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I can't say anything bad

"I bought some clothes from them and it was a good experience"

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Jacket rips after 4 months... nothing they can do

"I bought a jacket from them in November for my birthday. This past month, I looked down and saw a fairly sized rip in the jacket that makes it unwearable. Because of the type of fabric of the jacket, I can’t sew it. Seeing as I barely got to wear the jacket that I spent over $100 on, I thought they would offer me something, anything. No. Because it was “wear and tear,” they can’t do anything. "

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Most rubbish customer service and delivery system i have ever seen.

"Ordered a lot of things online and won't come on time. When i ring them they say that they don't know where is the item and when it is going to arrive. disgusting black mailing "

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Worst customer service: "Final Sales" is a trap!

"It was the very first time I placed an order on Tommy.com with grand total of $184.8. To my surprise, it took such a long time for the package shown up. More than that, to my 2nd surprise, the color of the cloths looked much different from the online image. I called the customer service try to get return authorization. To my 3rd surprise that the items are non-returnable because I purchased them on "Final Sale". I explained to the customer service representative that I did not aware that "Final Sales" meant Non-return. I thought the "Final Sales" meant no further discount. However, the sales representative would not authorize the return, instead, I was offered a "30% discount towards next purchase". Is this a joke? Do I have to spent more money to purchase more poorly made merchandise in order to get compensated? This is a trap! Anyone, considering purchase online, please think again. You will be better off by shopping on http://www.ralphlauren.com/, MACYS.COM; Amazon.com. I'll never shop at Tommy.com again"

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shopping on tommy hilfiger is the worst experience ever

"i placed an order on 11/25/2016 for three items, but after a long waiting, when i finally received the order today,i only have one scarf left in the package, and also, on the price tag of the scarf, it is been marked down to 39.99 instead of the 55 that i've been paid for. Then i contacted their customer service number, the representative is Ashley, which is absolutely zero help at all, i asked if she can reactivate my order, she said no, i asked if i can get refund for the price difference, she said no. I honestly don't understand what's the point of the customer service then. I then asked if the item will restock and she checked, tell me it's in stock now. I was like what? and you can not just help me redo the order? and since I bought the item with the promo code, which means if i purchase the same thing, it would be much higher price and with $8 shipping cost. i wasted my time and energy to purchase on their website and then received only one thing and it was a wrong price. And cannot get any help from their customer service. Thank you Tommy, that's enough. I will never buy from the website again and warn all other customers about it!"

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Never Order Online on Tommy.com

"I am a tourist here in US for 2 weeks and on last Friday I placed an online order on Tommy.com and opt for ground shipping by paying additional $8 for shipping. During my order placement I have not bothered by Tommy.com to well inform me that Ground Shipping takes 10 WORKING DAYS and that Tommy doesn't handle online commerce during Friady till Monday morning.

After reading order confirmation email that my order may deliver after my departure from US, I write an email to tommy.com to change my shipping option to next day delivery and i'll pay the difference amount. But they refused to modify my order and said they are sorry because there is nothing much they can do once they receive an order online.

So, Tommy Hilfiger has no order cancellation policy neither have rights to command their very own ecommerce cart with in 60 minutes of order to change my shipping details. I've never experience such a bad customer service excuses from any reputed international brands like Tommy. Local brand sites in UAE has more professional attitude and problem solving mindset rather just pushing their rightful clients away.

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"As an old customer I haven't been shopping at Tommy Hilfiger for over half an year. when received a coupon from tommy so I want to buy some Tshirt for my family and friends. But, Today 2016/5/27 (18:30-19:30) there were something happen in which let me never want to buy anything in this store. (Tommy Hilfiger at Great mall Milpitas, CA).
In store, I spend a lot of times help my family and friends choose clothing. When I pick out 12 T-shirts and want to check out, some horrible things happened:
At first, One cashier told me that I only can buy 5 polo T-****. But she can help my keep another 7 pieces until I can find other person help me to buy it.
Second, When I find one friend help me to buy it. But another cashier say: "no, you friends can't help you to buy it." Ok, one told me I can but the other told me that I can't after I spend so many time. WHAT SHOULD I DO! The most ridiculous thing is that she said it is Tommy's company policy, so my friends can't help me to buy another T-shirt. What kind of policy doesn't allow friend's help to buy staff? !
Third, Something more ridiculous happened. I wanted to take some picture so that I can easy to remember what color and size I need to buy tomorrow and needn't ask my family and friends again. BUT, it's reasonable request was refused. POLIY! They told me the company policy don't allow me to touch that clothes again. What the hell policy! I think that not the policy totally is BAD SERVICE ATTITUDE! !
Finally, the security came because of the argument. When I talked to them my story in this story, they understand and also think I did not do anything wrong. They helped me to talk with the cashier and didn't get a satisfactory reply. Final, finally! The security told me I can complaint to the Great mall customers center and Tommy Hilfiger company.
This store at Great mall, Milpitas, CA. this store service attitude was so rude and let me never want to go!
And today, My friend bought 7 T-shirts in this store. No anybody say policy to her about only can buy FIVE clothes. Is true she buy SEVEN T-shirts by one person.
Ok, now I really think I'm not get a right and fair service in this store!!

