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Rating 2/10


"OMG I can't believe these pinheads are still operating in Canada. All of their contact info is fake. All of the phone numbers, addresses, locations, NOTHING exists. The customer service is NON-EXISTENT and absolutely DEPLORABLE. I made an order for a 1TB hard drive and all I got was an empty box in the mail!!! UNBELIEVABLE NON-SENSE IN THE CURRENT YEAR. The worst part is, it took 7 weeks for it to show up!!! I sent off about 25 e-mails and all they said was (on 1 e-mail out of 25) was "Hi sir, thank you for contacting. All sales are final, we only ship out what we advertise, if you revived the box, that is what was in stock. Thanks for your understanding sir" LIKE WHAT LOOOOOOOOL how can they get away with this??? UN-BELIEVABLE GARBAGE.

THANKFULLY I USED PAYPAL and went to them IMMEDIATELY and got a chargeback to my credit card for such a horrendous unacceptable pile of garbage experience. This company has a good reputation in United States.. but in Canada stay FAR FAR away, I think you'd stand a better chance at getting a pizza in the mail then you would a laptop from these clowns!! All this shop is, is a guy sitting in his basement collecting money from WHO KNOWS WHERE?? NO ONE KNOWS. STAY AWAY IS ALL I CAN SAY!!!!!!!!!!

Rating 2/10

Total pile of burning GARBAGE

"THIS SITE IS A SCAM. Make an order? HAHAHA you MIGHT get it in 6 months!! LOL. This site is a total joke I have no IDEA how it's still up and running. No customer support, no head office, just some person sitting in a basement somewhere collecting money in a PayPal account laughing it up all the way to the BANK.


Rating 2/10


"They are absolute garbage.
After you order they immediately call you to authorise the credit card payment. They then say they cant authenticate your address and to "protect you the customer" you have to send in proof of residency in the mail delaying your order, although the credit card company authenticates your address already, since no one wants to wait an additional 1-2 weeks for them to receive and process your "proof of residency", they say just send a unprotected wire transfer...W..T..F... "protect the customer"?!?!? with an unprotected wire transfer?!?!?!"

They are scammers! run far far away

Rating 2/10

worst company online

"i made an order on friday 3 days later monday i was told i needed to send a document to verify my address so i did, then all of sudden they needed me to send a photo of a government id? are you kidding? who the F do these people think they are im not applying for a loan here. after wasting my whole day this incompetent women on the phone finally agreed to refund my money, so thanks for wasting my time and holding my money for 3 days. never will deal with this company again "

Rating 2/10

The worst customer support

"Order 3 pcs of memory from tigerdirect.ca. I received the package from 2 days. I opened the package in front of the UPS, and found only 2 pcs. I refused to accept the package and returned to tigerdirect.ca.
I called them for the refund and they said they would get back to me.
No answer, no call back, no email for a week , I checked my credit card statement and found they just refunded 1 pc of memory only without letting me know.
What a sale/Customer service ?????
I finally have to file a dispute through the credit card company.

Rating 6/10

I think they're getting back on track

"I didn't read about any of these reviews prior, I just went to TigerDirect (Canada) because of my past experience being excellent. I placed an order on March 20th and I received everything I ordered by April 1st. I'm guessing the company acquisition stuff etc. may finally be starting to get ironed out. The website says on each item "usually ships in 24 hrs" and since I'm in Ontario, their delivery map says I should get my items within 3 days. Unfortunately it took about a full 2 weeks (including 1 holiday day) to get my order so I can't give 4 or 5 stars. My order came in about 6 or 7 separate deliveries via UPS (I ordered a computer all separate parts) and Purolator which was also a slight nuissance. So all in all, I have everything, and I'm happy, I just didn't like how long it took and the fact that it came in so many small deliveries over the course of a couple weeks. At times I was worried just because of the negative reviews mostly, but I did receive everything so i'm happy.

