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Rating 2/10

"Kate at TufShop\MicroX wrote e-mail with with bait and switch for more expensive motherboard and CPU, for $12 more thatn the price advertised on Pricewatch.com, only way they would ship. Also added headache of filling out extensive form with signature and fax them back with more credit card information , so that they can get you to call ot upgrade from the cherry deals that they advertised on Pricewatch.com, but never really intend to sell at that price in the first place. Thay wanted me to print and fax back this email to 562.684.4554 selecting option 1 and providing us with the confirmation information requested at the bottom of the email. If you would like to decline an extended warranty, please select option 2 when replying back. Who even owns a fax machine? They are banking on that fact."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a motherboard for an older system I have that hangs on booting. I ordered the SYNTAX SV266AD. The price was what was advertized on pricewatch with the addition of 58 cent rush ship prepping. I was sent the usual email after purchasing and even received this one the next day.



First of all I just wanted to say you thanks for placing an order with us.

I am taking care of your order and will try to ship your order as soon as
possible .In mean time if you face any kind of problem you are free to call
me on our toll free # 877-429-2699 or email me back.

If we face any problem in this order we Promise to contact you as soon as

Thank you again for giving us opportunity to have your business.

Quality control manager


This was the first of about a dozen things I've oredered in the last couple of weeks. I was concerned as other items were coming in that this one did not. I looked up my order number and it read "This Order has been Cancelled." no explanation.. no email.. no phone.. nothing. I decided to place an order through a competitor (gearXS) instead of dealing with the headache. I'll let you know how that goes!

Rating 2/10

"Bait and switch indeed. These guys are total liars, abusing pricewatch.com by reeling in fish with lowest-price items. Don't be a sucker and take the bait here, I did it out of ignorance, but saw these horrible ratings immediately after placing order, got nervous (having just been strung along similarly by Compubuzz), called them back and true to form, they tried to switch my order, so I simply canceled. Let's hope it is over, as these bad guys have my credit info. Yes, these guyes are probably operating under many different names/stores. Did I mention Compubuzz?, who played the same tricks. Don't have item, string you along with requests to upgrade for higher cost, never deliver item after weeks of waiting. Rumors about reselling junk???? I never received a product so I don't know. "

Rating 2/10

"DON'T EVEN CONSIDER ORDERING ANYTHING FROM TUFSHOP.COM! VERY RUDE, CAN'T SHIP UNTIL THEY CALL TO SELL YOU SOMETHING ELSE OR AN UPGRADE, SHIP WRONG PARTS, POORLY PACKAGED, ETC! I ordered an ECS K7S5A motherboard on 4/28/04. Recieved email 3 days later that they needed me to call before they could complete my order. When I called, they wanted me to upgrade to a retail box with 2 year warranty for $8.32 more, which I did. OEM has only 15 day warranty. Received another email that I was upgraded to an ECS K7S5A "Pro" retail box instead of the standard K7S5A. I called them back to try to get the order changed back to the standard K7S5A as I did not want the Pro board. The guy just mumbled something unintelligable, said bye, then hung up. I emailed Customer Service to explain the problem and was notified by email 2 days later that the "Pro" had already shipped. When it finally showed up, it was so poorly packaged that the corner of the board was chipped and the PS2 ports were slightly bent. I ended up using it anyway. Not worth the trouble and my expense to get it replaced. At least it does work fine, but I'll never buy from tufshop, bzboys, microx again. I recommend you avoid them like the plague!

EDIT: Receiced an email after they saw my negative feedback on pricewatch.com. They responded with this email. Make up your own mind if you're thinking about trying to order from them.

Dear xxxxxx xxxxx,

First of all I am sorry for any inconvenience that you occurred. This is
regarding your order # xxxxxx.

I checked with the system and found that you originally ordered for ECS
K7S5A motherboard and we sent you ECS K7S5A -Pro motherboard to you. I found
that the processor, memory is same and so there might be slightly
difference. If you check the specification there might be slightly
difference but both motherboards are different. We always verify the order
before shipment. It's our duty to tell customer about your order if
customer opts for OEM version. But also if you occurred any inconvenience we
are sorry. Please apply for the RMA from the site with full problem
description and they will send you the shipping coupon.

We are taking special care of the items while packaging. But sometimes due
to the careless of shippers, customer gets the parts damaged and we are
sorry for that. Please mention this also while email to RMA department.
Please email with all details to RMA department at rma@tufshop.com and they
will take care of it. We are trying our best to give satisfactory service to
every customer but it does not happen as in your case. If you need further
assistance please call me on 562-252-1522 or 562-252-1532 or 562-252-0629.

Thank You,
David Nelson
for, Quality Control Manager

Rating 2/10

"I ordered an Asus A7N8X-E motherboard/Althlon 3000 CPU combo from Tufshop. The next day I received a "bait and switch" telephone call saying the unit I ordered was out of stock, but a more expensive version was available. After a completely unproductive conversation I cancelled the order. Stay away from Tufshop. "

Rating 2/10

"I ordered an AMD XP 2600+333Fsb CPU and Abit NF7 Mother Board from this company. It took over 3 weeks to get the parts. I checked the parts when they arrived, the CPU looked used, pitmarks in the chip and a ruff corner. I installed them and found the CPU to be dead.

It took a week to get an RMA to send back the CPU plus I had to pay for the return shipping ($3.85). The CPU arrived at their store and I was emailed and told that if I want to get a replacement I had three options.

