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    Product & services pricing Rating 2.71/10 2.71/10
    Chance of future purchase: Rating 1.58/10 1.58/10
    Shipping & packaging: Rating 1.18/10 1.18/10
    Customer service: Rating 1.91/10 1.91/10
    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 2.64/10 2.64/10
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Rating 2/10

I am only giving 1 star because I had to

"Tried to call customer service at least 10 times get a busy signal a fax squeal or it just disconnects the call.
I want to return an item and cannot get assistance I have been satisfied with the clothing but now I have a blouse that is so huge I cannot wear it and cannot get help. WTF

Rating 2/10


"I had the same experience as others. They told me my item was shipped within 4 to 10 days, and even though it was in stock it's not going to take double that. They don't allow me to cancel the order for some lame or reason. I have to just sit back and wait for it to ship and be charged and then cancel it. Well as soon as it hits my bank I'm going to dispute the charge. The item will arrive too late because it's for a wedding which is before the expected delivery date now. And they're telling me it hasnt shipped because of postage delays but they don't get any more specific than that. And I can get 2 day shipping with other vendors, so what is their problem. Horrible customer service good luck trying to get through. But the worst part I think is it's ridiculous but they won't even allow me to cancel it, when I don't want it anymore because it won't get here on time. They shouldn't be in business anymore."

Rating 2/10

AWFUL Communication and Customer Service

"Ordered a package on 11/27 with delivery promised within 4-7 business days. December 8th. Still no package. Emailed customer service several times and no response. Finally got through on the phone after several tries and was told my package was coming between 12/10-12/17! That's no 4-7 business days. No explanation, blamed on "warehouse." No offer of any type of resolution of consolation for package. Also noted that there was no shipping update given to me at any point. VERY disappointed. Will never shop here again."

Rating 2/10

very experience i ever had with shopping online

"I never received my items no tracking info customer services reps and manager are liars spend all together about 3 hours on phone still no resolution"

Rating 2/10

Crappy Service

"My items never shipped, I contact Torrid and was told I need to wait 5 business days after delivery date to start a claim.. the items never shipped! There was no delivery date. They finally got back to me days later, now items are out of stock, and said they could either still send or refund. I wanted the in stock items to ship and refund out of stock... again, days later, they confirm they will overnight within 24 hours and refund. Its been more than 24 hours, still not shipped. I placed the order on 11/17 to be worn for an event on 12/09 and still do not have... Really mad and will never order with them again. The response time is far too long"

Rating 2/10

Torrid is the worst shipper for plus size clothes!! China ships faster

"I have been a loyal customer of Torrid’s for over a decade! I personally got to know some of the employees in the Platinum section before they all left when Love Sick closed, and Torrid branched off this Fall 2017 from Hot Topic! I miss the old Crew! They have become worst than purchasing from China!
The sizes in clothing have changed somewhat, and the size of the shoes are all off. You never know what you are getting when order arrives!
The Employees in the Platinum section do not know what they are doing or how to handle simple problems; not trained! I have never experienced a shipping delay like this from Torrid in 10 years during a Black Friday!
As big of an Organization that they are, I will never believe the lies they are telling everyone as to why the orders are not shipped out!
I just want my freakin money back at this point and have just put in a dispute with my credit card Company! 12 days is too long and still waiting for orders to ship! What the ****
The only other Company selling plus Size Clothing I’m experiencing this from right now is Fashion Nova!
But Torrid????
Shame on you Torrid!
You are the worst Plus size Clothing Store and deserve (0) stars

Rating 2/10

2.5 weeks to receive in stock items

"Ordered a few items for my girlfriend for her birthday about 2 weeks (12 days) before her birthday.

Order sat in processing for a full week. They finally shipped about 30% of my items (which won't be here for another 8 days, 3 days after her birthday) - the other 70% of my items were given a tracking number but 24hours later they still have not been tendered to OnTrac.

I contacted customer service and they just gave me a form letter that they just "recently upgraded their systems" and promise it will make a "better experience" for everyone going forward.... This is the same message my girlfriend received from them nearly a year ago when they pulled the same stuff.

Avoid at all costs. If you absolutely must buy from them, try a retail store, or be prepared for an unreasonable wait.

Rating 2/10

never order from Torrid

"I can’t believe this company is still in business. I ordered two items from the store in which they were in stock. It has been 9 days and my order is still in process. They say they are having shipping delays and don’t know when they can ship it out. This is product I have already paid for. I have sat on hold the 1st call for 45 minuets the second call for 20. I called corporate and they put me through to a priority line in which I sitting on hold now. What a shame I feel like I’m ordering from China! Not from California. "

Rating 2/10

Customer service is absolute crap!

"I ordered a dress, tights, and boots over the phone via a customer service agent to ensure I could receive overnight shipping. She was nice and assured me I would be getting my items shipped to me overnight. When I got the email confirmation, the shipping charge was standard and I was only charged $6.00 when I read on Torrid.com that overnight shipping would be a charge of $28. So I called customer service again and the man I spoke to kept putting me on hold and checking back in with me and telling me that he was trying to get ahold of the warehouse to change my shipping from standard to overnight. He finally asked me to call back in 15-20 minutes because the warehouse was not picking up. So when I did call back, I was told by a different customer service agent that overnight shipping is not an option for anyone because they are so backed up from Black Friday still and by the way, this all occurred on December 5th, almost two weeks after Black Friday. Anyways, she also told me there is nothing she can do for me. She can't edit the order or cancel it, so I would just have to wait until my order arrives, which will be long after I actually need to wear them to a Christmas party and return it to a store or via mail. She was nice enough to offer a $10 off coupon for my next purchase but that didn't help me at all in my current circumstance. I will not be ordering from Torrid again unless I don't need the items anytime soon."

