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Product & services pricing 2.81/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.14/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.25/10
Customer service: 1.67/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.00/10
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"I'm a customer no longer. Beware of the 30-day return policy which states customers may return opened and unopened products to a retail store. If you do, it may get you accused of fraud and referred to loss prevention! The return policy sounds great and as an online shopper I look for stores with friendly return policies which allow customers to make exchanges/returns to local retail locations. Today I returned approximately $200 worth of products I purchased online because I got a better price at a subsequent online sale. With the exception of two boxes of chocolate protein bars which I'd opened and found had melted during shipment, all other items were new and unopened. All items were also recently purchased in the past week or two (well within the 30 days of the return policy). I also had the original invoice/receipt for the purchase. The store employees and manager made it clear that my returns were a problem and my account would be flagged, loss prevention would be involved, and I would be asked to no longer shop at Vitamin Shoppe. I felt accused of being a criminal for making returns in compliance with the stated return policy. This is no way to treat customers. In my opinion the return policy is false and disingenuous."

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Vitamin Shoppe brand Tumeric

"I bought a $30 bottle of Tumeric for my back pain, normally I buy the powder and put it into a pill myself. The Vitamin Shoppe brand had no affect, my back continued to hurt. After a couple weeks made my regular Tumeric that I buy a bag for $4 that makes me approximately 1,500 1000g pills. What ever was in the Vitamin Shoppe pills was garbage, I will never buy this brand again. They probably use the cheap synthetic crap, you might as well go to the dollar store."

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They cancel my order without notice!

"I have order a whey protain from vitamin shoppe and after three weeks of waiting they just cancel it without notice me. I have to call myself to learn from it."

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Vitamin Shoppe is a joke

"Vitamin shoppe is a joke! Total lack of customer service. They simply don't care once they have your money. They shipped me something that I did not order, the refuse to accept the return and refund my money. You're better off shopping on Amazon where you can actually have issues resolved if you need to. Stay away from VM, spend your money elsewhere. "

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first and last order from vitamin shoppe

"very frustrating online experience from the absence of a customer service number to pages not downloading to confusing and non user friendly ordering process. I ended up having to look up a retail location, call them to ask for the toll free customer service number, and call to place my order. I was on hold longer than the time placing my order. NEVER AGAIN!!! The only reason I used them was because my preferred supplier did not have the exact mineral that I needed."

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Deceptive Business Practices

"On Jan 30, 2018, I placed an order #144821635512 for 3 Body Nutrition Trutein 45/45/10 Blend of Whey 4 Pound Powder VANILLA BEAN @ $49.93 each for $149.78. Upon receipt of the delivery package (1Z9367YV0304105987) I discovered the order was wrong. I immediately called the number on the manifest enclosed within the package. I was told by the The Vitamin Shoppe representative to discard the mistaken product and that a correct product would be immediately sent.

A month passed with no replacement. I was forced to spend over an hour on the phone with Jet and The Vitamin Shoppe representative on the evening of March 5, 2018 without a satisfactory resolution. On the morning of March 6, 2018, I again contacted Jet and asked to speak to a supervisor and that request was denied. I also contacted The Vitamin Shoppe and was instructed that it was not there problem to resolve. I have spent over three hours being bounced between two companies, both companies making false and misleading representations, both companies unable to provide the product I paid for a month ago.

I have just ordered the Corporate Certificate of Good Standing long form at the cost of $250 through the NJ.Gov website to receive the corporate information of addresses and corporate officers for both Jet.com.inc Entity # 0101031812 and the Vitamin Shoppe Entity # 0100953339, that I was refused by multiple Jet.com.inc and Vitamin Shoppe representatives. Fortunately, Rhode Island Courts have award substantial damages against for companies acting with similar behaviors.

I will be willing to discuss offers of settlement, until I receive that requested information for the New Jersey Government. Upon receipt of the Corporate Principles, I will be filing legal action to recover the funds taken from my family, compensation for the extensive time invested to recover my losses and damages as a resulting from the actions of by both companies.

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Sells items they know are out of stock. Makes you call to cancel.

