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    Product & services pricing Rating 3.33/10 3.33/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
    Shipping & packaging: 0.00/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.07/10 1.07/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.50/10 2.50/10
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Rating 2/10

Customer Unfriendly!

"I ordered several bottles of mouthwash. They can just thrown in a box with nothing to secure the tops of the bottles or prevent the bottles from banging against one another. As you might expect, there was damage--one bottle completely torn open with leakage all over the box and the other bottles; another bottle had it's top ripped off leaving just a piece of foil covering the opening. I won't risk having my family put potentially contaminated liquid in their mouths.

I called customer service and informed them of the issue. They said I would need to go back to a Walgreens STORE to return the damaged bottles. REALLY???? If I wanted to go to a store I could have gone to one and bought the stuff myself. I buy EVERYTHING online and have NEVER been asked to return spilled goods, much less bring them "to a store." I will NEVER buy from Walgreens again--not online, not in a store (if I ever need to go to one). It's so easy to go online and find the best price and order from anywhere in the country without ever going to store--that's how I shop.

I guess Walgreens just isn't interested in competing with Amazon, CVS, Target, etc. etc. etc. for online business. They've certainly lost MY business--and for just over $20 they should have refunded. Very dumb to be so customer unfriendly in a retail environment where there are so many choices for online goods.

Bye Walgreens.

Rating 2/10

Photo printing

"Will never go back there again!!!! A complete rip-off, no one that works there seems to really understand the machines and have never accomplished what I wanted at all nonetheless getting out of the store with a crappy copy of an overcharged shotty few copies of a few pix in less than a e hour timeframe. NEVER EVER WILL I STEP FOOT IN ANOTHER WALGREENS!!!! "

Rating 10/10

transport chair

"it is an excellent product. Light weight and easy to fold. Big improvement over traditional wheel chairs. very comfortable too."

Rating 2/10

Placed and order and never received the product due to mislabeling and customer service would not help resolve the problem.

"This is my one and only time ordering from Walgreens.com and any Walgreens store. Placed an order with specific shipping address but the order was shipped with a mistake in the address and now customer service won't help because someone else has received the package. Now I am missing my order that I have paid for. This is horrible customer service, I will never ever do business with Walgreens again."

Rating 2/10

Dreadful bureaucratic corporate monopoly

"Walgreen's pharmacists know nothing about medication, prescriptions, or patient communication. They are so ignorant as to be dangerous."

Rating 6/10

Tax exemptive anwesha aneesha renie cole

"Last week was terrible one of the employees on 35th Ave and camelback in Phoenix AZ was terrible she and another unyorkein womanths who had an audacity to disrespectful dog out our exemptive f.d.5. c.t. inc. and scoot over my all natural ethnic towned hair care products then the other shoppers trying to gain favoritism behind shelfs bad mouthing our untull organization please play an footages from last weekend."

Rating 2/10

Oconomowoc WI Walgreens

" I moved to Oconomowoc 3 plus years ago and started using the Walgreens. I have been a Walgreens customer for 30 years.
I recently had 3 prescriptions sent in to be filled. The clerk at the pharmacy was totally inept, condescending and ignorant. I had a 1:30 appointment, 10 mins from Walgreens. I got to Walgreens at 1:05. The clerk at first said she could not find my prescription. She then found it but said I wasn't listed as a customer and she would have to complete a new user profile. Note, I had just picked up a prescript 5 days earlier. I had to answer all the questions for setting it up. Next, she tells me that my insurance does not cover one of the prescripts which I know is untrue. So, I say fine send me the other 2. She said do you want express pay to which I said yes. I have always used express pay there. She then says we will have to set that up now. It is now 1:25, at best I will be 5 mins late. I tell her to forget it. I had sent my driver’s license in with the container at the drive thru. I said just send me my driver's license back. She then goes on to the next customer in the other lane. I buzz the call button and she ignores me. I did this for 5 mins. Finally, a gentleman comes by and asks how he can help. I said I just want my license back. There are now 3 cars behind my line and 4 in the other. So obviously this clerk is also effecting the other customers that are waiting. The gentleman walks away. I wait another 2 mins and nothing. I now drive away to go inside to retrieve my license. I must wait in line for 3 more mins. The clerk there doesn't know what I'm talking about. Finally, the gentleman comes over with my card. Says he went outside to give it to me. Why he didn’t put it in the container is beyond me. He asks how he can help. I explain what had happened. All he does is say I'm sorry. I finally stated, I will never come to this Walgreens again and I leave. I have now spent 30 mins in line, with the clerk and then manager. I am late and I do not have the prescription.
I call the Walgreens and ask to have my prescription transferred. He tells me the receiving Walgreens needs to call. I call that one and they don’t even show the prescript in the system as either being new or even filled. So now I must call my Doctor again to have it redone.
I have lost an hour over time, was late for an appointment, still haven't received my prescript and unhappy and frustrated.
I SUGGEST YOU STAY AWAY FROM THE OCONOMOWOC WI WALGREENS unless you enjoy wasting time and poor service.

