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Rating 2/10

Products are overpriced and no customer service

"First of all--I realize you have to pay to get quality healthy food in the USA. I've bought 5 gallons of coconut oil before and didn't think much of it. Our situation changed after my wife's accident. Now I shop around for comparable products. No one can tell me that their coconut oil--Gold in particular--is worth the premium. If you have money sitting around and it makes you feel better knowing, "you bought the best", whatever that means, go for it. I've quit wasting money is all. "

Rating 2/10

No call back!

"Several weeks ago we ordered 24 packages of their ground beef. When we received it on a Thursday early afternoon there was only 12 packages in our box. We immediately contacted them through their automated phone answering phone service and left a message. They did call back in a timely manner and said they would send out 12 more packages the following Tuesday. Again Thursday we received our box and upon opening it there was only 11 packages in it. I have tryed to contact them through email, phone and Facebook several times without getting any return response from them. I know it's only one pound of ground beef but still it's the point. Any ideas on a contact person who can help from Tropical Traditions? This is crazy and bad C.S.!"

Rating 4/10


"I've read all the reviews for this "company", have to add my experiences too.
First purchase for one bottle of moisturizer took over 2 weeks to receive. I contacted them
after a week asking what was taking so long. They take a few days to reply and when they do, it is a sort of general response.
Okay, so I'm running out of the product, which I do like by the way, and thought to order earlier due to the previous delay in shipping.
Again, I had to contact them after 15 days and no delivery. They said there was shipping confusion and the item would go out the next day after receiving my query.
Shame, with such nice coconut products, and all of the other stuff they sell.
They really need to get their act together.

Rating 2/10

Paid for nothing - buyer beware!

"I was happy to find a seller that had soy-free eggs, and I was anxious to try them. They were having a sale, which made things even better. I ordered 4 dozen soy-free eggs in my first order. I received an e-mail that my order had been accepted and processed and that it could take 4-6 weeks to receive the eggs. Longer than I was hoping for, but ok.

More than six weeks later I still hadn't received anything. I contacted them then and their information said they had shipped two days after I had ordered! I never received any shipment information. This is unusual because I order a lot of things online and you usually receive an e-mail when shipment happens and one after shipment is complete -- especially for perishable items that may be delivered any time up to six weeks after the order is made. This is a really bad policy on their part.

I contacted them and noted that I had not received the shipment and requested they either re-ship or refund. At that point even if they shipped the eggs to the wrong address they would have sat out for six weeks, they would not be good. I received an e-mail response to check again because according to their records it went out. Not the point, these are perishable goods and they didn't notify or confirm of shipment. But they don't care -- complete lack of concern for the customer.


Rating 2/10

"Product is overpriced and quality is very poor, don't waste your money"

Rating 10/10

"This was my first time ordering from Tropical Traditions. The order arrived via FedEx, with damage showing to one of the boxes containing pails of coconut oil, but with leaking also evident on two of the other boxes. Upon opening the cases, I was impressed with the packaging, but damage to the first box was also evident inside and I knew I needed to contact Tropical Traditions about the issue.
I called their customer service number listed clearly on the top of the invoice/packing slip, left a message on their machine, and received a prompt return call within about two hours time.
The Tropical Traditions customer service representative I spoke with was very professional and apologetic and made arrangements with me to "fix" the situation. The "fix" agreed upon came entirely from her suggestions, but they more than made up for the leaky issue I had called about. (I was surprised at the lengths she went to to make up for the issue, as other companies do way less and require haggling on my part!)
I am VERY satisfied with their service, I know I love their products, and their customer service to make up for the issues was amazing!
Oh, and they never even hinted for me to go online and write a review...I did this on my own as I wanted others to know this company means it when they say their customer service rep will get back to you!

Rating 6/10

"This is a dual review and seems contradictory, but nevertheless, it is factual. Tropical Traditions products are outstanding, I recommend them highly. The coconut oil, creams, lotions, soaps are all very good products, BUT the customer service is non-existent (there is no customer service). Do not bother calling the phone number, no one EVER answers. If you send an email, you get a politician answer....totally evading your question, but filled with fluffy words. It is a pity that a company with good products has NO customer service. If you can not find your answer on their website, then you are totally out of luck. I am currently looking for the same quality products elsewhere with a company that does have a customer service department. Hope I find one soon."

Rating 6/10

"I generally have been satisfied with the products received, though perhaps I haven't tried enough other brands to be sure. The customer service is horrible,at least via email. I have inquired several times about issues and questions with specific products and their reps NEVER directly respond to the actual query.....wonder why?"

Rating 4/10

"Tropical Traditions offers some good products, although I think some of them are overpriced. Anyway, I'm generally satisfied with their products, with some exceptions. For instance, their raw honey contains no pollen, unlike most truly raw honeys. I find that to be deceptive. And I think their eggs are a ripoff. The last time I bought some, the yolks were all pale. I have never bought eggs from a local farmer that had pale yolks, even in the winter. Furthermore, they merely call their chickens "cage-free," not "free-range." If their chickens really have access to the outside, then why not call them "free-range"? Besides, even "cage-free" chickens often live in very crowded conditions. I'm skeptical that TT's vastly overpriced eggs really come from hens that get to run around outside in the sun. I do not plan to order any eggs from them again.

Concerning TT's Web site, it is very clunky and slow. And the navigation drop-down menus are just plain awful. Trying to shop on their Web site is often a very frustrating experience.

