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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 3.00/10
Chance of future purchase: 5.00/10
Shipping & packaging: 4.38/10
Customer service: 4.38/10
Return/Replacement policy: 5.00/10
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"i was on the phone for about 2 hours to order a top with a free promotional duffle bag.. then when i went on chat she kept saying she was ready to help me right then.. i said, it shows a charge of 29 for the bag.. she said just go ahead and it's free and I'll wave the shipping too.. so.. I went ahead cause she assured me charges would come off once i did.. IT DID NOT.. and when i went back to the chat.. she had disconnected from me!!! so i finally get another girl and it starts all over and then she assures me she fixed it and my new total which includes the free duffle bag and free shipping is now 55.00.. I just checked an PAYPAL was billed 95.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i guess i have to file a complaint and my granddaughter will not receive her bday present .. thanks alot! just tell the truth!!!!"

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I love this store but the shipping **** sometimes.

"Several different occasions I've placed orders and they take DAYS to ship. Not much communication with the Angel cardholders if they're sending you a new card. I had to find out the hard way when I placed 2 separate orders and they got kicked back to me for payment issues. It wasn't until a new card arrived and I had already missed the promo I was trying to use that I knew I was getting a new card because of my recent VIP status upgrade. Some communication would have been really nice there. However, when I did speak with customer service when activating my new card they were very nice and as helpful as they could be. It's not their fault that there was no communication after all. Aside from these complaints I do love VS and will continue to shop there. "

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I love buying things from here

"I am always bookmarking new stuff to buy here because everything is so pretty and cute!"

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Worst Customer Service!!

" I'm an Angel Forever member and had just placed an order. They had a free shipping over $50 and 30% off one item deal, so I decided to place an order. Once the codes are selected they automatically apply to the order. The 30% brought my item total below 50, but I didn't realize this because they added an $8 shipping fee making my order over $50. I was in a hurry and placed the order. I then see my email confirmation showed the charge for shipping. Chat is 24/7 and this was 11:30pm sunday night. I asked for my order to be canceled. The rep says the order has already been processed and charged before the order even shipped. This was an hour after I had placed the order. She said she could waive my shipping fee as a one time courtesey. I thanked her but we got disconnected I chatted on again to make sure it went through was disconnected again. Finallh reached a rep who told me the refund was only for half. I asked as a one time courtesey why they couldn't waive the full price of the shipping they said oh because I didn't make the threshold. I replied I understand it was a mistake though and on your end you have already charged me and because of that the order can't be changed, so only a half refund as a courtesey. We went back and forth and I wanted to speak to a manager so she gave my a number to call. The lady who picked up refused to help. For someone who they consider a VIP customer and who spends so much money at their company they couldn't waive the fee."

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What the h*** happened to you VS?

"I remember a time when Victoria's Secret items were beautiful and quality items. I miss those days. Now everything is as cheep and tacky in appearance as it is in quality. I used to ONLY buy VS ****. **** yet comfy. Pricy yet worth it cause they lasted. Bras uses to be comfy, pretty and practical if that's what you wanted. Or **** and fun if that's what you wanted. Now, the store caters to kids! I was in there yesterday and I (at 32) was the oldest person in the store! I sure as hell don't want or need high wasted "granny ****"! When did **** lines again become a thing? I have looked relentlessly to find anything in the store or on line that was anywhere near worth the cost. To No avail. Don't even get me started on the customer service! That went out the window with the rest of the quality that VS used to be known for. I lost my "Angel Forever" status because I'll be damned if I spend the kind of money they want for the kind of product they deliver. I guess the VS definition of "forever" and the actual definition of forever are completely different. Spending over $200.00 with VS in less than 6 months doesn't mean much to a corporation to a company who has gotten to greedy they are arrogant enough to sacrifice customer service and quality to cater to children. Which is ironic since their new cards look like a VIP cards from a Las Vegas ****. Talk about a mixed signal! If you ever go back to the "good 'ol days" I may be back. I won't hold my breath though."

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they use newgistics to lose your order

"they use newgistics so you'll never get your package with no recourse"

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Horrible service upon return items

"Ordered quite a few items, paid by Paypal.
Unfortunatly had to return a couple of items (worth near 200 euro), and had the intention to exchange them for something else with a better fit or better fabric (what is it with Victoria Secret and EVERYTHING being made from 100% plastic/polyester).
However, after the item being back at VS for 1+ week now, nothing has been registered as being returned, and they still got my money.
Today I got an email where they say they have upto 30 (!!!) days to proces a return item, and they give themselves these 30 days to give me my money back.