Hope you guys get everything back together soon enough. I must say their customer service was top notch. I never waited more than a couple minutes on the phone, e-mails were replied to personally by employees. They seem to be missing a connection somewhere with their warehouse/suppliers and not getting the most accurate information from their suppliers which makes it frustrating for the customer when information about shipping is being relayed. Their website could use an update as well as not all tracking numbers were showing on the website and the correct ones sometimes didn't show as well. This lead me to contact customer service more often because I wasn't getting accurate information and customer service could basically only say whatever their warehouse tells them.

Anyway, all in all 3/5 seems appropriate at this time. A little more transparency for the customer regarding shipping/wait times/tracking #'s etc. and not claiming 'usually ships within 24hrs' and Ontario standard delivery time '3 days' and I probably would have given a 4/5. If the items actually did ship within 24hrs and I actually did receive everything within 3 days well then I would've given 5/5.

Rating 2/10

Tiger Direct Canada is a Fraudulent Company - Do not get Scammed

"Long, long story short. Purchased a refurbished Dell from Tiger Direct.ca . It arrived after the holidays and when we opened it the unit was DOA. Our tech spent an 90 minutes trying to boot this unit up to no avail. Wanted to get a replacement shipped out but by the time we finally got through TD informed us that return period had expired. Through multiple phones calls while spending average of one hour on hold without yet talking to a supervisor just some scripted agent without any authority. Worst customer service on record. Not only that but shipping out defect goods is paramount to fraud. They will not refund our money so i am disputing it with Visa and will be sending off an official complaint to Consumer and Corporate Affairs that these guys should lose their license according to the amount of similar complaints online."

Rating 2/10

"if i could give negative stars i would.. or no stars. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY WITH TIGER DIRECT. THEY HAVE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND SCAM YOU WITH THEIR ADS, THEY AREN'T GIVING YOU THE INFORMATION YOU NEED... ON PURPOSE. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU NEED HELP. IF YOU MAKE ANY SORT OF MISTAKE AT ALL THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU. THEY WILL ONLY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND WILL NOT HELP YOU ANY OTHER WAYS...EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS EVERYWHERE TO TALK TO THE EXPERTS AND HOW GREAT THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AND HOW TO RETURN OR EXCHANGE AN ITEM. ITS ALL A SHAM, ITS ALL FALSE...ITS FAKE! THEY ARE SCOUNDRELS AND SCAMMERS. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM EVER! I purchased the wrong kind of ram BY MISTAKE (are we all supposed to be computer professionals?) and on the site it said NOTHING about all sales are final and no exchanges or returns, it didn't say that anywhere.. in fact it said something about making a return or exchange...at no time was i informed about that all sales were final and i wouldn't be able to make an exchange or return.. THIS INFORMATION WAS WITHHELD FROM ME OR STRATEGICALLY HIDDEN SO I WOULDN'T SEE IT. I even looked again and it still has no information about that ANYWHERE. So when i called and asked about this.. all the lady kept saying to me is 'All sales are final'. She was a robot and wouldn't say anything else to me.. i asked "is there any help you can provide me" she said "No". She didnt apologize, she didn't help, she didn't give me any options, she did nothing except say 'all sales are final' and 'no'. DO NOT DEAL WITH TIGER DIRECT Canda. I even paid extra for express shipping and didn't get my item until 3 days after the guaranteed delivery date. THEY ARE CON ARTISTS!"

Rating 2/10

"I had a horrible experience with Tigerdirect.ca. I am writing regarding an order placed on 11/29 during the Black Friday Specials. It hasn't shipped yet. I'm aware that is a Third Party/Drop Shipped item and that it will not be billed until the order ships. But more than 3 weeks!? This has made me miss out so many opportunities to buy that same item from many other retailers at tremendously reduced "Black Friday" special prices!!! Now I've lost all those deals! I contacted tigerdirect.ca customer service twice. This is what I got as a "resolution"(!): the item is no longer in stock, so cancel the order and order another item!!! I am sorry? The item WAS in stock at the time of the order AND even a few days later when I checked back. It's easy to say for them but they refused to honor the same price for a comparable item. I think this order has been very poorly mishandled. Moreover, it is unprofessional and unfair to "lock in" a customer on an item and prevent them from buying at other competitors. As a customer, you will agree that I can not order 2-3 of the same items from different retailers just in case on decides that it can not fill it!! I'm convinced that what they did to me was "below the belt" and unprofessional to other competitors."

