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Rating 2/10

If You're Looking for Reliable Products and Good Customer Service, Don't Choose Toshiba

"I bought a Toshiba Satellite, 4K Ultra HD Edition from NewEgg, a refurbished electronics site. Right out of the box the touch pad was lagging and unresponsive. I called the Toshiba tech support and they offered to ship me a prepaid box and shipping label so I could send it to the Depot for repair. It's been nine days and I haven't gotten my box so I called again and they told me I'll have to call back on a week day for help with my issue.
I've had to call their help line multiple times and the calls can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. The laptop I purchased was defective right out of the box, and it seems it is a known issue for this particular laptop and it has been over a year since it's come out.
I was relying on this laptop for school and it has already been 2 weeks that I haven't been able to use it because of the defect. And there's no specifics on how long it will take them to ship my label and box, fix the laptop, and send it back. The only thing they offered in regards of the trouble was a prepaid shipping label, which was only offered after I'd told them it was ridiculous for me to fix the laptop I just bought.
While I was on the phone with tech support, out of the four people I had spoken with, only one seemed to know what he was doing, but he was also a supervisor.

Rating 2/10

"Keep away from Toshiba since the company does not stand behind it products and misleads customers on repairs.

I bought a Toshiba laptop a year back and some keys of the keyboard stopped working in October 2015. Looked online at Toshiba site (https://support.toshiba.com/repair) and created a request for fixing the laptop since it says this is a minor repair which though seemed expensive $252 was better than not having a working laptop. The laptop was received by Toshiba on 10/30. I did not receive any update on when it would be fixed even though as per their website (https://www.toshibarepairservices.com/WebRma/FAQ.aspx) the repair would be completed with 5 business days once they received the laptop. If there was a delay the site said they would contact me to provide an update. When I have tried to reach the customer service after more than a month without any update the representative would not give me an answer about when it would be fixed and was very rude. When I have asked to speak to someone else the representative hung up the phone. I have also tried calling the representative’s supervisor and emailed multiple times, however have not received any response to my v-mail/emails. I reached out to BBB to file a complaint and below is the response I got from BBB:

"A Toshiba America Information Systems (TAIS) representative has reviewed our customer complaint. After doing a research TAIS found out that our customer set up a repair for their computer to Toshiba Repair Services (TRS) which is (Nexicore) and settled the payment for the repair. Toshiba Repair Services (TRS) (Nexicore) is a third-party company and TAIS has no ability to access, manage or modify their system. Our customer can contact them directly Toshiba Repair Services at (800) 438-3910. At this time we consider this matter closed."

The above response in my mind is a fraud since there is no indication on their site that this is a third party vendor since as far as I am concerned I submitted the request via Toshiba site (https://support.toshiba.com/repair) which is a Toshiba owned site! If I had known that Toshiba is not doing the repair then I would not have send my item for repair. This in my opinion needs to be fixed and is a fraud since I sent it to Toshiba and not to some third party. This is a prime example of a company that does not stand behind it products once it is broken. I would NEVER buy any Toshiba products since I have yet to deal with a company who washes away its hands this way.

Rating 2/10

"bought a Toshiba laptop Satellite L55t-B5271 - from Office Depot. Right out of the box lid stuck up a little bit - not quite closing tight. within months right hinge cracked then broke in two. Sent it back to Toshiba for repairs and found out not covered by warranty. They charged $30 to return it $50 labor and $34.84 materials - all costs for a defect it had when it left the factory. I have researched online under "Toshiba hinges" and found they had a class action for the same defect back in 2010; apparently it didn't cost them enough money to get them to repair the issue and they just keep ripping people off. First and last Toshiba product for me. Also I was lead to believe that it would be covered by warranty or I wouldn't have sent it all over the country for the repairs. In the process of getting info for sending my unit in for repairs I ended up calling three different times speaking with three different people with transfers and long waits involved. The order number I provided below was for the repair. It's sat at the repair site since the 19th of June - just got the notice about the bill and repair today 7/2/15. "

Rating 2/10

"Toshiba Satellite S55-B. Laptop not working properly after 3 months of purchase. Charged $100 for restoring computer to original settings. (Unacceptable) After PAYING THE FEE and restoring computer to original factory, problem continues.
Asked to be refunded, they promise that in 3 days will show, it has been 2 weeks and no refund has been posted to my account. I had to call again. Unsatisfied with customer service. Long wait time, too many transfers, problem not resolved, representative did not follow through their promises. I had to made another long call, with many transfers to follow up on last decision.
Do not agree that I have to pay an extra $29.99 to send my computer to repair. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND TOSHIBA TO ANYONE, NOR WILL I EVER PURCHASE ANYTHING ELSE FROM THIS COMPANY.

