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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.71/10 2.71/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.58/10 1.58/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.18/10 1.18/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.91/10 1.91/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.64/10 2.64/10
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Rating 2/10

One star because because I can’t put none!!

"I placed an order September 29th through the phone cuz the website was useless, after three weeks my order was shipped back to the warehouse with the promise that it will be shipped back soon. Still got nothing. Six calls at the customer service and hundreds of emails later I figured that the guy on the phone put the wrong address. So cancel everything and placed the order again. The shirt is not available anymore, when I asked them to send me back the one in my first order they said they couldn’t. I placed a new order for the boots a week ago and everything was fine til now that I got an email telling me that they have been removed from my order and the lady at the customer service told me that they’re not available anymore, like What the hell why are you selling stuff that is not available? Oh and she told me to place a new order in a week or two that probably the boots will be available again. Thanks but NO thanks. First and last order at torrid. I’m never going to buy from them again. Is frankly quite expensive and the service is aweful, i’ve Been treated like a stupid from the people on the customer service that “oh you’re order is ready to be shipped” and after I complaint about everything “well but we get you the money back” but that is not the point!
Done! Don’t buy anything from them, there are other places that sells plus size stuff and actually deliver your orders in time.

Rating 2/10

I hate them!

"I placed in order in October and I was told it would be delivered in 10 days! I never received my order so I kept calling and the last time I called the lady said to me that they had my order ready to go they just needed to be shipped and I would get them by November 13th. I get an email yesterday telling me that my order had been cancelled!!!!! So I called today and not only was the lady extremely rude but when I asked to speak to a supervisor she transferred me over to some lady who clearly was not a supervisor and she said that they ran out of the boots!!!! WTF torrid! Why are you selling more product than you actually have???? That is some bullshit and then they send me "deal" but no point if they already had that deal going on for their website!!!! I will never order or shop from them again. "

Rating 2/10

Lost my business!

"It's been 28 days since I placed my order. I understand the usual "shipping delay" during haute cash but taking this long is a slap in the face to your customers. We all deserve effing gift cards for this ridiculousness. Customer Service hung up on me twice. Thanks, Torrid!"

Rating 2/10

Never shop again

" Just like similar stories I received half of my order the other half way past the estimated delivery time. Once I receive my order I noticed a few things didn't fit so I mailed them back costing me extra to make sure they got there in time so I can receive a new size before vacation! Weeks go by one item that I had ordered got canceled through email and still no exchange size. So when I call she informs me that they do not do exchanges they just give you a refund so if I haven't placed another order I will not be receiving another coat and they would not offer to pay upgrade shipping. If I plAces one right now. Question one why does your forms say returns and exchanges if you are not going to exchange? I did not ask for next day shipping but at least a guarantee to be here on time and I couldn't even get that worst service ever!"

Rating 2/10

Can it get worse?

"I’m relatively new to Torrid but have been shopping on/off there for the past three years (since moving to Boston). I think they’re clothing is great and there’s always lots to choose from, but I most love their leggings because they’re thick and long on both ends (feet and waist). On Oct. 13 I decided to use my haute cash to purchase some more before winter hits and I’m wearing them almost daily. Then I got busy with work and forgot about it. A week later I was going through my emails and realized I hadn’t been notified of any shipments. I tried to check what shipping rate I had chosen but of course it’s not listed on my receipt. I assumed I chose the cheapest so I figured the following week I’d hear something. The next week comes, and I finally receive a shipping alert but only part of my order shipped. It also wasn’t shipped at any bit of a faster rate even though i was clearly not going to receive them within 19 days. I call customer service, complain about their terrible shipping and was told the other half would be shipped Monday. I was also given $20 in Haute cash to use later (eye roll-closest store is an hour away and clearly I’m not about to jump on and order something anytime soon). I hang up, very frustrated but at least I’ll get the rest of my items the following week. It’s now Nov. 3 and the other half of my order hasn’t shipped. I called today again and received some sob story from the customer service rep about how horrible it is for her right now and there’s nothing more they can do because it’s 100s of orders affected so they’d lose business if they started crediting current shipments (I’m sorry, what? So you’d rather I just never shop again and lose ALL my business rather than trying to make me happy now?!? Talk about poor business models!). I tell her I’m fed up and she basically doesn’t care and wants me to feel sorry for her. I hang up, no resolution, and I still have no idea how long it’ll be before the rest of my order ships. Oh and the kicker...the items I ordered are now sold out online so I likely won’t be seeing them ever!! And they never charged me originally for the order so when the first half shipped, I wasn’t aware and almost overdrafted my account. This company **** and the CEO couldn’t care less because they have yet to send out any kind of apology. I hope that extra $20 on my order was worth the price of the $22.90 leggings I’ll never be buying from you again!!!"

