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Rating 2/10

"Just awful awful people! Everything negative said about them here is true and I suspect any positive reviews are posted by their own employees or people they pay to write reviews. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. I had a terrible experience with them 2 whole years ago and didn't bother writing a review then cause I already saw a huge negative trend in their ratings and assumed they'd go out of business by now. Unfortunately not and when I saw their name pop up when I was shopping for a new camera today, I decided it was time to write my negative review after all. I will admit that they are smooth and friendly salesmen at first and that's probably how they sucker in the few people that gave them genuine positive reviews (those people are probably blisfully unaware that they massively overpaid). But as soon as you call them out on their lies and half-truths they get very nasty and it was a headache for me to get my money back (they had the audacity to charge my credit card even though my order was never fulfilled as I canceled the very same day once their tactics became apparent). Stay away!!!"

Rating 10/10

"Alex was great. Very helpful and knowledgeable. This was my first order here so I was cautious, but Alex made me feel comfortable. He didn't try and upsell me, although he made some suggestions that I agreed with... but no hard sell.

I tried to by local to support my fellow businessmen, but they were charging more, for less, and I would have had to wait longer to get my Nikon D80 (they quoted 1- 2 weeks and most likely 2).

Alex told me that I would get it by Friday, and I got it Thursday the 24th.

Did I mention that I ordered it on Monday the 21st!

I will absolutely be purchasing here again, and all of my video gear as well!

Addendum 3/29/2012

I want to buy a Nikon D7000 and I was going to give these guys another sale, but it looks like they're out of business :-(

Rating 2/10

"What an education I got today. I purchased a Nikon VR lens at US1photo store on Wood Ave in Linden, NJ. No problems, but noticed that the storefront name kept changing. Photo Loon, Photomania, now it's Ryther Camera. Don't deal with any of these people! I accidentally dropped my camera and sent the lens to Nikon to see if it could get fixed. I found out that the lens was a "gray market" lens, meaning it was not licensed to be sold in the US. I was shocked! It's illegal to sell someone a gray market item without them knowing it. Now I can't get it fixed because Nikon doesn't want anything to do with gray market. Now I'm stuck with a broken lens. STAY AWAY!"

Rating 2/10

"STAY AWAY.... i too had the same experience. order, never came, called back, they said the order was canceled, "didn't you get the email?" NO! they can't ship or refund, call the credit card company to start a claim. when i called first time he was rude, short, and hung up as i was talking. I DID GET MY MONEY BACK THOUGH!!! (from the credit card co.) i really wasn't expecting it after reading this site. hopefully YOU are reading this BEFORE you buy, and don't. this has been a nightmare, and i had to close this card/number as i don't trust these thieves. and i have now missed several opportunities to use the camera because of these people. make sure you research ANY company before you buy, and try buying local first if possible. the absolute lowest price is not always worth it. these people should go to prison until these bastards burn in hell for knowingly doing this to so many people. "

Rating 2/10

"About 3 years ago, I ordered a camera from US1photo, and it worked out great. I got what I ordered promptly. Based on that experience, I place another order recently, never having read any of the reviews.

I waited for 4 days, then received an email that my order was canceled and there was no charges. Just to make sure, I tried to call the CS number in the middle of a week day and got a message that told me I was calling out of their business hours. I sent them an email requesting an explanation and to make it clear that I would ask my credit card company to decline any charges from them. I never heard back from them.

They did not charge my card, so I didn't have to go through the trouble many others seemed to have had to. But this was the worst experience I've had with any vendor. I'll never use them again and will recommend anyone else not to use them.

Rating 2/10

"It's a scam site. Don't even risk to try. I bought Canon 5D Mark II + Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L USM & Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Lenses - 3pc Kit and was charged immediately $4,899.00. Then suspicious charges on my cc appeared and I had to close the card.
Two weeks later I called them (Tue) and they were closed all day long! Next day 'a representative' answered the phone (after a half an hour waiting) and told me that their supplier 'went bankrupt' and they couldn't sent me the product nor give me money back. The only way was to open a cc claim.
As you can notice, two days later they are still 'selling' the very same product for the very same price. Product that they don't have and you will not receive it.

Rating 2/10

"TOTAL FRAUD! just as stated in the other reviews. 30 minutes on hold during a 3 hour window of "open business" I finally got a customer service? representative. They tried to blame the wholesaler who they drop ship from "going out of business." Were told they could not refund our money "because of creditor freeze due to too many refunds."

Luckily our credit card company, Citi, stood by us.
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY! They are a Drop shipping scam.

