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Rating 10/10

"I bought my V3 Convoy nearly two and a half years ago and I have been very happy with it. (NVIDIA Geforce GTX590 graphics card, Asus VG236H 23in LCD display, 3D vision kit, Asus P8P67 Pro motherboard, Intel i7 2600K 3.4 GHz processor, 8GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 RAM, two 64GB Crucial RealSSD hard drive, 500GB storage drive, overclocked). Up to this point I have been able to play every game I bought at ultra or very high settings. A few days ago I loaded Total War: Rome II, picked the ultra graphics settings and it has been running great. Batman: Arkham Asylum and City were great in 3D - my only complaint with 3D is that it only has moderate support from the development community, but my rig has done great with games that support 3D.

Just recently I did a fresh reinstall of Windows 7. I was starting to get weird little glitches in some programs - I think because of all the different things I have installed and uninstalled over the last couple years, as well as all the updates done by Windows 7 and other programs. Before I did the reinstall I contacted V3 to see if they had any advice since I had never done a reinstall of Windows 7 before. I was expecting a few tips and a Hope It Goes Okay, but they spent the time to type up detailed instructions that were specific to my computer - I was very impressed with the customer service on a computer that they last saw more than two years ago. I followed their instructions and the reinstall went great - all the glitches are gone and it feels like I have a new computer again. Other than the reinstall of Windows 7, the only maintenance I have done on the computer is cleaning the filters every few weeks - with the way the computer is set up, it only takes a minute or two to do that.

I gave this computer five-stars shortly after I got it, and I still give it five-stars. And this is an independent review - V3 Gaming did not ask me to write it.

Rating 10/10

"Well it's been a little over one year since I ordered my V3 Convoy gaming PC. I can sum up most of my review right here: I bought a $5,000 (yes) Alienware computer a few years ago that was crashing since the first time I ever turned it on. For over two years I struggled with it and finally sold it for a fraction of the price. I then bought a $2,600 V3 Convoy and a year later I'm writing to tell you it's the most solid computer I've ever had (and blazingly fast for the money).

Now I said that covers "most" of my review. The rest is this: I had some questions about adding more RAM to the computer and I was having an issue with the computer not recognizing the RAM so I emailed Chuck from V3. HE FREAKING CALLS A FEW MINUTES LATER AT NIGHT ON A FREAKING SUNDAY. I have never IMAGINED such great customer service (even over a year after I bought the computer.). I've had everything from IBM, Dell, Gateway (Hateway), custom built, to the very most expensive Alienware, and none of their systems nor their technical support hold a candle to V3. I buy a computer about once every two years. I will be buying my next one from V3. Thanks team for making literally top quality computers affordable!!!

Rating 6/10

"Bought a mid-range system and it worked for a couple of weeks then...all kinds of crashing issues. System was completely unreliable. Had to send the system back on my own dime. Communication could and should be much better. I had to send multiple emails and calls to get a response. They stated they would provide some upgrades for my inconvenience and time w/o a computer. Will update once i receive it back."

Rating 10/10

"I bought the Salvo, because I like the options it provided, and wanted to keep the price below $2200.

I ordered it, and received it roughly three weeks later. I was extremely pleased by the packing materials, because it had to travel all the way to Canada, so I was slightly worried about it getting damaged. But it came completely intact.

The computer itself has been very well constructed, and is fast as hell. Cold booting to Desktop in about 6 seconds on a single SSD. It absolutely destroys everything I run on it with ease. This beast is outperforming an Alienware that a guy from my old I.T class purchased 8 months ago for $4200.

Chuck is the best customer service rep that I have EVER dealt with. He was honest, gave me tons of information and help in the final tweaks of my build. He was very quick at responding to my emails, and getting my missing monitor found and sorted out.

I use this computer mainly for gaming and 3D modeling and Rendering on Blender 3D and CryEngine 3 SDK. I'm very happy with this computer, and I'm definatly going with V3 for all my future PCs. Completely worth the investment.

Rating 10/10

"I had a poor rating due to lack of attention from the owners. However, once they learned of my review and understood they had dropped the communications ball they stepped up and took very good care of me.

