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"Not sure why the guy below is so confident in this place since it is known to be awful
i did buy from them back in 2011-2012 and had a pretty sub par experience. I ordered 3items and i was fortunate enough to luckily get the rare items i neede form them, a Voltorb tomy/Hariyama tomy
they took 2 months to deliver the voltorb one and literally took 6 months for the next box to come in. i was supopse to get Hariyama and staryu(whom i had already bought) and only one figure came in. Luckily it was the one i needed badly, hariyama.

SO overall id sum it up by saying this store was hit or miss. I will always remember the freaky looking flaffy tomy figure image they had, it was so funny xD rip toysnjoys

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"Ughhhh. I will never order from them again. I wish I read the reviews before I did order. Took 3 weeks to get my "priority" shipment and even then it didn't include all that I ordered. Happy Birthday, honey, here's your empty box. Had I known they were sold out, I would have ordered elsewhere.

I even called them the day before the postmark & never heard back. So I called today & they offered no apology, no hint of when the item might be in stock, and no explanation as to why it took then 2 weeks to even stuff the toy they did have into the box. I can understand a laid back attitude cause they're from Hawaii, but how about some simple customer care.

Clearly they're out of toys, and give customers no joy... time to change the name guys! I wish I could give them zero stars!

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"Bid with 100 % confidence!!!
I bought an action figure from this website and I received it only two weeks later, from Hawaii to Spain. When they received the payment they processed and dhipped my order, alwyas sending me e-mails to up date information.
The item is new, absolutely factory sealed (as I wanted it) and perfectly packed.
Toys & Joys on line is a great website to buy, they really care

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"buying from this store is risky. i have ordered from this store three times. the first time i received the package with two missing items which turned out to be on back-order, and i was refunded the money. the second time everything went perfectly. the third time i received 1 out of 4 items. then i got another package with another two items. fourth item turned out to be on back-order and i was refunded. I couple things to keep in mind when ordering from them
#1-they never answer emails. go to there website and call the number they provide for your problem, you may be redirected or given another number to call
#2-remember that your time zone may be different from theirs so call at the right time
#3-don't leave a voice-mail and hope they listen to it, instead wait an hour or so and keep trying till you get a hold of someone
#4-their shipping is really slow MOST of the time
#5-they don't really update their website as they should, so they might not have what you want
#6-if you really want the safest and best experience, fill up your cart with the items you want to buy, then call them and make sure EVERY item you want is in stock; this way you can remove any item not available
#7-Toysnjoys is just a family owned business (according to their website), they may not be as professional as you expect from corporate businesses, so you have to work with them to get your stuff

this store does have some really amazing stuff, and the trouble can be minimized if you take my advice. dont just cross your fingers and hope for the best!

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"Scammers. I ordered a PSP from their website and they charged my credit card without shipping it. I emailed them about it, and they said it would ship soon. A few weeks later, still nothing. I kept asking when and they kept delaying it until a few months had gone by. Being fed up, I asked for a refund, and was told I would get one, but it never happened.

Avoid doing business with Toys N Joys! They are horrible people and should have their company forcibly shut down.

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"Never buy from this shop ... never !!!

Toys N Joys was the only place to get those pikmin cards.
So i ordered from them 3 of each series (each serie is a different entry)(specifying that i wanted different colors).
I received 12, but none from serie1 and serie2, and duplicate colour.

I tried to contact them by mail, to no avail , 4 mails withut response. I guess that they don't care for oversea customers.

Conclusion :

they are PRICY,
they don't know how to handle stock and orders,
they don't care for their customers !!

Never buy from them ...


PS: sorry for the poor english of a foreigner.

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"DOWN WITH TOYS N JOYS! We should band together and close this place DOWN! It's a scam!! They are out there to fraud everyone who is unfortunate to step into their website/retail store! STAY AWAY, don't tell me we didn't warn you!


BBB complaints 188 and COUNTING!

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"Do not order form this store online! I cannot speak for the brick and mortar store but for online orders they are a scam! They will take your money and then never send you the product nor a refund. They will tell you they have the product in stock online but then tell you after you pay for it that they do not have it in stock nor a date for when they will and they will not update the website to reflect this information. they false advertise and steal your money. They have trouble getting back to you if you email or call and will give you the run around. I have placed a complaint into the BBB and recommend others to do he same. this company should not be in business and why PayPal will not provide them a service any longer. They are corrupt!"

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"worst online store !!! No email respond, no one pickup phone call, even someone pickup, you will get on hold and hangup, i placed my order and never get any respond, contact them by emails and phones many times, i am tired to deal with this company, i'll call my credit card company to get my money back!!! "

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"Order was placed on October 3rd. Received partial shipment about a week later. Followed up on the missing item, and Toys n Joys claimed one of my items was on backorder. No problem, I can be patient.

About a month later I sent a polite follow-up email requesting a status update. No response. Was hopeful it'd show up again. Sent ANOTHER follow-up email mid-December. No response yet again.

Toys n Joys has been completely unresponsive to email requests. My last email I requested an ETA, and if they couldn't provide for one, I asked for a refund.

Company has completely stopped responding.

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"I had a return and they did not honor there return and the service guy in the back was very rude and impolite! The store owner did not know what he was talking about! I will never go there again!"

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"This is a horrible site! I ordered a product in October for my husband for Christmas. I went on the site, they said orders are shipped 72 hours after payment. I have yet to see said item. I tried contacting them MANY times and each time, its been ignored, no answer, and deleted. I left a complaint on facebook and they deleted it and blocked me from making comments. I have emailed them 3 times, 3 different departments, tried to call them..but no answer. I went to go check the item, it said it was sold out. Then I checked it again and it's not even on the site anymore. I'm going to keep giving them bad reviews and emailing them, calling them until I get my money back. DO NOT buy here unless you want to waste time and money."

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I've ordered many items from them 2 months ago (keychains, plushes...etc...) and had to put a complain with Paypal. They wouldn't answer emails, they wouldn't pick up the phone... a nightmare ! I finally received my package : 2 items are the wrong one, 1 is missing... Great !

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"Listed items on website as in stock that were not. Took the money and told me multiple times that one item was on backorder and would be in next week. Finally offered to replace with another item of choice. Emailed my choice and when did not hear back I had to call YET AGAIN only to find out the replacement item was not in stock. Went through long phone conversation of item after item before said the next item would be in stock--- Next Week. After next week a lawyer will be brought in on this if I do not have my alternate order or full refund including shipping."

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"Horrible experience. I think they hope you will forget you placed the order, so they can keep the money without providing a product. This store on line is not legitimate. They do not tell you an item is out of stock when you order and will not tell you unless you complain. I have not received a refund for the out of stock item (which I learned about 7 weeks later) nor have I received an offer to replace it with other items I'd like order that totaled much more and would be a good sale for them. My grandkids love this stuff. But do not buy from this store unless you can physically walk in their door in Hawaii."

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