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Horrible Employees

"I went to the Things Remembered in Mid Rivers Mall in Missouri and had a horrible experience. The workers made fun of the scripture I had engraved on a cup then messed up the spelling and blamed the mistake on me. I am appalled at the rudeness the employees displayed and how obnoxious they were to me. "

Helpful Cool


Two bad experiences with the same order

"I ordered a personalized baby's first Christmas frame for my friend's baby. To personalize it with his name only was an extra $13 which I thought was ridiculous. When the frame finally arrived at my friend's house, it had the wrong name on it. I called customer service and the rep confirmed that they made a mistake and put the wrong name. She said they would send a new frame with expedited shipping and my friend would receive the new frame within 1-2 days. Fast forward ONE WEEK and I get an email from Things remembered saying that the frame is now discontinued so they could not send a new frame. Why did it take so long for them to let me know? They offered me 50% off a different item but at that point, I just wanted a full refund. So unprofessional."

Helpful Cool


Bait and Switch

"Purchased toasting glasses for a wedding from the store at Countryside Mall in Clearwater, Fl. Was told by the salesperson that by spending $10.00 to join the loyalty club, I would be mailed a $40.00 rebate check within a couple of weeks. Since that would make the cost less than buying directly from Waterford, I agreed. Silly me. After a couple of follow-up calls, during which other employees told me the same thing, and three months had passed, I went to the website and found that the "check" was an instore credit, which had to be downloaded from the site for $30.00 and that it was about to expire. They got me for $10.00, but that's the last penny I'll ever spend there. Caveat emptor, wedding shoppers. "

Helpful Cool


"In December, I ordered an engraved necklace for my mother's 70th birthday. It was to be shipped for delivery by 12/28. On 12/21 I received a call that the order was cancelled. I immediately called customer service and was told the order was still in process and that the call to me was made in error. This is the same message I saw on the web site when checking my order status. When I didn't receive the item on the 28th, I called again and was again told that the order was with the vendor and give it another week. Another week and no necklace. This time when I called I was rudely told that I was notified on 12/21 that the order had been cancelled. I went through the entire story again with a supervisor to no avail. The entire time this is happening, the item is still showing as "In Stock" online. When I brought this to the supervisor's attention, she stated that the website just needed to be updated. If you want a special gift for a special someone do NOT order from thingsremembered.com!!"

Helpful Cool


"I have ordered with Things Remembered twice now. First time was IN STORE and I had no problems so I figured I could shop online, and have the same positive interaction. How wrong I was...
I ordered a birthstone necklace from the online store three days before Christmas. Payment taken out THAT SAME DAY, and I thought all was well. I went to pay some bills today, and my card was declining. Login to my mobile banking to find not only the full payment, taken out a second time, but an extra $30 fee for what I did not know. The first rep I spoke with was not at all customer friendly. I told her i had two separate withdraws from my account the 30th and would like to know what the second one was. She insisted over and over that there was only one charge. After only 5 minutes of this I had had enough. Told her to have a great day and made my second call. I dialed again and got the second rep, who was much more helpful, at least in knowing what the charge was. I was told it was a holiday hold and everything would get put back into my account but there were no managers to talk to today. She also said I would get certificates, which, I appreciated but I am pretty positive I have no wishes to shop through them again and I would not be happy with that option.

I do not plan on coming back to this store for any business i have. Like I said before I didn't have any problems IN STORE, but online is just a cluster. I do not recommend them.

Helpful Cool


"I went to the store at mall of america and I was asking the woman that she was working some questions because it was my first time to shop in that store she was really mean and having an addutied .
You have to hear people who smile and welcome people not who give them hard time anyway I like the things at the store.

Helpful Cool


"A few days go I saw an item (item no. 796929) at a reduced price of $14.99 on their website. Today their website offers a 20 percent discount on already reduced item. However, that same item is now listed at a reduced price of $19.99. How can $14.99 to $19.99 be a reduction? Is that not false advertisement?"

Helpful Cool


"Daughter graduating in 3 days and needed some personal gifts. So we went to the Things Remembered store in Rivertown Plaza, Grandville, MI and found three items we thought she'd love. Then we had them monogrammed and inscriptions put on them and we could have picked them up in 1 hour, but instead picked them up the next day. Wonderful choice. They were boxed and polished and looked great. When we gave them to our daughter, she was thrilled with each of them - a bracelet, a jewelry box and a business card name plate with her degree on it - MBA! THANK YOU THINGS REMEMBERED."

