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Rating 2/10


"August 1, 2017


So, I got a Tracfone and a plan the other day for $13.86, cool right? I agreed to $13 DOLLARS AND 86 CENTS! So when I check my account WHY IN THE WORLD does it show that I agreed to $14.23 from Tracfone? This is a bad sign.. I have the receipt and all.. I DID NOT AGREE TO $14.23 BUT $13.86! THAT'S FRAUD! I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THESE COMPLAINTS ON CONSUMERAFFAIRS . COM BUT SOMETHING IN ME WANTED TO GIVE TRACFONE A CHANCE... LAST TIME I FOLLOW MY HEAD AND NOT MY GUT! Needless to say, the day/second I saw they charged me 30-something cents over was the day I shut down my debit card and got reimbursed from my bank. IF THEY ARE SHADY/DISHONEST ABOUT A CHARGE NOW (EVEN FOR 30-SOMETHING CENTS) WHO KNOWS THEY WON'T DEBIT MY ACCOUNT LATER FOR SOME OTHER STUFF I DIDN'T AGREE TO? Not to mention, the people on here say that their customer service ****/is non-existent so how would I know I could get in touch with them if they did charge me later?



Rating 10/10

"I've been using Tracfone for probably over a decade on various phones, and I currently have 3 smart phones with their service (1 using Verizon and 2 using AT&T for calls). In the decade I've been using them I've only had 2 problems.

The first was when I transferred my minutes from a feature phone to a smart phone and not all of the minutes transferred. Apparently this was due to those minute being bonus minutes (the kind you get when using bonus cards). I believe it did say in their terms of service that bonus minutes don't transfer, so I can't complain too much.

The second problem was when I ordered a nano card but received a micro. Minor problem.

Other than those issues (and the fact that their web site doesn't always work, such as earlier this evening when I was trying to check my balance), I've been very happy with the service. Calls go through as expected, web browsing and texts work fine, and I'm always deducted the amounts I expect to be deducted. When adding time, which I've done countless times via their web site and by adding pins purchased elsewhere, the correct amounts have always been added.

Despite a few hiccups along the way I'm incredibly happy with them overall and will continue using them unless a cheaper alternative comes along.

Rating 2/10


I've been using Tracfone prepaid for the last 2 years and amassed 2,400 saved minutes. About 2 weeks ago I decided to switch from a simple feature phone to a smartphone via BYOP program. I paid $13 to receive a SIM card from Tracfone and, once received, called them and initiated the transfer of number/minutes/time. However the SIM card didn't work in 2 different phones I tried (both unlocked GSM, both working well with any other provider I tried). Moreover, on the website my account was showing the new SIM card in permanent "activation in progress" state, whereas the old phone got deactivated right away.

Over the next 3 days I spent about 5.5 hours on the phone talking to Tracfone customer service and this was easily the most frustrating experience I had in the last 10 years! Each and every one of reps was completely inept and unable to even identify what the problem was. On several occasions I was told that the problem "was fixed" and I had to wait for 4 hours, restart the phone and everything would work. Of course, nothing did. At the end, I insisted on talking to a superior, who offered to send another SIM card because the one I bought was seemingly "having problems." The new SIM card arrived in 3 days - I called Tracfone to activate it and finish the transfer. Surprise surprise - the rep told me the new SIM card number was "not found in the system" and needless to say it didn't work either. I was offered to talk to "management" but since it was off hours "management" was not available so I would have to call them during daytime (instead of doing MY work) and probably go through the same circles of Hell all over again. At this point I've basically given up.

Net result:
- 2,400 minutes lost
- Old phone number lost
- 5 hours 45 minutes of my life lost