Rating 2/10

I was an avid Torrid shopper - not anymore

"I have been a loyal Torrid customer, and avid fan, until this month. I placed an order online at the end of September, and after a week it still had not shipped. I called customer service 4 times that week to find out why, and no one had any idea why it hadn't shipped or what was going on. Three days in, I tried to cancel the order because I knew it was not going to arrive on time, and I was told I could not cancel the order because it was set to ship that day. Then I was told that same thing every day for the next three days - that my order was going to ship that day and it therefore could not be cancelled. At 8 days after I placed my order, it still had not shipped and I was still being told I could not cancel it. A rep then told me that I could reorder everything and select Overnight shipping, and then once it shipped, I could call back (and wait on hold for another 50 minutes - literally 50 minutes, not an exaggeration), and they would credit me the cost of shipping. Then I would just have to return the items from the original shipment when it arrived. So I decided to do that. I placed the order long before 11am Pacific Time, yet it still did not ship out that day, or the next day. All week I was just passed along, given false information, and still no one had resolved the issue. It was important to me that I receive this package because I was leaving the country and needed the items before I left. I even waited on hold for an extra 45 minutes to speak to a supervisor so that I'd be assured this package was going to arrive on time. She even called me back a few hours later to assure me that the package was being sent out that day and that I would receive it the next day. Lo and behold, the package was not shipped out that day, or even the next. My "overnight" package did not arrive until 4 days later, after I had left the country. Two weeks later, when I returned to the US, I opened said package and, surprise surprise, 4 out of the 9 items I had ordered were not in the package, even though all 9 were listed on the invoice. I called the Customer Service Line to report this and was told I’d be given a refund for the missing items, and that the refund would reflect on my credit card in 3-5 business days. After 5 business days and no refund on my card, I called the Customer Service line again and was told that a refund of $45 and some change had been issued to my card 5 days prior. There is no record of this on my card and the bank cannot see the refund either, so I also had to open a dispute with the bank.

In the meantime during all of this, I had also placed two more orders for regular shipping. One package took a over a week and a half to be sent out, and when that package arrived, 1 of the items was missing, even though it was also listed on the invoice. The other package, which I ordered 23 DAYS AGO, has still not been shipped out, so I decided to cancel that order, because really, how long should I have to wait? The amount of times I have had to call customer service over the last month is insane, and almost every time I was treated with disdain or impatience. One time a rep told me that I would be refunded the entire amount of the package due to the inconvenience, which was very nice, and then as soon as the supervisor got on the phone, I was told that was impossible and why would my whole order be refunded?

What is worse is that now I realize there are massive problems due to some kind of fulfillment center changes or something, and Torrid's loyal customers were never notified, an email wasn't sent out apologizing for the delay or at least notifying customers about what was going on. I just happened to see some tiny notice on the checkout page of the website the other day. This is not a good way to handle interruptions in business or customer service. This shows a complete lack of respect and appreciation for the people who keep you in business.

I spend literally thousands of dollars a year at Torrid, and my entire wardrobe is made up of Torrid items, but my experience has been so terrible that I will no longer be giving Torrid my business.

Rating 2/10

I didn't cancel my order!!

"I have never ordered from Torrid and did not read the reviews- buyer beware!
I did not receive an order shipping confirmation within the two days they say on the website- ordered Sunday, Called customer service Wednesday, Was told they were behind schedule with order fulfillment. Okay- at the least send an email to the customer to keep them in the loop!
Two days go by, I call again. Let me note- at no time did I say I wanted my order cancelled. Friday, called second time and CSR said not to worry, it will be shipped. I said how can she assure me of this? ( I'm in Canada).... I said I would call back next week to find out the status...Saturday morning, saw my bank account was debited ( order was cancelled and $ returned). Like, WTF? Not an email notification of cancellation, no mention Friday when I spoke to CSR... I WANTED my order! This is such an awful awful website to order from from a delivery/shipping perspective! I have ordered multiple times from US based websites and NEVER had such bad service in terms of communication and start/end processes.

Rating 6/10

Customer of 12 years, recently disappointed.

