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    Return/Replacement policy: Rating 7.50/10 7.50/10
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Rating 10/10

Nice support and services

"DIgitalaka support is so nice thanks to digitalaka team to help me want new customer by Email marketing and smtp services."

Rating 8/10

Best service provider for mass mailing

"It is an emerging name in email hosting solutions in India. The company stands apart from others on account of its features like real time personalization and email list cleaner. Bulk email services are available at a cheap rate from Digital Aka."

Rating 2/10

"i bought Bulk email Plans and test this not delivered Hotmail and yahoo mail and gmail to spam folders"

Rating 4/10

"The electronics sold on this website are border line black market products. They are "asian" market items, that are not legal to be sold in the USA. You can get a really good deal on items from this store, but you void all manufacturers warranty. The warranty they sell you is crap. I was sold a legitimate working piece of equipment, but if you have any problems...You are stuck!"

Rating 2/10

"I purchased an HD video camera with accessories (case, extra battery, etc.). Top Choice Digital had the best price around, so I proceeded to order. After I had placed my order, there were many hidden fees that were applied after the fact (that did not show up on my web order), but still, the price was comperable, so I kept the order. I received MOST of my order very quickly. The extra upgraded battery I ordered was missing. After numerous phone calls and e-mails, I received the battery over a month later, except it was not my upgraded one, but a standard battery. Instead of calling, hoping they decide to be open that day, waiting on hold for 30 minutes and getting the typical run around, I decided to eat the loss and post a few reviews so others don't make the same mistake I did."

Rating 8/10

"I placed an order for a Sony Lens. I was a little anxious as I read the previous bad reviews on this company. The lens for about $200 less than on the other websites. On the follow-up confirmation hone call, the person tried to "up sell" the USA "better" version of the lens vs the "cheap" plastic one I ordered. I declined the offer (knowing that there is only one variation of this lens that is produces). Since I only ordered a lens, there was nothing else to "bundle" with. I got he lens about 10 days later. It was indeed the regular lens that other store sell for about $200 more. In my case it was a happy experience, but I would be very caution should I'd need to order an actual camera from them."

Rating 10/10

"I took a chance with these guys, and so far everything has worked out well. They have the Optoma HD65 projector at the cheapest price, and I got the refurbished one for $599.

I called in, and someone answered the phone right away. He said he could have it shipped by the end of next day. I asked about the warranty, and he was up front saying that they don't take it back (refurb). He offered a full warranty from Mack, which was expensive (over $200).

I told him that I'm scared of ordering from them because of the bad reviews I've read online. He played it off as "some good some bad". I thought for a moment to myself that if I have any problems I'll just cancel the order (or in the worst case call my credit card company and tell them to deal with the problem). So I placed the order. I told him that if they get it right I'll give them a good review :-)

The projector was shipped the same day, and I had it the next day (shipped from Brooklyn NY to Maryland)!

The projector works great and in brand new condition with all accessories. The only thing that caught my eye is the projector indicated 25 hours on the bulb, but refurbished units should have new bulbs, so I don't quite know what to make of this reading. In any case, I bought a 3 year warranty from Mack for $95. http://tapeworkstexas.com/mack_warranty_bulb_only.html
Make sure you buy it right away after purchasing the refurbished projector since that's a requirement for the warranty.

So, just like I promised, a good review!

Rating 2/10

"DO NOT make the same mistake I made! I was shopping for Garmin 400T GPS. Found it cheaper than anyone out there...by $200. SO.. I order it without doing my homework on "TOP CHOICE DIGITAL", a.k.a. BROADWAY PHOTO. Which I have done business with in the past and was not satisfied at ALL. If I had known I would not have shopped there. After I received a call from a sales rep to verify my order, and to tell me that this GPS needs "high tech" batteries because it WILL NOT work with ENERGIZER or DURACELL..which is such BS, that I needed to buy the batteries from them. HA! Then my final bill was $30 more than original price and was to have a $50 rebate, which they did not send rebate form ( I found it on the web ). and on top of all of this they stole my debit card # and charged 13 different charges from websites totaling about $100. Which my bank noticed right away and blocked my account. All of these fraudulent charges where made in a very short time frame (minutes apart) which sent up a red flag. MORAL- DO NOT SHOP HERE! And after seeing numerous reviews pertaining to about the same type of issues happening to other consumers, I am AMAZED that this company is in business at all....They are lucky I dont live closer to them. "

Rating 10/10

"Even though many have written horror stories about this company, my experience was just fine. They had the cheapest price on the Rebel XS body, so I thought I should try. I ordered over the phone, and dealt with the same yadda yadda everyone else did: "this comes with a 1 hour battery [since when is a CAMERA battery measured in hours??], you should get the extended warranty and our high speed memory card blah blah", I just said no a number of times and they took my order. Be aware they quickly will try to quote you a slightly different price total than their "Free shipping", because they supposedly add on insurance costs. I didn't argue because it was a small amount more and still cheaper than the next more expensive store, but I've read others say they have said "No" to that as well.

After a few days, I got my shipping tracking number email and it arrived quickly after that. The camera was in the original box (sans kit lens, of course) with all accessories and manuals. Basically if you can deal with saying "no" a number of times, you are probably fine with ordering from Top Choice Digital if you want the absolute lowest prices.