Rating 2/10

"Since I have a landline, I purchased a simple $15.00 Tracfone a few years ago for texting and when traveling. It served its basic function and adding airtime was easy. Best of all, the coverage was excellent. I had 5 bars at my home in the country and everywhere else. Recently, Tracfone began an advertising campaign, encouraging customers to upgrade to its android phones. After receiving about the 15th email about this, I bought...hook, line and sinker. I purchased an LG Optimus Fuel. When it came, I went through the instructions for activating. These didn't work. I called technical support and got an individual who could barely speak English. Her accent was heavily Indian and I had to keep asking her to repeat herself. After 30 minutes, she told me that she couldn't help me and that I would have to call back during normal business hours. After talking to her, it seemed obvious that I couldn't activate the stupid phone because it has such crappy reception. So, I walked outdoors onto a hill and accomplished in two minutes what she couldn't figure out in 30 minutes. My phone was activated. However, I found that the phone had anywhere from no reception at all to only one bar at my home. When, I bought the phone on the website, I was required to enter my zipcode, which to me created the expectation that they would send me a phone that would work in my area. Silly me. I have now talked twice more to technical support. Two calls were needed because when I call then, their phone system drops the calls. Finally, I was told that my phone doesn't work in my area because it doesn't have a SIM card. The tech support "gentlemen" told me in a condescending tone that "not all Tracfones are created equal." I then indicated that I wanted a refund. I had, of course, to be transferred then to someone else. I began speaking to another individual who was going to give me an address to which I could send the new phone back, but the call was dropped. She called back, but the call was dropped again, and she never called back a second time. I will never, never, never get another Tracfone. I have attempted to contact them on FB and at their website without any resolution. While it may be more expensive, I'll be going with a reputable carrier next time."

Rating 2/10

I needed a number ported to Tracfone and it still hasn't been done, started 11/6/2014, this is 12/3/2014.
Called 4 times already, 4 times they tried to weasel out of porting my number.

Rating 2/10

"This phone was purchased as a gift to my husband & me a few years ago. It was supposed to be for emergencies. The phone was activated, and we didn't even use all the free minutes (60) that came with the phone. I charged up the phone every six months. We are older than dirt, not tech saavy, and don't consider ourselves 'phone' people.
I recently had an emergency. I ordered $25.83 worth of minutes online on 5/8/14, but the phone wouldn't work. It took them TWO WEEKS to inform me that the phone # now belonged to someone else, and I had purchased $25.83 worth of minutes for a stranger. OK, then just refund my money please, I said. They said NO. In fact, a dozen people, including 2 supervisors at Corporate said NO.

Where I grew up, that is called stealing. Even banks, as bad as they can be, won't even try to get away with that nonsense. When people deposit money, in error, to an account that is one digit off from theirs, the bank doesn't ignore you and say 'NO'. The bank goes into the other account and gets your money and returns it to you. It happened more frequenly before computers, when people filled out paper deposit slips.

Funnily enough, the customer who got the extra minutes never called customer service to find out where the minutes came from. Just your average lowlife American who figures that Tracfone made a mistake and he/she got away with something-for-nothing.

In the meantime, I am out the money. It may sound like a small amount, and, believe me, I have eaten my share of sheet in life and just moved on. But this is different. It is not even in a grey area. I WILL get my money back and Tracfone will get another black mark against their name. But they don't really care, or they would have returned my money.

Tracfone isn't the best or most affordable out there. There are alot of other options. Go get an unlocked phone of YOUR choice, then shop for a SIM card, with the features you want. Most have much better pay-as-you-go prices. No one has to rely on Tracfone...they are a dinosaur. Eventually, they will say NO to you, too, and steal your money.

Oh, and the phone? I tossed it into the wood chipper yesterday, after the final word from the last supervisor I spoke with, which was NO! Then I filed my claim against this shady company with Michael Finney of '7 on Your Side', KGO TV & Radio in San Francisco.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered three cell phones from their website; one more than I would have because it clearly states free overnight shipping on orders over $19.99. Otherwise I would have only ordered two and paid the $4.95 three day shipping. But when I selected the Free FedEx overnight shipping they charged me $14.95. I called a rep who said the charge will come off when it shipped. It didn't. Called another who said it will be refunded in 24 hours. It wasn't. Next one said if not refunded in 48 hours call an 'escalation" number Called the escalation number and they told me the promo had ended (the website clearly stated offer good through 5/12/14 (and I printed a copy of the promo ad for documentation; I ordered 4/23/14) and that they would "reimburse" me with minutes; but not triple minutes allowed; that I specifically bought these phone for. So that's not really much of a reimbursement. When I insisted on either triple minutes or my money back (which had been promised to me 3x's previously) they hung up. Isn't this false advertising? I'm very unhappy with this company"

Rating 2/10

"When I switched to Tracfone, they had a poor choice of cell phones in my area. They sold me a Samsung S390G phone; and I think I will throw it away. I can not, in good conscience, resell it to someone. It turns itself off from time to time. It turns itself on as well. No paper manual is provided. The online information is inadequate. Here is the killer. The phone inadvertently dials 911 when it's in my pocket. It has happened eight or nine times during the short period I have had the phone. This is unacceptable. I don't give up easily. I searched various avenues to correct the problem, but did not find one. I locked the keys. I searched for a cover, but did not find one. There are covers for about 50 Samsung phones, but not this one. I tried different positions in my pocket. Amazon reviewers stated that the phone dials 911 when zero is pressed three times- even if the keys are locked. That is great if you want 911 operators to be so busy answering inadvertent calls that they can't help people who really need them. I hold tracfone responsible for selling me this phone. I could not even find a way to write a review on Tracfone's website. As frosting on the cake- I had to get help from Radio Shack to transfer the info from my old cell phone's sim card to the sim card for this one."

