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A SCAM!!!!!!! Do NOT order from them!!

"Twice now I have ordered shirts from WBShop.com and TWICE I was charged for the item and NEVER shipped it. “Customer service” is a joke and have not even responded to my requests for a refund or my shirt! Seriously, I can’t believe that a MAJOR film studio is basically operating a scam of a service. Do NOT order from them!"

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Horrible Customer Service

I placed an order that was in stock and paid for it with PayPal. Two weeks later, there's no movement on my order. I simply reach out to their customer service team to get a status of when my product is anticipated to ship. They tell me that they won't ship it until PayPal releases the funds. Well, PayPal won't release the funds until WB processes the order. So basically it's like a never ending loop if you will. I provided the information from PayPal to the customer service rep (her name was Silvia) and received absolute no response. So I reached out again (this was approximately 2 days after receiving no response from Silvia) and asked if there was a means of changing the payment method or anything because if there is a problem with PayPal, I do not mind paying for it directly with my card. I did not get a response. Then magically a day later, I get a response from a customer service rep named Charlie (or Charles, can't remember) who has stated they have basically cancelled my order.

When I ordered the product, it was 10.00 cheaper than what it was now and the coupon code I had used in my initial purchase was no longer valid. Basically as a consumer, what I gathered was that they cancelled my order, was not going to rectify fixing my first order and then was going to make me pay even more for my order than what I had initially. I tweeted at WBShop and told them how horrible their customer service is. Well then I receive a message asking me to direct message them. So I did and explained the whole thing. Whoever I spoke to, said they sent it up the line as "priority" and I'd hear something back soon. Well literally two days go by and not a word. I ended up buying the product elsewhere and sent a message through twitter stating I'd just like to absolutely 100% be sure that my order was cancelled (as Charlie had stated earlier since I wasn't going to fight over this anymore). I checked my order status and it didn't say cancel, it still said "Order in process". I just received a response back again acting like everything I just told them didn't happen. Basically I've told them to send me an email guaranteeing my order is officially cancelled and then on the order status page, I want it to say "CANCELLED" because I do not want to magically be charged for this product.

We will see what happens, but it was beyond frustrating and a comparable company would not provide such awful customer service.

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"I pre ordered my item in December it ended up being back ordered witch i understand so i called again to find out when my item would ship, and it is on back order again till February, i call again and now its back ordered till March , I requested a supervisor and was told he refused my call i will never deal with the awful company again and i stress that every one else do the same!"

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"Will never order from WB again and strongly advise others not to do so as well. An order was placed on 12/15/14 was told that it would ship in 1-5 business days. Part of the order shipped 10 days later. I called them to complain and to request a refund on the other half of the order. I was told they would "mark my account" as cancelled. The next day I recieved an e-mail stating that my remaining order has shipped. My bank is disputing this order with WB as they did take the money from my account as soon as they could and NOT AS THEY STATE ON THEIR WEBSITE (money to be taken after order has finished processing). "

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"I will never order from WBshop again and advise others to do the same. I was charged almost immediately on an order that was supposed to ship within 1 business day. It shipped 10 days later and has now been transferred from a UPS delivery which can be tracked to a USPS that I just have to hope will show up by Christmas. Ordered on Dec. 8, didn't ship until Dec. 18, 3-5 day shipping = hoping it comes by Dec. 24. Zero customer service or contact about items being out of stock or delayed. Stay away - go elsewhere."

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"I wish I would have read the reviews before making a purchase. I am currently on hold waiting for customer service (almost 25 minutes) and no one has answered the call. This is pathetic. I ordered a Muggle shirt for my sister for Christmas, ordered it in time to get here by Christmas (12-15-14) and still nothing. They had no trouble taking the money out of my account the next day though. I thought this was supposed to be a reputable store. Still waiting for customer service... If I could give this store zero stars, I would. Never again will I order from this company and I suggest other people don't either. "

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"According to the WBshop.com billing policy you are not charged for your item till it ships. I was charged a week ago & according to customer service my item hasn't even been picked for shipping. According to the email they sent when I ordered the item, it would be shipped in 1 business day, just 1 more discrepancy. I would be very leery ordering from this company. Hopefully I receive my item in time for Christmas as I ordered with 3 weeks to spare."

