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Product & services pricing 0.73/10
Chance of future purchase: 0.43/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.50/10
Customer service: 0.40/10
Return/Replacement policy: 0.58/10
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Absolutely horrible shipping option

"Absolutely horrible shipping, takes forever for the delivery AND almost get delayed EVERY single damn time I use ups as shipping option, DO NOT use their shipping service if you have other options"

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Lied about Delivery

"Don't use UPS! Today I waited for a package all day because it needed a signature. At 6pm, I got an email telling me that I wasn't home and so they couldn't deliver it. I was home all day. The driver lied. No notice was left. I called customer service and got a lot of apologies.

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Customer Consideration Awful!!!

"I ordered 2 packages from Amazon which were shipped overnight via ups, and this was AFTER UPS refused to deliver to my PO box which is a SECURE under lock and key facility! Had to have it delivered to a friend’s apartment. Had to overnight it because of the issues surrounding the PO box, which amazon couldn’t figure out because I was not receiving anything hazardous etc. but that’s a whole other story. After paying overnight shipping, I received a text message 2 days later (yes fornover night shipping) that the package couldn’t be delivered because it was signature required!! So, I called amazon and Amazon said that there were no such requirements on the package. She called UPS and told them to remove whatever signature restrictions were on the package since it was shipped my a friend who is a soldier and works during normal business hours. All good right??? Nope!!!! Next day, text message, delivery attempt, signature required!!!! Called amazon, amazon connected to UPS who connected with the actual driver!!!! Driver was uncomfortable leaving the package!!!!! Who the bleep gave the driver permission to think??!!!! Follow directions!!!! So, because of delay after delay my friend whose house we were shipping to had to fly away for 3 weeks on leave..... so I ask UPS if I can just pick the package up at their center....solved??? Nope!!!!! Because I had to send it in my friends name I the actual purchaser couldn’t pick up the product.....even though it was THEIR fault that I didn’t already have my package in the first place! Literally the WORST shipping company ever!!!!"

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Missed medication doses multi delivery and no one with ups seems to care

"Had medication shipped to house and requested no signature because house in not close to gate and ups drivers wont drive to house even if leave gate open. Date of delivery ups left slip to sign. Went online to have them hold. Live 30 miles outside of town , drove in to get package, was not there back on truck for delivery. Went back next day got medication..missed 4 days of doses

Next shipment day of delivery driver again left slip on package marked no signature required. Went online marked package to hold, drove to town next day talked with deborah ( agent) and dhe said had new drivers . Missed 2 days doses medication
This shipment, received first slip to sign for package that is marked no signature.
Didnt get but they left another slip ( on friday) got home after 10pm from work both days. Called Saturday morning and talked to agent that explained situation too.sent msg to dispatch but package was not available to get because was not unloaded and would have to wait till monday. Will be missing 4 days doses on this shipment if i get on monday.

Wish ups cared about customers instead of passing blame or not wanting to do anything because i live 30 mins outside of town, new drivers or because of weekend.

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"Worse experience EVER!!! They lost my package and still haven’t managed any effort to find it. I’m so upset!! The customer service is horrible, very arrogant lady"

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Worest company ever

"2 different packages not delivered. Bad services bad employees bad everything no help sent a pacage to hold at place only open 2 hours a day"

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UPS doesn't deliver

"UPS doesn't deliver because they have no place to leave the package. They attempt to deliver when people are at work, not home. So UPS leaves this upsetting note stating that they're not delivering your package, and they're going to try again to deliver when you're not home. What's the point of this madness. UPS needs put install neighborhood lock boxes or work better with USPS."

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They are just the worst!

"I don't know where to begin, every time I get a package with UPS there are issues. Either packages disappear, they are late, etc... this particular instance, I was moving from the 2nd floor to the 7th, I had left a note to the driver that if I was not in the 7th floor, they could call my cell phone or bring it to the 2nd floor. The driver was seen on camera, reading the note and squishing it into a ball and throwing it away. When I check the tracking, it said delivery attempted but, vacant location. I called them and they basically said I had to wait until they could bring it to me or, I could go pick it up... No! I paid good money to have this delivered early and now, it is late and they want me to pick it up. "