Rating 2/10

"Im hear to write this our of pure disbelief that a company so large and that has been in business for as long as they have, can mess up a simple order so horrible wrong. My first complaint and where my nightmare all started was over what could have been a very simple fix. A small problem with the websites coding caused t a product to change and go up in value once you hit the checkout button. I brought this to the attention of customer service in hopes to still be able to purchase the product but the company told me i was just doing something wrong. How do you click on the checkout button wrong? a few days go by so i check again just for fun. Guess what, the product remains at its original price now! I decided against my better judgement, made a purchase wanted for my product. The estimated shipment arrival date came and went with no email or notification from the company so i sent en email myself trying to track down the product. After 7 emails back and forth with the customer service people, it was finally made known to me that the product i ordered was in fact back ordered, and probably would never be made for sale again! It should be mentioned that at the time i placed my order the website said ''IN STOCK'' as well as '' will ship within 2-3 days''. It should also be mentioned that every email i received from the customer service was from a different person. How would any issue get resolved when it is a new problem with a new person? Why would you not have any follow up on a problem? I am not currently trying to get my money returned which seems to be the largest nightmare so far. I urge everybody to stay away from this company."

Rating 2/10

"I was browsing Tiger direct and found a great deal on a 500 GB Samsung SSD. Price was CAD 51.99. (The normal price is in the 500 dollar range) I ordered two of them, I got an order confirmation in email. It never shipped, I finally called and was told by that there was something wrong with my credit card so the order had been cancelled. I protested and said my credit card had been accepted at the time of check out so that could not be the case and I did get an email confirmation. I demanded to talk to a supervisor and had to wait a long time, and was then told by (Marlin) that the order had been cancelled because the price was wrong and they they had a a disclaimer at the bottom of the page for cases like this: "TigerDirect.ca is not responsible for typographical errors or omissions. This email was sent to myemailaddress@xxx.com in response to Request # D1942836." (D1942836 was the actual order number). I protested and said that they should honor the price quoted and he ( politely) refused. I informed him I intend to make a formal complaint to tigerdirect.

I don't recommend Tigerdirect to anyone, as a matter go fact I warn against them they do not stand behind their pricing and give shady reasons to why they don't.

Rating 2/10

"I ordered two Cisco switches from them. I got one single email order confirmation when I placed the order online. Nearly a week later, the order was still showing "not yet shipped" in my account. I called them to ask why it hadn't shipped yet and they told me the order was cancelled. When I asked why, they told me I hadn't confirmed the order. I said I didn't know I was supposed to. Nobody told me. They tried to blame me saying the phone number I gave them was wrong (which I confirmed it was not) and that I also hadn't read their policies on their website. Give me a break! If you want my money, that's your problem. Why hassle me about it? I've ordered tons of high-priced items from NewEgg, CDW, Amazon, and BestBuy without this bureaucratic nonsense. No wonder they get so many crap reviews everywhere."

Rating 10/10

"I contacted the customer service department by email. They had an error in the price of an item on their website. I had initially called and did not have the issue resolved over the phone. I sent them an email though and seemingly dealt with a different department who took my complaint very seriously. They were very attentive and seemed determined to have it resolved for me. It was excellent customer service. Probably the best customer service I've ever come across with an online retailer.
The reviews here are largely negative and I do wonder if they are starting to listen to this because my experience went above and beyond what I would have expected.

Rating 2/10

"Dealing with the online version of this company is impossible. Overseas operators are totally incompetent. I was on the phone for almost an hour and got absolutely no where. I just wanted to change a small part of my order.
Do not deal with this company!!!!

Rating 2/10

"Very bad experience. First time I doubt doing business online now. I will think twice now I will stay on real shopping. NO phone answers, no mails answers, took the money , didn't delivered the product. "

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