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Product & services pricing 2.86/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.05/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.43/10
Customer service: 1.90/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.58/10
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Worst ever

"Don't order online, unless you have a lifetime to wait. Seriously the worst. You might as well order from Wish and wait the month that it takes for the products to ship from China because that's what this store is doing.. And their customer service is a joke. Three different calls on different days, average wait on hold 20min, regarding the same order, given three different dates to still not get the item by that date (each date being pushed out), an hour of my life wasted. "

Helpful Cool


Never again

"I ordered two pairs of boots from Torrid on December 26th 2017. One pair was shipped, but 3 weeks later I still don't have them, and the tracking information I have finished at Jan 4th (it is now Jan 16th). The other pair was cancelled with no explanation.

I have no idea where the shipped pair of boots are, and I have been emailing Torrid and getting vague and unhelpful responses. I will not be purchasing from this company again.

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Horrible Shipping Times

"I ordered from Torrid for a bathing suit to go on a cruise been waiting two weeks for my order to arrive at the store. Just got an email that my bathing suit order has been canceled one week before my trip. Called to speak to a manager at the customer service number and was told management would get back to me with in 24-48 hours. Totally unacceptable. Next time I will stick with Macys online they are much more dependable and better quality."

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False shipping

"Ordered on 14 days before a cruise and the site shows how it would come in 7-10 days. 5 days later it was still processing, not shipped. I called to see what the problem was and if i could change to faster shipping and i git no new info. This is crazy. Now i have to go with no bathing suit to the Bahamas and still pay torrids awful expensive price."

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"Don't ever try to use your haute cash on anything all's Torrid is is false advertising and a Spam site they do not let you use your free cash for anything that is on clearance so they put everything on clearance that way you cannot redeem your haute cash. What a scam!"

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Customer service is HORRIBLE

"I ordered boots online. When I received the confirmation email, the wrong address was on there. I notice I only had an hour to make changes (which sounds like a trap). So, I call 20 minutes after completing my order to be told to call back in 30 minutes because the order “cannot be changed”. I asked if the order can be cancelled and I was told no. So, I called back within the 30 minutes. A woman picks up and her attitude is horrible, but mine would be too if I was dealing with complaints all day. She tells me that I only have an hour to get this done and she asks when I completed to order. I tell her and because I paid with PayPal she is telling me she may not be able to change the address. However, it did work out and she was able to change it. I thank her for helping me and she just hangs up. This was my first order here and I was excited about their apparel, but I am so turned off by this experience. They have shady policies. I will not order from their site or step foot in their store. "

Helpful Cool


major company with lots of big name affiliates that operates like a lower-end franchise

"godawful customer service, poor quality phone lines, irritating site navigation, and the occasional low quality/disney brand clothing makes torrid a risky company to do business with. sometimes you may not receive your online order, so enjoy attempting to get a refund. i have had to contact the company at least 4-5 times in an attempt to get a refund on a single lost order. regardless, they have the sizes i need and i do find some nice pieces once in a while. i am slowly building my wardrobe and credit with this store. however, in the end it's a shady shop for fat alt girls who don't qualify for a macy's card yet."

Helpful Cool


Worst customer service ever

"I bought a 100.00 pair of boots that are too big. Unfortunately when I called customer service they told me I had to pay for shipping them back( I did not pay with PayPal ). That was about 40.00 when I went to the post office. Needless to say the boots are still sitting in the box in the trunk of my car. I want to exchange or refund or anything that isn't going to cost me so much however I get no help from customer service. I wish I would have read these reviews before I purchased. I hated giving even one star. They should be out of business soon with the way that they do business. "

Helpful Cool


Horrible company, poor service, and shady return policy

"I ordered a dress for a holiday party. I tried it on when it arrived and it looked HORRIBLE. Material was crap and the fit was awful. I took the dress to the post office the next day and paid $13.60 to return the dress. Two weeks later the dress was mailed back to me with a letter saying that the dress was returned in unsellable condition. It was in the original packaging with all tags still attached. Same condition as it arrived to me. I have been ordering clothes online for a LONG time and have NEVER had trouble returning something I did not like. Now I am out $70+ for the unwearable dress and $13+ for the return shipping. I will NEVER order from Torrid again nor visit their brick and mortar stores. "

Helpful Cool


UPDATE:: Love the clothes, HATE the service! Awful.