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Unproffesional and very dissapionting experience with ordering online

"What happend to me was highly unproffesional and outrageous!

I placed my online order (wich included 3 items on 50% sale) on 01/23/2016. After 5 business days there was still no sign of any confirmation of the shipment, so I sent email to customer service to check the status of my order. The explanation I recived was that my order is confirmed and "currently processed for shipment" and that once my items ship, I will receive a shipment confirmation via email.

After waiting for 3 more business days and not reciving any new info, I sent new email to customer service only to find out they don't know what is going on with my order, and they asked me to allow 2 more business days to resolve the problem.

Finally on 02/10/2016 (13 business days later) i recieved an email notifying me that my order is cancelled, with no explanation whatsoever.

After I called the customer service requesting explanation, they told me that my order was not processed due to their failure in ordering system. As a solution they offered me to place my order for me again (wich would take additional 10 to 14 business days for shipment-time that I don't have because I'm moving to Europe) in order to keep the original 50% off price. However, that could be possible only with 2 items as the 3rd item I originaly ordered was no more available!

So to conclude, I was left without my order and any kind of conpensation! Very shamefull for Tommy Hilfiger corporation. I can not say enough how dissapionted I am, and surely will do everything to inform other potential customers of risk when ordering from Tommy Hilfiger.

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"The customer service is a nightmare. I recently purchased a suit jacket from tommy.com. There was a 50% discount coupon which made it a good deal. But the jacket turned out not to be what I was looking for. When I called to set up a return, they said that it was a final sale item. Even though I did not see it on the web page and it does not say it on the invoice. I then emailed customer service and received this response:

"We appreciate your recent inquiry regarding order 26932893 and apologize for any inconveniences encountered. Unfortunately, items ending in $0.97, Items with FINAL SALE in the item name, or items with a promotion of 50% or more are considered final sale and are not eligible for a return or refund. Items will not specifically state "Final sale on the website." You would need to follow the guidelines above when determining if a specific item is Final Sale."

What amazes me is the line ' Items will not specifically state "Final sale on the website." '. Is a customer supposed to know by osmosis? What a sneaky company with a complete disregard for the customer. Stay away.

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"Horrible customer service! Eight hundred dollars spent tried to exchange "1" single item because it was stained. Was told it would take 4-5 days to receive a pre-paid postage via email(really?) And once they receive package it would take 14 days to process(really??) Well, never received pre-paid postage!! Btw never received the 20% off for signing up for newsletter nearly two months ago. "

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"Worst online shopping experience in my life!

I placed two orders and both got cancelled. Reasons: None available. The first time I tried to pay with Google Wallet. Cancelled. The second time with my VISA. Cancelled.

The costumer service had no idea why (especially the second order) they were cancelled: The credit card information was correct (withdrawn from my account), shipping was inside the US and maximum number of items (seriously?) was OK.

My guess (also summarizing the other reviews): My order was about 400$, with an extra 50% off, making it 200$. Since they could not reasonably explain the cancellation, I assume that they don't want their costumers to save too much.

Tommy.com, never again!

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"I purchased two shirts from the website and during checkout I was given an exorbitant shipping fee (which I paid), as well as tax. I ship items regularly on eBay and I know that they charged me twice what it cost to actually ship the item. Anyway, during checkout I'm given my total with shipping and taxes and I paid with my CC. Afterwards I'm sent an email receipt with the same charges shown on the checkout page when I made payment. AFTER the order was shipped they added an additional shipping charge to my credit card and changed the total on the new email with the tracking number and the shipping price was higher. This is illegal and I'm debating filing a report with the BBB. To make matters worse the quality of the shirts is not worth anywhere near what I paid for them. I can only hope that I prevent others from making the mistake of ordering on the website."

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"Terrible shopping experience! After spending three hours browsing products to buy I placed an order for about 400 $. Exactly two days later I got an automated mail saying that my order was cancelled due to some vague possible reasons (using a PO Box or a warehouse address, number of items, credit card) and that they reserve the right to cancel any order. My Credit Card was accepted when I placed the order and the physical address given was a residential one. I contacted customer service and "Maria" replied asking me to place the order again, and that of course they reserve the right to cancel orders. I wrote to customer service again (tommyhelp@filltek.com) because I did not want to place a new order from scratch just to be cancelled two days later again and my mail was completely ignored. At the BBB site "Tommy Hilfiger U.S.A., Inc." has an F so I guess they really don't give a thing about customers!"

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"Nightmare, the worst experience ever!!!
I placed an order of hundred something dollars on this website,
Shipping address is shipping them to my office (which is not a ware house and it is located in NY, USA), have my credit card info correct, and everything correct.
And I end up after a few days notice my order got cancelled. (well maybe it's my fault not checking email for a few days, they did canceled it on the next day), so I call to their customer service and ask, they said they don't even know what's going on (I told them everything and they said everything is alright) beside I had something that was 50% off, and I used my 20% off for my overall cart, they "assume" that is the reason why, and they said they reserved the right to cancel and tell me to order again.
I was like, can you guys help me to replace the order, and I will pay by my credit card again, and they said I had to do it myself, they can't help. I was like, if you are not allow us to use that extra 20% off, you should put it on the website, not cancelling my order right afterward.

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