them I hope they read this and change to a different provider.

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"They are shadyPeople they charge a service fee, a vase fee, shipping fee and some kind of tree fee that is billed separate The flowers I got were 24.95 than with a card fee and vase fee,etc it was now 36.and some change. Than add shopping,tree,etc. Total Bill 56.85 for a hand full of flowers and you don't even know the total in till after you pay stay away"

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