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Customer service: 10.00/10
Return/Replacement policy: 10.00/10
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"If you have a video camera, you need to keep Video One Repair's number handy! I normally don't take the time to write something like this, but when you get service like Video One Repair gives, it's a pleasure.

Having an older pro-sumer video camera, parts were next to impossible to find and when I did, other shops quoted 20 X the original cost for the part.

At Video One Repair, it was a completely different story. They took my phone number, search and found the part, called me within 15 minutes and was ready to ship! Sheryl charged me $15 for the needed part (other shops quoted $200). I found out later Sheryl is the co-owner with her husband. Video One Repair is the kind of place you wish all your purchases came from. They care. Their main concern is to insure good service. More than fair pricing.

Let me sum up... Video One Repair is the best and only group I will call for service or parts. They are honest and fair. Video One Repair is the professionals' choice.

Naples, FL

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"We were having some issues with the touch screen on our Sony HDV camera which I guess is a common issue, called around a couple of places no one would even give me a ballpark estimate without sending it out first, even when I told them what the issue was. I called Video One told them my issue she said if that is the only thing wrong with it here is your estimate but they would look it over once they received it. So I did some more research on the company and people liked their work, so instead of sending all over the US for prices I had no clue on what they were going to come back with, we decided to go with Video One. They received the camera called me back with estimate she had quoted me over the phone, fixed it and with in a couple of days we had our camera back with the touch screen working as new. Very nice company to work with their customer service was Topnotch! "

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"I recently chose Video One Repair to fix / clean the headers on my Canon GL2 DV camera. They answered all my questions thoroughly and made shipping easy as could be. Thier turn around time was super fast. I got the camera back within a weeks time at a reasonable price! And they offer a 6 month warranty on all their work and parts so this was a no brainer. The camera itself came back looking like new and works flawlessly. Very good people and pleasant to work with. Will use them again for sure if I ever need service. Thanks VOR! "

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"Wow that was fast. We are working on a movie being filmed in Santa Cruz County. While doing a scene with three actors,9 extras,two sound crew,and two camera men we got that message ( Remove tape )and had to stop production. I found this page and sent it to Video One Repairs. They had it for two days and we got it back in two more looking like a brand new camera. I will never go anywhere else for my GL2's camera repairs."

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"I had a great experience working with Video One. Not only did they repair my cameras, their tech staff was more than willing to give me an over the phone estimate after discussing the problem. They also answered other questions I had about the cameras and the application I was using and having problems with. I really appreciated their time and thoughts."

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"Hello my name is Gary. I'm the owner of Gary West productions. We do a lot of photography and videography for weddings and special events. We have been using VideoOneRepair.com for our camcorder repairs for the last five years. They have always been more than fair and have always gotten our equipment back to us very quickly.

I felt compelled to write a quick review due to a recent situation that I was in.

I'm typically very busy in the summer and towards the end of my last job I started having problems with one of my Sony camcorders. My problem was that I had a job the following week and needed to use this camera for that job. I took it to Video One Repair and received an estimate very quickly. When I approved the estimate I had explained that I needed the camera back for the weekend and Sherman said that shouldn't be a problem. The next day to my surprise I received a call saying my camcorder had been completed.

I am very happy with all aspects of doing business with Videoonerepair.com. They have far exceeded all my expectations.


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"I was very impressed with Video One Repair in getting my Sony HD camera back in time as quoted. Sheryl spent the time to explain what needed to be repaired--very few companies seem to have retained that skill."

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"Our firm provides video camcorder training to federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies across North America and around the world. We have been business for 22 years. There is only one company that I trust to fix our camcorders: Video One! They are fast, honest and the prices are wonderful. I can recommend them without reservations and I do. Lots of our customers now send their gear to Video One.
Wadi' Sawabini
Sawabini& Associates LLC

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"I had a problem with a recently purchased Canon XL1. I had spoke with several on-line AV repair techs and the answer was always the same,"the camera will need to be sent to our facility and you're looking at $300 to $500".I found Video One Repair's website and called them. Almost immediately I was talking to a tech named Sherman. I described to Sherman what the previous techs had diagnosed on my XL1. The Video One tech asked me a series of questions as to what my camera was doing. Sherman then proceeded to tell me over the phone what my problem was and the incredibly simple procedure for "fixing it". Within 10 minutes I went from a having a totally non-functioning paper-weight to a fully operable camera again. So simple, (so obvious in retrospect anyway) It was a jaw-dropping moment for me. The tech could have easily said,"the camera will need to come our facility..." What I got instead(which was totally unexpected)was a professional, EXTREMELY knowledgeable,courteous, patient tech who took the time to listen to my problem and then proceeded to solve my problem without any concern as to whether the company got it's money first. The outcome could have been so different.
I was elated. I asked Sherman what I owed and he said "no charge". Twice in one day I was dumbfounded. Sherman then added, before I hung up, " if you have any questions or concerns over the operation of your camera, please don't hesitate to call us".
Thank you Sherman, and thank you Video One Repair for being the company you are. From this day forward I will not consider sending my AV equipment to ANYONE other than Video One Repair.
M.Wilson, MAJ,U.S.Army, ret'd

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"I had the misfortune of having a dust devil blow over my tripod here in Arizona and my beloved Sony VX2100 suffered some damage. I was heartbroken with the thoughts of sending it off to some stranger and spent quite a bit of time searching the Internet for possibilities. The more that I read about Video One, the more convinced I was to give them a try.