Rating 2/10

"I bought a 40"CS120HZ smart tv5 months ago and have had nothing but problems trying to connect to netfilx. I spent literally dozens of hours on the phone. They MADE me pay $35 for "enhanced technical support" which didn't resolve the problem. They now expect me to drive 1 1/2 hours away to have an "authorized service center" see the tv. When I talked with the service center, she said that Toshiba products are so bad that they no longer sell them. She agreed that the service is terrible and was shocked that they charged me $35 for tech support. I would NEVER recommend any Toshiba product. This has been a thoroughly disgusting experience. "

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Satellite L50D back at the end of November (2015) and it shipped fairly quickly considering the computer was a custom. Along with the computer ($479.99), I purchased a mouse ($14.99) and a Microsoft Office 2013 Home and Student one time use activation key ($129.99). Overall, (including tax, shipping, etc.) I spent $615.69 exactly. I activated my MS Office and was very happy with the computer, that is until the HDD failed. (Think blue screen of death.) I was told to send in the computer in a special box that I got to pay $30 for and they would look to see if they would repair the computer or if it was "my fault" for the HDD failing. After a few weeks wait, my computer gets back to me, it ran a little bit slower but that was okay with me (kinda) because it running a little slower was still better than not at all. I go to open up MS Excel so that I can start recreating all the spreadsheets that I lost, and MS Office is not installed on the computer, at least not the full version, that I paid for. I try to access my MS account that I registered the full version with but either I never got an email or no email was sent to me confirming the activation. So I call and explain what happened and was told to call this other section of Toshiba but because it was just before 5:00 I decided not to call. A few minutes ago I got off the phone after over 15 calls, including 3 dropped calls and about 7-9 transfers and three and a half to four HOURS! With the last call ending with "As much as Id like to help you, we can't." Thought I got a great deal. Not worth my time. I do believe that I am NOT going to buy from Toshiba again."

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a Toshiba Satellite Radius on cyber Monday back in November. Almost two months ago I opened my laptop to use it as I normally do, and the left hinge FAILED on my laptop! It popped out of place and would not let the laptop open or close properly. I have now made my TENTH phone call to Toshiba, where I was passed off from one broken English speaking person to another to no avail. Two weeks ago I was instructed to take pictures of my laptop to prove that I had not abused or damaged it myself and I did so. I was then informed that I needed to pay for special shipping to have my laptop sent out for repair. I paid the $30.00 and sent it away. Today I got a phone call from the repair shop. A woman named Helen McIntosh from Pegatron in Jeffersonville, Indiana stated that my repair would not be covered under the warranty and that I would need to pay over $500.00 to repair a laptop that I paid a little over $300.00 for four months ago. When I pressed her as to why my laptop was not covered under warranty, the rep informed me that the faulty hinge is a problem that Toshiba is aware of and that the company instructs the repair service to label the repair as "customer damage" so that the warranty will not cover the repair expense. She stated that she could see that I had not damaged or abused my laptop and I informed her that I had taken five photographs to prove the same. She stated that I was not the only person to have this problem with these laptops and that Toshiba is aware of the defect. She said that she was sorry that there was nothing more that she could do to help me unless I wanted to pay out of pocket for the repair and that I needed to call Toshiba AGAIN to have the matter resolved and that there was nothing more that she could do other than send my broken laptop back to me in the mail. Today I spent OVER TWO HOURS on the phone with countless reps and two disconnected phone calls, each time demanding to speak to a supervisor and each time told that hinges are not covered under the warranty because it is "cosmetic damage". In the end I demanded to speak with a supervisor in the U.S. due them obviously not understanding that I had NOT damaged my laptop and that I had photographic proof as well. In the end I was given ONLY a mailing address and told to write them a letter and see if they can help. Toshiba is AWARE of their faulty hinge on these models and yet still will not honor their warranty and make the correction or repair. I had to look up the number myself since the rep refused to give me anything other than a mailing address. A polite woman answered the phone and explained that I would have to leave a message and then I would be contacted within 48 hours. So, I wait...to no doubt argue some more that I did NOT abuse my laptop and that they made something that failed.
I would NEVER recommend anyone to buy any Toshiba product ever! They obviously make JUNK and will not honor their warranty without laying blame on the customer as though we all abuse our electronics! DO NOT BUY TOSHIBA ANYTHING!