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"I ordered Boardwalk Empire Season 1, 2 and 3. I order a lot of blu-rays and put then on the shelf. Almost a year later I decide it's time to watch Boardwalk Empire, unfortunately wbshop sent me 2 copies of season 2 and 1 copy of season 3. No season 1.
So I call them up they say it's fine, they'll send me a return label and make the exchange. 2 weeks pass, no return label. So I call them and talk to Diane and she's like "oh you didn't get the call, we're not exchanging that, it's almost a year old" with a "what's wrong with you" attitude.
I understand that it took me a while to notice the error, but first of all, don't lie to me and make me expect for a return label that's not coming and second, if your options are to make a cheap exchange or lose a customer... well a dissatisfied customer is never good.

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"I purchased (4) 3D Movies through the WB Shop website on 03/03/14. All (4) 3D Movies included a Blu-ray 3D Disc, Blu-ray Disc, DVD Disc, and a UltraViolet Digital Download. The description for each Movie clearly stated the Slipcover was included. I called the WB Shop at 7:10 PM on 03/17/14, waited on hold for 20 minutes, then hung up! After I got off the phone, I sent the WB Shop an e-mail regarding my order. I'm still waiting on a response to this e-mail! I called the following morning at 8:30 AM, I waited on hold for 5 minutes before a lady answered the phone. (I should have got her name) I told her I ordered Final Destination 5 3D, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas 3D, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 3D, and The Polar Express 3D on 03/03/14 and received the wrong Movies. I told her according to the package, Final Destination 5, A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas, and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island included the Blu-ray 3D Disc only. These Movies do not include the Blu-ray Disc, DVD Disc, or UltraViolet Digital Download. I told her The Polar Express wasn't Blu-ray 3D. The version I received was DVD, and includes Cardboard Glasses with Red and Blue Lenses to make the Movie appear to be 3D on a regular TV. The Movies were also suppose to include Slipcovers according to their description. She asked me what my order number was, and verified each item number. She said someone picked the wrong Movies, but according to her computer they have the correct Movies in stock. She asked if she could put me on-hold, while she checked with the warehouse to make sure they have the correct Movies in stock, with Slipcovers. When she came back on the phone, she stated she didn't know what happened because the warehouse has plenty of the correct Movies in stock. She verified my e-mail address, and said she would e-mail me a return shipping label. I was told the correct Movies would be shipped as soon as the tracking number shows the Movies had been shipped, or as soon as they receive the Movies. It didn't matter either way, shipping only takes 1-2 business days. I received the UPS return shipping label on March 20, 2014. I printed a copy of each Movie listing, wrote what was wrong with that Movie, then placed each paper around the corresponding Movie. I had to drive 16 miles to the nearest UPS Drop Box on the morning of 03/28/14. According to UPS, Jason at the WB Shop signed for these Movies on 04/01/14 @ 10:26 AM. I e-mailed the WB Shop on 04/16/14, asking when my Movies would be shipped. The WB Shop never responded! I e-mailed them again, still no response! I e-mailed them again, I finally received the following response after my 3rd e-mail!


Thank you for contacting WB Shop. I have pulled up your file, and forwarded up the request to take further look into these items. I added no refund was requested, but you wanted them with slipcovers. They will go in and verify they have slipcovers before we ship you out a new set. I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again.


Monday-Friday 8:00 am 8:00 pm EST
Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST

According to the WB Shop website, the correct Movies with Slipcovers were in stock on 04/20/14. I checked their website again on 04/21/14, The Polar Express with Slipcover was sold out, the other Movies were in stock. On 05/02/14, I received the following e-mail from the WB Shop 31 days after they received the Movies I returned. The Movie listings are wrong, we've contacted Warner Bros. about changing the listings. All we have, is the Movies we originally shipped you. Let us know if you want us to reship those Movies, or issue you a full refund. On 05/03/14 I e-mailed the WB Shop and told them I wanted a full refund. I also told them I was going to contact Warner Bros regarding the service I've received from the WB Shop. On 05/06/14 I received an e-mail from the WB Shop with the contact information for Warner Bros.! This shows how much they care! My company would fire me for sending an e-mail like that! I sent the WB Shop another e-mail on 05/07/14 asking for a full refund. On 05/08/14, I received an e-mail from the WB Shop stating they had received my e-mail earlier in the day and someone was handling it. Obviously the WB Shop is very unorganized, I never e-mailed them on 05/08/14. Today is 06/03/14, I'm still waiting on my refund from the WB Shop. I called Warner Bros., the lady I spoke to said it's not their problem! I'm sending a letter to the CEO of Warner Bros. Check back, I'll update my post with his response.