Rating 2/10

"I made the order on line on June 7th 2010 from US1photo.com and they promise that the order (Canon 7D + Canon 28-135mm IS USM Lens - 16pc Kit) will be shipped in 7 to 9 days, and when I called June 14th 2010 they said you will receive your order on the 17th , the order did not arrive on the 17th and I called again the person answer the phone said we are out of stock and your order is canceled, when I asked for my refund they said call your credit card company and place a dispute for non receipt of merchandise and hang up. I will never use US1photo again.

Rating 2/10

"Today is June 11, 2010. In spite of several promises that my order had been shipped and would arrive within 2 days, I have NOT received ANYTHING. I have no news, no information, no apologies, ...total silence!!!
I have been lied to and deceived for the past 30 days!
These guys are liars and thieves. I would strongly advise anyone to keep away from them.

Rating 2/10

" After overhearing me speak about whether or not to buy a certain Sigma lens that I liked soon enough to have it for an upcoming vacation, my son decided to surprise me by purchasing the lens online thus ending the days of procrastination I had been having. Well the short story is that I had finally bought the lens through Amazon and it was already on its way, (unbeknownst to my son), when I found out that he had just finished speaking to a US1PHOTO.COM sales rep a few hours before I got home one afternoon on May 10th.

After my wife hinted that he done this and I called him and got the details, I immediately called US1PHOTO.COM at their number 877-300-5070 that they themselves had listed as the "Customer Service", (what a joke), number. The recording said that the CS department was closed for the day but the Sale department was still open. I called that department and as soon as the rep understood that I was calling to cancel the very order that he had pulled up on his screen when he asked me for the order info, his attitude went south big time and he rudely said that this was a CS matter and I'd have to call back the following day.

I told him that the order was only 4 hours old and asked him politely to delete the transaction and return the $598.00 to my card, (yes, it was a surprise from my son's heart but with my money). He said "Hold" and that was the last I heard from anyone at that rip-off operation. I sent over 5 emails, (at least 3 before the notice they sent to me 2 days later stating that they have shipped the lens, and a filter). In addition, I called FedEx and had them stop the shipment and return it to the sender, which they did. The tracking number clearly shows that they have received the package back from where it was shipped.

I also tried to call them 4 times and only once did I actually get someone to answer the CS phone line. That person said "hold" and once again, I never got another person after 'Holding' for over 20 minutes!!

In each email I was polite and reserved and pointed out that their own policy said that orders could be cancelled up to 48 hours after they were placed without a "10% Handling fee" and that I had cancelled it 4 hours after the order was placed. They also state that it would take 5 to 7 working days to return any monies back to the customer!

It is now May 28th and it has been 18 days since they stole my money and I have absolutely no item from them. I want my money back but they don't answer their phone at the CS department and the Sales reps just keep putting me on hold as if they're 'transferring me to the CS department.

I have to wait until June 1st before I can file a formal charge against them with the New Jersey State prosecutor. I am willing to sue them and pursue this as far as I have to go and with whatever it takes if they don't give me back ALL my money. This is a BIG SCAMMER OUTFIT that changes their name often so that people don't recognize them. I already knew about these con-artists but my son did not. I honestly don't know how this little pissant group of 2 bit thieves get away with this International theft, Credit Card Theft, and Fraud operation without any law enforcement people investigating them.

I'm going to have to sue them in Civil Court and I plan to hit them with as high a suit as is allowed by law. If they're reading this, they'd better return the money they STOLE FROM MY CREDIT CARD.

I'm looking for anyone else who is interested in joining me in filing a Class Action Suit. Please let me know if you're interested via this blog and we will work out the way to contact each other on a more personal level.

They have ignored every email I sent them, (I always 'copied' the sales department each and every time I emailed the CS department), and flat out refuse to speak to me. There is no way for any customer to return or cancel any order they place because they won't speak to anyone who calls with that intention! Stay Far Away from this truly 'Fly-by-night' operation.

Rating 2/10

"This is really bad company. All fraud. They all lying. If you want to kill your self with your money just order them. I order nikon D90 next they they called me they tried to sell me more item. I did not accept it. Price was $899. One week later i called them and check of status and they told me they don't have in their stock and then they sold me original USA warranty Nikon $1139. After 2 weeks later i received with all lying costumer services and i check camera which is made in Thailand. I called Nikon and they said this product not under their warranty. So i asked them $239 back. They never respond me. Also they hangup phone on my face. So please order them. "

