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Rating 2/10

"If I could give a less than poor rating I would! I originally ordered a ring from TE 7 years ago and had no problems. My husband lost his wedding band and wanted to replace it with the same company we originally purchased from. I placed my order on 9/3...there was nothing custom about this ring. I have made numerous phone calls and have been made multiple promises that my ring has shipped and it still has not! This man is a LIAR! He's promised on 3 separate occasions to ship and gave me a sob story about how it's going to cost him an additional $40.00 to ship it to me...not my problem! A man is only as good as his word, and this man's word is worthless! He has my money and I still have NOTHING! Buyer Beware!!!! Do not purchase from this company! You will not get what you paid for!!!!!"

Rating 2/10

"Titanium Era’s customer service is non-existent.

We ordered two titanium bands for our wedding, around a month and a half in advance, and included the “HOLD ORDER” comment offered by their checkout system so we could double-check our sizes. We updated them by email within two days (as requested, and well within their seven day limit) and waited. We heard nothing. Every attempt to then get in touch and confirm the change had been received was met with silence. Their (only) customer service number always puts you through to a short voicemail message unidentifiable as theirs, mainly because it’s entirely in French.

After repeatedly emailing them, mentioning these were for our impending wedding, we finally were told the rings would ship express about two weeks before the ceremony, and that we’d be emailed a tracking number when it shipped. We received them ONE week before our wedding (no tracking number), having been shipped two days prior...and they were the wrong sizes. Neither ring had been adjusted as the “Hold Order” option had offered. Miraculously, when we emailed to say they hadn’t made the rings correctly, we actually got a response! We were told new rings would be made and, again, shipped express the next week.

The day they quoted was two weeks ago, with no rings and no further word. We’ve contacted them to tell them we’d like a refund and that our credit card company has been asked for the same. Predictably, they haven't responded.

Don’t buy from these incompetent scammers.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered a ring from Titanium Era, they sent it USPS and it never got to me. I tried calling repeatedly and they said they were investigating with USPS, however I never heard back. I tried again, and again. I tried with USPS as well. End result: They will not remake/send a ring because they have no evidence that I didn't get it! Are you serious? They were even given the chance to keep the money paid and remake it and still did not. Their level of un-cooperation and inability to resolve customer issues is distasteful. I will never place an order through them again. "

Rating 2/10

"I originally purchased a ring for my fiance (at the time) in 2002 and when our 10 year anniversary came along, 2012, he decided to get me the counterpart to his, only adding stones and I was thrilled when my ring came in the mail, I ordered a size 7 because my current band was a 7.25 and I had recently lost 60# in addition to the .25 ring size. I put the ring on immediately and within an hour or so I noticed itching under the ring. By the end of the day I was red, inflamed and my skin was pealing of my finger where the ring touched me. So, I emailed and was told the ring is too tight and that I should send the ring back to be sized up .25 of a ring size. I did as they asked and got my 'fixed' ring within 2 weeks from my shipping it back. I put the ring on again, it felt a bit looser so I was satisfied until the same thing happened again only this time within an hour I was red & peeling. So my husband pulled some tool (calipers maybe) out and measured the inside of my ring... just a hair over US size 6!!! No wonder my the ring is too tight! *SMH*

SO, yet again, I email...only this time there was not a nice person willing to help. I was told I ordered the wrong size and thus I could send it back to be sized (again?) even though the website clearly states that a titanium ring may only be sized once .25 of a ring size. So, I tried again to no avail. No returned emails or phone calls and it's been months since this started.

Hey Titanium Era, I have P.O.S. ring that cost nearly a grand ($1000) and it's not even good for a paper weight, you can have it back for all I care!

I will NEVER EVER purchase from them again.

Rating 2/10

"I purchased a tungsten ring from Titanium Era about 6 years ago for $450. They sent the ring along with a certificate of authenticity showing the metallurgy. It shows tungsten, nickel, etc. However, after a year of wearing the ring the inscription was no longer visible as the metal was corroding. Now the ring is dull and pitted all over, and has actually thinned as the “tungsten” has pitted and oxidized. The metal has the texture of about 220 grit sand paper. I called Titanium Era and they acknowledged the problem and said they had a new supplier and would replace the ring. Later my wife called for an RA#, which they said was not needed. She sent the ring via Fedex. After about 3 weeks, the ring was returned unopened! Since then, Titanium Era will not answer phone calls, won’t return messages, and will not respond to emails.

Now I’ll be replacing this ring out of pocket, which is irritating. The most upsetting factor is that I intended to have a ring for life, the ring I walked down the aisle with. If you want to do business with such a company good luck! I’ve bought thousands of dollars in jewelry online, and there are good companies out there (I trust explicitly Adiamore (sp?) and have had good luck with Pompeii).

Rating 2/10

"If I could give these people less than 1 star I would. I ordered two bands from them with a six day shipping turnaround. These were simple bands with no customization other than engraving. I paid by credit card at the time of order.

A week later the bands are still not shipped. I tried for two days to get someone to return a phone call - to no avail. I left two phone messages with a contact number. No one ever returned a phone call.

Yesterday I finally got ahold of a human. The young lady, rather argumentative, told me that there was a delay in shipping and that my tracking number would definitely work today as they were going out last night. Well, today the tracking number doesn't work and we are playing phone tag again.

This company is the worst. If they would spend half as much on customer service as they do on web ads, they might be better. Stay away. Do NOT shop here.

Rating 2/10

"My husband bought me a 7" bracelet for Valentine's Day and when it arrived, it turned out to be a 10" bracelet which was rather odd because the size choices were 7" or 8". He sent it back for a resize and they promised to refund our shipping charges. They sent back an 8" bracelet and no shipping charges were refunded. It is way too big and slides off my wrist. Apparently no one knows how to use a ruler there. We're not going to bother asking for another resize because they're obviously too incompetent to measure things. Who knows what I would get. I'm never ordering from them again."