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"I see that a lot of people have negative reviews of WBshop.com but I personally had a wonderful experience. On January 11, 2014 I pre-ordered Adventure Time Season 3, which would then subsequently ship out on February 25th (when the official release date for the merchandise was). Not only did WBshop.com ship out my package 4 days early (on February 21st instead of the 25th like the website said it would), it got to my house in 3 days, and was put in very protective packaging so the product arrived without a scratch. In addition, WBshop.com also gave me a reliable tracking number so it was very easy for me to see the status on my order.
I'm extremely satisfied about my experience with WBshop.com. Their excellent shipping speed, safe boxing of your order, low prices, and good communication made this experience very enjoyable and I will definitely be shopping at WBshop.com again.

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"Terrible service! Or should I say "no service"? Ordered 12/17 and have heard nothing over a month later. Will never order from them again. So disappointing for a major company."

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"Wow, just incredibly poor customer service. My order was promised to ship before Christmas, but it didn't come back in stock until the middle of January. I was never alerted by the company that my item was put on back order. So I instructed them to cancel my order...only they never did!

Boy was I surprised to see a ship notice in my email. I told them to turn the shipment around since I already cancelled my order. They said that wasn't possible but I could send the item back for a refund. I sent them a link to UPS on how shippers can request to return to sender and that I would not pay for return shipping or deal with the hassle. Then they said they expect me to pay for return shipping and that none of this was their fault. They couldn't explain how false advertising and shipping an unauthorized order wasn't their fault.

So I issued a charge back with my credit card and the customer service rep there had a good laugh about the ridiculous customer service. He assured me that he won't be shopping at wbshop.com in the future and to watch my statement for any more charges from them which he would immediately wipe. So +1 for Citi and a huge negative for wbshop. Kinda sad they are even allowed to sell Harry Potter.

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"Placed an order on 12.24.13, with no expectation of having it arrive before Christmas. Now, 2 weeks later I sent have not been able to get an update as to when it will arrive. Have tried to call over the past couple of days and have waited on hold for 15 minutes each time and still never got to speak to anyone. I sent an email a week ago that has not received a response. I will never order from this site again. The discount is not worth it. "

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"Like most of the people below I placed my order before the 17th which was their cut off date to make it before Christmas and like everyone else they screwed me in not letting me know the item was in fact not in stock. I emailed them to complain and they gave me some generic answer about how that only applies to items in stock yada yada yada. I'm fine with that but when they don't tell you if the item is in stock or not it creates problems because people think they will be getting it. I replied back to that email I got from them and it has been 7 days since and I have not gotten a response back. I'd put negative stars if I could."

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"I wish I had looked at this website before ever ordering from this pathetic seller. I had the same experience as so many seem to have had with them. I ordered the Hobbit Bluray set on 15 December with garuanteed delivery before 24 Christmas printed on my receipt. Well guess what folks!! No email explaining a delay and no delivery before Christmas. When I emailed them on 23 Dec I received no reply 6 days later on 29 Dec this is what I received "Hi, Thank you for contacting WB Shop.I apologize. Unfortunately we were experiencing a minor backorder on this item at the time. We apologize for any inconvienence this has caused you.If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Regards,James
www.WBshop.com 1-866-373-4389 Monday-Friday 8:00 am 8:00 pm EST
Saturday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm EST. I called them to ask why it took 6 days to reply to my email and why I wasn't notified well ahead of time if they knew the item was backordered and I wouldn't receive it by Christmas as there printed garuantee stated on my receipt. all I got was its not our policy to notify you unless the back order is a lengthy one. When I aske dwhat constituted a lengthy one they avioded teh question. The same thing happened when I asked what they do to compensate a customer who they garuarteed delivery to but then didn't deliver. THEY HAVE NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. In fact when I told the representative I would file a complaint on line, She responsed "go ahead file a negative complaint' but that's our policy and we don't change it even if we did garuantee you receipt by Christmas"

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