All issues have been solved and they were extremely apologetic. I must admit it all occured around Christmas so perhaps the rush was the cause. My system is now overclocked properly and it works like a charm. Very fast.

Rating 10/10

"I've had my computer for about four months now, and all I can say is WOW!

I bought this after reading the reviews in PC World, and have not been disappointed. I was going to build my own PC, but they were able to match the total to what I was going to pay to do it myself, and although I didn't get the experience, I feel much more comfortable with the result.

The customer service was impressive. I placed the order on-line and they called back to clarify a few points, making a suggestion that I could do what I wanted and save a few bucks by selecting a slightly different motherboard model (they actually took less of my money!). I received the resulting PC in about three weeks.

I play WOW with my son, and he is simply jealous. I'm running with triple monitors on:

Chassis: V3 Dark Fleet CONVOY Chassis by Antec
Chassis Cooling: V3 Ultra Cyclonic Positive Pressure Airflow System
Power Supply: 950W Corsair SLI/CrossFire Ready 80 Plus Power Supply
Graphics Cards: (2) NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 570 1280MB OC@780MHz w/PhysX
Motherboard: ASUS® P8P67 Pro SLI/CrossFireX w/USB 3.0, SATA 6Gb/s,
Bluetooth and Firewire
Processor: INTEL® Core™ i7-2600K 3.40GHz (3.80GHz Turbo) Quad-Core Unlocked, 8MB Cache w/HT
Processor Cooling: V3 GAMING LC120ZS by Asetek Zero-Service Liquid Cooling
V3 LC™ Launch Control Overclocking: YES, V3 GAMING Launch Control Stable
Overclocking (K-Series Only)
Memory : 16GB Patriot Divison 2 - Xtreme Dual-Channel DDR3 (4X4G) - 1866MHz
Operating System Hard Drives: (2) 64GB Crucial RealSSD C300 SATA 6.0Gb/s MLC SSD Ultra-Performance in Raid-0
Data Storage Hard Drive: 1.5TB SATA 7200RPM High-Performance
Optical Drive: 10X Blu-ray Writer & DVDRW Combo w/LightScribe
Media Reader: Internal 3.5in. Multi-Function Media Card Reader
Audio: 8-channel High Definition Surround Sound Optical S/PDIF Out
Network Adapter: Dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless Adapter: Internal 802.11b/g/n Wireless-N WiFi Adapter
Operating System : Microsoft® Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Total price in April was about $3K

This is the best bang for the buck around. Period,

Rating 10/10

"To help motivate me to finish a degree, I promised myself that I would get a great gaming computer when I was done. After doing quite a bit of research I bought a Convoy 3DS from V3 Gaming back in April. For me, V3 was the best balance of power, quality, and price. Like many of the reviews I read had said, their customer service was very good. They answered the phone and emails promptly, and they gave me answers that were honest and helpful. They helped me to figure out what I wanted out of my computer with the budget that I had ($3300). I decided on the following build:

*Asus P8P67 Pro Motherboard
*Intel i7-2600K 3.40GHz Quad-Core Processor, with overclocking and liquid cooling
*NVIDIA GeForce GTX 590 3GB graphics card
*1000W Corsair SLI/CrossFire Ready 80 Plus Modular Power Supply
*8GB Kingston HyperX Dual-Channel DDR3 1333MHz memory
*Dual 64GB Crucial RealSSD C300 SATA 6.0Gb/s SSD Ultra-Performance hard drives (128 GB - RAID 0)
*500GB SATA 7200RPM High-Performance storage drive
*24X Dual Layer SATA DVDRW
*Internal 802.11b/g Wireless Turbo G WiFi Adapter
*8-channel High Definition Surround Sound
*Asus VG236H Black 23in. 2ms 1920 X 1080 LCD widescreen with 3D glasses

I went with the NVIDIA graphics card because I wanted 3D. I picked the dual 64GB SSD drives for the speed, (and they are ultra fast with the RAID 0 configuration) and added the 500GB storage drive. Even though it is a desktop, I added the wireless WiFI because I didn't want to have cords taped to the carpet.

V3 told me they would have it to me in three to four weeks, I had it at my house in Minnesota in 20 days, and I have been very pleased with the computer.

