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Review History & Profile

Product & services pricing 2.40/10
Chance of future purchase: 1.58/10
Shipping & packaging: 0.89/10
Customer service: 1.25/10
Return/Replacement policy: 1.64/10
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Called me a liar!!!

"I do like they’re clothes I’ve bought from them for years and I’m happy with the quality but recently I had a bathing suit not fit me at all (couldn’t even get it on took it right out of the box then put it right back in) and I sent it back to return it and it got shipped back to me saying that it was dirty? I didn’t even have it out of the box for 5 minutes no joke so i don’t know how I could have gotten it dirty??? And they said it was dirty on the right breast cup I think and I looked myself and it was as clean as the rest of the bathing suit (which was very clean) and so I called customer service and tried explaining to them that I think there was a mistake but they were rude didn’t listen to me basically called me a liar when I told them it was clean so I asked them since it was “so dirty” why did they send it to me that way because I didn’t even have it out of the box for 5 minutes!! I’m sad that I can’t purchase more clothes from them because they have cute clothes but I refuse to buy from a company who is rude to their customers and basically calls them a liar so I’m now stuck with a bathing suit that I spent like 80 dollars on that doesn’t fit me!"

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Charging me three different amounts for one item!!!

"I ordered an item at the end of May. They charged my account 3 different times for 3 different amounts. I called customer about this and they can’t see where this has come out. They also don’t have any documentation where I’ve been calling about this problem. I will not order from them again. "

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"I have tried ordering online a half dozen times. Each time, my order was screwed up differently. I gave up, and went back to Lane Bryant. Not as stylish, but at least my orders arrive, and do so timely.
Then Torrid started emailing me, asking for reviews (they promised someone would call me back about my most recent order, the order before that, the customer service rep was extremely rude and unprofessional. It's been 3 weeks, still no return call, still no order. Contesting with credit card company.). I wasn't gonna review them at all - if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all, right? But they keep emailing daily asking me to review items I have not recieved. So I wrote a review, going into detail about what all has happened, and that I'm still awaiting resolution (I'm too lazy to go into all the details again).
I left them a one star review.
I got another email from this evening:

Thank you for your review!
It cannot be published to the website, but.. —


Our staff has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing, and we hope to publish next time!

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So on their site, you can apparently leave only good reviews.

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Worst customer service ever

"Decided to order for the first time and have had to call 5 times and one cancelled order because God forbid I have a different shipping and billing address. Still hasn't been resolved and have gotten the run around from every person I've talked to. Can promise I will never be ordering from them again. Apparently they've never had people buy gifts for other people who live in a different state before. Holy hell. "

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Horrible customer service

"I ordered a bunch of clothes on 6/25 with shipping to arrive by 7/6, after I placed the order there was never an email sent to me and the confirmation number wouldn’t work on their website. But they had no problem taking my money. When I called and talked to the lady on the phone she gave me a new arrival date for 7/9....the day I leave for my trip! I ordered and shipped to have them early and she had complete disregard of my situation or that I was upset. They might have cute clothes but their customer service is the worst!! I ordered online because the employees who work in their stores are rude so I thought this would be a better alternative but nope, it’s company wide. I’ll take my money to Maurice’s, they’ve got great customer service with cute clothes and good prices!"

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Im ****!

"I have an event Saturday!! It's Wednesday and I ordered a dress last Friday. My order was cancelled because the shipping and billing addresses are different! The customer service rep was like the color beige and didn't care to help me resolve my issue. I'm extremely disappointed about my dress and I will NEVER order from Torrid again. Thanks for nothing!"

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Best Company Hands Down!!

"I ordered several items online, basically my first big online purchase since I get anxiety about stuff not fitting and hassling with returning things, and I couldn’t be happier. I had one problem where the claps to connect the strap to the suit broke (my fault) and I called CS and explained what happened and she did an exchange for me, no questions asked. Shipping was fast! I have nothing bad to say. Will continue to buy online from Torrid!!"

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Torrid Obbsessed

"It makes me really sad to see all of the bad reviews that Torrid has, as I couldn't have had a better experience.
I ordered my swimsuit bottoms & top from them. It was priced great, but I was hesitant about receiving these items after finding bad reviews about their business.
Everything came within 2 weeks & was PERFECT. The top & bottom are great quality & very, very comfortable.
When I ordered the products, I made an error on my end. When I emailed the company to see if they could fix it (even though it was my fault), they responded withing 24 hours & went above and beyond to fix my mistake & then some.

I will shop here again and again. They have actual storefronts too in the US & Canada, so that makes them that much better! I love Torrid & have strongly recommended them to anyone who will listen.


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Worst customer service

"I placed my order online and after almost a week I never received shipping confirmation. I called to check on my order a week later and my order was cancelled?! No reason as to why!!!
After I placed my order AGAIN via phone which took over an hour, they wanted to charge me extra because some of my items were out of stock now and I couldn’t use my hautecash. They updated the billing and the order was placed or so I thought!
A week later I called to check on my order which was in processing status! No one could give me a reason as to why after waiting over the phone for an hour my order wasn’t processed! They blamed it on bank verification which is absurd because I verified and allowed the payment to be processed the second time I placed the order.
I finally asked them to cancel the order. The customer service was awful and the “supervisor” Douglass was as terrible at his job as Torrids customer service.
I will NEVER purchase from here again and will be sure to tell everyone about the awful experiences I’ve had.
AND, I have been a platinum reward member for a long time. NOT ONCE did I expect this from Torrid. Now I see what everyone’s talking about.