Rating 2/10

"Liars, Liars, Liars. Do not sell products for advertised price. If you don't buy accessories, the items is immediatley placed on a backorder. Avoid these Aholes at all costs."

Rating 2/10

"Do not buy from them!! They screwed with me twice! I bought a camera that they attempeted to sell me every BS item that I didn't want so when I refused it all then they told me it would be 5 to 6 weeks before shipping. About 3 months later I ordered two 40" LCD units (I forgot about the camera incident). They tried to sell me a wall mount, cables, surge suppressor, extended warranty and when I refused it all they said them needed an additional $139 for "handleing and insurance". This was in addition to the $198 shipping I had agreed to during the order process. Do not buy from these people and pay attention to the reviews. I know I will from now on. "

Rating 2/10

"I will make this short... ordered a Sigma lens, got the email to call so they could up-sale me, said no to everything and they told me it would be shipped that day and I would get a tracking number in email. Four days past, no email so I emailed them twice with no reply... I called (this was on a tuesday) and was told it was shipping Wednesday, called Wednesday was told it would ship Friday... called Friday, I was told they had to order it and it would be in on Monday... Called Monday told it would be in on Wednesday.. At this point i looked at the lens on their website to see if it showed in stock .. The price had gone up $40.. Guess what .. I called on Wednesday .. Friday!! Canceled!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Easily the worst online retailer I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Their site is filled with deceptive copy and misleading prices. As someone who runs an online retailer himself, I can vouch for the fact that Top Choice Digital employs an impressive set of horrible service practices.

They charged my credit card an additional $79.99 in handling fees -- on an item they prominently promoted as having "Free Shipping" -- without my consent although this amount was NOT reflected in my checkout total.

When I called to find out about the mystery charge, they had the audacity to put me on hold for 15 minutes only to hang up on me after a curt reply. This, incidentally, for an item with a nearly $1,500 price tag.

Understandably, I decided to take my business elsewhere. Getting them to cancel my order was like pulling teeth. After speaking briefly with a customer service rep at an outsourced call center, I was placed on hold while the call was transferred to their "cancellation department." Needless to say, after 15 minutes, no one had answered the phone.

But they now knew my account number, so when I called back, they immediately placed me on hold. I had to call back about six times, and the only way I avoided the immediate hold button was by pleading to not be placed on hold.

The rep who FINALLY refunded my order was downright hostile and insulting, and kept trying to change the subject away from the cancellation. When I explained that the company was infamous on the net for this sort of bait and switch, he claimed ignorance. Needless to say, my suggestion that he simply Google "Top Choice Digital" to see what I was talking about was not warmly received.

They also phoned both myself and my spouse at 8:00 am on the dot to try to upsell us on various accessories the day after our order placement. I had read about this practice of theirs prior to my purchase, but despite my protests that I did not need further accessories, the salesman brusquely continued offering item after unwanted item.

An awful experience from start to finish. I'll be surprised if they refund my order without my bank's intervention.

Don't make the same mistake I did--heed the overwhelming sentiment here and stay away from topchoicedigital.com. You're better off spending $50 more (although the price will be the same after they leverage their hidden fees) and buying goods from a reputable retailer who gives you bonafide manufacturer's warranties and cares about their customers.

It has also come to my attention (thanks to an investigation of the company's caller ID number), that this scam is perpetuated under a variety of names, including Wild Digital and Broadway Photo.

UPDATE: Another bad sign -- the only way to get them to talk to you is by posting an honest review here.
Today I received an email from a customer service rep stating "If you are willing to remove your negative complaint and instead post a positive one I am willing to ship the camera which you initially ordered at $1356.50 for a reduced cost price of $1275.00. That price would be final without any hidden charges."

Nice of them to acknowledge, in writing, their practice of including hidden charges, huh? And all I have to do is remove my review and replace it with a glowing one so that their next victim doesn't have the heads-up?

They can keep their special offer without "hidden charges," I'm taking my business elsewhere permanently. Now if they would like to stop harassing my wife and I with phone calls, I would take that as a peace offering.

"Broadway Photo" link: http://800notes.com/Phone.aspx/1-800-000-0005

"Wild Digital" link: http://www.epinions.com/pr-Online_Stores_Services-Wild_Digital

Rating 2/10

"My son bought a Garmin Edge 305 for me from these crooks. The usual email requiring a phonecall arrived and he didn't know any better. They told him that the battery life on the Edge was short with the heart rate monitor and cadence monitor going (complete rubbish) and sold him a long life battery kit. Firstly, the Edge DOES NOT EVEN HAVE A USER REPLACEABLE BATTERY, but what they actually sent was a simple AA battery charger and 4 batteries and charged my son about 3 times what it is worth. Avoid these guys like the plague. They also operate under Broadway Photo which was evident when they sent someone else's invoice with the Edge by mistake."

Rating 2/10

"Ordered a lens. Never got a confirmation email. Never got the lens yet my credit card was charged. I emailed Customer service but the email failed as an "unknown user". It's time to call the credit card company to dispute the charge. "

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