Rating 10/10

"I had been looking for a wedding band for my fiance for our upcoming wedding. My brother-in-law ordered his ring off Titanium Era in 2006. To this day his ring still looks great so I decided to try out this website. I ordered my ring on February 9th, 2012 and I received it today (the exact number of shipping days that the website said it would take). I also had e-mailed earlier this week to make sure my ring had shipped (I didn't receive a shipment e-mail which sort of annoyed me becuase I hate when I can't track something online), however, I received an e-mail the next day telling me my ring had shipped on February 10th, 2012 and that I would be receiving it today. For the price, I am happy with the ring. It seems a little thin, but, it was only $50.00."

Rating 8/10

"I have purchased my engagement and wedding band from Titanium Era's online store (I live in Australia), and both came within 2 - 4 weeks. My wedding band is fine, but my engagement ring was the Aurora model and it had uneven grooves either side of the diamond. Now other people said they just would have put up with it, but I am particularly picky, so I emailed them to get it fixed. I did not know that I had to pay return shipping and shipping there, of which I had to currency convert 30AUS into 30Us which cost me 60AUS. The postage there was about 90Aus, registered and with insurance, and when I got it back from them the problem was altered slightly but not fixed. I then contacted them again, demanding they pay at least return shipping and upgrade my ring to the Eva design, so I wouldn't have to pay so much and I wouldn't have the grooves in my ring to worry about. I also added the threat that I knew several people who were getting married and they wouldn't consider buying from them any longer if this issue wasn't resolved. This seemed to do the trick as they obliged (which was considerate of them), so I paid the 90AUS to post it there and I am yet to get it back after 4 weeks, but I do have a tracking number that isn't working yet (24 -48hr delay for some reason?).
So overall I was upset they didn't have the quality in my first ring, but when I asked them to upgrade to a more expensive design and pay for postage back, they satisfied me as a customer.
I would also recommend contacting them through email only.

Rating 10/10

"I got my ring under a week?
It was the same as the picture on the order form?
I made a mistake and ordered a ring a bit too small, they changed it right away for free?

I see a lot of reviews that state they were late or did not have a good service. They say it is one of the competitor doing false reviews!?

I do believe it.
Anyways, I had a great time buying and getting my wedding band!

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Rating 10/10

"Order my rings on May 4 and got our wedding rings today May 10.appreciate your professional,never in a million years would've thought I would have gotten it so quick,also the great communication. Very high quality and very beautiful. Fit perfectly. I would recomend titanium era to anyone looking for titanium jewelry."

Rating 2/10

"We sent a diamond we purchased locally from a very reputable seller to Titanium Era to have it set in a tension setting. Mysteriously a CUBIC ZIRCONIA was placed in my ring unbeknownst to me (until it quite literally fell apart). We tried to give them a chance to fess up, but they said we could not prove their negligence. They swear by their security policies, however, they were the only jeweler to work on my ring (very few people are willing to work with titanium). When I discovered that they stole my diamond, I was in tears. We aren't talking about the Hope diamond, but it was my diamond that I was under the impression that I got on my wedding day TEN years ago, and now it is gone.

Please do not repeat my mistake and have your diamond tested IMMEDIATELY upon receipt of you your ring. Unfortunately we trusted Titanium Era, I did not have my ring tested because I trusted them, and unfortunately I lost my diamond. Please read all of the negative reviews out there and make your best judgement.

I guess I got an 'upgrade' that I never really wanted in the first place, ultimately I wish I had my original diamond that we picked out 10 years ago. I guess I learned not to get attached to diamonds.

Trust No One.

Rating 4/10

"After looking at several titanium sellers online, the designs we liked best were at Titanium Era. My husband really liked the look of yellow gold against the titanium and got an inlay. I chose one of the carved designs.

Our rings arrived; we had no trouble on the business end of things and the engravings were exactly as requested. The box was nothing to write home about, but these rings live on our fingers.

The sadness began about an hour after the wedding, when we noticed the 'gold' discoloring. It has not lasted more than a day past cleaning or polishing since then. I know 18kt gold would not tarnish like this. It makes us wonder if the other metal is titanium - how would we know?

Particularly frustrating, we paid for gold because we wanted that contrast of yellow. Now it's brown most of the time. It's bad enough to be cheated, but it doesn't even look good.

If you choose this company, I'd recommend skipping any gold inlays, as I think this is where they pocket some extra. My ring, on the other hand, is beautiful; I hope it's titanium. I agree with the reviewer who called this a bit of a dice roll - good luck.

Rating 10/10

"We ordered my engagement ring and our wedding rings from titanium era. We were worried about ordering them after reading reviews on this site, but they were the only store that had the type of rings we were after, particularly my engagement ring.
We received an email confirming our order the day after, and we received the rings much quicker than expected, we received them about a week or so after ordering, considering we're in Australia that's pretty impressive. The rings arre great, we're very happy with them.


"All went ok. I ordered the ring online. A few days later I did receive an email (in very poor english) stating that there was a problem with the order. (it gave a different phone number than the one shown online) To sidestep any possible phishing, I called the number on the website. After stating that I had a question about my purchase and giving the woman my order number, she imidiately went on a rant about how my ring would be there by such and such a date. (my guess is they get many complaints about that and she simply assumed that was my complaint too). I told her that at this point I didn't care about that. I was calling about this email that I received. She said she was sorry, that she had sent me the wrong email, and that everything went through fine. She then immidiately sent a confirmation email. I received my ring 11 days after purchase. Ring looks great. Despite a little 'paperwork mixup', I'm satisfied."

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