"I ordered sambucus elderberry gummies for my kids from vitamin shoppe. These have been sold out in many stores lately and I saw they had them IN STOCK. A day later when my item should have shipped I got an email it would ship a week later. Hearing my inability to find them a relative of mine almost bought me more from vitamin shoppe because they were still showing in stock. I called customer service to see if they could send my shipment since they were not back in stock. The problem is Vitamin Shoppe is not removing them from stock and customer service by phone told me that they couldn't make my Feb 22 shipment either. They weren't due to get any until March 31. I had not been informed of this by email. The representative seemed to know that the item was still showing in stock and despite saying "sorry" you could tell she was burnt out by calls like mine and the powers above here didn't really care. This is a dishonest tactic taking orders for items showing in stock and not telling customers you won't have them for 6 weeks at the earliest. Customer service was willing to cancel my order, but you have to do that with customer service which takes a while. This rubs salt in the wound for selling items you don't have and then making people contact support to cancel the order."

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Takes weeks to get a refund

"Order arrived damaged. Called customer service and they said item will not be carried anymore. A refund will be given. A week later no refund. Called customer service again and said refund is being worked on. Another week goes by no refund. Called customer service again and sent me to someone else who said they will work on it. Another week still no refund. Terrible customer service for a refund. No refund after 2 weeks. I will not be using this company again."

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Treated with disrespect

"I have shopped at Vitamin Shoppe on and off for several years. I decided to drop by the Dedham, MA location since I was near by. There were two associates in the store a male and a female. The male was busy helping another group of customers. I approached the female associate who was standing by the register and asked if they had carts. She said whatever they have is near the door. She was very rude and abrupt with her response which I ignored. I saw her leaving behind the register and I had a question regarding what was the difference between the vitamins labeled dry and the ones not labeled dry. When I said excuse me could you help me with the vitamin e she rolled her eyes at me and said, “what is your question?”I was got off guard by her attitude. I asked if she knew what the some vitamins were labeled dry. She proceeded to tell me that the “vitamins labeled dry were the solids and not the gel caps.” I then pointed out that some of the gel caps were labeled dry as well. Her response was “I don’t know then and she walks off.” This associate was the same person who checked me out. The customer service was rude and abrupt. Needless to say this will be my last time going to this location."

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Shipping takes for ever?

"The advertise same day shipping and 2-6 business day to receive goods. They shipped my order 3 day after receiving order and still have not received and today marked the 8 th day . I called them and they said they were real busy this time of year and should receive in 3 more days. They lost a customer!"

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In ablility to order online and on the phone

"I tried to set up an auto-ship online and it wouldn't let me for some reason unknown to me. I called the cust. svc. line. The agent was upbeat, professional, clear but she didn't have the capability to allow me to order and set up auto ship with her. VITAMIN SHOPPE PEOPLE- enable your front lines to order any way the customer wants."

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Forget vitamin shoppe. Shop AMAZON PRIME

" What a sorry worthless company. I ordered items specifically in case we got the flu in our house. I ordered the item on the 12th of this month. The flu has already come and gone no order received. They stated my desired items are out of stock but would have showed up on my doorstep on the 22nd of this month. This makes them obsolete and pretty much worthless. Don’t waste your time money or energy on the vitamin shoppe. Amazon prime rarely will let you down. And you don’t have to wait two weeks to get your item that you end up not getting anywhere because they ran out"

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Online purchase

"I've never ordered online, have always had a pleasant experience in the stores, what a mistake! I have a prepaid credit card because of my health situation, not only did they put a hold for the amount I charged but doubled the amount. 2 Days Later they added two more holds on my account and two days after that added two more for a total of three times the amount I purchased. I've been getting the runaround now for over 8 days!!! Shame on them. All they says that's the way we do it and there's nothing we can do about it. I've never written a bad review about anything in my life but this was worth the time it took."

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Abusing Customers & Employees with a smile !

"Directed to push products no matter what. Fall short on Store goal and there is Hell to pay. If a comment is negative you are blacklisted and dragged in the mud, punished, humiliated then fired with prejudice. "

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Vitamin Shoppe management

"The new CEO is doing his best to alienate the customer base. One shipment arrived in a box with the side ripped due to over filling. The shipping and receiving department sees fit to ignore customer shipping instructions. The company elected to increase the number of new customers by offering the product on Amazon while telling its existing customers they would have to wait 12 days to obtain the same item. The company had the item "in stock" for the new customers. The invoices of phone order customers do not show individual costs or the total. If you want them, you have to scribble them down as you place the order. I have been a 30 year company customer but their catalog is now in my recycling bin."

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