Rating 2/10

"I bought this Laptop In December 2014 from Littlewoods Catalogue, the problem started in January 2015, the laptop would not come on and stay on, the power button just kept flashing on and off, we contacted Littlewoods who then told us to contact Toshiba of which we did, they told us to pack the laptop in bubble wrap and then box it up and a courier would collect it, when Toshiba received the Laptop they emailed to let us know they had received it and they would be in touch when there engineers had looked at it, about three days later they emailed us again with too pictures of the screen with a crack from top to bottom of which wasn't there when it was sent to them, they told me it wasn't covered under the warranty and if I wanted it repaired it would cost me £190, if I wanted it returned unprepared it would cost me £60, so now I have to pay £320 for a broken Laptop + £70 for the extended warranty of which is useless, plus they charge me to return it, UNBELIEVABLY ANGRY WITH Toshiba, would never recommend them.

Rating 2/10

"I may not have much time left on this planet,but for the time I do have left,I swear,GOD as my witness I will never purchase another TOSHIBA product so long as I live.I've had this laptop less than 1 year,and have had nothing but problems with it.Everytime I call tech.support they want $150.00 for 1 year or $99.00 for a 1 time fix...HP or Lenovo never never charged me like that.In fact,I never had problems with those 2 the way I do with this TOSHIBA.Do I recommend a TOSHIBA....NO. It's still under warranty, but that don't matter."

Rating 2/10

"Since I've had my laptop from Toshiba, which I promise will be my very LAST ONE, I have had issues. Bought brand new, I've had to have it repaired 3 times and then dealing with their awful customer support is another issue in itself. Every time I've delt with this crooked company I hang up frustrated. I previously owned a Dell laptop for 6 years and it was on it's last leg yet I only had one minor issue that their awesome support team took care of by physically sending someone out to repair. UNLIKE Toshiba, regarless of your product being under warranty, you will have to ship it to them and pay those costs. Their customer service is rude, they will try there best to sell you the diagnostic charge to clean up your computer after warranty expires because whatever the problem (and it will be your fault) you will HAVE to pay! I'm so done with ever dealing with them again and told the support guy that instead of spending more money to fix that I was instead spending the $ to instead buy a new non-Toshiba computer. I will make sure to let my friends and family and anyone else know to beware because they and their crappy product have been nothing but a headache and a waste of time and money. "

Rating 2/10

"I bought a Toshiba Satellite L45T-A4230NR in August of 2013, which comes with a standard 1 year warranty. About 3/4 of the way into the 1 year warranty (May 2014), the hard drive died (think infamous blue screen). After numerous phone calls I finally received instructions to pay for the shipping and to ship it to a Toshiba-certified repair shop. I received the repaired notebook about 1 and 1/2 weeks later and everything seemed to be working well.

Three months after the warranty expired, the hdd crashed again. It would start up and work for a couple of minutes, but then it would freeze and the hard drive would stop working (or at least it wasn't making any noise). The next day, knowing that it was out of warranty and therefore Toshiba wouldn't really do anything to help, I took it to a computer expert. The expert told me that the hdd has died and it's only at about 20% capacity. He also asked me why I had a REFURBISHED hdd and explained that refurbished hdds are used hard drives which were broken and then repaired. However, refurbished hdds could NEVER BE REPAIRED fully and the old problems always CAME BACK (which was why I was having issues with this supposedly "new" hdd).

Indeed, I was quite surprised to find out that Toshiba had used a refurbished hard drive for the repair because I wasn't informed of that fact and was left with the impression that a new hdd was put in (having no reason to check it, I did not discover this fact until the hdd died again). I asked the computer expert to double check if it was really a refurbished hdd and found out that the hdd had a label stating it was "refurbished." Why is this a problem? Well, using refurbished hdds is apparently illegal because it's like "repairing" a laptop with a defective product ON PURPOSE. In other words, Toshiba would still be LIABLE for any issues caused by the refurbished hdd their repair shop put in (even if the warranty for the computer had expired).