"I'll be honest, I've been shopping at Torrid since I was 12 years old (back when they primarily did Hot Topic-esque graphic tees and bottoms) , which is half of my life. I've shopped a Torrid avidly for all these years, spending at least $1000/year in my adulthood. Most, about 95%, of my wardrobe is Torrid. I have been a platinum member since they created the platinum membership. I've never had a bad experience in store, and have rarely had one with their online service. Only once, a few years ago, did they get my blood boiling because I mailed back a Halloween costume that was damaged and they refused to give me a refund because they claimed I had worn it. Something that they deduced from the deodorant marks on the costume. Um, yeah? I tried it on so it doesn't surprise me that here were deodorant marks on them. I emailed a representative back and forth for days, **** that they would treat a loyal customer like I was trying to steal from them, until finally she said that the warehouse was able to "remove the stain", so she could give me a refund. Whatever. Beside that, online processing and shipping has always been incredibly fast, about 2-5 days. However, I should disclose that I am in San Diego, CA. Not at all far from their warehouse in City of Industry, CA. I have about 5 Torrid stores within 45 minutes of me, 3 of which are about 20 minutes from me, so returns or exchanges have always been easy. Even if the store didn't have the size I wanted to exchange for, they were able to do the exchange with online inventory and get it shipped to my house. However, things have drastically changed in the last month or so. I made several orders this month (thats how I do my Haute cash, instead of calling). I made one order on 10/2/2017, three orders on 10/4/2017, one order on 10/7/2017, and one order on 10/15/2017. One order from 10/4 was processed, shipped, and arrived almost immediately, I received it on 10/6. The next to arrive was my PART OF my order from 10/7, which I received on 10/10 (the last item didn't arrive until 10/23). Two days later on 10/12, I received the order I placed on 10/2. I noticed right away how odd this was, Torrid had never shipped things so randomly. I was still missing two of my orders that I placed on 10/4, one of which included a dress that I needed for Saturday the 21st. I attempted, twice, to contact Torrid via e-mail and was met with the same general message that they were sorry for the inconvenience and working hard to process and ship orders. Alright then. My 10/15 order arrived only three days later on 10/18. The next day, on 10/19, the second of my three orders from 10/4 arrived (still not the dress). I decided to return some things in-store, and was talking to an employee about how odd the shipping had been. She tried telling me that it was because they now have a warehouse in Tennessee, so some items take longer to ship. I told her that I had actually received an order from Tennessee faster than I had from the warehouse in CA. She was pretty rude and had a "not my problem" kind of attitude. To be honest, I moved out of San Diego to northern California a few months ago, and this was the first Torrid store I had been to in the area. So, I chalked it up to them just not being as friendly up here. I finally realized about five days before the wedding that the dress was not going to make it to me, so I called around to local stores, none of which had the dress. The wedding was down in San Diego, so I called around down there and luckily the store that I frequent the most had it in stock. I called on a Monday, explained my situation about the shipping, and told them that I would be there Friday to pick it up when I get into town. They told me that I was going to have to call back every day to extend the hold because they can only hold an item for 24 hours. I thought it was a little lackluster in customer service considering I had explained the situation with the shipping, and instead of just agreeing to hold it for four days, they made the experience even more frustrating and complicated. I went in on Friday and bought the dress for full price. I was talking to the manager who I have known for over 5 years, and she was telling me that the shipping has been a disaster, and its the number one reason she gets complaints in the store, even though it has nothing to do with the store. She herself had made a purchase from Hot Topic (the parent company), and had still not received it four weeks later. It is now 10/28, and my last order from 10/4 (the one including the dress), is still "in processing". I don't know what's going on with Torrid, but based on these reviews, they have a lot to make up for with their customers.

11/2 Update: My last order from 10/4 was split up, I received one item on 11/1, and the dress is supposed to arrive 11/13 (WHY SO FAR AWAY, IDK). They just emailed me today that my last item of the order was cancelled, which irritates me to no end.

Rating 2/10

Wish I could give it ZERO stars

"I placed an order online on 10-01-17

I received an email stating two items had been canceled on 10-13-17, conveniently they canceled the two pairs of free **** that I was to receive for purchasing three pairs at full price.

Moments later that same day I received another email stating my order had shipped.

Moments later (again) I get a “mass email” that clearly went to everyone stating “we messed up” & “in an effort to improve your shopping experience we recently upgraded and it’s causing some hiccups”

I emailed Torrid back and asked about replacing the free **** with other pairs and received a generic & semi smart assed response.

I received an yet another email from Torrid on 10-15-17 (the one thing they appear to be good at is sending emails) requesting that I review something I purchased and that I could be entered to win a gift card... “Hint we like five star reviews”

I flipped....seriously they just solicited a review from me on product that I had purchased exactly two weeks prior to that and still hasn’t actually received.

My order arrived on 10-24-17 and guess what, they shorted me a pair of $18.50 ****. Go figure. I checked the order online, sure enough they say they shipped them. I clicked on track package to see if maybe it was coming in a separate package, nope. Same tracking number & already delivered.

I immediately go online to see how to return stuff because at this point I am done with Torrid. Their return policy ****! You have to pay for the shipping and you can’t return clearance (which is fairly normally but I can’t tell from either their website or the email about my order if any of my items were actually clearance or not).