Worse, their customer service is rather poor. They're generally pretty slow in getting back to you, if they even get back to you at all. For instance, I recently called them and left a message, but they never bothered to return my call. How's that for customer service? In addition, they seem to hide their toll-free number (it's very difficult to find on their Web site), and you can rarely talk to a live person. They tell you to just leave a message. Frankly, as much business as this company seems to do, I think it's crazy you can't call and talk to someone. I think they need to hire more people and place more emphasis on customer service. They seem very cheap to me--maybe they should focus more on pleasing customers and less on maximizing their profits.

However, the biggest problem I have with Tropical Traditions is their dishonesty concerning allowing comments on their Web site. Let me explain. TT offers a lot of different recipes using coconut products on their Web site. However, even though they pretend to publish honest comments, it's all just an act. It turns out that they only want *compliments* on their recipes, not honest, constructive criticism. I guess the red flag is that they say all comments on their recipes must be "approved" first. I have never seen another recipe Web site where comments have to be approved first. Is TT that insecure about its recipes???

Anyway, I tried one of their cookie recipes, and had a terrible time with it. It came out more like muffin/cake batter than cookie dough. (I had to add 1 1/4 cups *more* flour than what was specified in the recipe just to get a decent cookie dough!!!) I submitted a comment, saying that I thought the ratio of wet to dry ingredients was seriously out of whack and that the recipe was more like a muffin recipe, but it never showed up. Several days later, I asked why. One of their employees e-mailed me and said that they "couldn't find" my original comment (how convenient), so I had to type up yet another one and send it to her. Well, she never responded to my e-mail, and my new comment never showed up either. So, I e-mailed the woman once again and asked why it hadn't shown up, but she just played dumb, not answering my question. Instead, she just tried to rationalize the recipe, saying that the dough was supposed to be "very, very soft" (which was indicated nowhere in the recipe), and offering to help me find additional recipes that might suit me. But she would not answer my question about why she wouldn't approve my comments. I finally said to her that if Tropical Traditions won't approve honest, constructive criticism of their recipes (while pretending to), then they are being very dishonest. She did e-mail me back--she was certainly polite, but consistently played dumb once again. For instance, she kept saying that TT welcomes honest feedback, but would never address the fact that they wouldn't approve my comments. IOW, she kept talking out of both sides of her mouth. She was definitely very good at sugarcoating TT's dishonesty and discreetly avoiding the issue while at the same time acting like she was being accommodating.

So, in a nutshell, TT only wants glowing reviews of their recipes. If one of their recipes flops for you, they don't want you telling others about it, meaning that they don't care if it flops for others too. In other words, your time, sweat, money, and tears are not important to them--they only seem to care about their own reputation. But I think the biggest reason for their dishonesty is MONEY. They're trying to use their recipes to sell coconut products, and I suspect they feel that negative ratings of their recipes will affect their bottom line. I would recommend avoiding their recipes in general, because you never know if they will turn out or not, since TT suppresses any honest negative feedback. And then they play dumb when you ask why your comments haven't shown up. I had a terrible time with their cookie recipe--I've never seen "cookie dough" that was so runny. But the worst part is definitely TT's dishonesty. If they're being dishonest about this matter, then who knows what else they're being dishonest about? Furthermore, based on their own testimony on their Web site, they call themselves devout Christians, so let's add "hypocrisy" to the list of the flaws of this company as well.

Rating 10/10

"I received a broken bottle yesterday, emailed them immediately, and within minutes, received an email from a customer service representative apologizing and confirming that a replacement bottle was on the way. I am very happy with their products and their customer service!!

Rating 2/10

" I tried to buy their large size palm oil. They mislead you by saying that the large sizes are available, but ONLY to their buyer's club members. What their site shows BEFORE you pay is different from what they show AFTER you pay. You don't find out until AFTER you pay to join that the product is not available for sale to ANYONE. This fact is hidden until AFTER you pay to join.
After I joined, I found out there was no way to buy the product. They don't answer the phone. I might have to go through the credit union to get a refund.

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Rating 6/10

"Tropical traditions has the best coconut oil. I have ordered twice from website and have referred many people because it is a great product. However My father in law and myself have recently been victims of credit card/debit card fraud with multiple small amount online charges to our accounts. Also have had credit reports ordered on us. The charges for both of us are from Portland, Oregon. Buyers beware!!!"

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Rating 6/10

"I don't know who these people are you have been ordering from, because the Tropical Traditions I know did not have this awesome turnaround time, and my package of two 32-ounce jars of coconut oil came badly packed and broken. I have contacted customer service twice on their website (this is the only way they allow you to contact them) to ask them what to do, but I have not received a response. It's been three days. I'm sending it back and asking them to credit me rather than get a replacement, because I don't do business with companies that don't communicate with their customers. If they refuse my request, I'll be back to let you know.

OK....so they are sending me a replacement through fedex for faster delivery. The customer service lady replied that I could have gotten their phone number from the website or on my invoice, and I responded that it was not listed on either. But I'm gonna bump up their rating just for replacing the shattered jars.

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Rating 10/10

"This is my 2nd order from Tropical Traditions. Their massage oils are wonderful to work with, nice glide & scents not too overwhelming. I have been looking for coconut oil with arnica blend for awhile, that's when I discovered this company. They say that their massage oils will not go rancid. I may not experience that due to my usage - Just love them! I also tried their Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil for cooking. Getting Raves from my family! I will definitely be trying all their products in the near future. I like their natural, organic, no chemicals concept. And kudos to Tropical Traditions for employing indegenous people from around the world!Superb & friendly customer service."

Rating 10/10

"I had a great experience ordering from Tropical Traditions and I will order from them again and again. The products are outstanding!"

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