The computer is overclocked, but with the liquid cooling the temperatures have never gotten above 60C. It is by far the best and fastest computer I've used. There still is room for another graphics card as well, so if down the road I want to put another GTX 590 in SLI, I will be able to do that.

Some of the newer games I've played are Just Cause 2, Metro 2033, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Total War: Shogun 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. It's been nice to load the game, turn the settings as high as they'll go and play the game. On the games that have a benchmarking option I usually get 60 - 80 FPS, with the lowest never going below 40 FPS.

I've played a few of the games in 3D and I have to say they look really good, and the FPS ends up being about the same because you have to turn off some of the options like anti-aliasing and motion-blur to avoid ghosting. Just Cause 2 looks very good, but my eyes get tired if I use 3D too long. Batman and Bad Company 2 were the best in 3D, and it is clear they designed those games with 3D in mind. I've not played them in anything but 3D. I'm hoping several of the new games coming out will be designed for 3D and will be as good or better than Batman and Bad Company.

Metro 2033 looked good, but the game spends a lot of time in dark tunnels, and since the 3D glasses are like wearing a pair of sunglasses, it was too dark. Metro has been the only game this was an issue though. The Asus LCD can be adjusted to be very bright. I usually have the screen set at 35 out of 100 brightness, but I turn it up to 100 for 3D and that usually works well. I think the problem with Metro was that it didn't have an in-game brightness adjustment.

The Asus LCD has been great for 3D and gaming in general. The chief complain I read about it in the reviews was that it was glossy and reflected light. The only time I had a problem with that was when the light was directly behind me. I moved it and no problems since. It is the clearest and sharpest screen that I've ever used.

When I was considering the 3D option I was concerned I would get motion sickness, as I'm prone to that in general. In my research I found that the 23in screen is about as big as you want to go for 3D - it helps when you can see the edges of the screen. The first few times I played in 3D I got a little queasy after about half an hour, but I just stopped and waited awhile. I got used to it in a few days and haven't had any problems since.

All in all, my Convoy is a great set-up, and I got it for several $100s less than the nearest reputable competitor. Or another way to look at it is that I got more of a computer for my budget than what the other guys could give me. There were a couple places I could have gotten a similar computer for about $100 less, but they had a number of very bad reviews when I dug deep enough. I would definitely recommend that anyone looking for a gaming computer give V3 Gaming and their Convoy a serious look. I'm loving mine and expect to be enjoying it for years to come.

Rating 10/10

"Amazing customer service
More bang for your buck
Highly recommended

Rating 10/10

"After a poor experiance with CyberPower, (they don't even check out a PC before shipping) I feel they are now more interested in the mass market of Walmark, K-mart, etc, than building good machines for their direct purchase customers, I was concerned about V3. Turns out, I needn't have worried about this company, great customer service and product. As proof to the kind of performance they can build into a PC, my Passmark bench score for my 3 year old 1.6 ghz PC was 261.2, my new V3 rocked out a 3601.2. I am not a gamer but intend to use this PC for video editting of 1080P HD. I haven't had a chance yet to do serious editting, but in just installing the massive editting program, the old PC took forever to install and the new one pulled off the same chore in seconds. If the new V3 performs as I'm sure it will, then I will share my results with the folks on the GoPro forums. I believe for serious video editting you need a purpose built gamer type PC and V3 not only does that but the difference in both shipping packaging and cableing inside the PC is a night and day difference of the same from CyberPower. And I also got a follow up email to make sure I am happy with my V3. I too was drawn to V3 by the very favorable reviews in the major PC publications. As small as V3 is, they sure have the respect of both me and those major PC publications. Go ahead and buy from V3, you will not be disappointed. For you tech heads that want to know what configerations produced those big PassMark numbers, I'll post what V3 built for me below......

