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I liked the product but absolutely hate their customer service!!!

"The staff is VERY poorly trained staff and don’t know their own policies and procedures or have basic customer service.
I purchased a DVD of “Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking” and really enjoyed the course. I felt it gave me some basic cooking skills I was missing so I decided to order another set for each of my two children as Easter presents. The tracking number showed they were delivered on March 26 but nothing arrived at my home. I called customer service on Tuesday March 27 and was told to wait until the next day after the mail has been delivered and to call back if they did not arrive. I was also advised to set up an account for my children for future orders. I was in a hurry and declined the offer to set up the accounts. The shipment did not arrive on Wednesday so I called back at about 2:00 EST. This time I was told that I missed the cutoff for shipping and the package would be shipped two day express with delivery on Saturday March 31. After thinking about the suggestion to set up an account for my children, I called on Thursday to create these accounts and was told that it is not possible to set up accounts for my children. After looking at the tracking number for the Saturday delivery, the tracking showed delivery scheduled for April 5. I called again on Saturday morning and this time spoke to Stuart who immediately interrupted what I was saying and talked over me to explain the company policies and what I did wrong in the process. Stuart assured me that the package would be delivered Saturday. At that point I had enough of the run around and customer service telling me anything to get me off the phone so I asked Stuart to remove me from all of your lists since I no longer will do business with your company.
No package was delivered so on Monday I went on LinkedIn and found the name of the Director of Customer Engagement and left a voice mail about my experience. Three days later I have still not received a call back from the director or any follow up from customer service. My impression is that there is a sales culture to the company with an aggressive marketing program once you are on their list. They really don’t care about customer service, the customer experience or retention. I guess they figure you will put up with the horrific service to buy at 80% off. Guess again!
My Easter gift was finally delivered on Tuesday April 3.

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Horrible customer service

"I ordered The Great Courses early in January and then decided that I would probably not use it enough to justify the monthly fee. I opted out of the program two weeks later. In February, I noticed that a charge had been applied against my credit card for a full month. After REPEATED contacts with them to sort it out, they responded that I didn't cancel in time (I was supposed to be given a free one month trial) and they would only refund a portion of the money owed. This company is totally unethical in how they handle the free trial and I would never do business with them again."

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Excellent Customer Service

"After buying 4 coursed I need help. Customer Service was great!"

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Essay Help

"Established with the aim of bringing the lost groovy-days back again in the life of students, Groovy Essays specialises in writing and delivering top-notch essays for all standards. From topic selection and critical research to final drafting and prompt delivery, we dedicatedly assist our clients at every step of the way.

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"This is the second time I have dealt with TGC, and they always OVERSELL and UNDER-DELIVER on their courses!

Of the six (6) courses I have ordered and received, four (4) are going to be returned to them. How can I learn to be a better photographer when the inexperienced lecturers (but professional photographers) do NOT even give an analysis of their presented photographs (Nat'l Geographic "Masters of Photography")?

Similarly, "Essentials of Tai Chi...." and "Mastering Tai Chi" presents a similar dilemma - people who are good in their field, do NOT necessarily make even decent lecturers!

They overcharge on shipping ($25.00), so maybe that's their profit?

Also, their so-called "video streaming" is the worst I have ever experienced, with unexplainable pauses and jerky repeats.

TGC has a huge library, which brings up the following problem: They should focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY!

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Great course ,great values

"The impact of selecting some great courses for the purpose of achieving future higher fortune can be of great challenges. But, this does not link as a passport to greater height.It will now depend on individual in related with influence of the environment - either from family, government policies, economic situation or unforeseen circumstances .

This life may looked funny sometimes . The situation whereby someone started as a medical doctor and later found his or her self in politics. in conclusion , to achieve greatness in life,someones need to think great,act great and pursuit greatness.

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They Really Hate Customers

"I can tell you that as an employee still with the company that the majority of the call center hates customers. They believe that it is a battle that they must win against the customer. One case in point, an elderly customer called in to place a fairly large order and was slow in giving the information. The rep put the customer on mute and started to make fun of her while stating that because of the customer, his stats were going to suffer. He then tried to upselll the woman and became belligerent when she would not take his offers. Another time, a rep called a customer a sucker for taking his upsell of a crappy course. It is a constant customer bashing in the call center."

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They have helped me so very much through my journey of life. I owe them so very much. Thanks to one and all.

"I have gained a lot knowledge being a lover/and user of The Great Courses! I can't thank them enough."

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This website ir really great!

"Decided to learn how to draw with The Great Courses. It's not that much at a cost and I'm so inspired by their course. Recommend to others. "

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"I order 3 items and only rec'd the storyteller course"

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"Several courses taken and all were Five Stars."

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"Great, useful information. Very enjoyable & highly recommended for all aspiring photographers."

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Too many lectures!

"There are too many lectures that I have yet to finish the first course I started. The second course is still shrieked wrapped and unopened."

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"for someone who had been teaching this class for over 20 years, i felt like his delivery was very flat. got the sense that at times he was just reading from his notes. i'm a very big wwii history fan and this course did not excite me. have no desire to listen to it again so i gave it away."

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Not really for point and shoot owners

"I loved the course once we got into the nitty gritty of setting up a photo, content, light,etc. Although the technical bits in the first part of the course were interesting they did not apply in my case

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