I just sent an email to Torrid explaining all this and stating:

I have two questions:

# 1 - I see on your return policy that you do not accept returns on clearance items: I want to know what of the 5 out of 6 items I paid for and received aren’t clearance items so that I may return them

# 2 - I want to know if you plan on submitting a refund for the 6th item I paid for and you state that you shipped but actually didn’t ship

I would like to state that I am an avid online shopper, and this has been the absolutely worse purchasing experience I’ve ever had with a retailer. I personally feel that Torrid as an entity clearly does not care about me as the customer.

I would like a response ASAP so that I may fill out your ridiculous return form and pay for shipping back to you for product that took nearly a month to get to me, was partially canceled from the jump (which is being generous since it actually took you 13 days); and then what was delivered was incomplete (where I come from when you pay for something and then don’t get it, we call that stealing).

By far and large the WORSE shopping experience ever and they’ve lost a customer for life and I totally plan to post this in as many places as I can so that people will know how bad they ****.

Rating 2/10

Placed Order and Paid 8 weeks later no merchandise

"This place is truely awful. I have placed the same order twice and never recieved it. Everytime I called customer service I was on hold for over an hour. After 4 hours of phone time with customer service they refuse to fix the situation. I use to shop at Torrid often. Never again after this. And they refused to refund my money. "

Rating 2/10

In stores sure but NEVER, EVER order online.

"Torrid retail stores are awesome. The clothes are trendy,though sometimes of questionable quality. The sales associates are friendly and the stores are usually clean and well organized. Their regular prices are rather high for the quality of the clothing but you should never have to pay full price because they are always running sales and offering coupons. But.....that is where my love for Torrid ends. I would rather shoot myself in the head than order off Torrid's website. It seems easy enough but it is deceptive. You put items in your cart only to find out that item is sold out, the prices change depending on what coupons you use and don't even think about ordering if you have more than one haute cash certificate because you HAVE to call in for that. But seriously don't try to call in, it is usually a 15-30 minute wait on hold before you can even talk to a customer service representative. Now if you manage to place your order with the customer service rep you had better hope it is correct (and it isn't always) because you have only one hour to cancel the order. Even if the mistake wasn't your fault. The reality is that there is no real chance that you can see the mistake in your order online and sit through the wait on hold before that one hour window has expired. Don't give up all hope though, if you live near a retail location you can return the wrong items IF they were not clearance. (Or undies/bathing suits I'm told). If the items were clearance you are stuck with it. If you think these are all of Torrid.com's problems, you would be mistaken. All of my recent orders have taken over a month to arrive. Torrid's website quotes 4 to 10 days standard shipping, and honestly that is pretty standard and truthful, once your item ships it is usually only about a week before it arrives. However it takes 3-4 WEEKS to ship. Until then the order is listed as "processing" and the customer service reps can not give you any information or estimated delivery date. Speaking of customer service representatives, Torrid's are truly lacking. They have no answers to even the most basic questions, they can't help you at all and pretty much spend all their time trying to get you off the phone as quickly as possible and if they can't do that they just hang up on you. If you like Torrid's clothes by all means shop in their stores but unless you like banging you head against the wall don't order online."

Rating 2/10

Never order online

"I've finally had it with ordering online from Torrid. I stopped having things shipped to the store because you don't get a tracking number and reps aren't able to give you a time line for arrival. It was not uncommon for it to take a month to arrive. This time Im having it shipprd to my house to prevent those issues. I ordered items to arrive before Halloween, placing the order 3 weeks before. The order was "shipped" a week ago, except FedEx was never given the item. I finally got a rep on the phone who said they've been having order fulfillment problems for a while and my items won't even go out unail it's too late. I'm not going to get them on time. There is nothing on their website warning you of the issues with their ordering system. If they are having issues that bad, they owe it to their customers to at least warn them. Now I have to wait for my items to arrive to ultimately send it back for my money back."

Rating 2/10

Torrid can rot in hell.

"I placed my order on October 4th. I got an email today (the 21st) that my package shipped to the store. When I checked the tracking it said that it had already been there for 2 days but it never sent me the email that it was ready to pick up. When I went to the store they said they hadn't received it yet and when I showed them the tracking they just shrugged and said there was nothing there. Now, I don't have a halloween costume because according to Torrid it was sent to the store and they can't send another because they are already all sold out. Yet they refuse to refund my money because I'm able to go pick it up, even after I told them several times that I went to the store and was told by the employee's it wasn't. They are terrible at customer service and don't care that their customers are unhappy."

Rating 2/10


"first of all when u call the customer service is awful they hire this people from who knows where and treat us like trash I am so upset. secondly the shipping **** it takes an eternity to get the items, I really hope it goes out of business and will never ever shop there."

Rating 2/10

Forever processing order

"Terrible. Made an order and it was shipped to the wrong address, given Refund for items no longer in stock, but left me with negative balance on credit card. Thought, give me another chance! Now my order is still processing 10 days later. Called customer service and automated system said keep you place in que we will call you back! Never called me. Never shopping there again."

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