Rating 10/10

"I have had a wonderful experience concerning my latest tracfone phone. I know have three tracfones and have never experienced much malfunction. I have received a few dropped calls in the past but none recently. Overall my tracfone experience has easily been a 10!"

Rating 2/10

"I ordered one and it seemed OK, but it didn't come with a minutes card. Three phone calls to tech support didn't help. They wouldn't sell me any minutes without the card! The only useful thing I got from them was that I had to pay minutes for tech support if I was using their phone!

I spite of all this, I ordered a second phone for my wife. She didn't like it, so I attempted to return it using their 30 day money back guarantee. The tech support person was completely incompetent and I finally gave up and hung up after he told me it would take 70 business days to refund my money!

I must be a masochist. And these people claim to be the number 1 prepaid phone service?

Rating 2/10

"I won't repeat what has already been said about their horrendous customer service. If I was a heavy cell phone user I would avoid this company. I am not so it does satisfy my pricing and the phone does work after an endless conversation with a Guatamalian service rep."

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a phone to replace one which was unsatisfactory (low volume and poor accessing of call service). To activate this new phone it was necessary that I spend perhaps 1/2 hour on the phone with a rep (somewhere in a foreign country, given the accent), punching in maybe 80 to 100 numbers. The first attempt didn't work and after maybe 4 or 5 lengthy sessions with other reps (each seemed to be in a different country) I gave up and requested a refund of the phone's price. I also cancelled my account, losing over 300 remaining minutes on my account. There has been zero response from this company to my inquiries."

Rating 10/10

"Great value. Nothing fancy but the price can't be beat. Nice phone to talk!"

Rating 2/10

"I've had a Tracfone for about 10 years. It's a convenience and I usually buy the 1 yr plan in order to avoid messing w/ reactivation. This year I missed my deadline by 61 days: it's an emergency tool I keep in my car. I spent nearly 2 hrs on w/ cust serv trying to get my 453 units + the 60 units on my phone unsuccessfully. I feel like the "units" paid for were stolen and I certainly wouldn't want to give additional money to a disloyal company so I tried to get the 60 unit card refunded HA!
I know all about their policies on units & refunds...what about customer satisfaction. Who will buy units if they keep irritating their clients. DONE with TRACFONE!

Rating 10/10
ResellerRatings.com TOP REVIEWER!

"My wife has had a cell phone from another company for a number of years and it just about drives her nuts. The hassles she has had with it are beyond words. Therefore, a cell phone was one of those things I thought I would never want. But. about a year ago my son purchased a Tracfone for me and I have since found it to be completely enjoyable. I recently purchased another Tracfone for my wife and I'm sure she will love the simplicity of the whole process.

As a first timer, I had some problems setting up voice mail. When I called tech support it was straightened out in a matter of minutes. The girl was so overly understanding and apologetic that I started to feel sorry for her, she must have apologized 10 times during our conversation. If you are having problems with tech support, try contacting them via email. I prefer this method and have always received a response within a day. Their email page can be found here.......http://www.tracfone.com/contact.jsp?task=contact

The roaming charge has been eliminated and the cost per call is the same nationwide. This happened last fall (2007), oddly enough while I was roaming for the first time. I made a call and got charged double minutes, later I made another call and was charged single minutes. You can get by for a little less than 10 cents per minute, with the "double minutes" add on. Plus, we have always received at least 60 bonus minutes when we add time.

A couple of tips: You can access your voice mail from a land line by dialing your cell number. When you connect, press the "star" key and it will ask for your password. Also, if you set up your contact list with the names and numbers of the people you want to hear from, the phone will display the name of who is calling. This allows you to ignore someone who has dialed your number by mistake.

There may be better deals out there that I'm not aware of, but I don't spend a lot of time talking on the phone so this one works great for me.

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