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"Warning!!! Do not use UPS for international shipping. They pass the responsibility off to subcontractors that maintain a very low unsatisfactory level of communication. In other words, they have no clue where your package is and when it might be delivered. I had a small .05 oz. package that I paid $150.00 to have sent from California to Thailand. A normal airline flight takes about 18 hours, however, UPS manages to string out the delivery process to 10 days. First they had it shipped from Calif. to Kentucky and from there to Alaska, which took 3 days basically to go nowhere. Matter of fact, right back where it started, the west coast. Then it finally left America for Thailand, which only took one day, however, once it arrived in Thailand, it stayed in the same location for five more days, until it was delivered. Yes, the subcontractor took five days to deliver the package to its final destination just 1 1/2 hours away. UPS tried to tell me there was a problem with the street number. As expected, UPS has no clue because I have used the same address with no problems when using another carrier................ which I will go back to."

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Missorted Misdelivered and Lost Packages from National Pen Company

"Thursday 5/24/18, the package should arrive after 7 days that National Pen Company ship our ordered pens.
However, UPS missorted and misdirected our important package from National Pen company. Because of this mistake, it will arrive on Saturday 5/26/18.
Since, our company and our trusted neighbors will not be present that day and only our Landlord will be there, we told the Landlord to watch for the package. She said Ok but she will be out and about doing errands but she will be at the apartment building most of the time.
We got an email Saturday 7:06pm 5/26/18 Central time Chicago that the package was delivered. So we texted our Landlady 5/26/18 at 7:10pm that the package was delivered and please check by the mailbox (which UPS indicated). So she checked immediately and the package was not there!
Disappointing! She has been checking every day till now but the package was not there.
Our Landlady and us believed that the package was either delivered to the wrong address or UPS outright lying to us.

Authorities please do an internal investigation of UPS employees and admins of this package theft!!!

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Do not use UPS !

"I ordered some things from Nordstrom . They sent part of my order USPS and part UPS . Well 8 days later I still don't have my package . 8 days on something that was supposed to take 3 . The USPS packages came 5 days ago . Their customer service is also horrible . Never again !! "

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Customer service failures

"UPS store in Buffalo didn't explain to a sender that COD charges could be occurred by sending items across the border.

Thus causing undue stress to the receiver which is me.

The UPS corporate line then argued with me for 10 minutes and told me a document will hold up in court that the receiver signed, I never once told them I was going to take them to court, and they then argued with me about whether I said I would take them to court.

I run a photography business and used to ship hundreds of dollars of UPS packages per year of my photo's I will never use UPS again, and nor will I recommend the company to be used by anyone else.

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If you want to completely destroy your package use UPS

"Sent a $4000 product to a costumer with signs all over saying fragile and when the customer received it it looked like it was in the middle of hurricane Katrina and then was run over by a semi truck. Really disappointed and they don't want to respond for the damages. "

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Lousy service!

"I've always believed that service is proved by how we try to fix the inevitable issues that will always arise.
This is obviously not the belief at UPS.
A work package that had already been shipped late (our issue) was to be delivered Friday. My company said Friday, UPS tracking said Friday. Got to work Saturday and had no package (this shipment contained the work I needed to complete before leaving Saturday). I called UPS service and was told that they had forgotten to put it on the truck and that it would be there before the end of business that day - I told them that I had to be back at 4am the next morning and had no desire to stay till midnight waiting for them to fix their mess up. The person on the other end said that they would contact a supervisor and they would call me back within the hour to see what could be done. They didn't. I called back TWICE more (and hour or so between all calls), was told the same thing and at no time did anyone ever call me back. After waiting over 4hrs with no work to do I went home and someone from work texted me 2hrs later to tell me it had finally arrived. When I went in Sunday morning I had to prep everything in the shipment before the day's work could begin - putting me behind at the very start of the week!
From what I can tell, their service center is set up specifically to allow the supervisors to hide. The people on the phones have no power to effect anything in any way what so ever.

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They messed up yet again

"They cannot get anything right. They make me sign for a $10 package yet they'll leave $1000 packages sitting at the door in an apartment complex. Then, today, rather than leaving the note where I can sign and have them leave it, they're delivering it to their stupid "UPS Access Point" location so now I have to wait a day, then go drive to their store to pick up my stuff. And this is not to mention the fact that it was supposed to be delivered yesterday. A truly worthless company."

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