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Product & services pricing 2.86/10
Chance of future purchase: 2.05/10
Shipping & packaging: 1.43/10
Customer service: 1.90/10
Return/Replacement policy: 2.58/10
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"How long do they take to ship the orders i made 2 different orders on 4\08\18 and 8\10\18 and they are BOTH still processing how long is the processing Wait because i have prom to be looking cute at in a month...What number would i call to check?"

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What's with all the negative reviews?

"Granted, I'm a relatively new new to, but, have placed several orders from them and experienced none of what these other reviewers have! My mom also has placed orders to be sent to my address & no probs what-so-ever! "

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"I ordered 2 items and am extremely happy with one...yet even more disappointed and confused by the reason behind sending me a previously returned and damaged item. The item came in a bag that was not it’s original, which made me look more closely at the garment. I can’t imagine whoever returned it before didn’t say why they returned it.
*UPDATE*: After contacting them about the issue, they responded quickly and efficiently. They are replacing the item.

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The absolute worst

"If I could give no stars I would. This company gives no ****. The package they sent me never showed up and instead of sending a new one they said they didn't offer that item at this time but would let the distributor know someone was interested it took me four emails for them to respond in the first place. I will never shop here again."

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Great service

"Order Jeans and received the wrong size. Called customer service and the girl was extremely nice. Set up a reorder for the correct size and sending shipping label to return the incorrect merchandise. I live their jeans"

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The estero store

"Store is poorly laid out - and overpriced has an overcrowded appearance and staff are overly interested in personal conversation!"

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Horrid customer service experience ever!!

"Being in the customer service field I tend to be pretty understanding but I've never experienced such chaos!! Began with placing an order shortly before Christmas. I ordered 5 items and they came in 2 separate shipments, 2 necklaces I ordered came broken. I called customer service to ask about returns, the representative said a shipping label will arrive in my email. Never received the label, and ended up paying out of pocket to send out these broken items for a refund, which was now half spent in return shipping.
Returned items were received on Dec 18th and I waited til 1st week of Jan to finally call on the status of the refund. I spoke to someone probably 2 or 3 separate occasions about getting this refund resolved til I finally called in mid Feb. and asked for a supervisor! She told me that I would have to call my bank and have it resolved and gave me an invoice #! Also, offered a $10 credit toward a future purchase that I never received to my account.
Now I paid for part of this order with credit card and the other half with gift card, and the gift card was to have been refunded already. When it came time to use the balance I had on my gift card it showed a balance of $0! So here I call customer service again to resolve this portion of the refund; they tell me that it wasn't refunded because I never paid for my order initially!!! I said impossible! The customer service rep explained that when the second portion of the order shipped, I was never charged for it therefore part of the order that I returned will not be refunded! As this point I'm not being very nice. I explained that this was not my fault and no way was I going to pay any more money for a mistake that was not mine. I told them I don't know why my card wasn't charged, they have my info, and secondly why it took several customer service reps, about 6-7 calls and 2 and a half months later for someone to figure that out!?!
And that doesn't include the times the site wouldn't cooperate when trying to place an order with any kind of coupon codes or just numerous shipping issues I've had! Super unfortunate since I think their options for attire is awesome and we don't have a local store. It just isn't worth the hassle online!!

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I am furious!!!!

"I bought a solid white special occasion dress from Torrid online. I planned to wear this dress for my wedding in May 2018. I purchased The dress in September 2017. The dress was only available online. The dress arrived and it for perfectly. I tried the dress on twice, once when it arrived and again for my mom. The dress has remained it it's back in my closet since then. Today, I removed the dress from its bag to show my bridesmaid and notice two tiny holes in the sheer mesh portion of the dress. I did not notice them previously. I called customer service and explained this is my wedding dress. I explained the situation and she said I could not exchange it, even though the tags are still in tact and it has never been worn. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she left me on hold for several minutes and came back to say she could not get a supervisor for me. After further conversation she stated that she briefly spoke to a supervisor that she "was able to tear away from her work momentarily". So which is it?? Was a supervisor available or not??? I will never buy another effing item from Torrid online. Seems like they could have extended the courtesy to exchange the dress since it is still available for sale and I planned to wear it for my wedding. You can't wait until the last minute to get a wedding dress and I honestly didn't notice until today. Wedding ruined!! Thanks for nothing, Torrid. "

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Torrid horrible orders

"Placed 2 orders on January 10. One order arrived in 5 days. Second order was ship to store. No updates or anything. Then finally shipped on February 2nd. No update just saw charge back on my card so did research. Then still no updates so I called on feb 10th. Apparently the ship to store chosen had closed since placing my order. Now I have to wait for the shipment to return then get my refund. Called 5 times and all they could do was tell me to wait. No nothing. Terrible communication about my order. The whole time. "

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The worst customer service!