Rating 6/10

Never gets it right but they do fix it when they mess up

"Literally every month there is another thing they have screwed up. Their app rarely reorders my RX, there auto refill system doesn't work after a month or two. Their staff is unhelpful and sometimes rude. One time the staff insisted I didn't order a medication when I went to pick it up, even after showing him the email from Walgreens saying the medication should be ready with the medication name. Now after YEARS on a specialized brand name medication for fibromyalgia pain, they chose to order a generic with out asking my permission and with out even running it to see if it was cheaper. I went to pick up my prescription and they wanted 80 dollars for the generic instead of the 15 for the name brand! Seriously???? So now they have to reorder my pain medication, which was already days late because their auto refill system failed to get a refill from the doctor so when I went to pick it up it wasn't ready and I had to wait till monday to get ahold of the doctor. When I'm in tears at the thought of yet another day in excruciating pain and asking them to help me all I get is pay 80 for the generic (I'm literally in the negative in my account and I have just enough cash for the brand name) or wait till tomorrow for the brand name they were supposed to order comes in. There is ALWAYS goof ups every single month with basic refills, half the time they are out of the medication as well. I'm finally done being in pain for days over their mistakes and moving to CVS!

*Update- they did have the manager call me and they gave me the generic for the name brand price. So I had to make another trip back but they did at least do everything they could to get me out of the pain.

Rating 2/10


"Walgreens has a VERY rude pharmacist at the store in Converse, TX, located at Crestway and FM 78. He refused to fill a prescription phoned in directly from my doctor's office, told me it was too soon, told me I could NOT use multiple pharmacies, and told me I COULD NOT GET MY PRESCRIPTION FILLED THERE!

RUDE, CONDESCENDING and OBNOXIOUS! I KNOW there are a lot of new rules dealing with controlled substances, but the public doesn't know what they are. A courteous pharmacist could and should explain the new (2017?) rules to a customer, not basically accuse a customer of doing something illegal!

Rating 10/10

oerdered online

"I ordered a drug test online and I got it very quick in the mail.i am very happy with my order."

Rating 2/10


"I frequently shop online and decided to give Walgreen's a chance. I normally use Walmart, Amazon or other major retailers. Walgreen is the worst! My shipment was damaged in transit. That was not big deal. However, 2 weeks after I placed the order, no one contacted me to let me know what was going on with by $110 order. When I realized how long it had been since I placed my order I sent an email to customer service. Two days later they emailed me to let me know the shipment was returned since it was damaged in transit. They only offered to ship it back to me at no charge or refund me. So nothing had been done to get the products I purchased delivered to me. I just asked for my refund. I will take my business somewhere else. "

Rating 2/10

Customer experience so bad...it's mind-boggling...