Rating 2/10

"OMG The WORST! First you'll get a call confirming your order and will be have someone on the other end try to sell you accessories for the the item you purchased.
I did say yes to the extended life battery. Three weeks went by, no camera. I called only to be on hold for literally 34 minutes. I was told it was shipped and I should be receiving it by the weeks end. I told them if i did not get it I would dispute the charges with my credit card company. Lo and behold I get an email stating the package was being shipped overnight.
I get the package the next day, mind you the customer service rep told me it was shipped the week prior. The battery which I had ordered was not included in the shipment, it was backordered. On their website they state they will not charge you for a backordered item until it is shipped. That's a boldfaced lie. They did charge me. Here it is over 2 months since I placed and received the order and I am still trying to get my 129.99 back for a backordered item.
They are the worst, most horrible people to deal with. They will "YES" you to death only to NOT do what they promised you.
I FINALLY got my order only to find out that the extended life battery was backordered. I called to cancel the battery and found out that they are only refunding me $39.99 for the battery. Now mind you my original bill was only $480.43 then I see this charge on my card for over $630!! So I call them and say WTF??? They tell me I agreed to an upgrade on the battery that comes with the camera (which I never did) and that was why it raised the price. I NEVER got an email or receipt stating I was being charged so much more. It also states on their website (and yes I copied it in case they change it)that they will not charge you for an item that is not in stock. Well that is just plain BULL. Then why the hell did they charge me for the battery that was backordered and make me call 4 times to try and get a refund??? STAY AWAY....FAR AWAY................Hey PHOTORICH I'll join you in your class action suit if you like. This company that is located on Wood Avenue in Linden,NJ is a scammer!This is a company probably run out of someone basement. Beware if you get a guy that calls you after you place your order and he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth. He and Anthony in the supposed CS Dept. are liars and cheats.

Rating 2/10

"US1Camera is a scam operation, not a legitimate business. Here's how it works: You see the product on their site and it has a good price and it says "in stock". You place an order, they send a confirmation (with no order number) and then send you an email saying there is a problem with your order. You call and get a shady salesman telling you that you need other items. You say "no thanks" and wait for your order to arrive. It doesn't come, so you have to call back only to find out that your items are on "back order" and they don't know when they will have them. You cancel your order and shop elsewhere.

Save your time and money. Don't even visit this website! They lie on their website about availability of product, and then their shady salesmen lie to you about shipping your order. It used to be the Better Business Bureau would shut down these kinds of businesses, but since US1Camera is a virtual store (with no inventory and no street address), it's hard to find them to prosecute. Thank god for Resellerratings. I should have read it before I dealt with these shysters.

Rating 2/10

"I thought I found a good deal, great camera, free shipping, and other stuff that they offered for free. well I placed the order...it is day 14 and it is @ "PENDING" stage for last 9 days. Tried to email them, no response. Sucks!!!"

Rating 2/10

"I have never posted to a review before but this company is unbelievably shady. I purchased a Canon 50D after being linked to their site through EBay. I found a great price, and I thought I would give them a shot. I received the e-mail stating that since it was such a high priced item, they wanted me to phone them to confirm my order.
Of course, I did the next day. I received the pitch for a higher priced battery. But then they told me that the 3 day shipping I ordered wasn't available. That I would have to wait until the end of the month and it would be shipped by ground. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around how a camera couldn't be sent FedEx. Then I was told that the warehouse where the camera ships from is located somewhere else and that express shipping doesn't go out of there. I was starting to get suspicious. Then we went over the item that I ordered and suddenly my US warranty went to a warranty that only they could honor. I was starting to get worried. He transferred me to "Customer Service", a term that has resemblance to what I received. The rep I spoke with was aggressive. He told me the item wasn't in stock. This was a NEW development. I told him that the website said it was in stock. He told me they don't update the website. I then asked him about the warranty, and he said that because of the price, it is their warranty they offer and since they are in the USA, it is a USA warranty. I asked him why this was the case since it was a brand new item. He told me because the price was low the manufacturers warranty didn't apply.
At this point I wasn't yelling or getting upset, I was just incredulous. The "Customer Service" rep got belligerent and started lecturing me. He told me that if I didn't like it, then I could go to Best Buy and pay $500 more. I told him "I'm sorry, but I thought I was speaking with Customer Service." He said, "yeah"...and HUNG UP. I tried calling back after I was hung up on, and left a message for a Customer Service manager, but they haven't bothered contacting me. I left two phone numbers and an e-mail address. NO CONTACT. I then checked back on my order, since I signed up for an online account with them, and without my asking, THEY CANCELED MY ORDER! This has to be one of the shadiest outfits on the internet. I am contacting EBAY, and I plan on notifying every online review site I can locate. People need to know about this organization. I will also contact the Attorney General in NJ. This place does the whole bait and switch...don't be fooled.

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