1. Pay $5.00 plus $12 - $15 for shipping would process the exchange as an advance replacement.

2. Send your replacement merchandise IMMEDIATELY without having your returned merchandise tested by each level. For this option we will charge a flat $15 fee to process the exchange as an advance replacement and to proceed with the pretesting, Plus the above listed shipping charges.

3. proceed with your RMA as usual, allowing it to progree through all necessary stages of testing. If your merchandise is found to be non-defective, we will return your merchandise back to you as we recieved it and charge you a testing fee of upto $25, plus the cost of return shipping (between $12-15) to you.

There are three levels of inspection, each taking 7 days, that's 21 more days with a system that needs a CPU.

This company makes you do way to much to recieve your items, charges you every time they can for anything they can think of. I will never do business with them or any of their other companies.

bzboyz/tufshop/MicroX Inc. all have the same address and Fed ID #. What is up with that. Get a bad reputation in one company and just start up another?

If you are smart you will not do business with these companies!


Rating 2/10

"Ordered an OEM board. Customer Service called me a couple of days later trying to sell me the retail board for $25 more. I informed Customer Service that I did not want the retail, and that I wanted the OEM. Customer Service finally agreed and said that the board would ship right out. Two days later I recieve a waiver form that they want me to fill out for ordering an OEM board. The waiver stated that if I did not return it in 48 hours that the order would be cancelled. Waiver was returned to them 2 hours after recieving it. Recieved an email the next day stating that my order had been cancelled. I contacted customer support who were very rude and said that it was cancelled and that was all there was to it. Said that they do not sell OEM material. Why is it advertised on pricewatch.com then???"

Rating 2/10

"I was reading all these dissatisfied customer posts while considering making a second purchase at tufshop. I recieved my order in a timely fashion, everything seemed ok. Then I noticed, on the cpu I purchased, a few marks that are not supposed to be there. Based on my experience coupled with almost everybody else here, I agree that they sell used items. The other items I ordered appeared to be new, though it was only a heatsink, copper shim and some thermal paste. I will not do business with this company ever again, and I pray that my cpu, which currently works, continues to do so!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Bad reseller! I will never do business with them again. They shipped me a motherboard and CPU in non-working condition and charged me a restocking fee. I have no product to show and I had to pay them for their mistake.
Not willing to work any other solution other than exchange with restocking fee.

Rating 2/10

"They don't answer their phones. They want 72 hours after placing an order to ship. Customer no-service wants 24 hours to respond to an E-mail. On the 4th day after my order, I finally got an E-mail saying they canceled my order because I didn't respond??? Respond to what? I then found out they jacked-up the price by $5 on my CPU. These guys are shysters. AVOID AVOID AVOID"

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY...YOU WILL REGRET IT!!! I have had nothing but trouble from Tufshop (discovered via pricewatch). First, I received a phone call due to problems processing my credit card. Once I figured out what they were saying, it went on for several days. They couldn't get the information right. Now, 4 months later, the ASUS mb I bought has a bad CMOS and I can't get anyone to help me. I bought their upgrade to a 1 year warranty, but cannot get a response on my email and their live help doesn't help. They just disconnect if it's a problem they can't seem to figure out. Also, there is no phone number listed on the site for contacting them (that should have been a hint right there!)"

Rating 2/10

"Worst Service EVER! I buy a lot of equipment online, and I'm so used to RMA'ing equipment. So when I found that Tufshop was offering pretesting of equipment, I thought that would save me a lot of money per year. I bought a motherboard/Proc combo set for them. The price was good, but when I got the equipment the motherboard smoked as soon as I installed it. So much for paying for pre-testing. When I went to return the item, they would not refund my money that I paid for the pretesting, and then they said that the motherboard wasn't defective. I couldn't get a phone number for the RMA department until they told me that the board was fine. They are trying to charge me $40 to return the dead motherboard to me. Needless to say that I will never order from them again. IMO this company is trying to make money on selling dead equipment to stupid end-users. Thank God I'm not one of them."

Rating 2/10

"this is a fraudulant company. i urge anyone considering a purchase from them to look over these reviews and elsewhere on the net. they have several different names (tufshop, bzboys, etc.)

you will see many stories like mine.

i placed my order for only the mother board and processor, which is what the pricewatch ad price was for. they will try to sell you many extras along with it to increase the price. this is typical.

after placing the order a man speaking exceptionaly difficult to understand english called me, saying that the board was on back order but i could upgrade for more money. i said i'd wait the 7 days for the board i ordered to come in.

the next day i recieved an email saying that they had found an unspecified problem with my credit card and had cancelled my order.

for those of you who are new to this, it is a classic bait and switch scheme. they have no intention of selling anyone anything for the prices on pricewatch.

not only is tufshop.com and all their other names fraudulent, i would go so far as to say that pricewatch.com is similarly at fault for allowing them to continue this farce. i would recommend that everyone avoid these two internet shopping options.

Rating 2/10

"Still have not received shipment or a refund but promised twice now"

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a number of items from tushop. 1st, I was overcharged for an AMD cpu. They held up the order a week while sorting this out. Then they told me it was being shipped by FedEx, when it was shipped USPS. In addition, as part of their options on the AMD cpu, they offered an Intel cpu cooler (which, unfortunately, was the one I bought). Finally, despite getting their money, they still have a block on my credit card for the total charge. I am now $100 short of rent cuz I can't access that money.

I will never do business with them again!

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