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"Up till recently I have never had an issue with torrid until today. However, I feel a bit skeptical of ordering from online now due to fact I ordered before using promo code to have a subtotal/ total of 289 then after promo code 382 to have a total of 230... I’m a tad confused on how that happens when 40% off code is added how come the subtotal jumped up 100$ @.@
When I contacted customer service about the isssue they said they could do the order. How? How are you able to do it right if we’re using the same site??? Then they tried to tell me I was stacking promos. I have screen shots of orders and one clearly hasn’t any codes where as the other had one single code.
289 subtotal without any added codes
382 subtotal after added code so please beware.
It’s as if they hiked price after coupon use to seem like your getting a good deal when in reality you’re only saving 40-50$


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"I ordered 2 pairs of shoes (bogo deal) online. 2 days after order was placed I got an email saying only part of my order had been shipped and that the other part would ship shortly. No big deal right? Ha, another 2 days go by and I get another email saying the shoes are no longer available. EVEN THOUGH they are still listed on the website on FIVE sizes including my size. So they apologize and ask me to pick a different shoe same price and they will ship it to me for free. Done. I get an email saying my order shipped... I look and it’s the completely wrong shoe!! So I email customer service AGAIN. More apologies and the correct shoe has been sent. Today I got the package finally.... was super excited open up the box and it’s the completely wrong size I wear and 8.5 and that’s what my order specified.... they sent me an 11!!! I’m so over this whole mess and can promos I will nevvvvver be doing business with them again!!! "

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Where's My Dress?

"I ordered several items that were to arrive in 3 different packages. The first arrived and it was suppose to be the most important item I purchased; a dress. When I opened my package, it was the receipt and purchase of a total stranger. The information in the package included name, address, phone number, account number, etc... of this stranger. Then it dawned on me, if I have this person's then someone else must have mine. I quickly contacted Torrid and they would do nothing to recover my dress. They no longer had it in stock. I told them they had to notify people of the information breach and asked them to elevate the issue. I have yet to hear anything from them. It seems if you want to purchase from them, the only way to go is to go to their store because they are too clueless to deal with real matters like compliance."

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Rip Off

"Iordered a swimsuit online and exchanged the top for a smaller size in the store. I ordered the smaller size and paid for it at the register. I recieved a email asking me to rate my online order experience. I mentioned how helpful the stores staff was and complained that I had not recieved my order in three weeks. I got a email stating they value my opinion; however refused to post my review. I stated in my review that I would appreciate some feedback. Editing or cherry picking reviews seems a luttle shady to begon with. They must know this is a problem. I called the store to see what was going on. The lady told me my exchange and order was processed and advised me to call customer service. I finally got through to somebody after being put on hold for a long time. I remained patient as the customer service rep explainded she couldnt pull my order number up on my account and asked if one was on my receipt. I explained there wasn't one showing that matched her description. The call reps are not able to view the same things as the store reps on the screen. That enables Torrids employees. She was trying to help me and her hands were tied. I went back to the store and spoke to the same lady who directed me to customer service. She also called to get some help. She explained there new system didn't process my order. I showed her were my bank account was drafted. She kept my receipt and said she would call me back to see if she could refund my account and reorder the item. I advised her and customer service that I had spent almost my entire day off to resolve this; and now I might not get my money back for a order I never received? UNBELIEVABLE! I have been a torrid insider customer for three years; and Torrid was about to lose me as a customer. Then she asked me if I wanted to run my card at her register to reorder; before getting my refund. I understand it was not her fault and she was trying to help. No way was I going to pay for another item and get nothing in return. They already kept mt receipt. I'm not getting ripped off twice. I spent my day off trying to fix a error that Torrid made on my account. My plans were to enjoy my day off at the beach in my new swim suit that I ordered and never revieved. This is not personel towards any of the Torrid staff. They all tried to help me; but a serious apology and a generous gift card along with reasurance that efforts will be taken will get me back as a customer. You know ehat yo do to if you care to keep me as a customer and maybe even get a good review Torrid. Your losing a goid cusyomet. Don't expect me to buy my clothed there or to buy my loved ones anything else from your store. I'll buy ugly granny clothes from Walmarts white stag brand or eat rabit food to lose wieght if thats what it takes to stay out of your store. You've lost my trust. I couldn't even give the correct invoice number because the store kept my receipt "

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Torrid is not the same

"Torrid used to be my favorite store, as a fuller shape girl I appreciated how beautiful those clothes made me look! They have changed something, either management or style. I cannot find anything anymore! Their clothes used to last year's and now the quality is horrible, I had to throw out two shirts because they frayed after first use!"

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**** service

"I ordered a swimsuit set and I ordered the wrong size bottoms. The site said call within 15 minutes if I needed to change something. I called and they said well it needs to go threw the system in an hour. Call back then and we can fix it. So I call back an hour later. They say well it already left the warehouse so we can’t do anything. Like wtf. Now I have to wait til it get here and return it. Also online it says they don’t have the size I need anymore I thinking of returning both items back and just not worry about swimming this year."

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