"ETA:: I was contacted today by a rep from corporate. She explained the coupon was a misprint, but it should have been honored, and the rep involved would be coached. I am VERY grateful for the resolution, but it took multiple contacts and emailing the CEO to get a response and resolution.

I have had to call Torrid 4 times in the last 3 months regarding various orders. Once to place an order because their site would not allow me to use the coupons, I had to hold for over 30 minutes. The second time I held for over 20 minutes. Last week I had to email the about an order placed in November that I never received. Over a week later I finally get a response saying it didn't go through. It did because I had a confirmation and they had emailed me that one of my items was sold out and couldn't ship. Fine, this week I tried replacing my order using a Haute cash coupon they gave me with printed redemption dates of 10/6/17-1/9/18. The code wouldn't work online so I had to call again. I spoke to someone who clearly did not know how to listen, he kept repeating the same thing over and over. I asked for a supervisor 6 times, and was denied each time until I finally flipped out. He agreed to honor the coupon for me if I placed the order, so I did. $250 of which I was supposed to receive $100 off. I even sent a picture of the coupon to their email, which he didn't have access to... The order went through and then he tells me it will take a few minutes to show up and that I should call back. I did not just spend 30 minutes on this call to call back and go over it all again. He gave me his operator number and claimed his name was Nelson, and said if I sent an email again with the coupon and his name and operator number, they would honor it. Today I get the response saying they won't honor the coupon. I called. Poor girl.. She claims she tried to help, but Nelson didn't leave notes in my order. She supposedly spoke to a supervisor, they denied it as well. Now this order has shipped, which is a miracle considering their recent track record with ridiculously long shipping times of two weeks or more, so I'm stuck with all of it at a much higher cost than expected, or stuck paying to return all of it.

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Buyer Beware

"When we need to return items purchased online and pay with PayPal, we have to ship them back at our own expense and cannot return them to a store. I was dismayed to have to pay $70 to send three pairs of boots back that did not fit me --- even though I live within 4 miles from a store. First and last purchase."

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The Run around!!

"I ordered the cutes boots ever threw the store online with my store credit, one Black Friday, I waited 2weeks for my boots decided to go to the store check the status, They said for some reason they put the money back on my store credit! I got no email stating anything I was just waiting.So I go home And I tell myself I can’t let go of these boots so I call customer care sweet lady help me order my boots no problem and I got the same deal as it was Black Friday coo!!! So I wait another 2weeks I’m excited buying outfits to match my boots that are coming. FedEx drops them off "

Helpful Cool


Online should be fast and easy, right!?!?

"Ordered online two weeks before an event. The online shipping says 5-7 for standard shipping. 9 days after order places (money debited) I get and alert it has shipped. Days pass and it still says sitting in CA. Call customer service and was told it was shipped but being held by UPS. This after being on hold to get to a representative, then he places me on hold more than once.

This is not a one time occurrence. The same thing happened on my last order. I can understand a day or two delay with the holidays. It took 15 days. I had to go purchase the items elsewhere to have it for an event. I fell bad for people who can't or don't have the money, time, or location to purchase again. The package is sitting waiting to be returned. The instore people are always great!

Helpful Cool


Horrible Torrid

"If I could have given less than one it would have been awesome. Never buy or recommend ever v"

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Shipping Woes

"I placed an order on 10/17 and still have yet to receive it over 2 months later, yet Torrid had no problem charging me for the items right after I made the purchase. I've emailed and called countless times and no one can seem to tell me when I'm going to receive my items, but when I try to cancel it, they say they can't because my items are going to be "shipping soon". FINALLY, I receive an email stating my items are ready to be picked up so I go into the store and they tell me that their system shows I've already picked up my items when I hadn't. They call customer service who says the majority of my items are no longer available, but they'd ship me what they had in stock and send me a confirmation email. I received the confirmation email, but 30 minutes later, I got another message stating they cancelled my order. Everyone in the store and the majority of the people over the phone have been very kind and apologetic, but I just want my clothes or I want my money back! Looks like I have to dispute this through my bank now. "

Helpful Cool

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