"Ordering photo wood panels and a photo book:
Put my projects together, went to order the next day after review and saw there was a coupon deal. No code anywhere I could find...so I used the online chat. They gave me a code. Great! Would have been better to actually see the code on their site where they advertised the deal.
Went to review my order. Different shipping for every size photo panel. Different sizes are counted as different orders so the shipping really stacks up.
Also, the confirmation on my cart only confirmed one photo for each panel...not the different photos I had for each panel. So the "confirmation" didn't confirm what I ordered.
Tried online chat...chat was dropped, not enough customer service agents.
Tried to call. Call was dropped 2x.
Finally got poor Justin on the phone who was helpful, but not in a position to unscrew this screwy online ordering process. He explained all of the different shipping charges, but couldn't change anything so it might make logical sense. He also said i could "confirm" my order by looking in my order history...best not to look at the "confirmation." Poor Justin...put on the front lines with no power to change.
Bottom line: Order from somewhere else.
One more thing: While I could pick up same day...the order will take more than a week to arrive...even with all the extra shipping charged. FABULOUS!

Rating 10/10


"How to begin.....I needed eye drops and I have never really used them before. I grabbed the Walgreens brand real fast without even thinking too much about it. LET ME TELL YOU my eyes cleared up in 120 seconds, THAT'S TWO MINUTES ( for the slow folks ) CLEAR AS CRYSTAL! I am so amazed with these eyedrops, beyond amazed actually. I will suggest these every mother **** time. GET THESE IN YOUR POSSESSION NOW! - A thoroughly thrilled loyal customer "

Rating 4/10

Poor Service

"Knoxville location at Kingston Pike/Northshore is either under-staffed or not efficiently run. This seems to be regardless of time of day. Have a difficult time reaching the pharmacy via phone (was just on hold for 17 minutes before I gave up). Always have to wait a long time on prescriptions. I was about to have surgery, and my doctor called in a prescription I needed for my surgery, a rush. Walgreens not only did not rush it but did not have it ready when they said they would. I almost did not make it to my surgery on time. Finally, this location is never friendly."

Rating 2/10

On the Corner of Bait & Switch

"Went to the Walgreens in River Forest, Il. They had generic Nasalcrom on sale, "$2 off with card and coupon." I went looking for a coupon book but could only find the printed ads. Why do they make you run around looking for a stupid coupon book? Took the ad and the product to the cashier and asked if the ad would suffice since I couldn't find any coupons. Nope. She asked if I had my card, which I pulled out. She said, "Put it in." I said, "Er, where?" She grabbed it and scanned it. Guess I was supposed to do that so she could conserve her strength. She had the master coupon book that she was paging through half-heartedly. She grew weary, poor thing. She could go no further. "That offer's only good online", said lied. The ad says, "Online and In Stores", I offered. "Plus, I just got it off a big display in that Aisle with the sale price all over it." "We don't have that offer in this store", she threw back at me. "What do you mean, there's a display for it right there", I growled. "We're out of coupons", she threw in. "I'd like to talk to a manager". I hate resorting to that. "I am the manager", she answered. "I am doomed", I thought. She couldn't even manage to get through the coupon book. You have to honor it if you advertise it", I asserted. "Not if we run out of manufacturer's coupons", she bluffed. "It's a Walgreen's coupon", I bluffed back. Finally her lie box ran out and she was silent. "I don't want it, then", I said, knowing how much that would break her heart. Then I remembered my wife back home who was running out of oxygen due to a snuffy nose. "Never mind", I swallowed my pride, "I'll take it." Then I paid and stormed out of the store, leaving my purchase behind. I showed her. Just as I pulled in the driveway my wife called and said Walgreens called and said I left my package in the store. I had 2 prescriptions, that's how they knew it was me. When I got back to the store there was a 12 year-old kid manning the register, with 1,000 customers in line. "Anna, to your register", he said as I approached. "Oh great, Little Mismanager", I thought. She opened the next register over, well within earshot. Naturally, I avoided taking notice of her. I told the kid I left the package. He frantically looked through various bags behind the counter. "Nope, not here", he said. "Somebody just called and said it was here", I told him. "Who called you?", he asked. That seemed like an odd question, like only a specific person with a secret code name was allowed to inform customers they'd left their stuff in the store. We went back and forth like this for awhile. He's rustle through bags and come back and say something like, "Are you sure you left it here?" Meanwhile, customers were growing restless and the line grew longer. Finally, Little Mismanager spoke up: "The pharamacy". "Whew, that must've worn her out", I thought. The kid looked relieved. I know I was. I just wanted out. My usual reaction to being in a Walgreens, Hell's holding cell. "

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