First of all, if you seriously expect me to exchange an item for another one, you need to give me confidence that I get my money back in time. Not after a month. And second: HELLPOPPO, please step into the 21st century.
30 days to proces a return item, are you fricking kidding me? Perhaps that's acceptable in the USA, but sure as hell not in the EU. Here we process returns in a matter of days, not weeks. Everything is automated, there is absolutely no reason to keep my money for this long.

This was my first and last order ever at Victoria Secret. From now on I'll just support the local lingerie shop.

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Late Fee and no statement sent.

"We had an account with them for several years. did not use it that much. Had a purchase in February, paid it with Chase account. For some reason Chase did not process it so the account balance of around $35.00 was not paid. We did not get a statement from them for 3 months. Not normally an issue since we assumed it was paid in full. Then we get a call from their bank DEMANDING we pay them the $145.00 we owed them. I called their bank and was told the bill was not paid. I explained I did not get a statement in over 3 months. they said they get lost in the mail sometimes. Once maybe, not 3 months in a row. I am pretty sure this is a scam. Never shop there again. "

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SCAMMERS and Thieves

"So where do I begin? I've been with VS for 3 years. I have auto payments set up through my bank for the minimum amount due. I don't use it that often, so I set it and forget it. Upon looking into my account one day, I noticed VS have been charging me a let fee if 27.00 for the past 6 months even when I was making July auto payments on time. Their excuse was my minimum balance changed from 25 to 27 dollars. So for 2 extra dollars VS charged me a late fee of 27.00!!! So 12.00 cost me 135.00. They refused to refund me the late charges. I didn't get an alert or anything saying my minimum balance change. Their response to me was I should of checked my monthly statement. My loss. Needless to say, I shut down my account, in order to retain me they offered to remove just one late fee! REALLY VS? Good luck!"

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They used to be better

"I used to shop at VS ALL THE TIME but they've gotten so generic. Unless you want to buy some wings all of their lingerie is pretty boring. But, still love their bras. The store I shop at has gotten pretty messy in the last year or so. It used to look totally hot and organized but now there's stuff everywhere and I can't ever find anything i'm looking for. And, why cant they ever put the bra/**** set shown on the manikans in the drawer below the manikin?!?!?"

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"I am an angel forever and have had the ccd for years now. Any time I speak with an associate from customer service they do not want to give you anything as a courtesy. My reason for saying that this ccd service is a rip off is because you can make your payment on the due date but if it is after 8pm it does not count for the same day even if you make the payment on the due date. BE AWARE and the customer service reps act as if it is their money to excuse and regardless of the hundred of dollars you spend in their stores they will still nickel and dime you with no courtesy of being a loyal customer. I have thought about cutting this ccd up many times before because associates follow you around their stores stereotyping and I witnessed an angry card holder raise sand about it in which I understood them because it has happened to me before, but this time I am sooo serious **** YOUR FREEBIES they are cheap anyway. I can gain rewards from American Express where I can pay them any hour of the day on the due date and gain twice the points and/ or rewards. Card holders need to know this."

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"I have ordered online twice in the past month. The first time my order was sent to an old address that I have not used in over 2 years. I used the online chat service and the rep never apologized or anything for having sent my order to the wrong place. Then everything on that order was supposedly sold out when I tried to have him reorder it for me.
The second time you all were running a special where if I placed an order of $40 I'd receive a $20 gift card. I got absolutely nothing in that order. When I called this time to talk to the rep, she indicated that all she could do about it was report my feedback. Really? VS has just lost my business. I am tired of you all not taking care of your customers.
It's simple....make it right.

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Taking money from my account without my approval!?

"I have had the worst experience with buying online from VS. I have bought from them before, but this was my first time that I had to get my package shipped to South Africa. Knowing it will take long, I received my package after 3 weeks, and it wasn't even the right order! Having to pay local taxes and duties that added to around $200 I wasn't to happy to have to go through that again. They resend my package, I had to pay for all that again and finally received my order. Great! A month later I see the amount of $300 deducted from my account from VS and contact them about it, they send me the package AGAIN! I never placed another order and worse still, I did not give my consent as to remove the money from my account. Needless to say, I will not be ordering from them again"

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What happened???

"1. Their customer service is non-existent these days.
2. The quality of the products has significantly declined over the years.
3. I guess they make so much money the don't care if they loose a few long term customers these days.

Several years ago I worked in a Victorias Secret retail store, I became a loyal customer and have always purchased all of my bras, ****, lingerie, sleep wear and bathing suits from Victorias Secret and no where else. That is until recently. Customer service was a top priority. We were trained to make each customer feel special and to give them a pleasurable shopping memory. Well not anymore. They do not care. I have also noticed the significant decline in the quality of their products over the years. I recently gave them one last shot and had a horrible customer service experience. I am done. I will do my shopping elsewhere from now on....

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