Chassis : V3 Dark Fleet CONVOY Chassis by Antec
Chassis Cooling : V3 Ultra Cyclonic Positive Pressure Airflow System
Exterior Finish : Midnight Black
Power Supply : 750W Corsair SLI/CrossFire Ready 80 Plus Power Supply
Graphics Card 1 : NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 570 1280MB @732MHz w/PhysX (+230)
Graphics Card 2 : None (-160)
Dedicated PhysX (Nvidia Cards Only) : NO
Motherboard : MSI® P67A-GD65 SLI/CrossFireX w/USB 3.0, Dual SATA 6Gb/s and Firewire (+40)
Processor : INTEL® Core™ i7-2600K 3.40GHz (3.80GHz Turbo) Quad-Core Unlocked, 8MB Cache w/HT (+170)
Processor Cooling : V3 GAMING LC120ZS by Asetek Zero-Service Liquid Cooling
V3 LC™ Launch Control Overclocking : YES, V3 GAMING Launch Control Stable Overclocking (K-Series Only)
Memory : 8GB Kingston HyperX Dual-Channel DDR3 (2X4G) - 1333MHz CL9 (+70)
Operating System Hard Drive 1 : 128GB Crucial RealSSD C300 SATA 6.0Gb/s MLC SSD Ultra-Performance (+280)
Operating System Hard Drive 2 : 128GB Crucial RealSSD C300 SATA 6.0Gb/s MLC SSD Ultra-Performance (+280)
Operating System Hard Drive RAID : RAID 0 - Striped for Faster Speed (Total Size = 2X Drive Size)
Data Storage Hard Drive 1 : 1.5TB SATA 7200RPM High-Performance (+110)
Data Storage Hard Drive 2 : None
Data Storage Hard Drive 3 : None
Data Storage Hard Drive 4 : None
Data Storage Hard Drive RAID : None
Optical Drive 1 : 24X Dual Layer SATA DVDRW
Optical Drive 2 : None
Media Reader : Internal 3.5in. Multi-Function Media Card Reader (+20)


Rating 10/10

"I configured and ordered a V3 Gaming PC online based on PC World's recent review of the V3 Gaming PC. The computer was packaged and protected well for shipping, and was delivered fine.

The computer is very stable, cool, quiet, and fast. Very clean cabling-install inside the case. Professionally done.

Nice factory overclock and testing @ no additional charge. All PC components were configured and installed as requested. Components include SSD drives in Raid 0; NVIDIA 560TI cards in SLI; Intel I7 260K processor(unlocked) w/liquid cooling.

Midtower case is nice. Extremely quiet - from almost silent, to just a 'whoosh' when the variable-speed case-fans are adjusted. The case fans include white LED's which are really nice.

The system plays the latest games with ease - Witcher 2 with everything to max - including ubersampling - no problem; Crysis 2 with DX11 patch and High-Res Textures on max settings w/22" monitor (native resolution) - never a lag at all.

Nice standard warranty.

There are boutique PC vendors who can offer comparable performance gaming-PC's, but for about twice the cost. With V3 Gaming, you get a custom PC build without paying exorbitant prices for the privilege.

Very pleased. No complaints.

Rating 10/10

"It is hard to write these reviews well when you get outstanding service and don't want to come across as some paid spokesperson for the company. I'll try not to be too gushing, but it is going to be difficult. I have been gaming since 1980 on teletypes. There was only one other time since then and now that I was blown away by a new computer and that was when the Pentium machines first shipped.

My old computer was 2 1/2 years old and was no slouch in its day. With the current state of affairs with console games vs PC, I figured it was my last gaming rig until the next major evolution of desktops. But I had always wanted to run a couple of flight sims full out and had never been able to, so after reading an excellent article on the V3 product line I decided to place an order. I selected what I thought was the answer from their dropdown menus and made the purchase.

I got a call from Chuck the next business working day and he told me the config looked good. When I told him what I wanted to use it for, he said it would work well for those apps. I asked him were there any recommendations he would make for changes. He sort of hesitantly said "Well.....you have a great machine selected but if you made some pretty dramatic changes it would work better.

I thought "oh boy here we go, this guy is gonna tack on another grand to the price by selling me the latest and greatest stuff for a 2% increase in performance and I braced for impact.