I shipped my camera along with a note detailing the issues I had found and just a couple of days later a very nice technician by the name of Sheryl called me to make sure she understood my concerns correctly. She said she would call back the next day after she had the opportunity to thoroughly look the camera over.

Just as promised, she called the next day and offered several options for repair and different pricings with no high pressure to sell additional services. What a pleasant way to do business. We discussed these and decided upon the best course of action. A couple of days later, I received an email saying the camera had been shipped via UPS and would arrive soon. I can't say how pleased I was to get the camera back in pristine condition and at a price that was far less than I had initially expected. I have recommended Video One to a couple of my friends who are as fussy as I am and know they will not be disappointed.

Helpful (3) Cool


"I am a natural history film maker and two of my Sony camera rigs developed issues at the same time. This happened less than a week before leaving for a two week project. I contacted Video one Repair and explained the situation. Their staff was exceedingly helpful and prompt. Not only did I get to talk with the technician, Sheryl but the repairs were done on time and cost was very reasonable. To say I am happy would be a gross understatement.

The additional 6 month warrantee is a bonus too. I would highly recommend video one repair and will continue to use them instead of the camera manufacturers facility.

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"I have been the owner of a video production company in Colorado Springs since 2002 and I tend to burn through my cameras pretty quickly. I take good care of my equipment but they are in constant use. I started sending my cameras to Video One Repair in 2005. The first person I spoke with was Sherman at the repair shop and he won my business immediately. Not only did he know what he was talking about but he was also very friendly and personable. In 2005 they worked on a couple of my Sony VX2000 and since then they have repaired my VX2100s, FX1s and I just sent my two Sony Z1U cameras. They have replaced the mechanisms, heads, fixed back focus problems and did an over all cleaning. I get my cameras back within a couple of weeks looking brand new and I feel like I am shooting on a brand new camera. They even come with a 6 month warrantee which is transferable. A couple of times after they have been repaired by Video One, I sold them on eBay so the transferable warrantee is a value add for the sale! I highly recommend anyone that has a Sony camera that needs repaired to send it to Video One! "

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"Recently I was confronted with a unique problem with my Sony FX-7. After trying to resolve the problem through my usual repair shop I realized they just didn't have my best interests at heart. After checking the Internet, looking for someone that might be experiencing a similar problem, I was alerted to VIDEO ONE REPAIR'S web page. I opened it up and was impressed with the quality and ease of navigation of the site. I saw that they welcomed calls to talk directly to a technician. I called and talked to Cheryl initially and she helped start my path to satisfaction. Ultimately I was able to begin the process of determining what was wrong with my camera. After numerous calls and consultations with Sherman VIDEO ONE REPAIR was able to insure that the 4 large productions I had quickly looming were able to be done. Besides having my FX-7 diagnosed and repaired, I was also able to purchase a reconditioned Sony FX-1000 at a very reasonable price, that I must say is a beautiful camera. A few things that I was most impressed with was VIDEO ONE REPAIR'S accessibility and how they gave me excellent attention. They kept on top of my situation and consistently returned my calls in a very timely manner. The information and advice they gave me was accurate and right on time. Next, their policy of free diagnose and free return shipping even if you ultimately decide not have your camera fixed is far better than any I've run across to date. The six month warranty on the entire camera for repair or purchase is the best I've encountered, even better then what is offered on a new purchase from any company. Thank you once again VIDEO ONE REPAIR for all your help .I have informed all my fellow videographers of your supreme dedication to your customers."

Helpful (5) Cool


" From the initial phone call asking questions down to my camera arriving safely home, I couldn't be more happy with the kindness, professionalism , and extreme attention to customer satisfaction. I never realized that having something repaired could be a pleasurable experience. "

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"OK, here's a quick review on Video One Repair... hope people can get something out of it.

I called them for some issues I was having with my Sony VX2000. I was getting audio dropouts on recordings, tape lock-ups while in playback mode and the jog dial was sticking (yeah, it really sucked!). I was really not wanting to go to any repair shop in my home town because I don't hear good things about any of them at all and they charge $65+ just to look at the camera.

Anyway, I found Video one on google and called them and they seemed really knowledgeable. They ONLY work on Sony and Canon prosumer cameras, so they really know their stuff (sorry if you've got a Panasonic cam... they don't work on those). They were really nice over the phone too.. I even talked to the owner, Sherman a couple times and he gladly took the time to address my concerns with the camera.

Turnaround was quick too... sent the camera in on Wednesday and they had it back to me the following Friday... so that's 9 days total including 2 days shipping both ways, me thinking about whether I wanted to fix it or not for a day and a half ($580 to rebuild the entire tape drive and fix the jog dial.. not bad), and a weekend in there too. So their part basically took a day! Camera came back clean and in perfect working order for all issues.

Oh, and the best part is they have a 6 month guarantee on ANY ISSUES you have with your camcorder! EVEN IF IT'S NOT THE ISSUE THEY FIXED! Of course they said not for water damage or physical damage etc... but WOW! I've NEVER heard of a company doing that!

So bottom line, if you have a Sony or Canon prosumer camera, I recommend you check them out. It's free for them to look at the camera and free shipping back to you, so you just have to ship it to them (was about $18 for me). Their website is http://www.videoonerepair.com

Oh, and I also did a video review that you can check out here (yeah, you could say I'm impressed!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oC64Ox4IqEk&feature=player_embedded

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