Helpful Cool



On 4/2 i ordered a cross multifunction pen online. AS ADVERTISED, IT HAD 2 CAPS, 1 is the classic cap and the 2nd a stylus. That's the only reason why i bought it here - for the 2 caps. I paid a hefty expedited shipping and it arrived on 4/7.

I'm soooo disappointed with what i received. If i only knew i would get a pen with only the stylus cap, i could have bought it at the cross website and paid a lesser amount of 2 day shipping compared to TR.

On 4/8 i emailed customer service stating i received a pen not as advertised, a pen with only the stylus cap.

On 4/10 cs replied:

Hello ______,
Hello. I apologize for the error with your order.   I will have a replacement sent to you immediately.  You can expect this to arrive __4/20/2015.  Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.

__'_____ _____

500 S Bailey Rd | North Jackson, OH  44451
Don’t Just Say it. Engrave it.

So i waited. On 4/20, no replacement was sent. I did not even received a tracking confirmation that a replacement has been sent indeed.

On 4/21, i emailed them again, a ff up with my previous complain and pressing on the the replacement as stated.

I was only IGNORED and did NOT get any response!!!

On 4/26, i wrote a review on their site. Stating the problem with my order and the replacement that was not sent. I also submitted a picture of the pen i received and 3 screenshots of my original order, the response i received and the email to access and make a review on the product i purchased in their website.
Next page says the review will be published ol after 72hours if approved.

So would i recommend this?

Helpful Cool


"I ordered an item 2 weeks before Valentines day. I was promised it would be there 2 days before hand. The day it was supposed to be delivered, I call and ask what happened and they say UPS lost my item. So I get another one made and I am told it will arrive 2 days later. So once I call again, they say it's just now being picked up by UPS. I am very upset with this company and its service. PLEASE DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY. YOU WILL BE HIGHLY UNSATISFIED."

Helpful Cool


"I ordered a birthstone necklace on 12-18 it is now jan 5! And i still do mot have it! I called them on 12-29 since it had been "guaranteed " on the website to arrive 12-24 and they told me it was a specialty item and no way it could be ready by the 24th and that i needed to be patient! That it should arrive in 2 days! Of coursevit didnt arrive 2 days later either. I havr been calling and calling and no one will help me! I would just cancel the order but I really want this necklace, its a thoughtful gift from my husband which makes it priceless to me. Its just so disappointing and fustrating that nonone is helping me, the customer service reps are absolutely useless! My advice dont buy Nuthing from here unless you want disappointment and fustration"

Helpful Cool


"I looked at many online options and only TR had the right mens bracelet for me. There website customization tools worked well and gave me an accurate idea of what it would look like. Once I got up the nerve to order ( after all the negative reviews on this site) the process was easy and went without a hitch. I'm happy with my purchase and would buy from them again (even though their jewelry seemed a little expensive to me. )"

Helpful Cool


"I've waited well over a month for an item. Each time I called, I was told that my product was on back order and would be sent. On my most recent call, I was informed the order was dropped. I had to reorder. I would have given up and gone elsewhere, but it was a promised gift. I might use my local store again, but I won't go the online route in the future. "

Helpful Cool


"Things Remembered Store -HORRIBLE, that is all I Should say about this place. I called to get engraving done on a snow globe for my husband and my first Christmas together. Spelled the name 7 times to be sure the person on the line had it correctly spelled. I get the globe it is scratched and the names are completely incorrect!!!! I call and express my concern the "manager" as she says she was named Kylie or Kaylee says oh people make mistakes and I don't need to deal with this we are not a phone order system! Excuse me business is business weather I ordered it over the phone or in the store it is still business. She said best we can do is make you a new Plate for the globe and have it ready tomorrow I am out of town for HOLIDAYS. So I give them info to make a new plate will be a late gift then I go to spell our names and I spell mine to her and my name starts with a D she says oh D like DOG, I said D like Daniel or David the "Manager" says D like DOG and laughs....HOW RUDE, what kind of service is this and what kind of person do you put in management. So frustrated with service I received in the St.Cloud MN Crossroads mall WILL NEVER SHOP AGAIN THERE!!!!! Will also go above this!!!"

Helpful Cool


"My son and I recently purchased groomsmen gifts from this company and we could not have been more disappointed! The engraving was poor. One mug was scratched. Instead of getting a new one they tried to buff the scratch out which made it worst. Now it is a day before the gift is needed and we are given no options. If we take the mug from the store we can not get a new one. In desperation we told them we wanted a refund. After 2 weeks no refund and they tried to say we took the mug! In trying to get this resolved they told multiple lies. We even had voice mail they had left and claimed they didn't leave. POOR I mean NO customer service! "

Helpful Cool

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