Long story short, Chuck actually recommended a rig that was a couple hundred dollars cheaper! I was floored. Who does that anymore....suggests to the customer what he needs instead of what is most expensive?! Needless to say, they have a lifetime customer for that interaction alone. Put on top of that great shipping, great communication and a machine that still has my jaw hitting the floor every day, they cannot be beat by anyone I have ever bought from before in the PC world. Where my other machine was banging out 35 Frames Per Second on most of the flight sims set to max, this Convoy beast is regularly hovering in the 130 FPS range. The smoothness is ridiculous. Things like Adobe Photoshop are processing so fast, I can't keep up! A game like Empire Total War used to be unplayable at full graphics because of the stuttering, but now I have to hit pause to be able to keep up with what my units are doing. I actually stopped and checked once to make sure my game time compression wasn't set to 2x or something, everything happens so fast! Oh and I've never been into the whole fancy case thing - this machine is a Work of Art and is the first desktop machine I have actually placed on top of the desktop instead of under it. My wife who is never impressed by anything computer looked at it first day and said "whoa...that looks COOL!"

Great job guys. I hope you don't get too big and send your customer assistance phone number to an overseas company. You really have cracked the code on how to be a GREAT computer company.

Rating 6/10

"I think the company is going through some growing pains. My main problem with them was that my order took over 3 weeks (15+ business days) just to ship, despite them promising a maximum of 10 business days to ship. I got the machine about a month after I ordered it. Customer service was very poor in communicating with me about my order, would not upgrade my shipping even through the order was late, and then failed to include some free games that they said they would include to offset my inconvenience. Altogether not impressive.

The computer itself is a good machine, although the overclocking is not as dramatic as I expected (my benchmark software doesn't even show any overclocking present). Probably won't go down this path again.

Rating 10/10

"Laptop rocks. I wanted the NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 485M but I could not find it at Dell, HP or Alienware. I went to Nvidia and they recommended V3 Gamming. I am impressed with the performance. I have never played games wirelessly before because of performance issues. With this latop, I can play wired or wireless with the same performance level. ITs smooth as glass. The USB 3.0 rocks."

Rating 10/10

"I recently ordered a customized pc from v3 gaming and have had an excellent experience. They were the best priced gaming pc when compared to all the other competition, including maingear, originpc and the like.

Chuck worked with me through customizing a PC that optimized my bang for my buck. They cabled and tuned it exactly how I wanted. They were also very receptive throughout the setup of the PC. I would call periodically to see how it was coming along, or what the overclocking was looking like. Chuck was responsive and talked with me like it was no issue at all. I get the feeling that they put customer service as #1...which is good as they are competing with some hard hitters. I got a i7 2600K and they also added in some extras to make up for the intel issue that was going on with the 3 Gbps SATA connections on the mobo.

I received my PC when it was expected (about 2 weeks, including UPS ground across the country), the packaging was great and protective. I ordered the 3D Convoy, so both the pc and the monitor came perfectly intact.

The performance of the machine is AWESOME! Fully booting up into windows takes around 45 seconds or so....and I can be in Call of Duty within 15 seconds, its nuts! I'm sure that has to do with a striped SSD drives, but its still great.

I originally encountered an issue with the bios settings that slipped by the burn in because it has to do with cold booting. Chuck and George both worked hard to get in touch with Asus tech guys and get a resolution. They called me at off hours to work through the problem and fixed it! So as far as tech support goes, they are great as well. I know George has taken what was learned into account so it doesn't impact other customers.

All in all, my experience was v3gamingpc was amazing. Both Chuck and George are very friendly and great to work with. I have been recommending them to all my friends and wanted to write an article here as well. I have no real benefit from doing so, except that I hope they are successful so I can buy my next pc from them!

Rating 10/10

"With computers you can't always expect to get what you paid for and if you don't know what you are buying, a good gaming pc can turn into an ugly money pit. I was a little worried about buying my new gaming system from a company I had never even heard of. I took a risk, and it PAID OFF!

This pc is nothing short of stellar. It's a powerful beast that runs at blistering speeds. I have consulted every person I know, who knows anything about computers and they too were shocked by how excellent this pc was made.

On top of a remarkable product, V3 has a top of the line staff as well. Their customer service rep walked me through every process my computer went through before being shipped to my door. I asked a lot of questions and he (George Shaw) was quick to respond to my emails every single time. I had never been so happy dealing with a customer representative.

I am happy with my PC and personally recommend V3 Gaming PC to everyone who is on the lookout for a Grade A company who is looking to give you the best product imaginable.

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