Of course, I called Toshiba (I spoke with a woman called Florence) to ask them why they used refurbished hard drives during repairs, if it just meant that the person receiving the repair will have to deal with another hard drive disaster in a few months. At this, Toshiba denied that they ever used refurbished hard drives and told me that I must be wrong. I explained that their repair serviceman was the last to ever touch the hdd and there was a "refurbished" sign on the hdd when an expert looked at it because it crashed again. At this, they reiterated that they do not use refurbished hard drives for repair and basically insinuated that I conjured a refurbished drive out of nowhere and put it in my laptop so I can crash it. Now, as much as I appreciate Toshiba's overestimation of my technical savviness, there is no way I'd pull off such an elaborate scheme just so I could crash my own computer a few months after repairs and have to deal with the aftermath of all my lost files. I even asked, if they had a system in place to keep track of hard drives they replaced (so I could just read the serial number on the refurbished hdd and they could check it against their system to prove they put it there) and conveniently enough, they told me they don't keep track of the products they repair (?!).

I tried talking to a supervisor (a guy named Robin) as well, but he told me that because my warranty had expired and because Toshiba only uses new hard drives in repairs, the only think he could do was file a complaint about how my "refurbished hdd of unknown origins" ended up in my laptop after Toshiba repairs. He told me my only recourse was to call the repair department and pay for an out-of-warranty repair which would cost virtually the same as the original price of the notebook. Coincidentally, when I asked the out-of-warranty repairman if Toshiba can guarantee that this time, I won't end up with a random refurbished hdd after the repair, I was told not to worry because the repairmen buy the hdds on their own and get reimbursed after the repair. When I inquired as to how they make sure that the repairmen don't buy refurbished hard discs, I was told that they just don't. Well Toshiba, according to my magically-appearing refurbished hdd, at least one does. Needless to say, I began looking for a new laptop.

The next day, I got a call from the supervisor I had filed the complaint with. His advice was to buy a new laptop because it would be the same price as the repair. The kicker? When I looked up available laptops within the price range and specifications he mentioned, none of them were Toshiba laptops. Yes, that's right! A customer service supervisor for Toshiba basically told me that in order to solve my problem, I should not buy a Toshiba laptop. Well, I'm happy to report that I'll take that advice to heart and this was the first and will be THE LAST TIME I buy a Toshiba!!!

Rating 2/10

"i dropped my laptop two months after purchasing it and got dead pixels. called customer service and said its not covered. well it is a touchscreen and they want more money to repair the screen than i paid for the laptop brand new with everything ill just junk this one and go buy a more reliable brand"

Rating 2/10

"Customer service SUCKS!! 39 inch TV under warrenty. Numerous problems No service center within 100 miles of San Diego. ARE YOU KIDDING?? They want me to pay the shipping and handling cost to sent it to L.A. 2 days and 3 hours of numerous agents asking the same questions. Toshiba never again. "

Rating 2/10

"I am extreamly disappointed and furious with the lack of customer service that I received from Toshiba.

My mother bought me a BRAND new laptop in December 2013. It is now October 2014 and my computer is still under the 1 year manufactures warranty. The screen on my laptop suddenly stopped working and it is clearly a hardware issue on Toshiba's part. After countless phone calls too the companies call centers, wasting hours on the phone trying to talk to someone who is halfway around the world, I did not appreciate being called a liar; being told that it was MY fault that the computer was in the condition it's in. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? YOU'RE HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD AND HAVE NEVER SEEN MY COMPUTER!! HOW DO YOU KNOW??

After having a certified tech look at my computer, HE came to the conclusion that it was also a hardware issue. I paid the company $30 for safe shipping and handling to finally get it fixed, and it was disapproved, and sent back to me in even worse shape than when I sent it out.

Toshiba, you are a fraudulent company and I am sorry for myself and anyone who puts their trust into your product. The way you treat your customers is absolutely disturbing, and unacceptable. I am planning on taking legal action against your company, because I don't take lightly what you guys have done. I am a full time student and employee, I have pictures of my deceased father and I cannot view the pictures anymore. This is MUCH more than an inconvenience. You all should be ashamed of being the greedy, good-for-nothings that you are, and I will be advising all my friends and family to stay away from your products.

Rating 10/10

"I must say im very surprised at the bad reviews on here I had a toshiba blue ray player last christmas and it was great until it developed a fault ten months down the line, a quick phone and they replaced the box and remote within two days delivered free of charge no problem at all... great customer service if u ask me"

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