"I buy alot from this company 1k just last year. I bought 2 items in Dec 2017 online, didn't like either & sent them back with tags attached & unworn. I hear nothing back from the company after weeks I check the tracking number of the return & see it had been delivered awhile I contact the company about the refund, no response. 4 days later I contact again. a day later they write back saying we sent the item back to you we wont refund it cuz there is a plastic smell (uh, yeah- from you- you ship the items in the stupid plastic) now im stuck with item I don't want, & I had to go out of my way to even find out what was going on. I wont be buying from this company anymore & im doing a charge back on my card."

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Online order

"I placed an online order for 3 items on a Wednesday I wanted by the weekend, so I paid for overnight shipping. On Thursday, I received an email saying that part of my order was on its way. The tracking info only said that a label had been created. No info was provided regarding why only part of the order was on its way. On Friday, I received an email saying that one of my items (boots) had been canceled and that I would not be charged for this. Still no package though. Tracking info still only said that a label had been created. On MONDAY, I received the package. The boots were there! But another item (tights) was not. Now, the boots were more expensive than the tights, so whatever. I was also initially charged $.01 more than the total of the order minus the cost of the boots. A day later, my account was credited $.02. These are the only two Torrid transactions in my account. My point is that this process seems disorganized on every level: shipping speed, communication, and accuracy. "

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"I wish I had read these reviews before I ordered online. I love Torrids clothes but ordering online has been a disaster! I ordered a sweater thinking it would be delivered in 7-10 business days. Well it’s still pending after almost two weeks and I need the sweater tomorrow. I went online Monday and ordered something similar from New York and Company and I received it 3 Days later (today)!! I’m really upset because now I’ve had to spend more money. They need to get their warehouse together because this experience has really made me think twice about shopping with Torrids especially now that I have moved from Columbus Ga and the closes store is 90 miles away!!! SMH! They have got to do better!"

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Worst online shopping experience

"My first time shopping at Torrid and the shipping is horrible. I will never shop at this store again an it’s such a shame because they have some awesome clothes for us curvy ladies but not worth the stress."

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Online orders

"I ordered online more than 15 days ago and has not shipped yet. Ridiculous wait time for a T-shirt. I do like the clothes even though they are overpriced. There aren't much choices for a curvy size 16 mom who doesn't like to wear bags like most plus size stores have"

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They need to hire a Director of Client Success immediately

"I know good customer service (I am a Director) and unfortunately Torrid is just lacking the knowledge to succeed but it can easily be remedied if they hire a Director. I ordered a few swimsuits 3 weeks before my trip (allowing for 14 business days just in case). Needless to say, it did not ship in time and was scheduled to come a few days into my vacation. I called customer support and let them know that I needed the suits, so 5 days before my trip I placed the order all over again (over the phone) and they overnighted me the order. I also told them to stop the previous order as I would not be home to retrieve it and they told me they notified UPS and they are sending the order back to their headquarters. I went on vacation, came back, and sure enough, the first package was on my doorstep. Thankfully I live in a great neighborhood, but it was sitting there, in the snow/rain for 6 days before I came home. I then went online to try and find the instructions and return label to return the suits and I come to find out the return labels are only given on a case by case basis. It's 2018, this is unacceptable. So fine, I call them and let them know what happened, they told me to wait 24 hrs as they have to contact their Supervisor to approve the label. A week goes by, no response. I call back again. The support rep tells me they have to contact their supervisor because the first request didn't seem to go through. Fine. A few more weeks go by and my boxes are sitting across from me in my office taunting me. I call back (3rd time). They tell me it didn't go through again and they'd have to contact a Supervisor. I kindly ask to speak to one of their "supervisors" (at this point it's possible they don't exist lol) and I'm put on hold. 10 minutes later, the original rep comes back saying a return label will be in my inbox in a few minutes. Listen, I'm a size 12, I have the option to shop at other stores without an issue so it's fine that I'll never order from Torrid again, however, what about the amazing women that do not have multiple store options to shop at? Why should they, or anyone, have to go through this terrible process of ordering clothes that make them feel confident just to go through a brutal return battle if it doesn't fit (which most of the time happens especially when you order online). Torrid, if you need some advice for how to run your customer service, call me."

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