Rating 2/10


"I do not recommend their underwear and bras, I bought a couple underwear and bras from them in store (IN MY SIZE MIND YOU), and the underwear literally fell apart after a few wears which shouldn't be possible, and the bra lost shape so badly and even washing it the elastic doesn't really get back in shape. I don't think anyone should but their bras!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

If 0 stars we an option, that would be mine!

"I placed an online order with Torrid on Black Friday. I ordered two bras, a dress and a pair of shoes. I have now been waiting going on two weeks for my order and it still says “processing” online. I called Customer Service on Friday 12/1. I was told my order had been “picked” from the warehouse but had not been shipped due to “shipping delays” and I was assured it would be sent out within 3 days, and that if I didn’t get it in a reasonable time, I could refuse delivery, um hello, why would I refuse delivery after waiting two or three weeks to get my order? I understand shipping delays near the holidays, fine, but according to many Torrid reviews, no one was ever informed of these “shipping delays”, myself included. Apparently, Torrid’s customer service would much rather deal with angry customers calling and yelling rather then just sending out a blast email explaining the issue. Or even adding it to their website at check-out, “we are experiencing shipping delays, orders WILL take longer than normal to process.” At least giving people the option to decide if they want to wait or not. After being told there was nothing that could be done on Friday, I called again this morning, 12/5. I spoke to a woman who again, said there was nothing that could be done, but I could wait 5 more business days and open a dispute. No thank you, I will open the dispute with my bank. How dare Torrid take money from customers and not deliver as promised. As far as I’m concerned, that is theft, not delivering in the time promised. As customers, it is not our fault YOUR warehouse employees can’t keep up with orders. I demanded to talk to a supervisor, she said “there are none available”. Which I found very hard to believe DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS! I told her I would hold as long as necessary. I was then transferred to a supervisor who said there was nothing they could do but that my order SHOULD be here by 12/11. Keyword, SHOULD. Torrid could care less about their customers, and apparently they are all trained to just say “we are sorry, there is nothing we can do.” Even the supervisors. It is absolutely pathetic that a company thinks it is okay to treat their customers so poorly. Torrid has lost my business entirely. So now I sit and wait for an order that may or may not ever arrive. I entirely plan on opening a dispute with my bank regarding this matter. The saddest part is, my fiance were planning on eloping, the dress I ordered was to be my wedding dress. Thanks for nothing, Torrid."

Rating 10/10

Never had a problem!

"Both my daughter and I have been customers of Torrid for years. We got to the store but we order online more often. I've never had a problem as noted in the other reviews. Shipping has always been decently fast and I received exactly what I ordered. I've made returns and been credited as soon as the merchandise was returned to Torrid. You also have the option of taking the item directly to the store for a return...again -- never any problems. Torrid prices are much better than other plus size retailers. Quality is better than The Avenue, styles are younger. Prices are 1/2 of what Lane Bryant's are. I don't shop in stores likes Forever 21 etc. All I know is the majority of my wardrobe and that of my daughter's is Torrid. Items wear well and they get new, CURRENT, styles in often. What's not to like? As far as shipping, if you check around online you can find free shipping coupons. Or use your Torrid $10 coupon. Haute Cash is another perk. Instead of nagging about them, be glad they exist! When I was a teenager, I had to shop in Lane Byrant's CHUBBY Department. It was mortifying. I'm very glad to have Torrid around -- best jeans ever! "

Rating 2/10

Never received package/ no tracking

"I paid for overnight shipping but my package never shipped from the Torrid warehouse. Customer service would not help escalate the shipping of my package, even though I paid for the premium."

Rating 2/10


"I was comparing a pair of boots from Torrid to another brand, and as I went to go check how much shipping would be and how long it would take to ship.
As I saw a button that said "Next: Shipping" I had clicked it and without my consent it had processed the order and charged my credit card $25 shipping that I was not aware about, nor did I want.
There were two other steps after, and it's as if the site glitched.
I would calmly call somebody ever in this scenario, and explain what happened and ask them to not charge my credit card, however they had office hours of which you could call to cancel the order (and it said that on the site).
So I call and the automated message says the office is closed and hangs up. I call my bank, and they can't rid the charge, so I e-mail them explaining my situation and how this is my only way of contacting them.
I get two emails today saying that they will reimburse me and won't charge me as long as I will be able to ship them back (without paid postage) and that I would only be imbursed $60 instead of the $90 that I "spent" because of shipping charges.
After I wrote an extremely long email explaining my frustration and I gave them two options of "I can return them in store for $90 or you pay for postage back and I get $90."
I get an e-mail from their customer service requesting to call them and as I get on the phone the rudest woman picks up, and explains how they can't do it, itll take 20 business days to get here, they'll pay for postage but itll take another week to SEND the postage, and then Ill be reimbursed within two months.
This is not okay to me, I should have my money back asap and have the order cancelled.
As I tell the woman that she rudely says "I cant do anything, hope I was a help for you and Torrid.com, have a good day" and hangs up.
Never reccommending anyone to buy from them online, and they have INCREDIBLY rude customer service staff.

Rating 2/10

Torrid does not even deserve 1 star!!!

"Still waiting to receive my online order from a month ago, received an email on the 13th stating my order had finally shipped.... 8 days later, still nothing! Called customer service to check the status.... they tell me it's still in "processing" & has not shipped yet. What?? I got an email over a week ago that it had shipped. I ask to just cancel the order & have it refunded.... not possible until I receive the order. "

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